Another One Night Stand Ch. 03

Female Ejaculation

I awoke early. It was still dark outside, since I made it an early night, I was up before the sun. I turned on the news and checked to see what the weather was supposed to be like. It was going to be warm and sunny. A perfect summer day.

I threw on my one of my Harley tank tops and a pair of jeans, I slipped on my Harley boots and leather vest as well. I braided my hair and brushed my teeth. I headed to my parking garage to jump on my Sportster and go for an early ride. I started my bike, revving the engine for that familiar vroom, tat-tat. I climbed on and made my way towards the door stopping to open the garage door. I eased out onto the sidewalk in front of my building and then, using the automatic garage door opener, closed the door behind me.

I started out; the early morning air was quite brisk as I rode. I loved the feeling of the cool air on my face. I made my way to one of the main drags and opened my bike up! It was about a two-mile stretch before I reached a light, so I floored it and raced down the street! It was exhilarating!

I continued my ride and rode up to the local coffee house. I parked and went in for a hot cup; I really needed it after the chilly ride. I am somewhat a regular there, although they don’t know me by name. I ordered my usual and sat down at the counter to enjoy my coffee. I sat for a little while; reading a few pages of the daily paper someone left lying on the counter. As I sat there, the sun had come up and it was much warmer outside. I finished one cup and ordered a refill, to go. I took the cup and walked outside. I sat on the stoop next to my bike for a minute or two and then got ready for the ride home.

I threw the remainder of the coffee in the trash and mounted my Harley again. I love the feel of riding my bike; it makes me feel cool, sexy and empowered. I even get a little aroused. I’m not sure if it is the vibration or just the reaction on the faces of people passing me. I feel like there are many eyes on me as I ride. Although there are more and more women riders, I guess it is a bit unexpected seeing a lady biker, and I like that. I made my way home as I did I thought about the evening ahead.

Once home I showered and washed my hair. I wanted to see about getting my hair done for the evening. I made a few calls to the various salons in town and was able to get in, if I could make it in the next 20 minutes because someone had cancelled. I told them I would be there in 15 minutes.

I went to the salon and explained to the stylist how I wanted my hair done. My hair is blonde and about to the middle of my back. I wanted something with a messed up look, a little up a little down. She showed me a few styles in a book she had and I found one that looked exactly like what I had in mind. My hair was done within the hour and I left the salon.

I arrived back home and got my things ready to go. I wanted to get a room for the night so I packed everything I needed for my night out as well as clothes for the next day. I even threw in a swimsuit, just in case there was a hot tub! I was ready to go. I put everything in the car and drove to town. I knew where the dinner reservations were and where the show was going to be. I picked a reasonably priced hotel somewhere in the middle. I was lucky that they had a room, since I hadn’t made plans before hand. I paid, grabbed my keycard and luggage and went up to my room. By now it was around noon. I hung up my dress, took everything from my bags and laid them out. I decided to wander around town for a while.

As I strolled the streets, window-shopping, I received a call. It was Eric. “Hello gorgeous” he said, “thinking about tonight?”

“As a matter of fact I was just thinking about you!” I told him

“Well I hope it was all good” he replied “I wanted to let you know that I am already in town and have a room, but I also have a meeting before hand and may be a bit late.” He told me.

“Should I go ahead to the restaurant and wait there?” I asked.

“Yes, if you would please, I don’t want them to give our table to someone else. I will be as quick as possible, ok?” He said.

I told him it wouldn’t be a problem; I would go ahead with out him to make sure we had the reservation covered. I let him know that I would wait for him. I actually thought this would be better; it would give me a chance to compose myself and relax a little before he arrived. I would have a drink and get accustomed to my surroundings. We spoke a little more and then hung up.

I walked back to my hotel and started to get ready. I ran a bath so I wouldn’t mess up the new hair do. After bathing I rubbed myself with lotion. I thought about my massage the day before and began to feel a little tingly. The whole experience did relax me. As I rubbed the fragrant lotion all over my body I began to fantasize about my date. I tried to imagine Konya Escort his face, his body, and his cock. I rubbed the lotion on my breast and the coolness made my nipples very hard. I pinched and squeezed them as I lay there with my eyes closed. I continued putting the lotion on my belly and worked my hands down to my pussy. I had shaved it so smooth last night. I couldn’t feel one rough hair. My mound was so soft and smooth, I rubbed my clit and it was beginning to get hard.

The slick lotion felt very good on my cunt as I rubbed and fingered myself. Before too long I was cumming. I was surprised at how much had come from me, I actually squirted and I could feel my clit throbbing as my juices pumped out of me. I would have to clean up again after this, I thought to myself. I was very relaxed. After enjoying the orgasm for a few moments I walked over to the bathroom and using a washcloth soaped up my pussy and washed the cum from it. I decide to douche, just to make it all fresh and clean. I hadn’t planned on wearing panties and wanted to make sure I was refreshed.

By now I was ready to get dressed and head to the restaurant. I felt so sexy and clean. The color of the dress against my tan skin looked incredible. I applied a shimmering bronzer in various places of my body, my shoulders, my collarbones, my cleavage and my legs. I applied some makeup, not being the makeup type, I opted for a natural, sun kissed look, just enough to bring out my features and tan. Finally I was ready. I walked over to the full-length mirror attached to the wall to take a look at the finished product. I was pleasantly surprised. I must say I had chosen just the right dress to match my body and attitude, I loved it!

I admired myself a little more and twirled around to see how the dress moved, perfect!

I walked to the restaurant that was at the top of one of the nicer hotels in the downtown area. It had a revolving room that gave the diners a full view of the downtown skyline.

As I walked to the hotel, I noticed people noticing me, this made me feel very satisfied in the way I looked. I jumped in the elevator and went up to the top floor. I was greeted by a Maitre’D who asked what name. I told him and he showed me to our table. I was very impressed with the ambience of the room, it was very romantic. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down. He told me that he would return in a moment. When the Maitr’D returned he was carrying a try with fresh fruit, a glass of champagne and a yellow rose.

“From your date, Eric.” He said as he placed it on the table. “Please let me know if you need anything miss.”

I told him I was fine and thanked him. Just then I heard my phone buzzing. I had turned it to vibrate, as to not be annoying to other people. I pulled it from my evening bag and answered it. “Hello?”

“Hello beautiful, are you sitting?” He asked.

I told him that I was at the table and everything was wonderful, “I wish you were here” I told him and giggled a bit.

“Are the treats there that I ordered?” he questioned

I told him yes. Fruit and whipped cream, champagne and a lovely rose.

“Perfect” he said “do me a favor, have a sip.” I did. It was delightful. “Now, move your chair a little to the left and uncross your legs,” he said. Just then I realized he was here! I started to look around. “No, don’t” he said, “just play along…please?” I nodded.

I moved my chair and sat with both feet on the floor in front of me.

“That’s perfect, I want you to raise your dress high on your thighs, almost showing that pussy of yours.” He told me. “By the way, that dress is stunning as are you.”

I raised my dress up; I could feel the cool air on my crotch. “I’m not wearing panties, someone might see.” I told him.

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for” he smirked, quite pleased with himself. “Sit back and relax my lady” “I want you to dip one of the strawberries in the whipped cream and taste it, tell me how it tastes.”

I did as he said. As I tasted the fruit I made sure to put on a little show, I licked at the tip of the strawberry and ate at it very seductively. It was so sweet and I loved the thought of teasing him.

“Oh yes, that’s good, how is it?” he asked.

“Sweet and wet and very tasty” I teased him.

“Ok, now dip another, this time I want you to rub it on your pussy for me.” He whispered.

“I can’t do that!” I exclaimed. “What if someone sees, I will be thrown out!”

“Yes you can” he said sternly “just be discreet, do it.”

I dipped the strawberry and looked around quickly. There was only one other table back here and I don’t think the couple sitting there would even notice. I sat back, scooted my ass to the end of the seat and spread my legs enough to be able to get to my pussy without messing up my dress. I slid my hand between Konya Escort Bayan my legs and rubbed my clit with the fruit. It was cool and creamy; I must say I liked the feeling.

The feeling of the whipped cream on my pussy and the thought of him watching from across the room somewhere. I then rubbed my clit with my fingers and then licked the whipped cream from them. I also licked the rest of the whipped cream from the strawberry.

“Oh yes, that’s so sexy” he said “How does it taste, how does your pussy taste on the fruit?”

“I think you should come taste for yourself” I teased him. As I lifted my dress up, exposing my pussy completely. I spread my legs a little more. I stuck my finger into my glass and wet it in the champagne. I then fingered my pussy again, throwing my head back and smiling. I licked my fingers again.

Just then I heard a voice from behind me and someone kissed my neck. I jumped, startled. “You are amazing.” He told me. It was Eric, it was him.

He walked around to face me and smiled down at me. He was quite handsome. He had salt and pepper hair a bit long and facial hair trimmed short, also salt and pepper. He had gorgeous blue eyes. He was muscular but not too big, and on the tall side.

He pulled the other chair around to face me and sat down. He automatically placed his hands on my knees and stared at my pussy, I hadn’t pulled my skirt back down and there it was for the whole world to see!

“You have a beautiful pussy” he told me ” may I have a taste?”

I nodded and he told me to do it. So I dipped the strawberry and then rubbed it on my pussy. I then fed it to him.

“Mmmmm, so sweet” he moaned as he licked the whipped cream from his lips. He then reached down and used his fingers to wipe up the excess cream. As he did he plunged his finger deep in my cunt, causing me to arch my back and jump a bit. He then stuck his whole finger into his own mouth and sucked it. “Such a sweet, sweet pussy.”

Just then the Maitre ‘D arrived at our table. I started to cover myself, but Eric stopped me. He had wanted him to notice. I’m sure the man had seen, but he acted if nothing was out of the ordinary. Eric scooted his chair next to mine and put his arm around my shoulder.

As he did he brushed against my breast causing my nipple to become hard. He then rubbed it lightly and looked down at it. I then realized that the Maitre ‘D was staring at my tits, both of my nipples were extremely hard and he smiled as he watched Eric pinching the one.

The man cleared his throat and asked if we were ready to order. Eric told him to bring him a glass of what the lady was drinking and a couple of menus. He nodded and walked away. Eric grabbed my head and turned it towards his as he plunged his tongue into my mouth.

He kissed me long and hard. He then ran his hand down my back and pushed me forward firmly, causing me to lean forward. His hand made it’s way down to my ass and I felt him pulling at my dress. I lifted myself up and he had managed to pull my dress out from under my bottom.

His hand moved back to his side and he leaned into me and kissed me again. I then felt his hand under my dress and sliding down on my ass. He slid his finger between my ass crack and then squeezed my cheek. I leaned forward so that he could have access, his hand ran down to my asshole and I felt his finger rubbing at my tight hole. I was getting so turned on.

“Stand up” he ordered me “I want you to sit on my lap”

I didn’t want to, this was a nice place and I was embarrassed. “I want you on my lap!” he said again and grabbed my hand, placing it on his crotch. His dick was very hard and it felt extremely large stuffed in his pants.

I did as he said. As I began to sit down he raised my dress, so that I was not sitting on it. He moved me around so that his cock was directly in line with my pussy. I knew how wet I must be and I knew I would be leaving a wet spot on his pants. He began to move his hips back and forth as he held me down on his cock.

The Maitre’D returned and seemed very interested in the two of us. Eric lifted me up quickly and bent me over the table. He lifted my dress and exposed my ass. He smiled at the man and he smiled back in approval. Eric grabbed my asscheeks with both hands and spread them open, showing my asshole to the waiter. I was flushed with embarrassment and tried to sit back down but Eric had held me down.

The man nodded and walked away. Eric sat me back down on his lap and went back to gyrating against me. His hands found there way around to my pussy and he fondled at it. He slipped a hand under me and one of his fingers slipped into my tight asshole. He began to finger my butt as he was rubbing his cock against me. I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

I was ashamed but at the same time very aroused. He moved Escort Konya his finger in and out of my ass quickly, fingering it. I was going to cum. “Oh Eric” I cried out. “What are you doing?” “You are going to mmmmmmmmm make me cummmmmmm” “Oh, Oh!” and I orgasmed, right there on his lap. I was out of breath. He removed his finger and lifted me up to sit back in my own chair.

“Look what you did to me,” he said. I looked down at his crotch. There was a wet spot and I could see his cock straining, trying to pop out of his pants.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “what can I do?”

Just then he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from his pants. It was huge, very long and thick. I noticed that he was shaved. “Well, what am I to do with this?” he asked as he stroked it.

I dropped a napkin on the floor and as I stooped down to pick it up, I kneeled in front of him, under the table. He scooted up so that I was almost completely covered by the tablecloth. I stroked his big dick and then took it into my mouth. I could feel him gasp as I shoved it down my throat.

I knew he was very aroused and I didn’t want this to take very long, since we were in a public place. I sucked his cock. I deep throated it and sucked it so that it was throbbing. I grabbed his balls and squeezed. “Wait a minute,” he breathed heavily, but it was too late.

I squeezed his balls and shoved the entire length of his shaft down my throat. It was all he could stand. He shot his cum into my throat and there was so much. I couldn’t swallow it all as it dripped from the sides of my lips. He slammed his hands on the table and was moaning. I sucked until he seemed to have drained all of it out and into my mouth.

I stood up slowly and sat back down in my seat. I took one of the strawberries and rubbed it along my lips, covering the fruit with Eric’s cum. I licked at the fruit and then rubbed it against his lips. He opened his mouth to take a bite of the strawberry coated in his own cum. I took the rest of the berry in my mouth and then kissed Eric. Our tongues were darting in and out of each other’s mouths and tasting the fruit and cum…it was very erotic.

The Maitre’ D had returned to our table as we kissed. Eric scooted up towards the table, after all his cock was still hanging out of his pants. We pulled away from one another long enough to tell him we would need a few more minutes.

I looked at the menu for a few moments and then said, “You know, I’m starving. But…not hungry for food. How about room service, a little later? If you know what I mean. Let’s skip this part and continue from where we are right now. Please? I want you, not here, but completely.”

“You must have read my mind.” He said “I could throw you down and fuck you right here, right now…but what do you say we go?”

“I thought you would never ask!?” I said and stood up, grabbing his hand.

“Wait, wait,” he said. He grabbed his wallet and threw a $100 dollar bill on the table. “That should make up for us skipping out.”

“I would hope so,” I said “Now you better walk behind me so no one will see the front of your pants.”

“Mmmmm sounds good to me,” he said as he pulled me towards him and rubbed his cock against my ass.

I just giggled a little as we left the restaurant. “I hope you aren’t staying too far away,” I said

“Just a few floors down actually,” he told me “Do you think we can make it that far?”

“I suppose we will just have to control ourselves,” I said “But I think it will be well worth the wait.” I turned to him and kissed him again as I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into me. I wanted him badly. I wanted to feel his hard thick cock deep inside me.

I moved one of my hands around in front of us and rubbed his cock. Once again, it was very hard; I squeezed it and bit his lip. Mmmmmm I could just fucking eat him up! I am going to fuck his brains out. I thought to myself.

He pulled away from me and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the hallway towards the elevators, almost running. He hit one of the buttons and as the doors opened he pulled me inside and began to kiss me.

He shoved me up against the wall and his hands were all over me. He was rubbing my thighs and working his hands up my dress. He was rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples. My pussy was so wet.

Just then the doors opened and he grabbed me again. We were racing down the hall. He spun me around and pushed me up against the wall as he fumbled in his pocket for the keycard. He opened the door and swooped me up into his arms. He carried me inside and threw me on the bed.

“I have been waiting for this since the moment I saw you with him.” He told me as he began to tear at his clothes. “I hope you are ready for this.”

I lay there watching him and raised my dress up exposing my shaved pussy. I began to rub it, I licked my fingers and fingered my pussy. “I hope you are ready, big guy.” I said to him sarcastically. I smiled at him as I continued fingering my wet sweet pussy, waiting to feel him. Waiting to taste him and fuck him and suck him.

“Mmmmmmm…” he moaned…

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