Art Class with Julie

3D Hentai

“Come look at my pictures,” Julie called to me from the dorm hallway.

Julie was an art major. We had been friends since the start of our freshmen year over a year ago. We both lived in the same coed dorm on the campus of a medium size Midwestern university. She lived in a suite on the second floor of the dorm with six other girls; I lived in a suite on the third floor with six other guys. As was typical for the college scene there was a lot of mingling amongst the residents. At any given time you might find a couple of guys hanging out in the girls’ suite, watching television, doing homework, talking about school work. It was a great way to socialize, without feeling awkward about the girl/guy thing. Bedrooms were basically off limits unless you were invited in by the owner. Even that happened pretty often, not usually for anything sexual. I might wind up in a girl’s room to have a quiet place to talk about calculus class, or just to have a more private conversation.

But this time it was a little bit different. As I said, Julie was an art major. Even though I was studying business, I knew a little bit about art techniques and had given her some helpful suggestions in the past. But those discussions all happened out in the common living room. Julie had never asked me into her room in the past. Still, I was interested in her artwork and happy to look at her pictures.

The pictures turned out to be photographs she had taken for a photography class. The assignment was self portraits. The pictures Julie showed me were contact prints, sort of like thumbnails on today’s websites. I looked very closely to see what Julie had done. They were pictures of Julie in various poses holding a camera. I was stunned to see that in every picture she was topless. I looked closer. Yes, she was definitely showing me her breasts in these pictures. Julie wasn’t a big girl; petite would probably best describe her. Probably a small B-cup. In the pictures it was clear that she had beautifully shaped aureoles surrounding smallish but very erect nipples. And she was looking right at me. Not looking at me from in the pictures, I mean standing next to me studying my reaction.

“Julie, these are really excellent,” I said, looking her right back in the eyes.

Her face reddened slightly. “Thank you. I wasn’t sure how you would feel about me showing them to you. You have always helped me in the past. I wanted you to see these because, well maybe you could make some suggestions, and also, I hoped you might like them. So they are also kind of a ‘thank you’.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I had always thought of Julie as an attractive classmate, but never really thought about her sexually. Maybe that was about to change.

“What can I say, Julie. Your composition is great. The lighting is terrific. And, the subject is really, well, Malatya Escort exciting. I don’t want to embarrass you. I know I should be looking at these pictures for their ‘artistic merit.’ But they really are a turn on.”

“Thanks. That last part makes me really happy.”

Before, she was just a friend asking me to take a look at her work, now everything had a different feel to it. I started looking at her a little more closely. I saw that she was wearing a red t-shirt dress which went about half way down her thighs. I also noticed that her nipples were pointing right out at me, so she wasn’t wearing a bra. And now I even knew what those cute nipples looked like, thanks to the pictures she had shared with me. Clearly, she was also turned on by this conversation.

I kept looking. Her legs were bare. She had on open toed sandals and her toenails were painted red. I loved looking at girls who thought about what their toes looked like. It had an exhibitionist feel to it.

I guessed it was my turn to say something. Surly by now Julie could see that I was turned on by the whole situation. If my face didn’t give me away, the growing bulge in my pants certainly did. “I’m always happy to help you. Any way I can.”

“Any way? Do you really mean that?”

“Julie, I would want to help you even if you hadn’t shared these pictures with me. Just ask.”

“Ok. My next assignment is to do a study in motion and form. I want you to be my model.”

“Like what, you want to take pictures of me running and jumping?”

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind.”

“Well, what were you thinking?”

Julie hesitated, but only for two seconds while she looked me in the eye. “I want to take pictures of your cock. I want pictures of your cock when it’s soft. I want pictures of your cock when it’s hard. I want to pictures of you jerking off and I want a picture of you coming.”

I was speechless.

Julie went on, “I won’t get your face in any of the photos. We can avoid hide any other identifying marks…tattoos, scars whatever. I don’t want to embarrass you or do anything to publicly expose you. I think you are really cute and I think you’ll be great in these pictures. My idea is kind of out there. My teacher might throw me out of class for this one but I really want to do this. What d’ya say?”

“Can I keep the pictures of you?”

“That’s why I gave them to you. Sort of an ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ deal.”

“Julie, let’s do it. When do you want me?”

“How about right now?”

I wasn’t quite expecting that answer, but then again I wasn’t really prepared for any of this. I looked at Julie standing there, brown eyes, short brunette hair, those nipples staring at me and the red toe nails. What else could I say? “Let’s get started.”

Julie seemed Malatya Escort Bayan to expect this answer. She knew she had me hooked probably from the moment I walked into her bedroom. First she closed and locked the door. Neither one of us wanted anyone else strolling into the room. Next, she grabbed her camera, it was a Nikon SLR with a standard fifty millimeter lens and strobe attachment, about what you would expect from a college art student. I asked her what she wanted me to do first. “Just hold tight while I get everything set up.” With that, she moved a chair out of the way, checked that the room lights were turned on but not casting any shadows and took a few light measurements.

“I prefer you standing, but you can sit in a chair or lay on the bed if you would be more comfortable.” I opted to stand, leaning slightly against the wall across from her bed.

“Ok, let’s get started,” she said. “How about taking off your shirt and pants? Let’s see how that looks.” With that, I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans. With all the activity and my nervousness, my hard-on had subsided. I was wearing plain old white Jockeys. She smiled at the site.

“Let’s just take a few pictures of this first,” Julie said as she clicked away. “Ok, off with the underwear!”

I pulled down my briefs to reveal my still flaccid cock. Julie kneeled down about four feet in front of me, giving her a perfect straight on view of everything I had to offer. Soft and dangling, my cock is about four inches long. My balls hang down just a little bit below. Everything was in full view for Julie. She took a few pictures like that and then moved to the side to take a few profile shots. I stopped thinking about Julie taking pictures and started thinking about standing there, naked in front of an attractive fully dressed girl. This thought started my cock stirring again. Julie noticed the change and took more pictures. I guess my growing erection was part of her “form in motion” project. I was happily obliging.

When I was fully erect, standing out at about six inches, Julie moved back to the front on position. Again, kneeling down a few feet in front of my now erect cock. She kept clicking away, but I could also see that she was starting to breathe a little deeper. I guess Julie was enjoying this photo shoot as much as I was.

I still hadn’t touched myself. I had never before jerked off in front of another person; I wasn’t so sure how this would go. Then I noticed that Julie had changed positions. Instead of kneeling in front of me, she was sitting on her butt, legs slightly spread and bent upward, her t-shirt dress pulled up slightly, fully exposing her panty covered crotch. I could see her white panties tightly stretched across her pussy. The dark shadow of her pubic hair was visible through the fabric. Escort Malatya My eyes locked in between her legs. Without really thinking, I started stroking my cock, up and down with my right hand. Julie kept on taking pictures. My left hand reached down to stroke my balls. Julie’s breath was getting more and more uneven. A little bit of pre-cum dripped from my slit. Julie slid herself closer to get a better shot. She also gave me a better view as her panties pulled slightly into the crack of her cunt. Now I was starting to get short of breath; stroking my cock faster and faster; keeping my eyes glued to her lips. Then she slid slightly over to the side. Sitting at an angle to me where she got a perfect view of the length of my dick and my hand stroking up and down. From this angle I could still stare at her panty covered pussy. I noticed that a small wet spot had appeared on her crotch. It slowly started to spread, highlighting even more the folds of her lips. This was more then I could stand. Pumping my fist faster and faster, my knees starting to buckle slightly, I whispered to Julie: “Get ready, I’m about to cum.”

Right after I said that I felt that tightening in my sphincter and my breath catch in my throat. Three gobs of cum shot out from my cock flying two feet straight out in front of me, right where Julie had been sitting before she moved to the side. Julie’s camera was clicking and the strobe was flashing away until I squeezed the last bit of cum out of my knob. I again looked over at Julie. Holding the camera by her left side, she had closed her eyes. Then I noticed that she was slipping her free hand into her panties. The panties that were now soaked through and glistening with her juices. I saw the outline of her hand cover the top of her pussy lips and rub a few times. Julie arched her back, let out a little yelp as her whole body shuddered. Then she went slack as she sat there catching her breath.

After a few moments during which we both settled down from our orgasms, Julie and I looked at each other and smiled. I never expected anything like this to happen when I first walked into her room. I wasn’t really sure where this left us. Would we become lovers? Was this just a one time thing? Had we really even had sex together? We never touched each other and besides seeing her self portrait, I never saw more then a panty covered crotch.

Julie stood up and came over to me. She smiled and said, “I think I got some really great shots all because of you. We’ll see how they come out when I develop these rolls of film.”

Was that all she had to say? Was it all about the photographs? Then she continued, “That was really fantastic. You had me totally turned on. I hope you weren’t too embarrassed. I want to think about what we just did. Maybe we can come up with some other things to do together. I have plenty more art classes ahead of me.”

The pictures came out great. She showed me the whole set. Julie decided not to submit them for her photography class assignment. That was Julie’s and my first artistic adventure together. There were others, but those are for another time.

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