Art Class Ch. 02


The sun went down on Whitney Crest, and when it got dark in a small town, it got fucking dark. Only the tackle shop and the Kitschy-Kat Bar could afford neon. I thought of the previous week. It seemed like a fantasy, like it didn’t happen. I missed Analise, that strange, wondrous creature. I shouldn’t have. She wasn’t mine to miss. Try telling your heart to be reasonable. It doesn’t work. Your heart is a bitch with a will of its own.

So here I sat, outside her house, in the dark, the cold, inside my car. I told myself it was for the art, but it was probably for the company. 730PM sharp, the bitch had brought me here.

I walked the gravel driveway to the side of the house. Carly was outside.

“Hey Kellan. How’s your melon?” She quipped.

“Hi Carly, how’s your Harley?”

She nearly barf laughed, bent over, stumbling in the dark, holding her gut in a giggle-fit. I grabbed her arm.

“You kill me Kellan.” Catching her breath. “You’re the cat’s jams. Hey, I can’t see shit out here. That girl needs to let me string a light up.”

I pushed open the door to the warm hallows of the basement and Carly entered first. She was enveloped in the light, revealing a short party dress and stilettos, as if she’d just been somewhere else first. I followed into the cozy underground lair. It looked the same as it had, the gray carpet with plush faux-fur throw rugs scattered. Art hanging everywhere, a few couches, the wine cooler, the big support post wrapped to look like a tree with plastic vines clinging, and a big fireplace to the side wall.

Analise appeared. She wore a dark blazer and scoop-neck shirt. Her amber gemstone hung around her neck like a weight. She came up to me, almost bashful like a fawn from the trees.


My heart skipped a beat. We peered into each other’s eyes for a moment, silently.

“I gotta use the toilet to change. I just came from a party and you know… I need to get fresh.” Carly interrupted then tottered off in high heels towards the bathroom.

“Good, we’re alone for a moment,” Analise started. “Last week I’d had too much to drink. I shouldn’t have shown you my paintings, and I shouldn’t have hug–“

I hugged her. “Your paintings are beautiful,” I whispered.

“Thank you… I–“

Footsteps on the concrete stairs outside and we quickly broke.

“I need to talk to you later.” Analise headed into the kitchenette.

The door swung open as Barb and Dealla walked in together. Smiling.

“Hi Kellan.” They said in unison.

This felt weird. Barb dropped her art bag on the carpet and Dealla started setting up an easel. A few moments of silence passed as they continued their business.

“Barb,” Dealla called. “I think Kellan is right here in the room with us.”

“What was going on?” I thought.

“I believe he is.” She crooned back.

“I see him, and I don’t see YOU saying anything… that you were supposed to say.”

“Give me a minute!” Barb finished taking some things from her bag. Then walked toward me. Tight tiger-skin pants in motion.

This might get ugly. I swallowed.

“Kellan. Hi. I have to–wanted to… tell you I’m very sorry for hitting on you last week.” She turned and looked at Dealla. “OK?!”

Dealla smiled.

“I’m sorry, I tried to show you my gorgeous tits.”

“Barb!” The shy redhead barked.

“Anyway, I just wanted to apologize.”

I smiled, “apology accepted.”

She hugged me unexpectedly, then whispered. “Offer is still good.”

A flush from the bathroom down the hall was heard.

A moment later, Carly emerged. She was wearing comfortable yoga pants and sandals. She looked over at me and shot the double gun-finger points. “Hey Carly, where’s your Harley. Ha! That still kills me. Is there any wine?”

She went to the wine cooler and bent over, her butt high in the air, with Barb still clinging to me.

Shit Carly… her leggings left nothing to the imagination.

Analise emerged from the kitchen holding a glass of wine.

“OK everybody, settle in. I have a surprise tonight. In lieu of Barb’s boredom from last week, we’re going to try something different. We have a model!”

A young woman wearing a pink butterfly robe stepped in from the kitchenette. She had curly dark hair, kinda like Analise’s.

“So…” Analise continued. “This is Megan. She is going to pose nude.”

“What?” the word quietly fell from all mouths in the room.

“She’s a professional. Once we start you’ll have forty-five minutes to sketch.”

I sat down on the floor cross-legged with sketchbook in hand. Dealla sat down next to me, just like last time. She was wearing jeans and a revealing T-shirt that read “Howdy Bear.” Below that, a picture of a cute lavender-colored panda cub.

Barb plopped down toward the front of the room and Carly off to the side.

Analise dimmed the lights, then came up from behind and set a plastic cup of chardonnay down next to me. “Thank you.” I mouthed, as she headed to the head of the class.

“OK Megan, go ahead.”

The young woman Sarıyer escort bayan removed her robe, dropping it to the floor. She was completely naked and sat down on the stool provided, with knees together, turned to the side.

I had drawn a woman’s nude body before. My hand knew instinctively where to go. It was second nature, and I was good at it–my talent developed soon after I’d discovered other things I could do with my fingers. I sketched her body in blocks. When you draw a person, you always start with the nude form. The frame, the curves, the flow. The geometry. Get the anatomy right, and you’ll get the clothes right. Megan was cute, probably just out of college and needed some extra money. Her anatomy was right, it was very right. She would probably do well.

“Am I doing OK?” She asked Analise.

“You’re doing fine honey, just keep still.”

Analise’s voice… the voice that had whispered to me last week; the voice that I’d fantasized about for the past seven nights. And she wanted to talk to me? About something? I noticed how the model kinda resembled her. They had a very similar hair color and style. Almost a younger version, but not quite as curvy. I liked curvy. Yes, I looked at Megan’s tits and pussy. I’m male. I looked at her other parts as well, and how they fit into the block forms. The contour of her ankles, riding up her calves to curve around pink knees and onto her thighs, very graceful. I almost felt like a perv. Then, I felt Dealla getting closer, looking around my shoulder to see the drawing.

“You’re fast.” She sighed.

“That’s what they say… I mean, not that I draw a lot of naked women. I–“

“It’s OK, I know what you mean. Sometimes I get bored of drawing flowers.”

“What else do you draw?” Piquing my interest.



“Once, I drew a nude man.” She blushed. “Then my roommate came in… and thought I’d drawn her boyfriend. They broke up. Now, it’s flowers, and sometimes trees… “

“You seem to be doing pretty well with the nude form also.”

“Thank you. I always have trouble with breasts though.”

“Are we getting a naked man in here next week?” I heard Barb ask Analise.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No Megan, you’re fine.”

With Dealla sitting so close to me, and her Howdy Pandas getting closer by the minute; and the fact that I was drawing a nude woman, and hearing Analise’s voice… and the fucking wine! It was bound to happen. I was trying to resist. I tried to hide it.

“I could turn like this so that guy can see my body better?”

I looked up in time to see Megan open her right leg, now pointing to the opposite wall.

“No, Megan, that’s OK, you’re not supposed to move.”

Damn’t. I was getting horny, I could feel it coming on. This was not supposed to happen. I may be an artist–but I’m damn well human. This was the wrong time. It was like holding laughter during grace. Fuck. The room was warm, and I felt my cock grow. It pushed against my jeans and tingled. I tried to hide it under my sketch pad.

“Could you help me draw her chest?” I heard Dealla whisper in my ear.

I reached over to her sketch pad with my pencil and rounded out her boobs. I could feel her warm breath on my arm.

“Thank you, Kellan.” She beamed, then reached over to touch my drawing. “I could put a flower in her hair, if you–“

Her breasts brushed my arm, and my sketchbook slipped.

Dealla looked down at me and saw it. I heard her gasp quietly. I was hard. Fuck again. It was not hiding, it was not even trying to hide itself. “Analise, I need you!” I screamed in my head.

Carly turned around and saw Dealla looking at my pants. Then she saw me. She smiled. “Oh, I see someone else is enjoying the nude form.” She joked, making an exaggerated tongue swipe around her lips.

“Carly, I can’t help it!” I whispered loudly.

This brought Barb to life.

“Let me see. What are you looking at?” She followed Carly’s gaze to Dealla, and Dealla’s eyes to my jeans. Her eyebrows arched into come-hither status. “Damn… Sugar. Untie yourself.”

“Shh Barb!” Carly scolded.

Barb continued. “Kellan, you better open your jeans, you got a big bear trying to get out of the park.”

The tightness and the embarrassment were both painful.

“Barb is right, you need some more room in your cellar, or you gonna get a blood clot.” Carly insisted.

I couldn’t argue with reason, and I was learning a valuable lesson about tight pants. Dealla placed a hand behind my back, supporting me with her arm as I reached down to unzip my jeans. The denim came down either side of my erection, and was greeted by a round of hooting and catcalls. Thank god for the elastic waistband of fruit-of-the-loom. They know how to hold a bulge thoroughly; like an artist, tracing my large shaft up the ridge and pressing down the mushroom-top through the soft stretchy cotton of my hunter green boxer briefs.

Barb turned around and spread-out on her stomach in front of me. “Oh Kellan, you are Silivri escort delicious, I could eat you up.”

“You are a big boy. I’d like to sit on that Harley.” Carly guffawed.

I blushed. I couldn’t believe what I’d gotten myself into. And this, was only making me hornier! All of a sudden I grew again. It moved right in front of their eyes as if trying to get up.

“Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed, I’m so sorry.”

“You don’t have to be, sweet thing.” The leopard on the floor smiled.

Dealla sighed and put her head down on my shoulder, her eyes between my legs. I heard her murmur my name. Then she spoke out. “OK, OK girls, you saw him, now back away.”

Dealla was my little protector.

“Honey, it’s a free country. If his cock is sticking out, I can look at it.”

“And I can sit on it!” Carly yelped a little too loud. Laughing.

Analise turned around and saw the commotion going on around me. She grabbed the model’s robe and tossed it back at me. “I’ll be back Megan, don’t move.”

The model held the introspective pose gazing in the general direction of the hallway door, as if contemplating her future. Analise crawled back to us on all fours, passing over Barb like a log on an obstacle course.

“What’s going on here?” She tried to be strong but held back a giggle when she looked down and saw I was covering my lap with the model’s pink butterfly robe. “Kellan, I see you got a little… ah, turned on, which is normal, considering… ah–“

The other girls giggled.

“But ladies, you have to remember, we are all adults here and if we are going to be co-ed… we must respect the differences… and–“

“All I know is, he is having a party in his pants and I was just enjoying the show.” A voice came from Analise’s knee.

The girls laughed again.

“And Dealla, what are you doing?” Analise questioned. “You’re all close to him, with your boobs on his arm? Mind you–he’s looking at a young naked woman, and he is a man, a fine man–I, I mean, he’s human!”

I could tell she was trying her best.

“I was…” Dealla stuttered. “I was… trying to keep the other girls from swarming him.”

“He made you hot sister.” Barb chimed.

“No. I mean yes. I mean No. I, I was watching over him. I know that sometimes a man has a moment, and he doesn’t need to be picked at by everybody.”

“And Carly,” Analise continued. “I heard you say earlier you wanted to sit on something?”

“I might have said that.”

“And you Barb, laying on the floor. Why are you laying on the floor?”

“So my mouth would be close.”

Analise reached down and slapped Barb’s butt hard.

“Again, ladies, I know we are different, were not like normal gals. We’re wild and crazy art gals… and, but… believe me, Kellan isn’t normal either. Wait.. that’s not what I meant–“

“It’s my fault. I take the blame,” I interrupted, trying to make amends. “I’m an artist, and this could have been a valuable learning experience… and my penis ruined it.”

The room exploded with laughter.

“Is everything OK?” Megan questioned weakly from the front of the class. “And have you see my robe?”

“Oh yes, yes, everything is fine! Just a little workplace accident, your robe is–” she winked, “its around here, somewhere.”

“OK, should I keep posing?”

“Maybe we better call it tonight. Thank you Megan. I’ll meet you tomorrow and we’ll sort out the payment, and bring your robe back. Go change in the kitchen.”

Megan shrugged and slowly streaked into the kitchen.

“OK,” Analise turned to us. “I’ll be reviewing your work shortly, meanwhile why don’t we take a break and get some fresh air.” She grabbed Barbs drawing, another naked man. She sighed.

I ventured outside to the night sky. Whitney Crest, a blip on a map, a small town cradled next to a big sea. The air was clear, crisp and cold, it would seethe into your lungs and spank you back to life. It felt good, it calmed me down. But, damn, that was embarrassing.

Carly trotted out and came up to me. “I like your underwear color,” she giggled. “Do you have any turquoise or something with some bling? I’d like to see that next.”

“And what color are you wearing tonight?”

“Who said I was wearing any? Kellan.” She paused. “I want you to know, you’re alright. Where I come from, that means something.” She smacked me on the shoulder and stepped away to light up a cigarette.

Dealla wandered out next and ran up to me. “I’m sorry, I was trying to keep everyone from seeing it… you!, your–I know you were embarrassed.”

I heard Carly’s footsteps in the gravel somewhere behind us.

“Next time that happens, I’ve got your back.” Dealla continued.

“You are so sweet. Thank you for always watching out for me.”

“Thank you for drawing my breasts.” She smiled.

“I hope that doesn’t happen again. Not your breasts… I mean, my–“

“If it happens again…” she hesitated. “I’d, I’d pull my top off and take all the pressure off you.”

“Dealla, if you pulled Escort Topkapı your shirt off, I think that might… ah, create more pressure. Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Oh! You’re right. I’m sorry! But, if it meant distracting those other girls, I would.”

“I ah–um… how exactly would that… help?”

“They would be so sidetracked. Especially Barb, after last week… she wants to show her tits, I’ll show her some real tits.” She paused. “And then you could sketch them, if you want? Sometime, I meant.”

I was stunned.

“Just know I got your back Kellan, you don’t have to say a word.” She smiled wide. “My boobs are at your service, if need be.”

She was a strange woman, but I liked her. With a big heart, and a simple, straight, home-spun charm. She walked quietly back toward the basement, Howdy Bears standing proud.

Carly stomped her butt out onto the gravel and trudged back up to me. “You know. It’s cold as shit out here, we betta get in. Hey, did you cool your tool?”

“Oh my god, yes Carly, I’m better now.”

“Good, cuz damn. Well, you know…”

“I know…” I didn’t know, but followed her back into the basement, then headed down the hall to the bathroom. I saw the model had put her clothes back on and was talking to Analise.

“I didn’t mind posing at all. Was that guy alright?”

“Yes–he got a little, um, distracted.”

“Because of me? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no, you were fine. He had a problem and I’ll be taking care of it. I’m hoping you will come back and pose again for us?”

The bathroom, a very small sanctuary. My cock was still limp, thankfully. This was a strange night. I washed my hands and face, I needed it. I left the bathroom and saw the door to the bedroom, cracked open with the light on. I remembered Analise showing me her paintings.

“Kellan, get in here.” I heard a voice call. Analise?

I went inside. I was shocked. There was Barb. Laying on the bed, waiting for me. Her tiger skin lay on the floor. She was completely naked and very proud of herself. She had one leg up and was showing the world her shaved pussy.

“Hi Kellan,” she said seductively. “Come here.”

“Barb!” I whisper yelled. “What are you doing?”

“This is how I would pose for you.”

“Oh my… Barb, you should ah, put some clothes on.”

“Just think how educational it would be to have a private model. Is my body making your cock hard?”

Barb rubbed her clit. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Show me your nice big cock, stud. Do I get you off? Like she did?”

I realized there was more going on, but I had to admit–behind all the make-up and bravado, she did have a nice body.

“I want to make you feel how she made you feel. Show me that sweet hard dick.”

I stuttered.

“Don’t be shy. You want to fuck me, don’t you.”

I didn’t know what to say, and in the silence–and also behind that bravado, I saw a glimmer of loneliness.

“Don’t I make you horny!” She nearly yelled. “The things I could do to you. Tell me I make you horny, tell me I get you off.”

“Yes…” I couldn’t believe I was saying this. “Yes, yes Barb, you are hot.”

“I knew it.” She smiled and touched herself. “Don’t you wish this was your tongue? Licking my wet pussy?”

Fuck, I felt myself getting aroused.

“Come closer and show me your cock.”

Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind me.

Oh shit! Someone closed the fucking door?

“That’s right, bring that horny young dick to me in all its glory.” She rasped.

“Barb, I–I don’t know what’s going on–“

“I do.” She smiled and sat up in bed. My legs walked toward her, by themselves. She reached and grabbed my shirt and started unbuttoning from the bottom. I tried to push her away, but my arms were not cooperating. What the fuck is going on with me?

My shirt was completely unbuttoned, and she was working on my zipper when the door opened, furiously. There stood Analise.

“Barbara Moorehead Chantrell.”


“What are you doing to Kellan?! God damn’t put your clothes on!” Analise slammed her fist down on the dresser.

“I’m sorry! I just wanted to see his beautiful cock! I wanted it to get hard for me!”

“Pull yourself together! And this is my bedroom! This is where I sleep!”

I thought this was a guest room?

“And you’re in here with him, rubbing your wet cunt all over my blankets.”

This was getting even fucking weirder.

Analise turned to me. “Kellan, go, ah.., meet me in the kitch–no, damn, meet me in the bathroom. Go.”

I pulled my pants back up, seeming to have control of my hands again, then headed around the corner into the small bathroom. This was becoming my new home. I could hear Analise yelling at Barb through the wall.

I ran the cold water over my hands like a fire hydrant.

A moment later, Analise knocked and came into the bathroom, squeezing around the door till she could close it. It was pretty tight inside, but I didn’t mind.

“Listen to me. I’m sorry about Barb. She was jealous of that younger woman. Actually, I was a little jealous too.”

“You were?”

“Yes…” She wedged in front of the sink pressing her body against mine. “I need to know, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, kinda shocked?”

“Tonight was a train wreck.”

“It’s OK–“

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