Arousing Mum Ch. 01


Jack walked up the driveway, the kitchen light was still on, mum was still up. He looked at his father’s bedroom window, total darkness. It was precisely a week ago tonight when Jack had come home from the disco, he was drunk, he had drunk too much. His mum’s bedroom light was on, she had heard him and invited him into her bedroom. Mum was lying in her bed reading a newspaper which she put down when Jack came inside the bedroom, mum patted the side of her, inviting Jack to sit on her bed. Mum asked, “How was your night, have you met the lady of your dreams?”

Jack smiled then said, “I’ve already met her, I’m sitting beside her now.”

Mum said, “You’re my darling, did I notice a little uncertainty as you walked into my bedroom?”

“Maybe mum, I had quite a lot to drink tonight, I’ll sleep well tonight.”

Mum then told Jack when she was at University, she used to get drunk every Friday night.

They then chatted for a few minutes. Mum later told Jack that she was working on Saturday morning and had to be at her Clinic at eight, she needed some sleep. Jack leaned forward, their lips, they started to tongue kiss, mum’s tongue was exploring deeply in Jack’s mouth. It was only tongue kissing, no touching, it lasted several minutes then mum said, “Darling, I need to sleep, I’m glad that I saw you before you went to sleep.”

They tongue kissed again with tenderness and affection, then Jack went to his bedroom.

Mum had never mentioned it all week, this surprised Jack as she must know that mum’s don’t tongue kiss their sons.

Mum had been very friendly to Jack all week and was acting as though nothing had happened.

Jack was now wanking himself every night, thinking of his mum’s massive tits. Mum was a doctor, as was Jack’s father. His father was much older than his mum, sixteen years older. His father was a clever Urologist, he had designed several medical tools which were sold all over the world.

Mum only cooked for Jack, she never cooked for her husband. His father was a heavy drinker of hard spirits, he was also a heavy smoker. For years the same roof but not the same bedroom. His father was only allowed to smoke in his study and his bedroom.

Jack went into the kitchen, mum was ironing some of her silk blouses. Jack said, “Hi mum, I’m relatively sober tonight, I’m going to have a glass of white wine, will I pour one for you?”

Mum smiled then said, “Yes please but I still have two blouses to iron, I don’t want to damage the blouses as they are so fine, you have your wine, and I’ll catch up when I’m finished. Your father is in London at a big conference, he’ll be back on Tuesday evening, so we have the house to ourselves.”

Jack opened a bottle of Chablis which mum liked. Jack sat at the kitchen table facing his mum, she looked so distinguished even though she was only wearing a red silk dressing gown. The belt was tied tightly, which highlighted her voluptuous body. Jack believed that she had no underwear on underneath her dressing gown.

Mum was ironing a blouse which was one of Jack’s favourites, the colours suited her perfectly, all mum’s blouses were hand made and tailored to show her flat stomach and massive tits. Jack said, ‘I love you in that blouse, the colours suit you perfectly.”

Mum replied, bursa bayan eskort “It’s my favourite too, I’ll tell you what, tomorrow night we can walk to the Italian restaurant for dinner, I’ll wear it for you, I feel so comfortable in all my blouses, but the colours of this one suit me.”

Jack said, “Mum, I’m sorry about last Friday, I had too much to drink.”

Mum smiled then said, “There’s nothing to be sorry about, I enjoyed it, I love how you kiss, you’re a great kisser, I’m so much out of practice. After you left, I was annoyed that I had to work on Saturday morning. Jack, there was so much tenderness and affection in our kisses. To be honest, I’m hoping for some more tonight.”

Jack wanted to go over and kiss her then, his cock was stirring in his boxer shorts, he knew then that if they kissed tonight, then he would be playing with mum’s magnificent tits.

Mum finished her last blouse then folded the ironing table into its cupboard. Jack poured her wine and topped up his own glass, then they went into the lounge. They both sat on the sofa, their legs touched as they sat down, neither of them moved to change this. Both were applying a little pressure to the leg touch.

Jack, “I’d love to take you out tomorrow night and even more so if you wear that beautiful blouse.”

Mum squeezed Jack’s thigh, she left her fingers there, mum said, “I’ll do it for you darling, I know that you like mummy’s big tits, I love it when you look at them, would you like mummy to wear a pushup bra tomorrow night, then mummy’s tits will look enormous for you, darling, believe me when I tell you that I would only do this for you.”

Simultaneously they both put their glasses on the coffee table. Then they took each other in their arms as they kissed and touched. Jack’s hand found mum’s left tit, the nipple was rock hard, Jack teased it with his fingers as mum stroked the outline of Jack’s cock, mum had a lovely gentle touch. Mum then undid her dressing gown belt, she said, “Darling, I’m naked underneath my dressing gown, I want this and I hope that you want this too, let’s get naked then we can love each other.”

Mum removed her dressing gown, her body was incredible, mum was fifty, Jack was now twenty. Mum’s shape was stunning, she was tall and beautifully proportioned, her tits were massive but didn’t sag. Her stomach was flat, she had a gorgeous vulva, smooth and swollen with a long perfect sex slit.

When Jack took off his boxer’s mum gasped and said, “Wow, that’s a cock, it’s so thick and long, I can’t wait to feel him inside me, but darling put it inside me inch by inch as it’s over fifteen years since I last had a cock inside me. We’ll be more comfortable in my bedroom, I’m so horny darling, I’ve been thinking about this all week, I nearly visited you on Wednesday, but I didn’t have the nerve. I’ve played with my cunt twice a day since last Friday night. I’m so happy that this is happening, let’s go upstairs, I want to make love with your magnificent cock.”

They went upstairs taking the wine and cooler with them. Mum lay down in the middle of her bed spreading her legs, she used her fingers to open her cunt lips, mum said, “Eat my cunt, I’ll cum very quickly then I’ll take care of your magnificent bursa evi olan escort cock.”

Jack was working on her, mum had a massive clit which Jack was sucking as he finger fucked her. Mum was moaning and groaning with pleasure, mum said, “Your so fucking good, that’s how to do it suck my big clit and finger fuck my hungry cunt. I’m so randy if I’d known about your cock we would have been doing this last Friday.”

Jack gave his mum a body-shaking climax then when she had composed herself she went down on his erect cock, mum was good, she was soon taking his full length. It aroused Jack to watch his mum’s lips wrapped around the base of his cock as the tip of his cock was banging against the walls of her throat.

As mum was doing this Jack was fingering mum’s hot wet cunt, he lubed his middle finger with some of her cunt juice then slid it inside mum’s tight ass, mum went into overdrive, she shouted, “I fucking love that, I’ve never been ass fucked with a cock, though when I’m playing I like to have a butt plug or a dildo up my ass when I play with my cunt. Baby, I want you to ass fuck me soon, do you like mummy when she’s a dirty slut?”

Jack now had two fingers in mum’s ass, he said, “I love it when mum’s my dirty slut, I love it when mum talks dirty to me and uses the fuck and cunt words. Mum, we’re going to have so much fun.”

Mum replied, “Darling, we’ll have so much fun that I’m sure of. When you ass fuck me I want you to cum inside my ass then I’ll put a butt plug in my ass to keep all your hot cum inside my ass then I want you to cum inside my cunt. Mum’s a greedy fucker, she wants your cum in every hole. When you do this, I want you to do me doggy style as I want this beauty deep in every hole. Now I’m going to go on top of you that way I can control things, when I’m on top, play and suck my big tits, that makes me so horny.”

Mum then positioned Jack in the centre of her bed, his erect cock looked so impressive. Mum then started to tease her hard clit with the bulbous head of his cock, she was smiling and moaning as she did this. Mum then centred the head of his cock in the middle of her long sex slit, she pushed down from her squatting position, Jack’s bulbous head was now inside her starving cunt.

Mum was cautious in taking his cock inch by inch inside her. Soon she had his full length up her, as mum slowly started to ride his cock, she said, “Baby, it feels so good, the head of your cock is hitting mum’s cervix, I can’t wait to feel your hot spunk squirting on it. Baby, your beautiful cock is filling and stretching my cunt, and it’s giving me sensational feelings, how’s it for you, I want to make it so good for you?”

Mum was now fingering her clit with the same tempo as she was riding Jack’s cock, her cunt was very wet, Jack replied, “Mum, your fantastic, I love how you’re gripping my cock, your cunt muscles are so strong. I’m going to start playing with your big tits now, I love watching them wobble as you fuck me, mum, you’re a great fuck, you are giving me a great ride, you must teach me how to make your cunt happy, you must tell me what you like?”

Mum now upped the tempo, it was if she had switched on a turbo, she was now riding Jack’s cock with a powerful bursa rus escort rhythm, mum replied, “I’ll teach you everything I know, I can’t wait to experiment with you, I want to do filthy dirty things with you. Your cock feels fucking wonderful inside me, do you want me to grip your cock tighter now or wait until you cum if you wait until you cum then I’ll get every last drop of your cum out of your beautiful cock?”

Jack answered, “Mum, it feels terrific this now when I cum then grip me tightly, I’m glad that I am filling your beautiful cunt.”

Mum was hard at it now, she said, “You fill it beautifully, I’m so close, I love how you’re sucking my big tits, hold your hand close to the tit you’re not sucking then we will hear it smack against your hand as it wobbles.”

Jack was also very close, he was surprised that he had lasted as long. He was so happy that they had crossed the line, mum was such a great fuck, then as if by magic they both climaxed within seconds of each other, mum went ridged after she had gripped Jack’s cock tightly as he shot his load inside her hungry cunt.

Mum was still on top gripping his cock at the base, she had locked his cock inside her, mum composed herself then said, “Baby, that’s the best fuck of my life, it just felt so good, my cunt fits your cock so well, it’s as though that they are meant for each other, how was it for you?”

Jack pulled his mum close to him, and they kissed so affectionately and lovingly for several minutes then Jack said, “Mum, I loved every minute of it, but I lost my virginity to you tonight, and it felt wonderful, I’m so happy that I’ve done it with you. I have only had blow jobs in my life, that’s why I want you to teach me what to do to give you pleasure.”

Mum then kissed Jack, she had tears in her eyes then she said, “I’ll give you the best blow job that you have ever had, I’m happy that I was the first with you. Jack, I still have my period, I’m very fertile, I am safe this now, but I am going to go on the pill then you can shoot all your lovely cum inside me and we’ll be safe, it’s too dangerous if I got pregnant.”

They lay on the bed, drinking their wine totally relaxed and chatting freely. Jack was surprised when mum asked, “Did Kay give you blow jobs?”

Kay was the daughter of Jo, mum’s Clinic manageress, Jack replied, “Yes, it’s all she would do as she wasn’t on the pill, Kay didn’t go on the pill as being on the pill made her tits enormous, we broke up as she wouldn’t go on the pill.”

They lay there for ages kissing, touching, drinking wine and chatting, Jack then asked, “Mum, I know that things haven’t been good with you and dad, you’re a beautiful woman why haven’t you dated anyone else?”

Mum kissed Jack again then said, “I went online, I had an experience with a married man, we had online sex which I enjoyed, we were a couple who gave each other relief online. Every day at the Clinic, I see first hand the number of STDs out there, it’s scary. I’m bisexual, I have sex regularly with Jo from the Clinic sometimes Kay joins us, it arouses me to fuck a mother and daughter in bed, would it arouse you too darling?”


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jo and Kay will be involved though Jack’s Gran is sixty-eight, she had Jack’s mum when she was eighteen. She is like her daughter, very sensual with a similar body. I have been getting a lot of comments about a son, mother and gran, which seems to be very popular with a lot of people. I have Mum’s Lover Ch 1, pending at the moment. Any suggestions on how you would like this to proceed, then please email me. Regards Jack.

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