Ashley’s Bookstore Pt. 03

Big Dicks

Ashley felt amazing. She could not stop thinking about the week she was having. She sat in her office as flashes of the past work day and night ran through her mind. She was excited by the thought of the pink haired girl who had wandered into the store and fulfilled a long held fantasy only to have it become more than anything she could have hoped for by the unexpected reaction of her husband. She thought about Annie’s mouth sucking at her breast as her husband had taken her from behind in the hallway just outside her office door. She thought about putting her hand down her skin tight black leggings, but then corrected herself.

Bethany, her only employee at the bookstore, was right outside the office in the shop front. She had known Bethany since she first opened the store and though she knew Bethany was no prude she also didn’t see it fit to test the weird friend-boss relationship by risking getting caught pleasuring herself. Ashley’s gaze drifted around the room but kept landing on the piece of paper. Annie the pink haired girl had left it at the front counter. Ashley felt the urge to call and after yesterday knew that rather than jealousy she found it aroused an extreme passion in her husband to know she had her own little woman to satisfy her.

She still resisted. What would she say even if she did call. Ashley tried to focus on her work but kept getting more aroused and distracted. She was snapped back to reality by a light knock on the door frame of her open office door. Bethany stood there and Ashley realized for the first time how attractive her curve filled plus sized friend was. Bethany’s big breast almost spilled out of her summer dress that was intended for a smaller girl. Ashley tried to pull herself away from looking at how Bethany’s long dark hair rested on the shelf bursa escort of her tits. “There’s a girl out here looking for a first edition.” Bethany said with a smile.

The first editions were kept in Ashley’s office because of their value. Bethany turned to the shelf and her back to Ashley looking up and down. “there it is.” She said cheerfully spotting the book on the lowest shelf. She bent over to retrieve the book unaware that her sun dress rode up just enough for Ashley to see the curves of Bethany’s ass and her black thong hugging her pussy between her large but firm legs. Ashley could not take her eyes away. Until Bethany snapped back up and headed out the door with the old book in hand. Ashley felt hot and her wet pussy begged her to do something to satisfy herself. It wasn’t long before Bethany returned.

“I guess this is the wrong one.” she said with an innocent smile across her face. “I hope you don’t mind but I told the customer they could come back and look for themselves.” From behind Bethany with a blushing face appeared the girl from yesterday. Annie was wearing a small pink skirt that matched her hair and was just short enough to expose the contour of her firm ass. Her top was an old t-shirt with her bare stomach exposed. Ashley felt as though she was going to explode. She felt her breast ache as though they knew that the young woman wanted them. Ashley stood up “I’ll help her Beth. Probably shouldn’t take your eyes off the storefront for to long.”

Bethany smiled and left the room, her large breast bouncing as she exited. Ashley slowly closed the door looking at Annie in her skimpy outfit. Annie moved to stand before Ashley, her eyes moving between Ashley’s own eyes and her enlarged milk filled breast. Ashley looped her fingers in the waistband of escort bursa the girls skirt and slid it over her large hips letting it fall around her feet to reveal her bare skin and dripping wet pussy. “I don’t know what you did to me.” Annie said quietly “but I couldn’t think of anything but getting you in mouth again.”

Ashley’s could of came just from the words. This woman wanted her tits that badly. Ashley sat back onto her desk and unbuttoned her shirt slowly Annie rushed over to her unable to wait and latched onto her breast with her full lips. Ashley instantly felt the surge of pleasure as her milk sprayed into the woman’s mouth. Ashley pulled the girl into her chest tightly as Annie gulped at her breast. Milk pouring down her chin. Ashley ripped the girl’s thin shirt from her chest watching the stream of milk pour down Annie’s chin between her little breast and down her stomach and across her clit.

Ashley could not help it; she moaned as she felt Annie’s tongue caress her nipple. She moaned as she ran her nails down the women’s back feeling Annie’s body shivering in pleasure. Ashley had not looked up from the spectacle of hot milk pouring down her personal play toys body to notice that her moaning had brought Bethany back to her office door. Beth peaked in watching the glorious display of Ashley orgasming as this stranger sucked the milk from her tits. Slowly Bethany entered the room as if drawn by Ashley’s heaving beautiful tits. She wanted to know what had driven the girl to such lengths to get her bosses breast in her mouth. Bethany slipped her sun dress from her shoulders and it fell to her feet just as Ashley looked up at her.

Ashley looked at her like an Animal in need and Bethany could not resist the sight of Ashley’s lonely engorged breast that Annie had bursa escort bayan not satisfied. Bethany’s big breast brushed down Ashley’s body. Her being much taller she had to kneel to put her mouth around her bosses free tit. Annie did not flinch at the addition as though she knew this is where all women belonged at the breast of powerful women. Both women looked up at Ashley for approval as they sucked and lapped up the milk from her breast. Ashley’s moans let them know that she was pleased with them. Both Annie and Beth’s hands found their way between Ashley’s legs.

Each girl grabbed a handful of the tight black leggings and pulled not able to take their mouths away from Ashley’s perfect breast, they tore away the crotch of her leggings. Annie’s slight fingers found Ashley’s clit and began to tease as Bethany slowly worked her fingers in and out of Ashley’s tight damp pussy. Not once releasing their mouths from Ashley’s tits as they drank. Ashleys orgasm was one solid moment now she felt Annie shudder as she orgasmed from the taste of Ashley’s breast milk. Ashley’s pussy felt each girl’s hand. She thought she could take no more when Annie’s mouth slowly trailed down her stomach to bury in-between her legs. Beth took the opportunity to have both of Ashley’s perfect breasts to herself; she sucked at each groping at the other as she switched.

Ashley almost collapsed as she came squirting down Annie’s face as milk ran down Bethany’s face to pool in her large cleavage. Bethany orgasmed moaning into Ashley’s milk covered tits; it was like nothing she had felt before. Both girls, knowing they had satisfied her, slowly moved kissing her deeply in turn. Bethany looked at her boss. She couldn’t imagine that this had been waiting for her all this time. She wanted to make Ashley cum again. Annie looked from Ashley to her new partner in satisfying this bookstore goddess. Both girls looked up at her. They waited for her command. Ashley, breathing heavily, kissed each girl. She could not wait to tell her husband about her day.

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