Anonymous Encounter


A beautiful girl was staring and smiling at me from across the room. Her smile, drawing me in, makes me smile back at her. A second later she’s by my side.

“Hi. What’s your name?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, I guess not.”

She smiles at me again. Damn, this girl is hot and it’s not just her body, it’s everything about her.

“Do you live near by?”

“Yes. Do you want to go home with me?”


That’s all it took for me to grab her hand and practically drag her out of the store we were in to my car. I let her walk in front of me, to observe her movements. I’m not really paying attention to anything other than that and almost get hit by a coming car. I hear her laughing, but I knew it wasn’t for the fact I almost got hit, but for the fact I was watching HER.

We get to my car, get in, and I drive to my house. I had a hard time driving, there’s just something about this girl I want.

“Mind if I smoke?”

“Not at all.”

“Do you smoke, as well?”


She pulls out her cigarette pack and lighter, grabbing one, putting into her mouth, and lights it. I’m at a stop light, so I get to watch this. What is it about this girl? Light turns green and I drive as fast as possible. She’s laughing.

“I don’t normally come up to people in stores and want to go home with them. There’s just something about you.”

“Really? Anadolu Yakası Escort I’ve been thinking the same thing.”

“Really? Cool!”

Pulling into my drive, putting it into park before turning it off. I sit there and watch her finish her smoke, which somehow fascinates me even more, the way she inhales and exhales. Holy hell! My magick is flowing within me now, which is so weird.

She’s finished, so we get out of my car, and walk up my steps to my house. Unlocking the door, I hold it open for her. She walks hesitantly into it.

“Well, this is my home. Make yourself at home.”

She is now nervous and smiles shyly at me. Oh boy! She’s shy.

“My kitchen is to the left and my bathroom is down the hall to the right.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, bedroom is straight down the hall.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I watch her roam around my house while I put my keys on the table by the door. I make my way to my bedroom, turning around, I continue watching her go from room to room and back again before heading my way. Oh, I like this girl. Shyly she walks in, timid like, which is quite cute.

I make her gasp when I grab her arms, bringing her to me before crushing my mouth down onto hers. Softening the kiss, I make it gentle and she returns the kiss. I hear her purr, which sends tingles Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan down my spine. Damn, this girl is mine!

Breaking off the kiss, I rip her shirt and bra off her body before caressing her nice breasts and leaning down to flick my tongue over one than the other. She arches her back, moaning. I bite her nipple hard before pushing her away from me, she’s breathless. I remove her pants and panties slowly, reaching my hand down to rub her clit, she thrusts her body to my body as close as she can get, and I don’t disappoint her, I rub harder, faster.

She’s screaming her pleasure right as I slip my finger into her wet, hot, shaved, and tight pussy. Using my other arm, I hold her close so she won’t fall while I thrust as fast and hard as I can, her body fucking my fingers in return. Faster, harder, deeper, mashing my palm onto her clit, she screams as she shudders. Her juices are all over my hand.

As I’m licking my fingers, “Mmm, good girl.”

I pick her up and walk her to the bed, gently laying her down. Her legs are up and spread slightly. I crawl onto the bed, licking her thighs, up her hips, her tummy, breasts, neck, and kissing her lips softly before making my way down once again. Stopping at her pussy, I flick my tongue across her clit, which causes her body to twitch, so I continue flicking my tongue Escort Anadolu Yakası across her clit- over and over again, she always twitches.

Shoving my fingers back into her pussy, she whimpers. I thrust them in and out of her, slowly which causes her to beg to be fucked properly, so I oblige her and fuck her fast, faster, fast, faster, hard, harder, harder, faster, deeper. She’s groaning, crying, screaming, whimpering, moaning and it’s turning me on even more. I never stop my attentions and my work paid off, she cums even harder the second time.

Removing my fingers so I can get off the bed to remove my clothes. After they are completely removed, I go to my toy box which has a strap-on, after putting it on, I go back to her, climbing back, and thrusting it into her. She moans loudly, driving me on. I pump her fast and hard, she wraps her legs around my body and I just pound her as fast and hard as I can, leaning down I kiss her.

Such delicious lips. I keep kissing her as I fuck her. The kisses holding her screams and moans in. Rolling over in a sudden movement, so she’s on top, I grab her hips, grinding up into her, trying to get her to fuck me back, which she does quite quickly! I lay there, fucking up, watching her breasts bounce and her body move.

She’s loving this and so am I. She grinds down hard, rubbing her clit against my body and the belt, she cums again and collapses onto me. I roll her off, kiss her cheek, and move off the bed as quietly as I can. Taking the strap-on off, putting it back where it belongs, turning around, I look up and smile.

“Get it?”


“Perfect. We’ll let her sleep it off before taking her back to her car.”


…The End…

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