At The Movies


Lynne was driving South on Route 414 to Lexi’s apartment. She was driving her brand new 2007 silver Mustang. The girls loved Mustangs. It was really exciting for one of them to get one. So to celebrate Lynne’s new car they were going out. First, they were going to a popular bar and grill in the next town. They would have a few drinks there to celebrate and some dinner. After dinner they were going to see a movie that had been out for a while already. They had been wanting to see it, but had no time. Lexi was busy with her two jobs and Lynne was busy with her one job. She was working a lot of overtime. Lynne had on a short denim skirt that was fraying on the bottom and a bright red sleeveless top that was cut very low. She had on cute, red, 3″ high heels. She thought she looked pretty damn hot. Lynne was thinking about her and Lexi’s first time when they were out camping the month before. She wished they had more alone time, but they were always busy these days. They were still seeing their boyfriends. The boys had no idea what had happened out there in that tent. They wanted to keep it their little secret. Lynne was thinking about how Lexi had fucked her with that vibrator. She started to feel the heat between her legs and slipped her hand up her skirt. She was stopped at a red light and started to rub her pussy. It was a good thing nobody else was pulled up next to her in the other lane. She started to moan and stopped herself. Get a hold of yourself, girl, she thought. You’ll see her soon enough…

She pulled up into Lexi’s driveway and smiled to herself. She went up to the door and let herself in. Lexi always left the door open when Lynne was on her way. Lynne yelled for her.

“I’m in the shower, Lynne,” shouted Lexi.

Lynne grinned and headed for the bathroom. She walked in and pulled the shower curtain back and yelled ”HEY SEXY!” Lexi jumped and started giggling.

“Hey,” Lexi said. She looked Lynne up and down. “You look awesome!!!”

“Thanks…you do too,” Lynne winked. She reached into the shower and rubbed her hand down her soapy midsection and down to her freshly shaved mound. Lexi closed her eyes and moaned. Lynne slid a finger between her lips and into her gently. Lexi stopped her, got out of the shower and put a towel around her. She put a hand on Lynne’s cheek and kissed her hard. Lynne returned the kiss. Lexi got on her knees and pushed Lynne’s short skirt up around her waist. She closed the lid of the toilet and made Lynne sit on it. Lexi spread Lynne’s legs apart and started kissing her thighs. Lynne moaned and put her hand through Lexi’s long dark hair and pulled. Her skin and lips were still hot from the shower she just took. Lexi flicked her tongue over Lynne’s clit through her sheer red thong. She pulled it to the side and put two fingers in Lynne’s pussy. Lexi reached up and lifted Lynne’s shirt up and pulled Kadıköy Escort her breasts out of her fire red bra. She took one into her mouth and sucked hungrily. Lexi continued plunging her fingers into Lynne and licking her nipples. Lynne’s body convulsed and she let out a half moan, half scream. Lexi stopped and got up and grinned.

“Mmmmm….I’ve been wanting to do that for so long. I think about that night all the time. Sometimes I think of it while…I’m alone…” Lexi whispered.

“Oh my God, me too,” Lynne said.

“Well, darling; let’s hold off until later ‘cuz I’ve got to get dressed!” Lexi exclaimed. She went into her bedroom and slipped on a hot pink thong and a matching push-up bra. She slipped on a short black skirt that hugged her firm ass. She put on 4″ black heels which made her legs look like they didn’t end. She thought she needed the high heels because she was short. She was only a little shorter than Lynne. She called for Lexi to help her pick out a top to wear. They settled on a tight hot pink tank top. Her breasts seemed to want to jump out of her top. Lynne couldn’t help but stare. Lexi giggled when she caught her looking.

“Geez, look at us! You’d think we were going out clubbing!” Lynne laughed.

“Yeah, well maybe we’ll do a little dancing at the bar and grill. Besides, just because we have boyfriends doesn’t mean we can’t look hot! You know we’re just dressed up for each other anyways,” Lexi winked at her.

Lynne laughed. “Let’s go then, girl.”

They arrived at the bar and grill at 9 o’clock. They ordered dinner and while they were waiting, they decided to do a couple shots. The bartender poured two shots of straight whiskey. The girls took them down and made funny faces.

“WOW, that was strong,” giggled Lynne.

“Hell yeah. That was goooood,” said Lexi. “Let’s dance! Our dinner won’t be done for a while.”

They went out on the dance floor and danced to their favorite songs. The Pussycat Dolls – Don’cha… Lil Jon – Get Low… Fergie – London Bridges. They were dancing and watching the girls grinding against their boyfriends. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Let’s show them how to dance,” yelled Lexi.

Lexi turned around and Lynne put her hands on her hips. Lexi was slowly grinding her ass into Lynne’s crotch. She went down and then back up slowly, pushing her ass out into Lynne’s hands. Lexi looked around and caught a couple guys staring at them. She stood up straight and put her arms around Lynne’s neck and swayed with the music against her body. They were dancing even closer than the couples there. Lexi forgot all about everyone else and started sucking on Lynne’s bottom lip. Lynne was moaning. She put her hands on Lexi’s hips and pulled her even closer. Lynne started kissing her neck. The music stopped. They snapped out of their Kadıköy Escort Bayan trance and looked at each other.

“What the hell is our problem!? We’re so horned up!” Lynne was laughing so hard.

“I know! Those girls were probably pissed at their boyfriends for gawking,” Lexi laughed. “Let’s go see if our dinner is ready.”

They went back to their table. Their food had just gotten there. Lexi was eating fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli and a couple pieces of garlic bread. Lynne was eating prime rib and garlic potatoes. Her favorite. They made mental notes to chew on gum after all that garlic. They washed it all down with a couple of Bahama Mamas. They were feeling a bit tingly from the shot and the mucho sized Bahama Mamas. They left the bar and grill and headed to the movie theater. It was about a 25 minute ride. They chatted about their boyfriends and recent sexual romps with them. They were going into details and Lexi was getting turned on. She reached over and put her hand on Lynne’s thigh. Lynne glanced over and smirked. Lexi moved her hand up and started rubbing Lynne’s pussy.

“Mmmmm…We’re there, Lex.” Lynne said as they pulled into the parking lot.

They got out of the Stang and walked into the theater. They bought their tickets and a couple sodas and went into theater # 2.

“There’s nobody here!” Lexi said.

“Well, maybe it will fill up.” Lynne replied. The previews were over and the movie was starting. There still was no one in the theater. The only person close by was the cute guy running the movie upstairs. You couldn’t see him unless he was right up to the window. The girls had fun with him and waved and blew kisses at him before the movie started. About half way through the movie, the girls decided it was pretty bad.

“I’m bored Lex,” Lynne sighed.

“I know. I thought this was supposed to be good. I mean it has Brad Pitt in it.” Lexi sighed. “Well, I paid 8 bucks for this damn ticket. We might as well make use of this empty theater, huh?”

“Make use of it?? Are you suggesting what I think? There IS a guy up there you know, geez! Besides, we’re in public!” Lynne giggled.

“Yeah, but he’s not paying attention. This crappy movie probably put him to sleep. There’s no one in here!!” Lexi laughed. “Come on, you were practically begging for it on the dance floor!”

“Yeah!? So were you!!” Lynne smiled.

Lexi reached her hand around the back of Lynne’s neck and pulled her close. Their lips met and their tongues explored each other. “Mmmmm…” Lynne slid a hand down Lexi’s tight top and bra. She pulled out one of her perky breasts. Her nipple was erect and begging for attention. Lynne pinched and pulled on it. Lexi moaned. She got up and pulled her skirt up and straddle Lynne’s lap. She pulled her other breast out and they were pointing Escort Kadıköy at Lynne, aching to be sucked. Lynne gripped Lexi’s ass and buried her face in her breasts. She sucked on her nipples. Lexi was rubbing at her own pussy and moaning so loudly. Lynne pulled out a dildo from her purse. She had packed it before she left. (She had a big purse.) She had a feeling she would get to use it. Lexi got up and Lynne put the dildo on her lap and held it firmly. Lexi lowered herself onto it. “Ohhhhhh…” She bounced her tits in front of Lynne’s mouth, begging her to lick them. Lynne bit the side of one of her breasts and Lexi yelped in joy. Lexi turned around and slipped the dildo back in her dripping pussy. Lynne grabbed her hair and pulled back. While Lexi was riding the dildo she reached under and played with Lynne’s aching pussy lips. She slipped two fingers deep in. Lynne cried out and threw her head back. As she looked up she saw the cute guy upstairs in the window. He had a hand on the window and the other hand had his dick in it. He was stroking it while he was watching the girls. His dick is huge, Lynne thought. His arm was flexing with each stroke. Their eyes met. That turned Lynne on even more. She was pushing the dildo in faster and faster into Lexi’s hot pussy. Lexi screamed and her muscles spasmed uncontrollably. She kept fucking her with it and made her come twice more. “Mmmmmm…God you make me crazy Lynne,” Lexi whispered breathlessly.

Lexi got off the wet dildo and got on her knees in front of Lynne. She reached up and pulled Lynne’s red thong off and lifted her legs up on the seat in front of them. She took the dildo and licked some of her juices off of it and then put it up to Lynne’s mouth. Lynne put the whole dildo in her mouth and sucked on it while she was looking at the guy in the window. He saw her and stroked faster. His mouth was open in ecstasy, his eyes half closed. Lexi took the dildo and slid it into Lynne’s pussy. Lynne threw her head back and pulled her breasts out of her top and started pinching her nipples and moaning. Lexi was licking Lynne’s clit as she was thrusting. Lynne murmured, “FUCK yeah.” She yelled to Lexi. “Go faster, FUCK ME…” Lynne was gyrating her hips and looking up to the window. She saw the guy was about to come. Lynne was about to explode. He started shaking and blew his semen all over the window. Lexi pushed the dildo further and Lynne screamed and came. She grabbed Lexi’s hair and pulled hard. She pushed herself up and down on it faster and faster and came again and again. “OH MY GOD,” moaned Lynne. Lexi collapsed in Lynne’s lap. They were breathing like they had just run a marathon. Lynne looked up and the guy looked exhausted as well. He was resting his head against the glass looking down at the two girls. Lynne smiled at him and stroked Lexi’s hair softly. They both got up and straightened their clothes up.

“Oh my God… was he… watching us the whole time?” Lexi whispered as she saw the guy wiping off the window.

“Yeah, he was,” Lynne giggled.

“That’s awesome!!” laughed Lexi.

The girls got up and quickly ran out of the theater holding hands and laughing the entire way.

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