So after weeks of talking quite explicitly, trading pictures and sending videos of me pleasuring myself, the time was finally here. The anticipation, excitement and sheer desire that had built from the last few weeks was finally about to change from teasing and talking to pleasing and satisfying each other. The thought of walking through that door and surrendering control was an arousing one, giving myself up to nothing but physical pleasure for the next few hours.

I took a deep breath, knocked and the door opened and I walked in, was taken into his arms for the first hug in, easily, 19 years. As we exchanged a long hug, he reached out, caressed my breast and said “finally” and we both laughed, the ice broken. The time for talking was over and while I was a little nervous, I was more excited and had been wet for half the drive, thinking of all the things he had told me he wanted to do to me, and how much I wanted him to do them. The excitement of being able to let go and just enjoy added to the turn on.

Suddenly he leaned in and kissed me and said “relax”, and began kissing me again, his hands slipping under my shirt, making me shiver with the feel of his big, strong hands finally being on my skin. He slowly moved me backwards towards the bed and pushed me back onto it once the back of my legs bumped into it. He looked into my eyes, pulled my shirt upwards and over my head, and then lay me back on the bed and laid on top of me, slipping one leg in between mine, and used it to nudge my legs apart. I could feel his huge, hard cock through our jeans as it nestled against my pussy and thought surely I was so wet that my juices must be soaking through my panties and the crotch of my jeans.

There is nothing sexier than the porno indir weight of your lover on top of you, his hands wandering over your skin, exciting, arousing, giving pleasure and teasing, promising to deliver even more pleasure as time goes on. He reached down, took my wrists and moved my arms above my head, holding them with one hand. He began to kiss my neck, sending more shivers down my spine, adding, if possible, to my wetness, and his hands moved down to cup my full breasts through my bra, teasing my nipples into hard, tight nubs through the material. He leaned down and flicked just the tip of his tongue across my nipple, getting the fabric wet and making me hiss in a breath. I wanted to feel his mouth on me, and it must have been obvious, as he chuckled.

He moved back up to my neck, kissing and nibbling, his hands cupping my breasts, still through my bra. He moved to my ear and in that deep, sexy voice of his, whispered that he was going to make me cum until I thought I would lose my mind. My eyes closed and I thought I was already half way there, that if he didn’t get my clothes off soon and touch me I surely would. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside of me, instead of pressing into me through our clothes.

He started kissing his way down my neck to my collar bone, tracing it with his touch, running his hands lightly down my skin to the skin at the V of my bra, tracing the skin there. The light touch was adding to my craziness. He kissed my chest and unclasped my bra that, how conveniently, fastened in the front, pulled the material slowly away from my breasts, his hands taking the place of my bra, supporting me, caressing me, my groan slipping out involuntarily. I was moving below him, rokettube wanting more and he finally moved his mouth to my bare breast, his beard tickling and teasing the soft skin and he circled my nipple lightly with his tongue. My back arched as I squirmed below him, needing more and finally he put his mouth on my hard nub and sucked on it, his tongue flicking back and forth across it. My eyes closed and I savored the feeling and the knowledge that this was finally the time for satisfaction and the needs that had been building for weeks were finally going to be met.

Every time he sucked on my nipple, I felt a tightening in my pussy, which by now was so hot and wet that it was pulsing, my muscles tightening, craving, needing to feel his hard cock inside. I tried to tell myself to be patient, but he was sucking and nibbling and pinching at my nipples, and it was getting hard to think. Suddenly he shifted a bit to the side and slide his hand down, cupping my pussy through my jeans. I moaned loudly, arched my back, and lifted my hips up off the bed, trying to get closer. He moved away, his hands going to unfasten the button on my jeans, while his eyes, full of promise, held mine. He slid the zipper down, slowly and I raised my ass up to help him slide them down my legs. He pulled them off and dropped them in the floor, and before I knew it, I was pushed back , legs spread open wide and he was between my legs, his tongue teasing my clit, licking, sucking, and within seconds I came, loudly and hard, my hands holding his head close to my pussy and my thighs quivering. He slipped 2 fingers inside me, and then a third and started fucking my pussy with his fingers, his tongue still on my clit, licking hard and fast.

As porno I recovered from the first orgasm, I thought it would be a bit before I came again and I settled in to enjoy, but then he sucked on my clit, rolling it between his lips and curled his fingers deep inside of me, hitting every girl’s favorite spot and I started cumming again, my moans filling the room along with the sounds of my juices as he drove his fingers in and out of me.

Before I could come down from the second orgasm, he moved up between my legs, pushed my legs up onto his shoulders and drove deep inside of me until his whole cock was inside of me, filling me, his balls touching my ass, and he just stayed there, not moving at all, as I adjusted to the feeling of my pussy being filled, stretched. I began to grind against him, moving my pussy in circular motions, slowly and enjoying the sensation of finally, FINALLY! having my lover inside of me. He pulled back until the head of his cock was almost completely out and he slid it back in, slowly, oh so slowly, then back out, back in, teasing me by slow fucking me for a minute or so until I was whimpering, clutching his shoulders, begging for more.

It wasn’t a desire anymore, it was a burning need and I thought I would lose my mind if he didn’t fuck me soon. My muscles were tense, holding him close, tightening as he would pull out, trying to keep him inside of me, and suddenly he pulled out, and then drove deeply, all the way into my pussy and started fucking me hard and fast, just as he knew I liked it, and told me to cum for him NOW. I came instantly, squirting my juices around his cock as he watched the expressions moving across my face. Every time he drove back inside of me, the head of his cock would hit my gspot and the feelings were almost overwhelming in their intensity. As that orgasm subsided, he smiled and said I’m just getting started, and I knew I was in for more pleasure than I’d ever received in my life. I smiled and settled in to enjoy the night….

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