I wake up. The darkness enveloping me. I feel my heart racing. I remember vividly what I had just dreamt. My little sister was standing right in front of me. She just turned 18 a month ago, but still held on to the days when she was just my goofy, lovable sister. Those days are long gone now.

She was wearing only her lacy underwear. I was dumbfounded. She stared right at me; through me. She walked towards me. Inching closer and closer. All I could do was stare at her. Taking in her beauty. Her long slender legs that any woman would envy, those gorgeous blue eyes once I always saw innocence in, now only screams lust. Her long auburn hair swaying with her hips as she moved closer and closer. Who would have thought Anna would grow up to be a woman who could make grown men weep in her wake. She takes my hand and places it on her chest. I feel her heartbeat. It was beating rapidly yet she is calm and composed. She smiled at me, and I seem to melt in front of her. I was powerless against her. She leaned in closer. Never leaving eye contact with me. As our lips inch closer, I wake up. The alarm on my phone shocking me into reality.

Same routine for the day ensues, I take a shower get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast. As I head down I glimpse my sister in her room. She is brushing her hair when she noticed me staring at her. She smiled at me and said “Good morning brother!”. I smiled and said good morning as well. Her smile went through me like hot knife through butter. My brain seems to shut off for a few moments whenever she flashes her smile at me.

I take my place on the dining table and begin eating. Ever since dad left, Anna and I had pretty much been alone. Mom was always away to God knows where so I had to take care of my little sister. Our mother barely even shows up anymore. Usually when she’s hiding from her boyfriends she screwed drugs from or the police. Ever since we were little I would always make sure she was okay. She always looked up to her big brother for protection and I took pride in keeping her safe from everyone trying to harm her. I was only two years older than her but with all the responsibilities I carried at a young age, I’ve matured more than what my age would indicate. She was all I had and I was all she had. I saw her in her goofy stage up until she grew up to be the woman she is today.

I picture my sister once again in my dream. Every detail of her body playing on replay inside my mind. I was immediately brought back to reality when Anna snapped her fingers at me. I didn’t realize how long I was out and she was giggling.

“Isn’t it a little bit too early to be spacing out already brother?”

“Just had some stuff on my mind. Come on were gonna be late.”

“But you barely had anything to eat.”

“I’ll be fine. We should be heading out now.”

“Okay bro.”

We walk outside and start heading to school. School isn’t far from where we live and walking is our way of saving money that dad has left us. I work at a diner during the night while Anna is at the track and field varsity. She’s pretty good, her long slender legs are perfect for running. Her scholarship is what’s keeping the both of us from sinking. As we were walking she grabs my arm and brings it close to her. I can feel her chest on my arm and struggle to keep all the terrible thoughts I have for my little sister at bay.

“Bro, please wait for me tonight before you leave for work.”

“I’m not sure I could Anna, my manager has been hounding me lately and I need to clock in the missing hours before the bursa eve gelen eskort bayan month ends or were screwed.”

“Please Rick? Pretty please?”

She looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. She knew she had me. I couldn’t say no to her; couldn’t resist her.

“Alright alright. I’ll wait for you.”

“Yey! Thanks bro!”

She kissed me on my cheek and walked along ahead of me and went to her friends. I watched her skip away and saw her tight ass swaying and I couldn’t pull my eyes away. It was like I was under a spell. She turned her head towards me and shouted “see you later bro!” then she giggled and walked away with her friends.

I got home ahead of Anna since she has practice. I sat on the couch and tried to relax. Thinking I’ll be pulling another all-nighter just to get in all the hours I need to keep my damn job. I keep telling myself it’s all for Anna and me. We’ll make it out of this hole were in somehow, someday. I get up and decide to take a shower.

As I enter the bathroom, I smell the shampoo my sister uses. It quickly reminded me of her. Right then and there I got a raging boner. I cursed at myself for feeling this way, but who am I kidding. My sister was a bombshell. I start replaying my dream in my head and before I knew it, I was stroking my hard cock with my hands. All the while thinking of my sister. I start to pick-up my pace as I was already about to cum. Right as I was about to blow my load I heard Anna’s door lock. From our shared bathroom, it was very possible that she saw me jacking off. Although I could not be sure. I finish my shower and start to get dressed for work.

I exit my room and saw Anna at the couch watching TV. She looked at me and smiled. I was gauging her reaction towards me to try and check if she did saw me earlier.

“I was so tired bro. I went straight to my room and took a nap” she said as she was mindlessly switching from channel to channel on the TV. I got a sigh of relief from this, which means she didn’t see me and I’m safe. I sat down and Anna crawled near me to hug my arm and rest her head on my chest.

“I got us some pizza, let’s eat bro!” she exclaimed. We both loved pizza. She opened the box and we started to eat our fill. She was still curled up next to me as we ate. I kept looking at her fine legs. She was wearing very skimpy shorts and her legs were right there inviting me. Im sure she caught me looking at her legs several times but she doesn’t seem to mind. I felt my erection start to grow under my pants and pretty soon im gonna have a very noticeable bulge in my pants. I stood up and immediately headed towards the kitchen.

“Im gonna grab a soda, want something to drink?” I asked. Trying to think of things to get my boner to settle down.

“Soda is fine.” She replied keeping her eyes on the TV the whole time. I tossed her the soda and sat down once more. Again she crawled towards me. Going back to the position we were in before I stood up. I can feel her chest pressing against my arms. Her perfect legs in display. I’m having a hard time keeping my perverted thoughts at bay. My dick is now slowly but surely growing in size under my pants once more.

“I have to go Anna. My manager is gonna be looking for me now.” I exclaim as I gingerly move myself away from her.

“Do you have to?” She moans in protest. “I have to or else we wont have anything to pay the rent with. Ill be back soon enough.” I kissed her on her forehead and left for work.

Work was the bursa eskort bayanlar same old routine. But seeing regular customers was nice since most of them knew me and my sister and are usually very generous with tips. At the end of the night, I was Php 3000.00 richer thru tips by our regulars. This put me in a good mood and I decided to settle on a two overtime tonight. I wanted to head home and show Anna how much I made tonight.

When I got home, all the lights were off. I was surprised since Anna doesn’t really go to sleep this early. She was usually at her laptop or talking with her friends. Then I remembered she had practice and was probably tired. I entered the house and noticed the light coming from her room.

Her door was slightly opened so I walked towards her room. But as I got nearer I can hear moans. When I was right at her door, I can clearly see that she was the one making the moans that I heard.

I was peeking into my sister’s room and I was staring right at her. She had no shirt and bra. Her beautiful breast fully exposed and her nipples are standing straight up. She was fondling with one of them while one of her hands was inside her lacy panties. I can see how wet her underwear. She had her eyes closed and was furiously rubbing her cunt. She was biting her lip and her were gyrating. I didn’t even notice that I already had my cock out and was slowly stroking it as I watched my sister rub her clit.

“Oh fuck! Yes yes please fuck me Rick!” Anna moaned. I almost came when I hear Anna call out my name to fuck her. She kept moaning and took off her panties. She tossed it aside and sucked on her finger. Then she drove her middle finger inside her wet cunt and began to finger fuck herself as I watched from just outside her room. I couldn’t resist myself and I pulled out my hard cock out of my pants. “Yes yes Rick please fuck my pussy!” Anna screamed as she kept shoving her fingers in her cunt. “Oh god yes yes im cumming Rick, Im cumming!” she screamed as she neared her orgasm. I was furiously beating my cock trying to match the speed at which her fingers entered her hole.

As I was about to cum, I didn’t realize I was leaning on the frame of the door and I slipped. I fell face first into Anna’s room, my cock still in my hand. Anna shot up quickly pulling her blanket to her exposed body. I quickly stood up, closed the door and went straight to my room.

I laid there in the dark, cursing myself. “what the fuck is wrong with me. That was your sister you dumbass.” I feared that Anna would never talk to me again. I was afraid that she would never trust me and I feared that she would leave me to die alone. She was all I had after all.

There was a knock and my door slowly opened. “Rick? Are you awake?” I heard Anna as she entered my room. “I’m so sorry, you must have seen and heard me. But I couldn’t help myself. I just want you so bad.” She said as she started to walk towards me. I now noticed that she was only wearing underwear at the time. I stood up to try and talk some sense into her. Then I quickly remembered this exact moment. My dream is happening right in front of me. Anna walked ever so slowly, her hips swaying with her hair. Her eyes were locked with mine. Her smile melting me. She brought her face to mine and slowly inched her luscious lips closer and closer. I grabbed hold of her nape and immediately kissed her deeply.

We spun around until her back was turned on the bed. I slowly pushed her down without taking my lips of hers. I laid her down görükle escort bayanlar and I gently positioned atop her. I kissed her and began to open my mouth. My tongue slid out and parted her lips. Her mouth opened without hesitation and welcomed my tongue. Our tongues danced inside her mouth as I pulled her closer to me. I grabbed her breast and she let out a sigh as I gently squeezed it. I brought my hand to her back and unhooked her bra. I pulled off her bra and immediately squeezed both of her breast and she let out a moan.

I began to kiss her chin down to her neck. I licked her earlobes and traced her neck down towards her collar bone. She was loudly breathing with her eyes closed while biting her lip. I lowered my face to her chest and she shivered in anticipation. I licked the outline of her breast as she tries to get me to lick her nipples. I tease her more by slowly licking around her nipple but avoiding it. “Fuck Rick suck my nipples please!” she moaned. She opened her eyes and I stared right at her. I then dove into her nipples and sucked them hard. While my other hand playfully pinched her other nipple. She gasped as I sucked at her. I started flicking my tongue on her erect nipples and she moaned loudly.

I placed my hand on her knees and gently moved towards her now wet sex. I can feel the softness and smoothness of the skin on her thigh. I placed my finger on her clit and started to rub it slowly. Anna was now breathing faster and faster. I sucked her nipples hard once more and flicked my tongue faster. I matched the fingers on her clit with the speed of my tongue on her nipples.

“Fuck Rick im cumming, im cumming!” She yelled. I then shoved one finger inside and as I did I felt her cunt squeeze my finger really tight. She clutched my arm as she rode her orgasm. She twitched several times as her pleasure subsided.

“That was amazing Rick. But now let little sister take care of you.” She winked at me and pushed me on my back and squeezed my now raging boner. She pulled down my boxer and my cock sprang up. She immediately grabbed it and started stroking me.

“You know bro, the other day, I saw you jerking off in the shower. I saw how big your cock was and I wanted to know what it would be like to suck you off. I spent the whole day thinking of your cock. Now I have it, Im gonna suck you till you cant cum anymore.” She smiled at me playfully and began to lick the head of my cock. She was stroking my cock as she licked my head again and again. Then she began to swallow my cock slowly. Sucking and licking my as she does. She slowly lowers her face to accommodate more of my cock in her mouth. She starts bobbing her head and I can see my cock disappear inside her. She tries to get my whole cock inside her mouth but she is having a hard time. Though that didn’t stop her. She kept at it and soon my cock was deep inside her throat. She pulled my hand and placed it on the back of her head. She was pushing my hand down. I immediately understood what she wanted and I grabbed her hair. I was pushing her face down on my cock as I slowly pumped my hips. I was fucking my sister’s throat and it felt amazing.

I was now fucking Anna’s throat faster and faster and I could feel im just about to blow my load. “Fuck sis im gonna cum!” I moaned as I fucked her throat faster. She heard this and grabbed my ass cheeks. She then pulled me closer and slid my cock deeper down her throat. I pulled my cock out and showered her face with my hot cum. She had her eyes closed and she was flashing her best smile. She then scooped the cum off of her face with her fingers and slowly sucked on them one by one.

“Wow bro, that was fucking amazing. But now my pussy is craving your hard cock.” She giggled at me. “You’ll get that soon enough sis. You just have to be a patient and obedient girl.” I winked at her and pulled her to bed. She slept in my arms that night and it was the best sleep I had in years.

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