Ask Me If I’m Ready Pt. 02


Author’s Note: Welcome back! The way this story grew, it follows an unusual structure. It starts immediately after the events in Part 1, but then it jumps back in the past by 18 months to show the origins, but then it brings that story all the way back up through Part 1, ending at its own beginning. I know – crazy, right? Let me know if it works. Also, this one is a bit longer than the first, with more story. So to reward your coming back, there’s some sex really early in the tale. Hope you enjoy! WoC

This is a work of fiction. All people, places, and events are imaginary. Any resemblance to actual people or places is coincidental. All characters engaging in sexual activity are over the age of 18.


Ask Me If I’m Ready – Nora’s Story

The growing sunlight in Jake’s bedroom woke him gently. He awoke feeling more contented than he had in months. As his mind slipped from the embrace of his slumber, he felt a soft, warm, and very feminine body pressed closely against him. At first, he thought, Meredith… but she was gone. He’d sent her away. Then who… as he came fully awake, he remembered. This was Darby. Darby, his precious little girl. His daughter who he’d – and then he remembered.

The guilt crashed on him like a physical force. Jake was laying on his back, and Darby was laying partially on top of him, her head on his chest, one leg resting across his mid-section, the other down along his leg, her naked still-moist sex pressed warmly against his hip. Jake didn’t want to wake her yet. He wasn’t ready to face her. He gently disentangled himself and got out of bed. Before he left, he took a long look at her sleeping form. God, she was beautiful! With her smooth mocha skin, small breasts, sexy, athletic legs, and that amazingly round and perky ass, it was as if someone reached into his most personal sexual fantasies and sculpted her just for him. But that was no reason for him to take advantage of her like that. He should have been stronger… She’ll probably be horrified when she wakes up and remembers. She’s going to hate him. Sadly, Jake put on some running shorts and headed downstairs. This was shaping up to be one hell of a Christmas morning. He thought about taking a short run to clear his head… yeah, that sounded like a good idea. He could take a quick 20-minute run and come back here and figure out his next move. Probably something that included begging for forgiveness. He added a tee-shirt and a pair of running shoes, and headed out.

Jake pushed himself hard, trying to outrun the guilt that was chasing him. He eased back into the kitchen, panting and sweating, 45 minutes later. He was reaching for the handle on the refrigerator, about to grab a bottle of water, when he saw the pink envelope taped to the door, right in his field of view. ‘Was that there before?’ he wondered. He didn’t think so. He though he would have noticed, even as he was agonizing over how to process all of this. He listened for a moment… not a sound. Darby seemed to still be asleep. The envelope only had the word, “Daddy” in the middle of a heart, and it was in Darby’s handwriting. He opened it, and there was a one-page note:

**”Good morning, Daddy! I hope you enjoyed your run. When I felt you get up leaving me alone and naked in your bed, I knew that despite everything we said and did last night, you’re still worried that last night was a mistake. And I knew that to clear your head and think about it, you’d go for a run. Now that you’re back, let me make this clear: Last night was the single greatest night of my life! Nothing happened that I haven’t been dreaming of and dying for. I meant it when I said that I love you, and that I’m in love with you, and last night was only the first night of what I hope is a long and happy life for us together. Now come back to bed!

(But first, take a shower… you’re probably all stinky!)

I love you!


Jake felt the weight leave his shoulders. She didn’t hate him! In fact, she loved him, as he loved her. He quickly ran to the shower, took the world’s fastest shower, and dove head first into to bed, waking Darby with kisses all over her face. Darby’s mouth found his, and their kiss deepened. As their ardor grew, Darby pushed Jake onto his back, and laid fully on top of him, grinding her hot wet delta against his hard rod. She slid down his body until her mouth was in position with his throbbing cock. She eagerly took him into her mouth as far as she could fit. She took him in and out of her mouth, energetically fucking him with her mouth. She pulled back so that just the tip was inside, and swirled her tongue around the sensitive crown, and sucked hard while teasing the slit.

“Jesus, baby girl! Don’t ever stop!” exclaimed Jake as he was getting the blow job of his life. She was kissing and sucking and licking his cock like she was drowning and his cock was the only source of air. Then she started stroking and rubbing his balls as she took him deeper and deeper into her throat. He could feel Kars Escort his explosion coming… he pushed her back… “Wait, wait,” he said breathlessly. He reached down and pulled her hips up towards his face, lifting her up into position so that her sweet, furry snatch was right over his waiting mouth. With one hand he pulled her down to his face. With the other, gently nudged her head back to the steel pipe that was almost ready to blow.

Darby resumed her worship of her dad’s cock, switching between sucking him deeply into her throat, battering the head with her tongue, and licking and stroking his tight balls. Jake, face-up in Darby’s pussy, had no time for teasing or finesse… he simply attacked her pussy with his mouth, licking as deep as he could reach into her dripping honey-hole. He tongue-flicked her clit, and pushed a finger into her tight sphincter up to the first joint, and wiggled it. She sat up so she could bear down on his face, grinding against his mouth as her pleasure climbed and climbed until…

As her orgasm hit, Darby pushed her face all the way into Jake’s pubes, deep-throating him as she rode the wave. She felt something squirt out of her. She pressed her pussy down to make sure he got every drop.

As her high came down, she refocused on Jake’s dick, sucking the head furiously, determined to extract every drop of her father’s cum into her hungry mouth. Jake grabbed her head and held her in place as he felt it hit. “Aaauuuggghhhh!! Daaarrrrr!!” Jake was incoherent as rope after rope of his scalding seed surged into his daughter’s mouth. She didn’t miss a drop as she hungrily swallowed all his cum.

After, for a few minutes, they laid there together, Darby resting her cheek against her daddy’s softening prick, Jake gazing into his daughter’s beautiful pussy, planting little kisses on her lips and thighs.

“Wow, baby girl,” murmured Jake.

“I know. Merry Christmas, Daddy,” whispered Darby.

Once Jake was recovered, he declared, “I’m starving! Let me make us some breakfast.”

He reluctantly got up from his up-close and personal view of heaven, grabbed a fresh pair of soft shorts and a tee shirt and headed towards the door. He turned to Darby and said, “Come on, sweetheart. You’re gonna need your strength,” while looking her naked body up and down.

“An hour ago, you still had doubts, and now you’re planning to fuck me unconscious?” asked Darby with a smirk.

“Pretty much,” said Jake with a seductive nod and a devilish smile as he walked out of the room.

“I’m okay with that,” Darby said to herself, smiling and following him to the kitchen.


Christmas Day for the Steele family was a small, intimate affair. After their traditional Christmas Day breakfast of cake left over from last night’s party and a fresh pot of coffee, they went into the living room and sat on the floor next to the tree and exchanged presents. Darby gave her dad a dress watch to add to his collection, and Jake gave Darby jewelry: a simple but sizeable diamond pendant and matching earrings. He also gave her a full set of luxurious luggage.

“The hell is this?!” Darby exclaimed. “What, are you sending me away or something?”

“Not at all, sweetie. You never told me anything that you wanted me to get you for Christmas,” Jake explained, “And all this,” he gestured between the two of them, “hadn’t happened yet. So like you said, I had to ‘Figure somethin’ out.’ We travel a lot, and I think that a gorgeous, classy, and elegant young woman should have her own nice set of ridiculously expensive luggage. Believe me, you get treated a little nicer when you’re traveling and you look good, dress well, and have nice, matching luggage. That plus your sweet personality, you’ll probably never fly coach again!”

“Well in that case, I love it! Thank you, Daddy!” and she hugged him and gave him a nice long kiss. Just as the kiss was starting to heat up, the doorbell rang.

Jake and Darby nodded to each other said at the same time, “Nora!”

“Darby! Merry Christmas!” yelled Nora to her best friend as she ran into the room.

“Merry Christmas, my sister,” exclaimed Darby as the two giddily embraced, as if they hadn’t just been together at her dad’s party a few hours ago. Nora Rochester and Darby Steele had been best friends since middle school. Their friendship had endured through high school, and they even went to the same University, where they had been roommates. They’d both graduated earlier that year, Darby with a degree in accounting and Nora with a degree in marketing. Darby hadn’t yet decided on a career, and Jake was in no hurry to see her move out. Nora had just finished the first semester of her MBA, and was also living at home. They had both recently turned 22.

“Merry Christmas, Steeles” cried Nate as he followed his daughter into the room.

The two families often spent Christmas together. What with Jake putting on a big party and dinner every Christmas Eve, on Christmas Kars Escort Bayan Day they all liked to sit back and relax, and look at the day as a break from everything. Darby and her dad usually had cake for breakfast, lunch was usually cold cuts, and dinner was pretty much whatever they could find to heat up. Jake took great joy in celebrating how informal the day was. This was the first year without both their wives. Nate’s wife Janie had left a year and a half ago, and Jake had divorced his wife Meredith earlier this year. And now with just the four of them, they had no intention of breaking with tradition.

Nate said, “Soooooo, Jake… anything new?”

“What?” said Jake cautiously. “No, nothing new. You know, same-ol’ same-ol’. I mean, it’s Christmas, so that’s nice. Why?” Jake glanced furtively at Darby, who was steadfastly refusing to look at him.

“No reason,” replied Nate. “Just wondering. By the way, Nora, did I give you a Christmas kiss this morning?”

“Why, no, Daddy. You forgot it this year. I was gonna ask you about that,” Nora answered theatrically.

“Aww, sweetie, I’m sorry. Come on over here and give Daddy some sugar!”

“Here, Daddy?”

“Sure, baby. We’re with friends!”

Jake wondered what the hell was going on and why they were acting so weird.

“Okay,” said Nora, and with that, she walked over to her dad, sat on the sofa beside him, they both put their arms around each other, and leaned in and kissed. Not some chaste, appropriate, father-daughter peck, but a deep, soulful, kiss. As the kiss grew in passion, Nora draped her long legs across her father’s lap, and pulled herself as close to him as she could. The way they were devouring each other, Jake could tell that this was not their first time kissing like that. These were lovers, deeply familiar with each other. Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

“Daddy, where’s my Christmas kiss?” asked Darby with a pretend pout. She got up and straddled Jake where he sat, took his face in her hands and proceeded to make out with her dad as enthusiastically as Nora was currently doing with her own dad.

After a few more wonderful seconds, the couples ended their impromptu make out sessions. Jake looked over at his best friend. They both had their daughters sitting lewdly on their laps.

“I guess you have questions,” said Nate. Jake just nodded. “Let me tell you how we got here.”

Nate started with, “So I guess the story starts summer before last, when I was trying to do that family vacation down to Orlando.”

Jake said, “You mean just before – “

“Yeah,” said Nate. “Just before Janie left.”


Nate charged the net, sensing Jake’s backhand would be open, and stroked the ball into a drop-shot just behind Jake to his left. Jake, sensing the shot, doubled back into position, and was waiting for the ball. He sliced a shot across Nate’s body past him to his back court, and the ball hit well inside the line, then bounced away harmlessly.

“That’s match, bitch!” Jake crowed, dropping his racquet and holding up his arms like some tennis Messiah welcoming worshippers.

“Good game,” acknowledged Nate, as they walked out of the courts to their cars.

“Yeah, right. So what the fuck’s up with you, dude?”

“What are you talking about man? You played a good game, and my game was off. Take the win, dude,” replied Nate.

“Look, Nate, you know why I like playing you?”

“‘Cause we dawgs?”

“Well yeah, that, too, but mainly because we’re so evenly matched. On any given day, either one of us can beat the other. And that keeps it interesting. But I just beat you 5-1, 5-2. I can’t do that on my best day unless you’re on your worst day ever. So again, What. The Fuck. Is up. Dude,” repeated Jake.

“You sure you wanna hear this?”

“Yeah, man. You my boy. You’re clearly in pain, and I want to help. Even if that just means somebody to talk to. Plus if I don’t help now, it won’t feel right fucking with you about it later on, you know?” They both chuckled.

Nate stood by his car, thinking. “I’m hungry. Wanna grab something at Vallartas?” This was a popular Tex-Mex joint near downtown. It was pretty centrally located, the food was awesome, the music was loud, and it was a great place to have a conversation without anyone listening in.

“Sounds good,” agreed Jake. “See you there in 20, alright?” They got into their cars and drove off.

Twenty minutes later, Jake parked at Vallartas. As he walked towards the door, he didn’t see Nate’s white Escalade. He hoped he hadn’t been blown off. He figured he’d go in and grab a table and two beers. If Nate didn’t show up by the time he finished the first beer, he’d jet outta there. Nate would talk to him if he got ready. As the hostess led him to his table, Jake couldn’t help but notice that she reminded him of Nate’s girl, Nora. Like Nora, she was tall and willowy, and moved with a natural, almost regal gracefulness. Also like Nora, Escort Kars she didn’t have an ass anywhere near as fine as Darby’s. Jake felt guilty about noticing how hot his little girl had become. Still, he reasoned, a, she’s a grown woman, and b, they’re just his own private thoughts. Nothing was ever gonna happen, so no harm, no foul. That ass, though…

Just as the server brought two Coronas, Nate dropped into the seat across from him.

“What kept you?” asked Jake.

“Got pulled over for a DWB,” said Nate as he took the offered beer. “I was right behind you, but I had my windows down. 5 – 0 saw a brotha behind the wheel of a hundred-thousand-dollar Escalade, guess he had to check it out. ‘Yes, suh, no, suh, heah ma paypuhs, suh.’ Then Homer got a call for some real crime, and they let my black ass go.” He shrugged and said, “What you gonna do,” as he pulled back almost half the beer.

“Damn. That shit sucks, man.”

“I know, right? I know I wasn’t speeding. I was doing maybe 40, and I know the speed limit there was 45. Oh, well, it’s done. As for me, Im’ma have this beer!” He raised the bottle and took another swig.

“Word. So whaddup, man, and how can I help?” asked Jake.

Nate took another sip, and after a couple of seconds, said, “It’s Janie, man. I don’t know what’s going on with her. She’s always mad at me, always making little nasty comments. Always putting me down, like I’m her bitch or something. I’m too this, I’m not enough that, no matter what I do it’s either too much or not enough. I can tell she don’t love me anymore. But man, I didn’t think she hated me.” Nate was tall, over six feet, and slimly muscular. He was very dark-skinned, and with his new goatee and chiseled features, he looked almost regal… like some African king of old. But lately, he just looked completely whipped. It hurt Jake to see his friend so beat down.

“Damn, dude. What did you do?”

“That’s the thing, man. Nothing. Went to bed one night, everything was cool. Woke up the next day next to a woman who apparently hates everything about me. It’s like she just don’t wanna be married anymore and she’s mad at me for keeping her here. I guess. Hell, I don’t know. It’s been almost three months, and it’s not getting any better at all.”

“Y’all still…”

“Fuck no, man. Nothing, nada, zilch. Janie ain’t giving up shit. Got a brotha ’bout to beg for pussy in his own house. In the bedroom, she ain’t got shit to say to me. Outside the bedroom, nothing but static. Tired of being bitched at.” Nate looked destroyed as he seemed to relive a particularly bad episode with Janie. “Something’s got to give. After a while, you start believing that shit. You start thinking that you’re the problem. And I know I ain’t done nothing wrong.”

Jake asked, “What about Nora?”

“Nora is in college, on academic scholarship, pulling damn near 4.0. Her roommate is your daughter, and we’re the fathers of the two biggest goodie-two-shoes on campus! Our kids are straight-up perfect, and Janie treats her like a skank. Always putting her down, always finding fault. Hell, most of our biggest fights lately are from me defending Nora from Janie. Even while she’s off at college, not even at home, she still hating on her. She acts like Nora made out with her boyfriend after the pep rally or some shit. I mean that’s what it sounds like… like some high school mean-girl shit.”

“Damn, man. I had no idea,” said Jake.

“But that’s not all. I thought that maybe if we could get away together, maybe we could get it back, or at least some of it. So I booked four days in Disney down in Orlando. Hotel, parks, meals, the whole nine, you know,” said Nate. “And let me tell you, bruh, that mouse ain’t cheap. For everything, it came to almost seven grand! But I’m trying to save a marriage here, you know? So I tell her about it, try to surprise her with it, and her evil ass fuckin’ tosses it back in my face! ‘It’s too hot! I hate theme parks! It’s too crowded! I’m busy and don’t have time for this foolishness’ and on and on. Tried to show her this amazing hotel. You look out your window and there’s a wildlife preserve right there! Dude, there’s friggin’ wildlife right outside your balcony! And she was not tryin’ to hear that.”

“Damn. So what did you do?”

“Hell I don’t know what to do. The trip’s supposed to be in a few weeks. I really don’t wanna cancel, because, Imma be straight with you… I need this vacation. But she just won’t go. Damn…”

“You know what? Take Nora.”

“Nora? She don’t wanna go to Disney world with her dad. What is she, six?”

“Why wouldn’t she? Look, Janie’s been down on both of you, right? This is a great way to get away from it all. It gives Janie some time to herself, too, so she can think about all this. Nora’s a daddy’s girl just like Darby, and she’ll love spending time with you. And next year, they’re going into their Senior year. After that, it’s the real world. Hell, this’ll probably be the last time you get to go on vacation with Nora anyway, so I say take her. Plus, instead of having to try to ‘work on your relationship,’ you can just kick back and relax and enjoy spending time with your daughter.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea. Why didn’t I think of that?”

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