Aroused in Class


For Talina, college was a blast. However, some classes were a flat-out bore. Professor Dougherty’s early morning Anthropology 101 defined boring. The subject matter could be dry and the professor had a terrible presentation style. She spoke in a monotone and her bland presentation of facts was often accompanied by slide after uninteresting slide. The sole appeal of the class was that virtually everyone could get a “B” with minimal effort.

As she entered class, she saw the screen and projector that indicated today was going to be one of those endless presentations. Moving past several bleary-eyed students, Talina mounted the stairs to the back of the theater style classroom. She placed her backpack on the narrow table and took off her baseball cap. Shaking her long ponytail free, she dropped into a chair in the last row. At least the seats were padded and comfortable. She opened her notebook and flicked her blond hair behind the chair. The sophomore spun sideways and sprawled her long legs onto the seat next to her. If she had to endure the next 60 minutes, she might as well be relaxed.

Attendance was typical. While the room could seat 150, only about 30 students were scattered about the class.

When Professor Dougherty entered, she dimmed the lights and worked on the projector. The professor was an overweight, middle-aged woman. Her bland appearance and personality were reflected in her wardrobe: gray pantsuit and plain shoes.

Talina kicked off her sandals, stretched her feet and wriggled her brightly painted toes. Since spring had arrived on campus, she was dressed for the sun. Her blue cotton shorts were thigh length and comfortably baggy. Her white t-shirt had pink trim at the sleeves and the scoop front collar. It ended just above her waist and exposed some of the skin of her tanned belly.

The professor moved to the lectern, brought up the first picture and started her presentation.

Talina paid enough attention to confirm that the material was identical to that covered in the assigned reading. Therefore, she didn’t feel compelled to take notes. She set her pen onto the table and crossed her arms across her chest.

Just five minutes into the class, most everyone was bored. Before the class was over, Talina knew several of her classmates would be dozing. The semi-darkness would conceal the napping, but even the obvious cases didn’t seem to trouble the professor. She was much too into the material to notice the students.

As she snuggled lazily into the chair, Talina’s mind started to wander. It was Friday morning and her thoughts turned to the upcoming Spring Fling Weekend. Geared to be a blast of parties before settling into finals, Talina hoped it would mean the end of her recent sexual dry spell. The sad fact was it had been months since she’d broken up with her boyfriend. She was eager to hook up for some action and much needed relief. Talina had her eye on a couple of available prospects and the potential sex excited her.

As she worked over the possibilities in her mind, she realized her hand had unconsciously started to massage her breast. She quickly looked toward the front of the class and confirmed that everything was as dull as usual. Her backpack and her position high in the back blocked the view of the professor or anyone else from below who might turn in her direction. The darkness created a sense of invisibility and isolation. Free from concern about detection, Talina decided to pursue the good feeling.

The movement of her fingers on her breasts stimulated a low-grade, garden-variety horniness. It fed on itself. Maybe it was the long time since she had shared sex, but she felt a strong sexual desire that approached a necessity. The more she massaged; the better she felt. The better it felt; the stronger the desire burned. The hotter the desire; the more she wanted to stimulate.

Letting her eyelids droop, Talina licked her lips and shifted from her left breast to her right. Her thoughts drifted to some favorite erotic fantasies: romantic music, fine wine, sexy lingerie Şerifali Escort and an attractive stranger. She could feel her nipples harden. Talina alternated between gently squeezing her breasts and feathering her fingers across the aroused nipples. A thrill went through her body and she studiously suppressed a shiver of pleasure.

Talina glanced surreptitiously toward the droning professor. Despite the darkness, the public setting added a level of excitement to her masturbation. She had fantasized about sex in public, but had always been too shy to engage in anything nearly so open. This gave her a sense of wantonness.

A lecherous grin crossed her lips and she slipped her hand under her t-shirt. Undoing the clasp at the front of her bra, Talina embraced the warm flesh of her tit. She breathed deeply and rolled her head back. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. As the fondling became increasingly sensual, a warm glow spread in her lower abdomen. Talina dropped her free hand to her lap. The back of her fingers stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. She squirmed in the chair and shifted her hips to put more pressure on her neatly trimmed pussy.

Her body was urging her to go all the way. Her remaining caution made her do one last scan of the classroom. She saw a movement to her right. Squinting in that direction, Talina saw a student she hadn’t noticed before. The girl was also in the last row and seated in the far corner. Talina froze self-consciously. From that location, the student had a direct view of Talina’s antics.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness in the corner of the room, she looked more closely and it appeared that the woman might be dozing. But then it became obvious that the movement Talina had seen was the coed’s arm moving slowly across her chest. Staring in disbelief, it appeared the girl was rubbing her breasts in almost a mirror image of what Talina had been doing minutes before.

Talina didn’t know the woman well, but they had shared some classes. She was fairly sure her name was Dawn. Since Dawn’s eyes were closed, Talina continued staring at the erotic performance. Dawn was attractive, a little below average in height and exuded a dark sensuality. She had large breasts and a big halo of curly black hair. Unlike Talina’s casual attire, Dawn was dressed a little upscale for a class. Her revealing blouse seemed to be a black floral print with a cinched waist. The thin fabric was stretched tight across her breasts. Her pleated miniskirt was pistachio green and came midway down her thighs. Her legs rested on the adjacent chair and were pointed toward Talina.

Completely enthralled, Talina watched Dawn’s hand caress her breasts. It fed her own desire and she returned to teasing her own tits inside her shirt. She felt a surge of hormones and a wicked arousal from the combination of her masturbation and the unexpected voyeurism. She experienced an electric combination of fear of being discovered in such a public place and the thrill of mounting physical pleasure.

Dropping her head and sinking slightly more into the chair, Talina began moving the hand in her lap gently on the surface of her shorts. It increased the warm feeling in her panties.

She looked back toward Dawn. Talina was shocked to see Dawn’s eyes were open and focused directly on her. Talina’s mouth opened and she stiffened. She’d been caught. With one hand inside her shirt and the other rubbing her crotch, there was no mistaking what Talina was doing.

Her heart raced in panic and her thoughts turned toward fleeing the classroom in embarrassment. While frozen in indecision, Talina realized that although Dawn was staring at her, she had not slowed her own masturbation. In fact, Dawn was now using both hands to openly fondle her breasts through her blouse.

Talina didn’t continue, but neither did she move her hands or turn away. She was transfixed by Dawn’s bawdy show. As she watched, Dawn smiled and winked. Talina was both surprised and charmed by the absurd, flirtatious gesture. Şerifali Escort Bayan Dawn was clearly uninhibited and had no intention of stopping.

A quick glance confirmed that no one else was aware of the passion in the last row. They seemed alone in their own separate existence. Talina was both unsure of what to do and unexpectedly aroused. She still felt a strong urge to masturbate and her hands seemed eager to continue. However, her natural reticence and the strangeness of the situation battled with her desire. Although she was torn, the thought crossed her mind that college was all about exploring and discovery. It was followed by the idea that how often do you get to live out a fantasy: sex; in a public place; with a stranger. It tipped the balance. With a mental shrug, she recommenced rubbing her tits and then her genitals with more gusto than before.

Dawn smiled broadly and nodded her approval. Talina felt naughty and giddy. It was as if she was back in junior high school with her girlfriends breaking some minor taboo. But, this was so much more. This was the stuff of midnight fantasies.

Biting her lip and looking around secretively, Dawn opened two buttons on her blouse and revealed a lacy red bra and deep cleavage. Her fingers move along the top of her bra and lingered between her tits. Trying to discern a reaction, her eyes never left Talina.

Talina stared back and silently mouthed the words, “Your bra is beautiful.”

It was all the encouragement Dawn needed. Without hesitation, she lifted her right breast from the bra and gave it a firm squeeze enlarging the excited nipple even further. As if engaged in a performance, Dawn pouted her lips erotically and looked at her breast with approval.

Although Talina had never had a sexual experience with another girl, she found this blatant exhibition incredibly stimulating. The physical distance between them seemed to make it safe to experiment with this unexpected desire. Her heart beat faster, her breaths were shallower, and she almost involuntarily applied more pressure from the heel of her hand onto her mound.

The two girls seemed locked in their own little pornographic tango. They were more and more oblivious to their surroundings and secure in their apparent isolation.

Pleased with the response of Talina’s obvious excitement, Dawn became more animated and accelerated her teasing show. She inserted two fingers in her mouth and slowly licked and sucked on them. She then took the wet fingers and rubbed the saliva in languorous circles around the areola and nipple of her left breast.

Talina moaned softly and squirmed at the dampness that was spreading across the front of her panties. Emboldened by Dawn’s spectacle, she opened her knees, pulled the leg of her shorts up and flashed her delicately flowered cotton panties toward her newfound buddy.

Throwing her head back in a silent laugh, Dawn was delighted. Not to be outdone, she shifted in her seat and rolled her skirt up to her waist. She was wearing a pair of high-cut, red lace panties that matched her bra. They barely covered her pussy lips.

Dawn wasted no time. She brought her left hand down and slowly rubbed it the length of her slit through her panties. Her eyelids fluttered and a look of bliss crossed her face. Her toes curled in pleasure.

One part of Talina’s mind was shocked by Dawn’s openness and apparent lack of concern for their risk of discovery and embarrassment. But the excited part of her mind became more agitated. She didn’t want this erotic dance to end. Talina moved her right hand inside her shorts and beneath the scalloped trim of her panties. She slowly inched the fingers into the pubic hairs and onto her moist lips. Steamy fluid coated her fingers and her palm lovingly embraced the entire expanse of her engorged pussy.

Talina was transported. She focused on her building excitement. In her bedroom, she would usually close her eyes as she approached climax. Now, she didn’t want to miss Dawn’s lewd show. Through Escort Şerifali her half-opened eyes, she saw Dawn was in the same increasingly excited state.

Having pulled aside her panties, Dawn had inserted a finger into her vagina. She was slowly pumping it while her other hand worked the rest of her pussy. The air in the class seemed suddenly hot.

Talina felt her orgasm building. The pace of her fevered rubbing gained speed. Her thumb sought her clitoris. When it found the hard nub, her body trembled. She plunged two fingers past her distended lips into her dripping canal. Her eyes could barely focus. Nonetheless, they saw, and almost felt, Dawn’s growing passion.

Talina gasped and climaxed in a rush. The spasms of her vagina clenched her fingers and sent a wave of fluid into her hand. Her head lolled to the side as the waves of exhilarating warmth surged throughout her body. She tried not to make any large movements or noticeable sounds that would attract attention. However, Talina was wallowing in carefree contentment.

Dawn followed the same path as Talina. Lost in her own senses, she was riveted and driven by the scene that had unfolded just yards away. As her orgasm rose, the rocking of her hips became more pronounced and her black hair bounced in time with the rapid movement of her arm. Her tongue licked the sweat from her upper lip and circled her mouth. When the orgasm hit, she smiled and let it work its magic. Dawn’s face was transfixed and she drifted into a dreamlike ecstasy.

After untold minutes of enjoying the sensation, Talina’s heartbeat slowed and her breathing returned to normal. Regaining her composure, she opened her eyes and heard the professor winding down. The wall clock indicated there were only five minutes left in the class. She turned to Dawn and tapped her wristwatch to warn her.

Dawn smiled, puckered and blew her a kiss. A small laugh escaped Talina’s lips. A student two rows down stirred and gave her a short look. Moving quickly, Talina re-hooked her bra and smoothed her clothes. As she cleaned her hands with a tissue, she noticed Dawn was getting re-dressed but at a more casual and apparently less concerned pace. Talina was fascinated that Dawn gave the impression that this was all perfectly normal classroom behavior.

When the lights came on, Talina tucked her ponytail through her baseball cap and gathered her belongings into her backpack. She slipped it onto her shoulders, tried to look composed and turned to the stairs. Brushing stray hairs off her forehead, she saw Dawn was coming toward her. Her ample body had a natural and seductive sway. Although they had practically been intimate, Talina felt awkward and at a loss for what to say.

Dawn was not so inhibited. She smiled and teased, “That was quite a show you put on.” It evaporated Talina’s tension and they started down the stairs together.

Relaxing, Talina replied as if they’d been best friends for years, “Me? I was just trying to keep up with your raunchy lead.”

Looking her up and down, Dawn casually touched her arm and said, “You seemed like a pro at it, girl. It’s Talina isn’t it?”

Talina nodded and suppressed an excited giggle as they reached the front of the class. Before she could respond, Dawn turned to Professor Dougherty who was gathering her notes.

She fluttered her big, dark eyes and said earnestly, “Professor, I want you to know this was the best class I’ve ever had.” The professor reacted with surprise and confusion at the unexpected and rare compliment. She mumbled a “Thank you” as the girls turned to the door.

“You liar.” Talina whispered into Dawn’s ear through the black ringlets framing her face.

“It’s true. How many classes give you an orgasm?” Dawn replied without the hint of a whisper.

Talina liked this brazen girl more by the minute. She detected a hint of Dawn’s subtle perfume and the undeniable earthy scent of sex. The heady combination emboldened her. Moving into the corridor in post-orgasmic serenity, she abandoned the last shred of her normal reserve. “Would you like to get some coffee?”

Dawn stopped, took her hand and gave it a squeeze. “I would love to. Your place or mine?”

Talina blushed and thought, ‘Spring Fling Weekend is going to be wilder than I dreamed.’ She squeezed Dawn’s hand back and said excitedly, “Mine.”

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