Another Incredible One Ch. 02

Big Tits

Before I get into the real subject of this second chapter of total lust and fun with my mom, I want to say something about that first time with her. As you probably know, I wrote chapter one that very evening. Nothing else transpired since that evening only because we didn’t have the time for anything more. Running a business like ours requires a lot of rest, especially when rest is hard to come by. So our next “event” didn’t happen until yesterday, Easter, some four days later. It was an Easter I’ll never forget!

Remember that the old Saxon name for the month of April was E’osturmonath, with a connection both to the easterly winds of this time of year, and to the German Spring goddess Austro. Eostre (from the word oestrogen is derived) was the Anglo-Saxon fertility goddess of Spring and goddess of dawn, and her name seems to be connected with the Indian usra, meaning dawn, and the Latin Aurora, Roman goddess of dawn. The folklorist Grimm refers to a female spirit of light called Austra. Anyway, it just fits perfectly for the way my Easter went! Know this too that my plan from the very beginning has been to move my things into my mom’s room and take up residence as her lover and boy-toy on a nightly (naughty) basis. But I haven’t pushed this idea as of yet in the hopes that she suggests it first. Well, now I’m writing this second chapter after she has finally done just that. Today, after a long and vigorous session of love making, she almost ordered me to move into her room on a permanent basis. It’s just thrilling! Here’s what has transpired since early Easter morn…

Mom came to my room and woke me up early suggesting we prepare for a nice picnic (again). She couldn’t help but notice a huge tent in the middle of my blanket! Since she was dressed only in a skimpy robe which was opened in the front, my “tent” started bobbing around! She took this opportunity to sit down on the edge of my bed and began stroking my tent-pole through the blanket. Her words to me were sensual and invigorating. She started to explain to me the meaning of Easter and the whole fertility thing. She told me that it was important that we should respect and follow the rites of Easter Isparta Escort to the letter. Just as I was about to ask her what she meant by that, I started to lose control and she could tell it! She threw the blanket back and proceeded to swallow every drop of spunk I shot out! I could see her fingering her pussy so lovingly, and I watched her quiver through a nice long orgasm.

Wow! It was a perfect start to a perfect Easter! We packed a picnic lunch and headed back up into the mountains just as we had done before when that accident changed everything. But since lightning isn’t supposed to strike twice in the same spot, we were comfortable nothing would happen again this time. We found a nice lake where we decided to stop and the area we found was secluded from the rest of the folks around the lake’s edge. What a hot time we had there! It was so fine!

After a little food, I excused myself to find a tree to piss on, but mom was right there with me! I was taken aback, and asked out loud what she was doing? Her answer was stunning! “Jeff, I can’t help but remember those times when I had to help you in the bathroom. I want to help you again, but not because I have to! I want to help you because I love you, and want to do everything for you out of that love.”

Wow! That sounded so logical to me. “All right, mom. You just do what you want to with me, and I’ll except it as the true gesture of love in which it is meant.” Her face beamed as she unzipped my pants and hauled out my cock. She aimed it toward a tree, and in seconds my full stream was splashing off the bark of the tree and back onto her feet!

What happened next is still a shock to me as I recall it! She asked me to stop my flow in mid-stream! If you’ve ever done that, then you know how hard it is, especially if you have to go rather badly and you haven’t gone enough to make a difference on you – pressure wise! But at the same time, I knew she wanted to re-establish better positioning so as not to continue to getting pee on her shoes. So with all my might, I stopped the flow. I couldn’t wait too long holding it, and told her so. When I turned to see her reaction, I Isparta Escort Bayan couldn’t find her! I could still feel her hand on my dick, but she was no longer standing (stooping over) like she had been just moments before. I automatically looked in the direction of her hand and found her kneeling in front of me aiming my dick straight into her mouth, and just then she told me to let go!

Wow! I couldn’t believe she was doing this! “Mom, you’ll get it all over you!” I said shockingly.

“So?” was all she said, and since I could not have waited another second, as it was, I did what she beckoned me. I let loose with a full flow right into her mouth. I could tell she was drinking as much as she could, but so much was just pouring down her blouse it was amazing! Then as she felt the wetness on her chest, she re-aimed the stream downward to fully saturate the entire front of her blouse.

What a dream I was living! When I was totally spent, she licked carefully all around my dick to clean it up nicely. You already know by now that I was as hard as you can believe! Instead of continuing to lick and suck on me, which I would have wanted her to do, she had other ideas. She stood up and without warning began to hug me placing her saturated blouse up against my t-shirt. I was now getting as wet as she was, and I didn’t know if I should be minding it or not! When she started kissing me, I could taste my urine on her tongue, and in moments, it no longer mattered if I cared or not! Her kisses were so intoxicating! I was jabbing my dick up into her fully clothed crotch with great force and she liked it very much. Her body movements were letting me know not to stop my jabbing as she made circular motions around the head of my cock with her crotch.

It never occurred to me that she might want to pee on me or into my mouth. But I found out later that’s what she really had wanted! I’m glad I hadn’t thought of it, because I really don’t think I was quite ready for it then. On the trip home later, she told me she had wanted to pee on me too, and asked me to consider letting her do it to me too!

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself Escort Isparta just a little, but you already know that the rest of our time up there in our wonderful little spot was spent fucking up a storm! Each fuck was as hot, if not more so, than the last one. I would simply slip my hard dick up inside of her as far as I could, and within a few moments she was cumming hard. Soon I was spurting my man cream with blast after blast of outright lust causing her to cum with me again with total abandon!

We also stopped two times on the way home to fuck some more in the back seat! She was so hot, I can’t believe my dad left that wonderful sex machine for anybody else! When we finally pulled into the driveway, she made it clear that I was to move my things to her room ASAP.

She had such excitement in her voice as she detailed to me how we would be sleeping naked together from now on… How Easter would always be our anniversary, and just how much we could and would make love whenever the spirit moved us.

I quickly moved a first load into her room, and she met me at the door. Her skirt was still on, but her top and bra were gone. She sure did look sexy! I dropped my stuff, and wrapped my arms around her. The kiss that followed rekindled a fire that burns HOT within! I lifted my T-shirt so I could feel her tits up against my chest, and then reached up under her skirt for a handful of panties…

Oh, I sure hope your imagination is working well! That is one of the top 10 best feelings to a guy like me! Maybe even in the top 5!

Anyway, we were still kissing with a fervor. I had one hand feeling her sexy buns, while my other hand was caressing her pussy tenderly. Her hands had already dropped my pants completely to the floor, and my dick was in total ecstasy being massaged from stem to stern! It wasn’t long before we were on her (ours now!) bed, and cumming together hard once again!

My load squirted directly into her womb, and the thought of her getting pregnant popped into my mind for the first time since that morning! The thought of it made me so hot I must have squirted another 4 or 5 shots into her that would not have otherwise ended up there at that time!

Her pleasure was also extended, and she rewarded me with another hard cum! I can’t describe how hot it truly was… As you can probably figure out, we talked about her getting pregnant, and I’ll fill you in on that later… More to cum as things transpire.

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