Ashley Chapter Three


Ashley Chapter 3 The Party
By Jax_Teller

From Chapter One

Ashely was a person who I’d met through a friend and we always seemed at odds with each other. We never agrued or fought but our speak to each other was always confrontational. She was not run way beautiful but the wholesome girl next door beauty. She would never have been a fashion model, but she never lacked for attention. It wasn’t intentional in the way she dressed or acted but she did exude a sexual energy. I was ten years older than her twenty eight years but we seemed to share many things in common. If we could just get past the sarcasm and angst between us we might be friends and maybe even more.

Chapter three

On Monday Janis went home when Ashley left for work and returned a few hours later with some of her things. I made room for her and she made me lunch. We’d been close for a log time but were friends with benefits and kinky privileges. Now she was more and this week would be really intense. The three of us spent a lot of bonding time talking and really becoming close. At the same time we were getting the property ready for the event. We moved most of my /our personal things into the bedroom which had a locking door. The rest of the house and property would be open to party goers and play.

On Friday I held a meeting with the people I had hired and went through what I expected of them.I stressed the importance of being professional and that there were to be no cameras, phones or other electronics on them as they worked. I told them under no circumstance were they to participate in any part of the party. I required a signed non-disclosure contract and in return they would each be paid at the end of the event two thousand dollars cash. The contract had a breech clause with penalties of a hundred thousand dollars for any participation either by neglect of duty or willful act that led to a party goer being publicly identified.

To the Emt I gave specific directions that in an emergency that required outside intervention there was an air horn that would signal the party goers to cease all activities. I also showed her where the land line was for communications as cell phones would not work tomorrow. I gave the staff a tour of the entire property and told them where to park. My ranch was secluded and that any security breech should be dealt with immediately. I saw them off as Ashley came in the driveway. I walked inside with her and sat with Janis on the couch. I explained to them that tomorrow I would be host to the party and that I would be occupied most of the day. I had blocked out an hour to perform a scene with them, and that all I expected was for them to obey and enjoy. I told them I thought it would be a good idea if they did a scene of their own separate from our scene.

They both understood what I expected of them and what the staff would be there to do. Garrison and Carol came in shortly after dinner as we were cleaning up. We talked for a few minutes and then they went to the guest bedroom. We three decided to go to bed and much like I had made love to Ashley, we three made love that night, and fell asleep in each others arms.The Saturday morning sun woke us and after breakfast I went my office and engaged the Cellular dampening devices and checked the seurity video feeds.

Security staff checked in and bean their tasks at the gate and patrolling. Garrison and Carol were up and about checking things over and generally waiting on the guests to arrive. It was shortly after noon when the first guests arrived and were checking out the dungeon and a play area I had setup in the back yard. The pool was getting good use and I watched as the staff was working well as I checked in with them

As I walked about socializing I met a number of people I didn’t know. One couple I was introduced to was a salt and pepper gay couple. The tall thin black named Kevin a was a basket ball player on a local college team and his mate Gary a very feminine weight lifter from the same college. It wasn’t unusual for couples of al kinds to show up at events, but these to caught my attention because they were out in the pubic eye and accepted. I watched as the dungeon began to get busy. Many of the folks were doing similar things, but with the different reactions and dynamics it was interesting to see. My Ring of fire got use, but I had disabled the fire aspect for the event.

I was roving around meeting folks and keeping an eye on things when I noticed Johney Kracken and his toy as he liked to call her. His toy, Linda was a beautiful woman with very tiny waist and huge fake boobs. I talked with them for a few minutes and she stood beside me and I took the opportunity to grab her ass and give her a good squeeze. He asked if I could do a scene with Linda that he wanted her to experience a different hand. I told him if I had time later I would be happy to torture her.

I went inside to th dungeon and Janis saw me enter and motioned to Ashley to get in line for the floor. Janis told me she would be doing her scene with Ashley if I could hang out. I told her I wouldn’t miss it and Ashley signaled that the floor was about to be open. Garrison announced his reminder that the following scene would be intense and there was a safety control in place and not to be concerned at dramatic pleas and not to interfere. That announcement was a sign that Janis had a previous conversation with Garrison and had arraigned a safe signal with him, being the Dungeon Master. escort bayan

Janis and Ashley who were always naked these days both had clothes on. They started to call each other names and argue about Ashley being a slut and that she just wanted cock, and a real D & S relationship. It was actually an argument that I had heard in the past at an event. They were playing it very well and actually started to physically wrestle, slapping, and then Janis tripped Ashley and fell onto her back. Janis began to remove Ashley’s blouse, and calling her a fucking little slut that should just go back tot he street corner she came from. Ashley wrestled her over and yanked Janis’s skirt off and said surprise no panties, and slapped her ass a feww times before Janis turned it around.

Janis sat on Ashley’s back and removed her shorts, so now they were both naked. They turned over and over again and Ashley said fuck you, you cunt and Janis turned and pounced, slamming her pussy right on to Ashley face. She struggled and tried to get get free but Janis held her by the hair in place. Ashley kept slapping her back and butt as Janis rode her face and finely tried to push Janis off. In the struggle Ashley ended up shoving her thumb in Janis’s asshole and using the connection to push Janis off her. They separated for a second and Janis said so you want to go there you fucking whore and lunged at her knocking her to her back. Janis sat on her chest pinning her arms under her knees. Janis grabbed the skin on the inside of Ashley’s thigh and pulled her legs apart.

Ashley screamed you’ll pay for that you freak dike, and Janis slammed three fingers into Ashley’s pussy. Janis said I knew it, you are so wet, you love it and she turned her fingers into each other and pushed her fist in Ashley’s pussy. Ashley screamed and cried get off me, oh my my god, get out of me. Janis said you love it you know you do, now fucking come, you fucking whore. Janis kept fisting Ashley and lowered her self pushing her pussy on Ashleys face again, and screamed at her to come. As Janis fisted Ashley she humped her face and then Ashley screamed fuck, and she squirted and shook. Janis sat up pushing her pussy hard into Ashley mouth muffling her screaming and pulled her hand from Ashley’s pussy with a monumentous squirt.

Janis rocked moaning and grabbing her own tits and squeezing her nipples as she came on Ashley’s face. Janis stopped rocking and swung her leg off of Ashley and pulled her to a sitting position next to her and kissed her. Ashley kissed her back and hugged her, and as they broke their kiss Janis licked her come off of Ashley neck and tits as the onlookers started to clap. I walked over to them and helped them to their feet and gave them both hugs. I helped Janis and Ashley clean up and we took seats on a couch to rest and watch.

Kaylee the big titty super dyke delivery girl from Changs stepped up dressed in a dress of veils. Music came on and she started to dance the dance of the Seven veils. She was very good and the crowd calmed down and all eyes were on her. Her version of the dance only took five minutes, and she was naked. Her breasts were heavy and tight, her belly had a slight feminine pouch and she had a very neatly trimmed v patch of hair the tip at the top of of her slit. As she twisted and turned the tattoos shone and drew the attention of many in the crowd. She had a typical tramp stamp on her lower back as far as location, but it was magnificent in precise lines and vibrant colors. As the music stopped she put her hand out walking over to a woman in the crowd and drawling her into the center with her. They started dancing as another piece of music came on. Kaylee and the woman were like one stripper as they moved in unison and Kaylee removed the other womans’ clothes.

They ended up standing face to face naked and kissing intently as the music ended. I finely recognized the woman as Linda a local stripper. Kaylee placed her on the large table and simply placed her heads of her head and spread her legs to the edges of the table. She pulled a suit case onto the smaller utility table near and began setting up her things on the table. She picked up a tube and squirted a design onto Linda’s’ chest. When she finished it was a heart and then she used a long neck lighter to light the foam on fire and it burned around to the base of the heart. She wiped it off and repeated it making lines on her arms from Linda’s’ palms to her shoulders and lit them. It was a very entertaining display.

What she did next was pull out a tray with Chinese fire cups that got my attention. I used Chinese fire cups for therapeutic reasons and was interested to see how she would used them. She had Linda turn over and with a grace and fluid styling, primed, lit and placed fifty cups of varying sizes all over Linda’s back, legs, sides and butt. I was impressed with the showmanship way she worked. Then she pulled a very large silver vibrator our of her box of toys. I wondered how long she would leave the cups on and what the vibrator would do in her performance. She dripped a few drips of a lubricant in the crack of Linda’s’ ass, and then slid the vibrator into Linda’s’ pussy. She turned control on in her toy box, and the vibrator came to life, vibrating loud enough to be heard humming. I was confused, but then it happened the cups started to clank together. Kaylee made another adjustment and they came into harmony and sounded like a bell ringing.

The sound was fascinating and every time Kaylee would make bursa escort bayan an adjustment to the vibrator, the cups ringing would change too.After several tones something changed and there was a clanking out of sync and as we watched Linda looked like she shivered and then trembled and it occurred to everyone that she was having an orgasm and it caused an interruption in the ringing. The clanking became more frequent and Kaylee turned the vibrator off. The Clanking continued for several more bursts of Linda’s orgasm. Kaylee removed the cups and pulled Linda to a sitting position on the side of the table and then stood her up and walked to a seat. There was a round of applause and cheers. I made a mental note to try that myself as I applauded.

The crowd was gathered and all eyes went to Kevin, Gary, and to my surprise Mistress Kyra. They started to setup for their scene the men disrobed and pulled the heavy padded table to the center. Mistress Kyra pulled the smaller utility table near and began setting up her tools on the table, like a surgeon. Gary the shorter huskier guy got up on the table while Kevin the tall black man secured him to the table. Both mens cocks were limp, and Mistress Kyra turned to face the table, She pulled on gloves snapping them on. She took Kevin’s’ cock in her hand and began to jerk his cock to life. His cock wasn’t long, but as it got harder it was thick, and getting thicker.

Gary’s eyes were locked on Kevin, and Kyra turned and grabbed an instrument from the table and swiping it in a small jar of lubricant. She put it to the tip of Gary’s cock and began working it in the urethra of his cock. Sounding, him she pushed it all the way inside him. Gary squirmed slightly and moaned as she began to fuck her cock with the rod. Gary’s cock got fully hard and Kyra pulled some lubricant in to her gloved hand and jerk his cock with one hand as she fucked his cock with the rod in the other hand. Gary’s’ focus drew everyones attention to Kevin, and more directly to his cock which was now standing straight out from his body, hard.

Kyra pulled the rod from Gary’s cock and put it back on the table. She picked up spreader bar and put it behind Gary’s knees and Kevin stepped over tot he table, and held the bar as Kyra secured the ends to the table. The new position had Gary’s knees spread and drawn up to his chest leaving him exposed. Kevin stepped back and Kyra grabbed a rubber band strap, tied it around Gary’s balls, and pulled it to the edge of the table and secured it. She pulled another rod from the table and inserted it into Gary’s urethra. This rod had a knob at the top, and a ring that held the rod in place. Kyra turned to the table and picked up a remote control and began to adjust the settings. A vibrating sound could be heard until, Gary cried out and jumped as much as he could.

Kyra readjusted the remote and Gary jumped again, crying out, please. Kevin stepped up to the table and said open your mouth, and when Gary did, Kevin slid his long hard black cock in Gary’s mouth. Kyra untied the rubbed band from the table and re-secured it to the spreader bar. Kyra took some more lubricant on her gloved fingers and slid two fingers in Gary’s asshole. She reached over and hit a button on the remote and Gary screamed loudly around Kevins’ cock, and She began to jerk Gary’s cock slow and with force. Kevin began vigorously fucking Gary’s mouth and Gary was crying as he gagged and choked, tears running down his face.

Mistress Kyra jerked faster and Gary began to convulse in orgasm but nothing was coming out of his cock. Kyra twisted her fingers and it looked like she found the spot she was looking for. Kevin pulled his cock from Gary’s mouth and shot a large load of boiling hot come in Gary’s wide open mouth. Kyra pulled the sound from Gary’s urethra, and jerked faster and with more force and a volley of come few straight up into the air. Several more squirts of came flew and then a stream of come splashed Gary in the face as Kyra directed it. As he stopped coming Kyra and Kevin worked to release the bonds. Kyra stepped off to the side and started to clean her tools and putting them away.

Kevin helped Gary off the table and hugged him and kissed him. They moved away and Kyra finished cleaning up as the crowd finished applauding. It was a great scene and the second in a row, the real question was who would go next. I looked to Ashley and asked if she was up for our scene. She said she was always ready for her Master. I took her hand and led her to the floor and pulled out the Ring of Fire. I secured her and picked up my rope of one hundred plastic clothes pins that were wired to a remote tens unit. Ashley had seen me use clothes pins on Janis last weekend, but didn’t know about the tens unit. I hooked them up to her one by one building the tension and excitement in the room.

When I finished Ashley’s breathing was already increased and her nipples were very as rocks. I turned the tens unit on very low and Ashley jumped and let out a little squeal. I turned the fire on the ring on, and began twisting and turning her, and eventually leaned the ring against the wall, and turned the flame off. I pulled out a chain mail flogger set and turned the tens unit to a varied program that ramps up and back down, setting the high point to four and the low to zero. I began to lay the floggers on her shoulders, and when she jumped slightly at the ramp up on the tens unit I began flogging her up and down her body. She started to shake and tremble and bursa eskort I could sense she was close to coming.

I backed off the tens unit and picked up a soft leather flogger and proceeded to keep her on the edge. After seeing her slump slowly and rely more on her bindings to hold her up, I saw her thighs were wet, and turned off the tens unit. I pulled her from the Ring and put her on the spanking bench and told her to stay. I took out my cock and stuck it in her mouth, and began fucking her throat. I grabbed her pussy and started slamming my fingers up to my thumb in and out of her as fast as I could. Ashley was groaning and moaning around my cock and I slapped her tits and she screamed on my cock.

I slapped her tits repeatedly and turned my thumb in on my hand and slid my hand into her pussy fisting her. I pushed deep and hard then as I pulled the widest part of my hand at the rim of her pussy I held it there and slapped her tits again with my free hand. I held my cock to the back of her throat until she gagged and tried to breath, and gagged some more then I barked come you little whore. She shook and squirted as I pulled my cock from her throat and spewed my load in her mouth and on her face. As I was coming in and on her, she squirted and shook uncontrollably. I motioned for Janis and she jumped between Ashley’s thighs and licked at her pussy as I removed my hand and placed it on the back of Janis’s head. Janis took a squirt from Ashely in her mouth and kept licking. I guided her head as I moved closer to her and squirted one last shot of my come in her mouth.

I pulled the both of them to stand next to me on either side and said Enjoy my friends, and turned pulling the girls to a couch as the occupants on the couch moved to accommodate us. We sat and Garrison announced the Dungeon would be closed for an hour and that dinner was served on the deck outside. He reminded everyone of the rules regarding food in the dungeon, and that for those who still wanted to play that there was an outdoor play area. As people started to wander off Garrison looked to Carol and asked her to clean up. Garrison and Carrol cleaned up and he came over to me, and sternly told me I was in violation of the house rules and that any other violations would restrict future access to events and possible ejection. He laughed and told me great party boss.

After a few minutes to recover I told the girls to go take a shower and get some thing to eat. I went out side to check on the staff and noticed a guy hanging out near the serving line but not in line. He caught my attention in a bad way, it was just a feeling but I watched him. He wasn’t acting particularly suspicious, but I couldn’t help listen to my spidy senses. I looked for a security person but didn’t see one and walked over to a closer position. A submissive female I knew named Debby with her collar on was standing in line for the food when the line moved and she didn’t leaving her off to the side slightly. The guy I was watching moved closer to her and started to engage her in conversation. It was clear from her body language that she was attempting to avoid him,when he reached out and touched her collar. Debby’s Domme Shannon, moved to engage him, but I got there first. I said hands off turning him around by the shoulder. He took a swing at me and having anticipated his action I blocked his punch and grabbed his fist, pulled and put him to the ground.

I twisted his arm as I put him to the ground pinning him, and then called out for security. They were all ready on the way and took the man to the gate. I told him he was no longer welcome and that any attempt to return would result in his being arrested for trespassing and assault. He said prove it and I pointed to three cameras and told him I would be following up with who ever had Vetted him. I went back to the house and looked up his invitation, and saw he had not been invited but was using the same physical address as a members of the Rockville Heights Munch group. I had security find Lady Red for me and ask her to my office. A few minutes later Lady Red was shown into my office. I told her about the incident and that it was a person who was living at the same address as one of the groups members.

I told her the members’ name and she immediately knew who it was. She said that last week end he had assaulted and raped the member I had identified and had been arrested. It was the reason she had not attended the party. I told her to have her change her computers password and if there was anything I could do to help to call me. The rest of the evening went off with out any other problems. Most of the party goers didn’t even know what had happened. I paid the staff and thanked them as they left. I told the security people that if they were needed to testify or make a report to the police I would pay them for their time. Garrison and Carol stayed over and we all went to breakfast in the morning, they went home from the restaurant.

Back at home we three went over the video from yesterday, and I began the editing process. It was interesting seeing all that went on that I missed not being able to be in two places at once. Watching the staff was interesting, their reactions to the different scenes. One of the servers a young female the daughter of the Caterer I hired, was very obviously distracted by the scene with Kevin,Mark and Mistress Kyra. She had come into the dungeon to tell Garrison about the food being ready at six pm, and stayed to watch for ten minutes after telling Garrison. Another interesting staff interaction, was when Cathrine an older female Dominant slipped her number into one of the security guards’ pocket while he was watching the out door play area.

The End.

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