Asian Hole in One


John wiped the sweat from his brow as he waited patiently for the older married British couple that he had been paired up with to meticulously line up their respective drives on the seventh hole. The problem with going to a public golf course as a single player was that you never knew who you might have to join up with, and today’s less than fortuitous matching was making for a long, hot day.

The woman, Fiona, a blissfully cheery duffer, had yet to hit a shot that had remained airborne for thirty yards, but she continued to approach each shot as if the club championship was on the line. The husband, Archie, huffed and puffed with each ground ball that Fiona hit, but it wasn’t as if he was competing for the British Open Claret Jug himself. John sighed to himself and decided that he might as well just grin and bear it and brace himself to a long day. They were pleasant enough, and their quirky cockney accents provided some audible entertainment which partially offset their hideous playing. And, after all, it was better than what he had just endured over the last week or so.

John’s divorce settlement had been finalized a few days before, and he desperately needed some rest and relaxation, so he got in his car and drove straight from the New Jersey courthouse directly to South Carolina for a few days of badly needed ‘me’ time. It still disgusted him that the woman to whom he had been married could admit to numerous extra-marital affairs, and he still had to pay alimony out the wazoo.

But, he decided, if one was going to be bitter, it was better to be bitter in Carolina with a golf club in one hand and a beer in the other. Speaking of, just where was that beer cart anyway? He craned his neck to search the low country land for adult beverage relief. He was stuck hundreds of yards from the clubhouse with two hackers and no beer. Patience was running thin, indeed. A man can only endure so much torture on a golf links without a beer in his hand.

Fiona stopped her wiggles and adjustments and contortions and ultimately let loose with a mighty, prodigious swing that resulted in her worst attempted drive of the afternoon, the ball trickling forlornly just a few yards off of the ladies’ tee. Undaunted, she turned to her husband, whose face was now the shade of the scarlet tee boxes, and confidently exclaimed, “Oh, Archie, I finally know what I’m doing wrong.”

Archie glared at his chunky wife, his rage barely contained, yet maintained that infamous English understated composure and uttered simply, “Well, then, Fiona, STOP IT!”

John peered through the sun’s glare and sighed once more, as Fiona scurried after her ball to try a mulligan. Just where the fuck was that beer cart?

In the distance, Soo Yun drove up the sixteenth fairway, driving away for the final time from the lecherous yells of the drunken, obnoxious foursome who had essentially harassed her all day. The businessmen apparently thought the price of the exorbitant greens fees and ten-dollar tips came with the inherent understanding that the beautiful young Korean woman would attend to more than just their refreshment cravings, repeatedly propositioning Soo Yun, who tolerated them only because she had made over a hundred dollars from that foursome alone.

That was the love-hate conundrum that Soo Yun had come to accept about this summer gig after her own contentious divorce. She was making big-time, tax-free tips without succumbing to exotic dancing or the like, but there were days such as this when she felt treated as if she were a common wench, bringing alcohol to the warriors who expected carnal favors in return for their inflated gratuities. She was glad her shift was coming to an end, even thought she had already pocketed close to three hundred dollars. She sighed, her ample chest heaving beneath her tight shirt with the club’s logo emblazoned strategically on her right tit, and her name badge on the left. Weren’t there any gentlemen left anymore?

Privately, Soo Yun also resented the club owner’s insistence that she wear the name badge that displayed her Korean birth name. Soo Yun had been adopted by an American couple when she was very young, and they gave her the family nickname, Nina, which she embraced and referred to herself in virtually all whatsapp escort encounters. However, once the club owner saw her initial employment application, while ogling her petite body framed with a pair of disproportionately full breasts, he hired her with the stipulation that she would be identified by her Korean name on her name badge. His reasoning was that the leering golfers would find the allure of the seductive Asian name more exotic, thus evoking more conversation, and ultimately, more beer cart revenue. She reluctantly had to concur that he was probably right, but truth be told, Nina’s smoldering, exotic good looks and hot body could have sold ice cubes to Eskimos in a blizzard, regardless of her name.

Nina made one last turn towards the adjacent seventh hole as she spied Fiona wailing away at her fourth attempt to merely reach the beginning of the fairway. She saw the woman’s agitated husband standing behind her, waving his arms and screaming at her, and Nina smiled. They looked harmless enough. She eased the cart towards the couple when she spotted John in his cart coming from the tee. Hmmm, Nina thought, where did this cutie come from?

John was so relieved at the long-awaited arrival of the beer cart itself that at first he didn’t even notice the driver. He had recently been so disgusted with the whole protracted divorce proceedings that he had been silly enough to have sworn off any thoughts of amorous encounters with women for awhile. When he laid eyes on Nina, in her tight, yellow cotton blouse and khaki mini-skirt, accessorized by white ankle socks and sneakers, her silky raven hair up in a taut ponytail, he immediately realized the inherent flaw in that short-sighted mindset.

Archie waved off Nina’s approach, so she glided her cart back to John. Their eyes met and, at once, they smiled together in that unspoken gesture of instant mutual attraction, and held each other’s gaze for a few seconds, each of their frustrations temporarily forgotten. It was John who broke the silence first, his green eyes twinkling in the sunlight as Nina felt a flash of heat surge directly to her loins . “Boy, oh boy, am I glad to see you.”

“You’re not kidding,” Nina thought to herself as she climbed out of the cart, her skirt rising on her tanned thighs.

“Are you a thirsty boy?” she teased, holding her hands to her hips. John nodded his head animatedly and held his hands up, cocked at the wrists, and let his tongue unravel from his mouth, mimicking a dog begging for a treat. The length of his tongue did not go unnoticed by Nina, as she giggled delightedly, turning on the flirting as she did with all of her male customers, yet this time it was discernibly different. This time, her flirting was sincere, her attraction immediate. Goodness, she thought, was that wetness in my crotch? Oh, my.

John ordered two Amstel Lights and sucked half of the first one down in one big gulp, as he and Nina struck up an easy conversation as she followed him up the fairway, their carts side-by-side, and they chuckled at Fiona and then cheered as she finally got a shot airborne, that, of course, careened over the green directly into a water hazard. “It is so nice to have a man actually treat me like a lady”, Nina thought to herself. At the same time, John was thinking, “What fantastic tits.” The age-old dichotomy of the sexes.

In the course of their conversation, Nina explained the derivation of her name badge and her preference to be called Nina. They quickly found out that Nina had actually grown up in Bergen County in New Jersey, less than an hour from where John now resided in Flemington. By the ninth hole, Nina had long ignored her other customers, as they discovered that each was recently coming off of an ugly divorce. The coincidences were many, the attraction palpable, but John decided that he wasn’t going to come on too strong as they reached the clubhouse at the back of the ninth green.

He figured, correctly, that Nina, probably was used to being hit on dozens of times a day, so he wasn’t about to make further advances, but he also correctly surmised that she probably didn’t linger for three holes with someone, either. he was sincerely enjoying her company, she was gorgeous, but, istanbul escort bayan well, he just couldn’t bear emotionally with another female rejection right now.

Nina made it easy for him.

“Hey, are you going to play another nine?”, she asked. He shrugged. John hadn’t really planned on it, especially with Archie and Fiona now heading towards the tenth tee. The last thing he wanted was any more time with the Monty Python players, and besides, twilight would be approaching within the next hour or so, the sun was now descending rapidly towards the horizon.

“Tell you what, John boy, I have a suggestion.” John would have heeded her suggestion to walk barefoot on alligators at this point, the hidden club in his own shorts now protruding through the seams like a long titanium shaft.

Nina continued, “There is no one going off on the front nine at this time of day. Why don’t you start there, let me settle my cart at the snack bar, and I’ll have one of the marshals drive me out to meet you in a hole or two and we can play around together, sound like a plan?”

John hoped he had accurately interpreted her deliberate double-entendre.

He had.

He headed for the first tee, for the second time today, but this time, his playing partner promised to be much more enjoyable.

Halfway down the second fairway, he saw a marshals’ cart approaching from behind him with Nina perched on the rear ledge. As she hopped from the cart, her legs opened widely, and John clearly saw Nina’s bright red panties covering her hidden treasure beneath the khaki mini-skirt. He fought unsuccessfully to hide the bulge as he watched as Nina leaned over to kiss the elderly gentleman who provided her valet service. “Thanks, Marshall.”

The silver-haired man tipped his cap to Nina and winked at John before driving away. “You young’uns have fun, now.”

John tried hard not to stare directly at Nina’s erect nipples. She had changed out of her uniform blouse and had put on a button-down linen sleeveless blouse that clearly outlined a sheer lacy bra beneath the fabric.

John averted his eyes upwards and looked at Nina’s smiling, beautiful face. “Why’d you call him Marshall?”

Nina gazed back at John quizzically, before answering, “Because that’s his name.”

John scratched his head, doing the math, calculating the odds. “The marshal’s name is Marshall?”

Nina giggled at the inside joke. “Yep, saves on name badges, doesn’t it? At least he doesn’t have to be called Soo Yun.” She gestured to John to join her in the cart, patting the seat cushion, putting her tanned legs up on the open dashboard. “Come on, Tiger, drive me.” The double entendres kept on coming, and he loved it.

“Let’s go to the fifth hole, that par-three out by the marsh?” John nodded in recognition, jumping into the driver’s seat. “It’s my favorite hole, quiet. Nice and secluded.” She leaned closer to John, rubbing her firm tits against his arm. “What’s your favorite hole, John?”

They drove the half-mile or so across the quiet, lush landscape Nina made her intentions known without saying a word, in that way that only a confident woman can. She undid the knot in her ponytail and let her gorgeous hair cascade down to the middle of her back, and made a production of unbuttoning the top two buttons on her blouse, so that the top of her bra was now clearly exposed. Nina lifted her warm mouth to John’s earlobe and nibbled on it. John was now so aroused he could have navigated the steering wheel hands-free.

“I know this is going to sound like BS,” Nina cooed into John’s ear, licking the tip of his sensitive lobe. “But I swear I’ve never done this. Do you know how many times I get hit on each day?”

John dared not to move his head for he feared the incredible sensation of Nina’s tongue on his ear would become dislodged. “But, I didn’t hit on you, Nina, really.”

Nina stuck her full tongue deep into his ear. “Exactly. That’s what turned me on.” She lowered her tiny palm to John’s impossibly hard crotch and began to lightly stroke his girth through the cotton fabric of his shorts. His hard-on nearly poked through his right pant leg now.

“Mmmmm, nice, God, big, wow.” She sucked on his neck now. “What’s this I özbek escort hear about an interlocking grip being the best way to swing a club?” She rubbed on his shaft more urgently, using both small hands now. His cock felt enormous in her grip, and she gushed beneath her panties, anticipating it inside of her various tunnels in the next few minutes.

John brought the cart to an abrupt stop just adjacent to the fifth tee and brought his face to meet Nina’s. They kissed passionately, hungrily, the realization that they were out in nature only adding exponentially to their arousal. They were going to fuck right here, they both knew it, they both wanted it. Nina stepped out of the cart and walked over to John’s driver side. She held John’s head with one hand and undid the remaining buttons of her blouse with the other, the blouse falling to the grass, and she quickly unsnapped the front-clasp bra, revealing her dark areolas and pebble hard nipples. She gripped John’s head tightly and pulled him to her chest. “Suck my tits, John, I love to have my tits sucked. Be rough.”

John fervently followed instructions as Nina moaned, her hands reaching down to unleash John’s bursting manhood as John lapped and bit and pulled at her nipples for a few teasing minutes, mashing her firm globes together in his strong hands, before lowering her to her knees. Nina’s knees became immediately grass-stained as she pushed John back onto the cart seat and extricated his swollen balls from the zipper. Instead of kissing his head or shaft or swallowing him whole, she instead locked her full, ruby lips around first one plump testicle, and then the other, expertly wrapping both hands around his twitching shaft. “Is this a proper grip?”, she moaned, without releasing his balls from her mouth.

John’s grunts provided all the encouragement that Nina needed, and she switched her technique to gently cradle and tickle his massive balls with her hands while spitting on his cock before making it disappear inside her hot throat. Nina was determined to suck the hot cum out of John’s big cock, she loved the taste of cum, it had been so long for her, but John was equally determined to give Nina a taste of her own.

Realizing instinctively that this seductive Asian hottie indeed got off on rough tactics, John lifted Nina up with one unexpected motion and threw her down onto the cart seat, her head barely missing banging against the steering wheel. She squealed delightedly as John undid the zipper on her skirt and tossed it to the ground, revealing sopping wet red silk panties. Her deep guttural moans next echoed throughout the trees as John gripped the panties as tightly as he could and first pulled them deeply into her slit, the fabric grazing her clit, as she shuddered with the waves of her impending orgasm. Her quivering cunt next exploded as John roughly took the panties in his palm and tore them from her body, the fabric shredding and the sounds of the ripping bouncing off of the forest along with her screams of glee.

John lowered his head and dove his face into Nina’s drenched cunt, admiring the unique curves and contours and hues that are indigenous to an Asian woman’s gentials, the air filling with the aroma of her sweetly musky scent, and brought her to another swift orgasm with his talented tongue.

He then picked Nina’s lithe body up from the cart and put her on her hands and knees on the grass, and for the next twenty minutes, alternated pounding Nina’s hot, sopping cunt and brown-puckered ass hole. He switched holes about every two minutes, soaking in the erotic vision of her lovely ass cheeks suspended below him, reveling in the fact that Nina had one explosive orgasm after another, the most powerful coming when his cock deeply filled her anus.

When John felt his own impending cum swelling from his balls into his shaft, he picked Nina up from the ground and lifted her in his arms, her cunt’s only landing place directly on his long shaft as his seed spilled from him and into Nina’s pussy as they came together and then collapsed as one onto the ground.

As Nina still spasmed and moaned on the grass, the combined nectar of their cum still oozing from her cunt, John swiftly picked Nina up and deposited her nude body into the passenger seat, throwing her blouse and skirt on top of his golf bag.

“Let’s go play the sixth hole, now, Nina,” he said, lowering her head to his still engorged cock. “But, first, show me your ball washing skills again. Please.”


Dedicated to and motivated by the lovely and irascible Ninalee312.

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