Ashley’s Little Holes 3


Ashley’s Holes 3 by Will Buster

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Buck liked Saturday afternoons. He was through with his half day of work at the auto repair shop and he was looking forward to going downtown for some pick up basketball games with some of the bros. because of his mixed heritage, he got the nickname, “white nigger”. He didn’t care. Some of the others had even worse like “hamper breath and numb nuts”.

He was just changing into his jeans when he heard a knock at the door. He grumbled to himself, “Who the fuck can this be?”

He got his jeans buckled and then opened the door. Looking up at him with a mischievous grin on her angelic looking face was cute, petite heather.

She licked her lips coquettishly and smirked. “Wanna ride me stud?”

The pre teen chick had on a tight sweat shirt that did little to hide the two stiff nipples that surged forward from underneath. It was obvious the little slut had no bra on. Below were sandals, bare legs and a crimson mini skirt with the emphasis on mini.

Although Buck wanted to play basketball, he wanted to play pussy ball with sexy, sweet little Heather a lot more. He nodded, “Come on in hottie and I’ll light your fire.”

She shut the door behind him and grabbed his arm. “Strip me and fuck me big guy!”

“You want it hear or in my bed?”

She glanced around and decided the bed would be more comfortable. “Fuck me in your bed. I want it hard!”

When they got to his bed room, their clothes practically flew off and he pushed Heather on the clean sheets. “Spread them slut! Let’s see what you got!”

The little bitch had shaved what little hair had been near her cunt. She wiggled her hips seductively and arched her sexy, slender legs, curling her dainty toes in obvious invitation.

Buck was painfully rigid and without a moment of delay, he mounted the brand new slut and buried his bone to the hilt. He croaked, “God you feel good! Grip me and fuck, bitch!”

Seconds into the frenzy, Heather screamed out with a rapidly building climax. “Bang me! Fucking stud my baby pussy buck! Oooooo! I’m cccuuummmmiiinnnngggg! Oh Fuck! More! Buck! I want more!”

“You’ll get more you fucking little tramp! Take it all!”

Heather was tight as well as expressive. Her little cunny twisted and twitched in some very exciting ways while he drove into her in churning, circling thrusts. “Give it to me Buck! I’m gonna fuck you better than Ashley!”

He gasped, “That won’t be easy to do! Ashley is a cock sucking, anal whore and she’s damned nasty. You’ll have to swallow cum and open your ass hole for my cock before you can compete with that blonde ball buster!”

“Heather whined, “I wanna be your whore Buck! I’ll fuck you and suck you and you can fuck my ass hole anytime you want. Fucking fill me until I’m dripping! Oh yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Jesus! You’re so fucking big in my snatch!”

She was tight all right. Buck felt like electric shocks were sizzling every inch of his big member as he plowed the shameless little vixen. He gripped her small tits and she shoved her right foot into his mouth for him to suck. She was a real pig and no mistake. Quicker and quicker his deep strokes went until they came together in a maelstrom of pent up passion. His seed shot deep into her baby cervix while her shivering cunt continued to squirm and clench him, milking every drop of his warm scum out of him. Even after such a short interlude, her brown hair was messed up and her face flushed crimson from bashfulness and extreme passion. She immediately moved down on him and sucked him clean after he’d finished spraying into her now sore cunny.

As her oral play continued, he held her head, forcing her to deep throat his reviving dick. He was heedless of her gagging and choking. Spittle ran out of her mouth and she almost threw up with the effort. “Relax your throat slut and gobble down my cock. Give me some head you dirty little trickster. Yeah baby! You’re learning quick!”

şişli escort For many thrilling minutes, heather gave him head. Her sucking, tongue twirling mouth sent new shivers of delight up and down his shaft. The preteen brunette was really something. Buck couldn’t believe that he was soon on the brink of another powerful blast off.

Suck! Gag! Gag! Splutter! Slurp! Suck! Long suck! Gag! Hmmmmmm! Gulp! Suck! Suck! Ssssslllluuuurrrrppppp! Aaaahhhh! Squirt! Gulp! Squirt! Swallow! Aaaaahhhh! Liquid sounding squirt! Suck! Swallow! Hmmmmmm!

A lot of his seed was now inside Heather’s belly and she smacked her lips in obvious enjoyment. “You taste great Buck! I think we need a shower.”

He nodded, “I think you’re right.”

Taking a shower with a horny pre teen slut is so much fun. Buck found that out in a hurry. He got hard real quick as he washed Heather’s slim young body with soap and a wet cloth. She fingered his dick, teasing it and keeping him very interested in her tender little groin.

Her eyes glittered with mischief and lust. “Now Buck, take some soap and that cloth and clean out my bum hole. I want it nice and wet so you can fuck my ass hole like you do to Ashley. She told me it feels great once you get used to it.”

She guided his hand down to the desired orifice and the little slut winced as his finger stretched her sphincter open. Heather moaned as he circled her ass hole with first one finger and then two.

Buck was as hard as a rock once again and he asked, “Are you ready for my cock, you little whore?”

She got him to sit on the side of the shower and then she straddled her legs wide and faced him. “Fuck my ass like this Buck! I wanna see you stick it up into me!”

Heather learned from Ashley and a few other girls at school that when you went anal it was best to get the entrance over with a fast as possible. Heather guided his cock to the pucker, leaned down a bit and then slammed down with a piercing shriek! In a split second, Buck’s bone was buried to the hilt inside Heather’s virgin ass hole. Tears were flowing from Heather’s soft eyes although they quickly were washed away by the hot shower. “Oh Buck! It hurts so much!”

Buck rubbed her clit gently with one hand while fondling her very small tits with the other. “Just hold still for a minute sweetie. Your ass has to get used to being stretched open like that. Heather grinned up into his taunt face. “I’m gonna ass fuck your cock until you cum up that dirty little shit hole. When we finish the shower, I want you to bang my pussy all over again to. I love your big cock and I missed you bad. Now fuck me!”

To Buck’s surprise, Heather lurched up and down on him hard. The young whore was coaxing him to thrust up into her little anus. “God you learn fast slut! Work it and rim it you hottie! You fucking pre teen slut! I bet you’re the best in your fucking class, ho!”

Heather bounced up and down, looking at how his prick slid in and out of her boiling body. “Fuck my ass Buck! Go ahead and fuck it! It hurts but I like it! It makes me a dirty ho bitch! Oooooooo! You’re making me cum! Yeah! Lash that clit! Eeeeeeaaaahhhhhh! More! More!”

Heather hit a wild rhythm and her rocking motions drove Buck over the edge quickly. He slammed her mouth onto his, making sure his tongue was imbedded in her salivating mouth. Then his cock jerked and his white hot essence was violently pumped into Heather’s little shitter.

Buck felt free and evil and like a god all at the same moment. He cried out, “You little anal whore! Keep rimming bitch! God you’re so hot!”

“Yeah Buck! Squirt me baby! Shoot your wad into my baby shitter! Yeah! I know what you need! You need a naughty anal whore like me! Ooooo Buck! You messed me up again. Now dry me off and fucking do my pussy until I’m real sore!

They finished their shower relatively quickly and then it was party time back in his bed. She got on her hands and knees wiggling her little ass to make sure she got his undivided attention. The youthful slut giggled, “I saw a nasty chick do this in taksim escort a porno flick the other day. Is this what they call doggie style?”

Buck moved into position. “Yeah, I can fuck either hole now. Do you want me to switch around as much as I want?”

“Do my cunt first! Fuck me like a horse Buck! Fucking stud me!”

He slammed his meat into the little tart right down to the hairy root. “Oh fuck Buck! Fuck! Yyyeeessss! You’re such a slut Buck! Now give it to me harder! Harder! Fuck you Buck! I want it hard! Like put it through me! Eeeaaaahhhhh! Oooooo! Eeeeeee! Fuck me! Just fuck me!”

Buck gripped Heather’s thin hips hard and rammed his stiff manhood deep and super hard into Heather’s little squirming cunny. His strokes became vicious but the harder he banged her box and tight cervix the more she screamed out in ecstasy and the quicker she back thrust to increase the power of the penetrations. The little pixie was in extreme heat and Buck had all he could do to keep up. “Jesus Christ slut! Fucking slow down!”

“No Buck! No! I need it! I’ve been waiting for days for this! I couldn’t get out of the house until today! My parents are sssssooooooo uncool! Oooooo! You fucking stud! Gggggooooddd! I’m ccccuuummmmiiinnngggg! Ssssshhhiiititttt!”

Buck’s savage pussy slicing thrusts were having the desired effect. He was addicting this young chick to his cock and no mistake. After what seemed fifteen minutes of frantic non stop fucking, Buck growled with unbelievable orgasm. His cum kept jetting into Heather’s squirming box! Bursts of warm gushing cum deluged the brunette’s flexing little fuck hole. “Drain it whore! God you’re so tight! Shit! What a fucking piece!”

Sometime later, Heather finally got dressed after another quick shower. Before she left she told him, “I’ll be back for a lot more, big guy. I can’t get over here as much as Ashley but I’ll fuck better than she ever will.”

Buck grinned at his new conquest. “Do you like being my whore, Heather?”

Heather giggled, “Of course silly.”

Buck smirked, “Well the next time you come over here, I want you to go right to the bedroom and say nothing. Strip off all your clothes, lie down on the bed and spread. Then beg me to savagely fuck both of your tiny holes.”

Heather hugged him, “Oooooo! That sounds so kinky! Just be sure to fuck me real hard like today, all right?”

He gave her the thumbs up. “You got a deal slut.”


Buck got going on supper. He murmured to himself, “So much for jungle ball today. I’m too tired to shoot hoops after that slut got through with me. Damn what a little tramp.”

He’d just finished his beef steak and vegetables when he heard another knock at his apartment door. He frowned, what the fuck is this? Grand fucking central?”

He was glad he opened the door. Ashley stood there grinning at him with her saucy look and tricked out blonde pig tails. “Wanna fuck Buck?”

Buck said nothing. He pulled Ashley in, shut the door and hustled the little princess into his bed room. “Strip slut!”

Ashley chuckled, “I want it hard Buck! I know Heather was here so I want it just as nasty as you gave it to her.”

Her white teeth gleamed in a billion dollar, heart stopping, fuck me smile as she slipped off her jeans. She had on no under pants or bra. She’d come over to his place, ready and eager to play.

Before she knew what was happening, he was on top of her, plastering her body to the soiled sheets beneath her. “Yes Buck! Yes! Fucking hurt me baby! Ooooo! Yes! Hard! Fuck me hard! Shoot your seed into my baby pussy! Ooooo! Buck! I’ve missed this! It’s only been a day and I need it! Jesus Buck! Bang me harder! Take me like a fucking Tom Cat!”

Her legs wrapped around his backside and she locked her slim ankles in place, forcing the horny late teen male to fuck even deeper and harder. He felt his cock tip bang into the back end of her cunt. His vigorous penetrations slammed viciously into her tender cervix and Ashley was screaming now beşiktaş escort as bliss followed climatic bliss. “Fuck me like a whore Buck! Squirt a fucking brat into my cunt! I want you to cum in me Buck! Fucking fill me like you filled heather! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me like a husband! Eeeeaaahhhhh! Eeeee! Jjjjeeessssuuuusss! Oh please baby! Fuck more! You’re driving me crazy! Oooooo!”

Buck wasn’t speaking. He let his cock do the talking. His mouth was occupied by sucking on her wiggling toes or gobbling her small tits and teething her stiff nipples. He played with the foxy blonde tramp every which way he could think of. When he eventually kissed her he sent a flood of his spit into her tongue darting mouth just to show the bitch who was boss. Buck couldn’t believe that he could shoot his spunk into Ashley so quickly after having had Heather for two solid hours but sure enough he felt his balls swell and his cock tense and then it was spray city as he clogged Ashley’s little cunt full of his liquefied sperm jets. He jolted his juice into her and still the little doxy performed with consummate skill. She wasn’t finished though.

“I wanna suck your cock Buck so lie back and stick it up into my mouth! I’m gonna drain you dry, fuck boy!”

She slipped her mouth down and to his amazement, she was soon deep throating him down to the balls. He felt his tip slip way down beyond her mouth and into her soft throat. She gagged and gurgled as she struggled to eat his cock like a talented whore should.

Gag! Choke! Extended suck! Slurp! Swish! Suck! Gag! Hmmmmm! “Oh Ashley! Suck me off you hot bitch! Yeah! Like that! Blow me you slut! Suck! Swish! Slurp! “Aaaaahhhhhh! Jesus fucking Christ!” Suck! Squirt! Gulp! Swallow! Squirt! Swallow! Little swallow! Gulp! Squirt! Gag! Gulp! Gasp!

At last Ashley came up for air. “God Buck! You’re a fucking mouth full.”

“Yeah and you just love it Ashley! God you sucked all of it and it went right down your throat direct. You are one sleazy piece girl.

She snuggled up against him on the thoroughly drenched bed. “I know Buck! I found a vid on oral sex on line. It’s pretty hot and some slutty black bimbo showed all the little tricks that a girl needs to know if she wants to suck cock the right way. You’re so hot Buck! I’m glad I’m on the pill. You’d have me knocked up in no time you naughty boy. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“You know Ashley, I’m a quarter black. What would your parents say if you popped out a brat with dark skin? That would be a scandal and a half.”

Ashley shuddered a little. “Oooo! That would be nasty! It’s bad enough that I fuck around but for them to find out that I got knocked up by a rampaging nigger? Oh buck! That would be so wicked! They’d throw me out! I’d have to fuck cock to earn my daily bread. I’d have to hang out at your place and you could keep fucking me and all you’d have to do is feed me and occasionally get me clothing for when I go to school. I wouldn’t need it in here because all we’d do is suck and fuck all the live long day. Sounds like fun but I better play it safe until I’m 18.”

He laughed, “Sounds like a good idea Ashley! Now suck me hard. I’m gonna do your little asshole next.”

“Oooo Buck! You’re so naughty!”

But in spite of her feigned shock, her little anus was wet and itchy for his meat. To his surprise he stuffed her rectum fairly easily with thrust a few thrusts. She was kneeling in the doggie position once more and they slammed into each other, each greedy for the tingling, stinging contact of tightness and fullness. Buck spread his legs further apart, increasing the tension on his anal penetrations. Ashley was screaming almost constantly now as a series of explosive climaxes quaked through her young body. She was his anal whore and she loved every second of it. “Shoot it up my ass hole! Yes Buck! Drain your balls into your anal slut! Oooooo! OOOOOO! Yyyyeeessss! You’re cumming! I can feel it! Oh yeah! Bust your balls baby! Do it!”

Buck gripped those bare hips hard and launched himself like a fucking astronaut at the cape!

As his spunk rocketed into Ashley’s anal wonderland he screamed like a wounded animal. “Oh fuck! You hot little bitch! Take it all! Yes! You little ass fucking slut! Yes!”

Needless to say, Buck slept like the dead that night.

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