Anything For My Sons

Big Tits

I would do anything for my sons. They are my life, and here is our story….

My name is Candy. I am a divorced mother of two strong, tall, muscular boys Billy & Jimmy. Billy is 21, and Jimmy just turned 20 a month ago. Both are out of school now, and both still are living at home. I am 44, and although not skinny, I look very good for my age. I was blessed with 38 dd’s, and all through my life I could make heads turn when I walked by. I do have a bubble butt, but I had never heard any complaints from my occasional dates or my boys. I work as a waitress during the day at a local diner, and with the good tips I can support my two sons and myself.

My boy’s father left me when they were young. When he left me, he felt that family life was not for him, and one day he just left the boys and myself a goodby note and we never seen him again. One thing that the boys didn’t inherit from their father, was the size of their dicks. My ex-husband was much smaller than my boys, who both have 8″ and thick cocks. So I raised them by myself, and they always were there for me if I needed any chores or work around the house done. I dated men off and on but never really got serious with any of them.

My boys have always been into sports, and both participate in local baseball and basketball teams. They are often coming home with their buddies from one of their teams, who I often would catch admiring my body, trying not to be noticed. I am flattered from their naughty leering, but what turns me on the most, are that my sons always had that lustful look in their eyes when they would be near me as well. And I often would go to my room at night and masturbate thinking of them lately.

What caused me to start having sex with my sons occurred about 2 weeks ago. I had come home early as business at the diner was slow that day, and my boss left me go home early. I walked into the house, and as I went to the kitchen, I could hear my boys in the basement. We had a family room down there with a tv, pool table, and furniture. My boys often spent a lot of time down there, and often took their friends down there some nights to join them. I seldom went down there except to clean up or relax when I was alone, but otherwise, it was basically for my boys.

As I walked past the basement door, I could hear the two of them talking. I stopped suddenly when I heard Jimmy telling Billy, “Our mom is hot! What I wouldn’t give to fuck her and suck those big tits.” Not to be outdone, Billy added, “Yeah, I would love to have her suck my cock. Hell, she could do both of us, I wouldn’t complain!”

I gasped as I listened to them talk about me, not knowing I was home. As I said, I spent some nights playing with my cunt thinking of them, but never before this did I seriously think about acting on it. I continued to listen as they continued to talk excitedly, and then I heard Billy tell Jimmy, “Maybe we should tease her, and see if she stops us. I am so hard right now thinking of seeing my mother naked.” Jimmy said, “Maybe we both could double fuck her!”

I knew this would be incest, but I have been really randy lately as I haven’t dated for months. I thought about it some, then decided on how I could seduce my boys, and let them experience what they have only been fantasizing about up to now. So I tip-toed back to my door, and opened and slammed it hard. I walked back over to the kitchen and heard my sons bounding up the steps from the basement.

“Hi mom, you are home early. I missed you mother,” Billy said, then kissed my lips lightly. Jimmy also came up and kissed my cheek and added, “Glad you are home.” Then I looked down and noticed my boys with huge hardons in their jeans. I told them, “I am going to make something to eat. Do either of you have plans tonight?” They both told me no, then I added, “Why don’t the three of us go out to see a movie tonight?”

I remembered we still had a Drive-In movie theater in our town. (I know there aren’t many left, but we still had one.) “We can go to the drive-in tonight, and I heard they had a chick-flick”, I said. They both high-fived each other, then said they couldn’t wait. They went back to the basement and I plotted my seduction of my sons at the movies tonight.

After dinner, I went up to get ready. To seduce them properly, I had to wear as little as possible. So I showered and put on a pair of daringly short daisy-dukes with my thong panties, and a tube top, which was about two sizes too small for my large breasts. We were going to an outdoor movie theater, and it would be just the three of us alone in our car. As I walked back into the kitchen, my two boys just stopped and gawked as they saw their hot mother not wearing a whole hell of a lot.

“Wow mom, you look great!”, they said simultaneously. I replied, “Want me to go put more clothes on guys, if you think this doesn’t look right?” Both said that I was fine, urging me saying that we needed to get going and hoping that they could distract me from changing my mind and putting more clothes on. I grabbed some things and we headed to the movies.

The boys sat in the back bayan esmer escort bursa of the car as I drove to the theater. I could hear some whispering, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. But knowing what I had heard them say in the basement earlier today, I had a pretty good idea it was about me and getting me naked. And I had every intention of letting them. But I knew it turned me on to take control of the seduction, and my thong panties were wet ever since I put them on, as I was so eager to fuck my boys tonight.

When we paid to get in the drive-in, the girl looked in at me and her eyes got big as she saw the tube top barely covering my nipples. I smiled at her as we pulled in and found a spot in the back row. There weren’t very many cars there, so we were alone. “So guys, want me to come back there and sit with you?” Jimmy said, Yeah mom, there is plenty of room!”

I climbed out, and as I got in the back seat I got between the two boys. I knew when he said there was plenty of room, that it wouldn’t be much more. Their thighs were tight against me as I told them to watch the movie. I wasn’t going to do anything at first, but I was getting hot thinking that if they touched me, I would let them. I wanted to tease them a little first.

Soon the movie started, and it was a chick flick. Barely clad cheerleaders were running around kissing and shaking their tits and asses. I peeked at my boys and noticed the huge bulges in their pants, wondering if it was the movie or me. But I just sat still, to see what they would do.

Pretty soon I felt Billy move his hand on my thigh. I sat still as I guess Jimmy saw this and he did too. Then I moved a little bit and they quickly removed their hands and put them back into their laps. Then I told them, “I just can’t seem to keep my tube top up, I think it’s too small!” Jimmy and Billy looked over and stared at my tits, almost willing my top to slide off with their eyes. So not to disappoint them, I subtly shook my shoulders, and they gasped as they saw my tube top just hanging on my now hard nipples. So I went in for the kill, and raised my hands over me, and my tube top slipped to my lap. The boys eyes got as big as saucers, as I told them “Oops, damn this top, it never did really fit right!” I started to pretend to pull it up when Jimmy said, “You don’t have to mom, your tits are beautiful.”

So I left the top laying in my lap, then I said,’Well boys, I got an idea. Pretend I am your date, now what would you do with your dates?” Then my boys each grabbed a boob, and started to feel and pinch my nipples. I started squirming as they explored the topless mother. I enjoyed them roughly pawing my tits, as when I was being handled or fucked rough, it always turned me on more. My panties were a sloppy mess, as I quickly put my arms around their shoulders, and guided their mouths to my breasts. They needed no more encouragement as each sucked in a nipple, and I egged them on. I was moaning and telling my boys to suck harder, as their lips and tongues explored each of my big tits.

They were occupied with sucking my perked nipples, so I reached both my hands into their laps, feeling their cocks. It was the first time I realized how really big they were besides just seeing huge lumps. They groaned as they started to suck my nips harder. I unzipped their shorts, and they assisted me by shimmying out of them quickly. Then they pulled down their underwear, and two big boners popped up into my hands. I wrapped my hands around them, and started giving them each a hand job. I noticed the windows of the car were fogging up, but I didn’t really care if anyone saw us anyways. I was going to have my boys, and no one could stop me. I knew this was incest, but I was so hot I didn’t care. This was my life, and all I wanted was to make my boys happy.

Then I leaned over and took Jimmy’s cock into my mouth. He already had some precum dripping, so I lapped it up. Meanwhile, I felt Billy start pulling my daisy dukes off. I got on my knees to give him better access, and in no time I was divested of my shorts and thong. Now I concentrated on Jimmy, and I sucked him deep into my mouth, taking all 8″ of his cock. “Suck my cock mom, oh that feels so good. Suck me off mom!, he cried out. I alternated between sucking his cock, then I’d lick up and down his shaft, then I’d suck and lick his huge balls. I hadn’t forgot about Billy, and I jumped as his tongue entered my pussy. I was feeling myself reaching my climax as my son knew how to really eat my pussy, and while he had his face buried in my pussy, I came all over it. Jimmy couldn’t take my deep throating his wonderful dick and he grabbed my head and spurted his ejaculations down my throat. I pulled up on it so i could taste his wonderful sperm, gulping and gagging while I rode out my orgasm with Billy, and sucked down every drop of Jimmy’s cum.

Billy was rustling about when I felt his cockhead now at the entrance to my pussy. I took my mouth off of Jimmy’s cock and yelled back, “stick your big, beautiful cock in me Billy. bursa ucuz eskort Fuck your mother!” Then he slammed his cock into my gooey, sopping wet pussy. I fucked back at him as we worked up a rhythm, and I again went down and started sucking Jimmy again. Before long his cock was rigid and I just nibbled and sucked it, as I wanted him to fuck me next. But right now, Billy was doing a wonderful job slamming into my cunt, I was having one orgasm after another. I was the sandwich between my two boys, and I couldn’t think of anyplace better to be. I fucked and sucked as my boys began to really pound both my mouth and cunt.

Billy then grunted, “I am going to cum mom! I am fucking my mom, it’s a dream come true!” I pulled off of Jimmy and told my other son to cum in my pussy. “Fill me with your seed Billy!” And he pulled me tight and didn’t disappoint me. He shot inside of me and that wonderful feeling of having my pussy walls coated by my own son’s cum made me climax harder than I ever had. I came so hard I actually saw stars, and meanwhile Jimmy was pawing my swinging tits, helping me over the edge, my mouth stretched around his cock. I collapsed on Jimmy, as Billy soon pulled out after, our mixed juices all over my pussy and ass, and dribbling onto his cock, as well as dribbling down my legs.

I took a moment for a breath, then told Jimmy to sit up. I climbed over him, and Billy told me, “Man you have great tits mom. And you are a great fuck!” I grabbed Jimmy’s cock and slowly descended down, inching that huge cock into my slippery cunt. I noticed Jimmy was a little bit wider than his brother, and I had never felt so full cock. I started to ride his dick as Billy got up and stood on the seat, then I slipped his cock into my mouth and gave him the same pleasure as I did his brother earlier. I could taste his spent cum mingled with my juices as I started to suck his cock in deep, while I continued to slam down on Jimmy’s cock. The two boys kept encouraging me to make them cum, and I was not going to disappoint them. I felt so full of cock, as I felt so wonderful that my body felt like it was on fire. As I fucked and sucked my wonderful boys, I knew I would be their personal slut for as long as they wanted me.

Before long, I felt another earth shattering orgasm take hold of me. Jimmy finally let loose in my cunt, and started to flood me with his hot spurts. He shot so much cum into me that it was running out of my pussy and all over him. I was still rapidly sucking Billy, when he grabbed my head and shot come into my mouth. I tried to hold it and savor it, but for a guy who had already cum once, he filled me with what seemed like a gallon of his manjuice. I gulped and sucked until he finally started going limp, savoring how delicious he tasted. I licked the last few traces of his seed of his cock, then I got up and did the same with Jimmy.

We eventually just sat back, all still naked in the back seat as the movie was almost over. I gave each of their cocks one more squeeze, then told them “Your mom is your cock slut. I want you both to use me as much as you want!” “Thanks mom!, they replied, then they each kissed me deeply, tongues sliding deep into my mouth. Then I quickly wanted to get them home to my bed.

“Well boys, time to go home, think you can get these cocks up and fuck me some more?” I asked. “You bet your ass mom!” they said in unison. And that is how it all started…

Billy was up early as he rushed off to see his friends this morning. They were going to play some basketball in another town. I was in the kitchen just in my panties, as now that my boys and I are having sex regularly, we’ve all been walking around the house in various states of undress.

I heard Jimmy come down as I figured he would be running off somewhere soon. I stood at the counter cleaning when he walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my neck. “Good morning mother, I love you”, he told me. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my ass, and I reached around and found him naked. “Hi son, what do you want for breakfast?” I asked. Why mother, how about a blowjob?’

I grinned, “My, are we horny for your mom already?” I turned around and he put his hand on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. I’ve grown accustomed to sucking and fucking my boys whenever they wanted, and I wouldn’t deny my son now. I slipped my hand over his rock hard cock, and started to stroke it. “Want your mother to suck you off? Going to feed me your sweet cum?”

“Yes mom, your mouth is so hot. Please blow me!” So, not diappointing my son, I slid his cock into my mouth, while I cupped those sperm filled balls. I pushed it to the back of my throat, and swallowed him whole. I had a lot of practice over the years giving blowjobs, so I was able to avoid gagging. But I also knew that sucking my two boys off was a severe challenge, because 8″ dicks can be a mouthful. I teased him as I my mouth slid back and forth over the full length of his manhood. He was moaning and encouraging me when I pulled my mouth off , which surprised bursa anal yapan escort him.

“Billy, I want to give you a surprise this morning”. I got up and reached for the butter on the counter and handed it to him as I continued, “rub some butter on your cock and into my asshole.” I saw his eyes light up as I added, “I am really in need of a good assfuck this morning Jimmy.” I hadn’t let my sons fuck my ass yet, but I figured it was time to let him have my last hole this morning that he hadn’t had his cock in yet.

“Wow mother, Your asshole looks so sexy. I can’t wait to stick my cock in there!”, he told me. Then he slid his buttered filled finger into my ass, as I leaned over the kitchen counter to give him better access, and he was throroughly working the butter around my anus. I was squirming on his fingers when I moaned, “You can fuck me now Jimmy, but take it easy until I get adjusted to it. It’s been a long time since your momma had a cock in there, and never one as big as yours!” He got up and kissed me on the lips as I looked at him, then I felt his cock touching my anal ring.

Slowly he pushed, and I felt his cockhead slip past my my sphincter. I grunted, as already I felt how far he was stretching my asshole. “Go ahead Jimmy, give me a little more”, which he started to slide it in even further. The butter was slippery, but his girth was stretching me wider and it was giving me some pain. But I knew it would only be until I had grown accustomed to him inside of me. He then reached around me, and pulled on my nipples, and when he did that, I bucked my ass back and his whole cock slipped in deep. I groaned, but we just stood there a minute until I said, “Okay Jimmy, start off slow and then pick up speed when I tell you to.”

My obedient son was so gentle, and soon he was fucking my ass at a nice, slow pace. “Your ass is so tight mom, it feels so goooood!” Then I started to move my ass harder against him and told him to fuck me harder. He was molesting my tits and plunging into my bowels, and I was now feeling my cunt juices flowing as I was proud of taking all of my son’s cock into my ass. I moaned and told Billy to fuck me harder, and the nerve endings in my asshole were driving me insane. He slipped one of his hands down to my pussy and started to finger fuck me as he rode my ass.

“You are so wet Mother”, he stated, “And I love your ass, but it’s so tight I can’t hold out much longer!” His fingers that were sawing away in my pussy brought me to an incredible orgasm, and when I pushed back into him, he exploded into my ass. I felt him spurting so much cum that I was feeling it slipping out of my asshole and down my legs. He continued to pump more loads in to me, and I writhed from the excitement. Finally, I collapsed on the counter, and he stayed inside my ass until he softened and slipped out. I then turned around, and got on my knees and licked him clean, tenderly licking and sucking his deflated member.

I got up and I told him, “You fucked me so good son. Let’s go have some breakfast.” And that was how my wonderful day started.

I was coming home from work and walked into my kitchen. Jimmy had left me a note letting me know that he was staying over at a friend’s house tonight. He stays with him every so often, and I wasn’t worried about him. I remembered this morning how he fucked my ass so good. As I was standing there, I heard some voices down in the basement. I walked over to the door and listened.

I heard one of his friends who I knew as Pete, talking to my son saying, “Man your mother is hot. I saw her at the diner the other day and I want to fuck her so bad.” Billy answered, “I know, she is a hot looking woman, isn’t she?” Then I heard other voices of a few other boys telling Billy they would love to see me naked and gangbang me! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but lewd thoughts crossed my mind and I ran my fingers under my skirt and rubbed my pussy. I kept listening as they started describing what they would do to me if they could. Billy finally said, “Just keep your dicks in your pants guys, I doubt my mother will let you fuck her. “I was glad he never mentioned that he was having sex with me during the last two weeks.

I walked up to take a shower. I was so hot and bothered, that I could feel how wet my cunt was as I got into the shower, the juices running down my legs. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind of imagining the boys fucking and sucking me as I played with my pussy until I came hard on my fingers. I finished my shower, put a little make-up on, and went into the bedroom. I stood at my full length mirror, and decided why not let Billy and his buddies have me. It was one of my fantasies that I never had fulfilled, and now was a better time than any to take care of those horny guys.

I just slipped on my robe, and slipped on a pair of high heel shoes. My pussy spasmed as I thought about being practically naked when I walked down into the basement. Then I got my nerve up, and went to the kitchen and stood at the door. I heard them playing pool, so I walked down the steps into the basement. When the guys saw me, their eyes all lit up at seeing the object of their desire. Billy was surprised, but came over to me and kissed my cheek. I looked around, there was Billy and Pete, and 3 other boys from the basketball team. I didn’t really know their names, but they all had those hot athletic bodies. All were in their 20’s, and tall.

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