Anjali Ch. 06


This is the sixth story in Anjali series. Hope you have read the previous stories, if not, please do. The story is a work of fiction inspired by real life experiences. Please share your thoughts through comments and feedback.


Their lips met. The kiss soft and loving, igniting the fire burning below. With renewed passion Anjali’s tongue eases into Reeti’s mouth wrestling with her tongue. Reeti moans quietly kissing Anjali harder. As they kiss Anjali eases her hand up to Reeti’s heaving breasts. Gently squeezing the soft flesh elicits another moan from Reeti. Overcome by passion Reeti eases Anjali onto her back as she positions her body on top of Anjali’s. Breaking their kiss Reeti moves her mouth to Anjali’s exposed neck. Kissing and licking the soft flesh of her neck Reeti slides her tongue up to Anjali’s ear. Anjali closes her eyes and hugs Reeti closer to her body as she moans out from the pleasure her body is receiving.

I was looking at them from the guest room with my cock pushing hard against the fabric of my pants. The two most beautiful females making out in front of me. Me and Anjali were about to begin our morning ritual of fucking each other’s like insane when Anjali received a text from her friend Reeti, who was in the building and wanted to come over. Anjali grabbed my hand and pushed me into the guest room. She squeezed my cock as she went back to answer the door with a cryptic message, “It is going to be a lot better, Viren.” I remember Reeti. She was a young petite girl with a perfect figure. She was little shorter than Anjali and had beautiful round ass. She had narrow north-eastern eyes and a smile as innocent as it could be. The only thing I didn’t know was that these two fairies were lesbian.

Reeti slides her tongue back down Anjali’s neck to her chest. She grabs the hem of Anjali’s shirt and lifts it above her head exposing her soft perky bare breasts. Reeti sits back and takes in the view of Anjali’s smaller but beautiful breasts. She smiles at Anjali, who smiles back. She lowers her head to Anjali’s left breast taking her hard nipple into her mouth. Sucking it gently, licking it, flicking her tongue across it quickly. Anjali moans loudly as she pushes Reeti’s head harder against her breast. Reeti releases Anjali’s nipple and slides her tongue over the valley of Anjali’s tits to the other breast where she savors Anjali’s other hard nipple.

With a naughty look in her eye Reeti drags her tongue away from Anjali’s breast and down over her taught stomach, stopping to lick at Anjali’s bellybutton playfully. She continues moving lower and lower until she reaches the waistline of Anjali’s skirt. She repositions her body, kneeling beside the couch between Anjali’s legs. She looks into Anjali’s eyes as she unbuttons her skirt. Anjali bites her bottom lip staring back into Reeti’s beautiful eyes. Reeti knows what she wants as she pulls the skirt free from Anjali’s body.

Reeti lustfully stares at Anjali’s clean shaven pussy before her. “Absolutely perfect!” she says to herself as she spreads Anjali’s legs a little wider. She can see the wetness of Anjali’s pussy as she gently spreads Anjali’s puffy lips apart. Her tongue licks her lips as she stares inches away from the pussy she has been dreaming about for months. Her tongue inches out and gently licks from the side of Anjali’s warm waiting hole all the way up to her clit. Anjali moans loudly as Reeti’s tongue makes contact with her hot, swollen, hard clit. Reeti slides her tongue back down to Anjali’s slippery entrance and slides her tongue in as far as it will go. Anjali’s juices flowing freely onto Reeti’s waiting tongue. Reeti flicks her tongue deep inside of Anjali’s tight pussy causing her to moan louder.

Reeti’s tongue acts with a mind of its own as it slips from Anjali’s pussy and slides back up to her clit. Her tongue flicking like a tornado around Anjali’s hard clit. Reeti eases two fingers deep into Anjali’s tight little pussy as she continues to lash out at Anjali’s clit. “Oh God! REETI! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Anjali screamed as her body begins to rock on the sofa.

Renewed by Anjali’s encouragement Reeti sucks her clit into her mouth and sucks hard as she slams her fingers in and out with aggression. Anjali’s body is out of control. She can feel herself getting closer and closer to the point of no return. She reaches up and grabs both her nipples and pulls them and twists them while screaming Reeti’s name, moving closer and closer to the edge. Reeti can feel the impending orgasm coming as she double her efforts to make her Anjali cum.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! OOOOOOOOOOOOO GOD! FUCK!” Anjali screams as her body explodes. Her cum gushes Hatay Escort from her pussy, flooding Reeti’s mouth. Anjali’s cum is unending as it drips from Reeti’s chin. Reeti’s tongue works at a lightning pace, trying desperately to swallow all of Anjali’s precious cum. Anjali’s entire body goes limp as she comes down from her euphoric orgasm. Reeti slides her body up Anjali’s and kisses her princess on the forehead. She looks down at Anjali, who is still in another world, “I have been waiting to do that forever!”

With stars in her eyes Anjali smiles, “Holy shit! That was incredible! Look at you. You are a mess!”

Reeti laughs, “Well you did it!”

“No, I think you did it!” Anjali says laughing. “Now let me clean you up.”

Anjali pulls Reeti closer kissing her deeply tasting her own cum. Driven by her own taste she licks Reeti’s chin clean before kissing her again with renewed aggression. Her hands sliding down Reeti’s back to her wonderful tight ass. Their tongues wrestling harder as their passions grew even more. Breaking away from their kiss Reeti looks into Anjali’s eyes, “What you say we take this to the bedroom.”

They quickly make their way to the bedroom. As they make their way to the bed Anjali grabs Reeti from behind and holds her tight. Her hands slide up Reeti’s tight abs up to her heaving breasts. She caresses them, squeezes, Reeti moaning her aprovement. Anjali’s pulls the shirt over her lovers head. Her hands quickly finding the clasp to Reeti’s bra as she whispers into Reeti’s ear, “I want you Reeti. I want to drag my tongue across every inch of your body. I want to pleasure you like you have never been pleasured before.” Reeti moans loudly as Anjali sucks her earlobe into her mouth. Anjali’s hands fondling Reeti’s bare breasts as her bra falls to the floor. Licking Reeti’s neck Anjali pulls on Reeti’s hard nipples as Reeti turns her head, kissing Anjali deeply.

Breaking the kiss Anjali moves in front of her queen. Kissing her neck again she slides her tongue down Reeti’s chest stopping to take a nipple into her mouth. Licking and sucking, Reeti pushes Anjali head into her chest moaning even louder. Anjali lifts her head to the other nipple licking and sucking it, gently biting on it, driving Reeti crazy. Moving away from Reeti’s glorious tits Anjali falls to her knees, her tongue sliding teasingly down Reeti’s tight defined abs. Making quick work of her jeans, Reeti’s panties soon followed as Anjali was finally awarded her prize. Anjali’s eyes sparkled as she kneeled, staring at the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. She leaned forward extending her tongue to gently lick at Reeti’s waiting wet pussy.

Reeti’s body shook as Anjali’s tongue made contact with her pussy. Anjali’s tongue slowly sliding between Reeti’s moist lips. Finding her clit Anjali flicks her tongue out massaging, causing Reeti to go weak in the knees. Reeti moves to the bed lying on her back as Anjali quickly following. Anjali dives between Reeti’s legs gently spreading her wet lips before slipping her extended tongue deep into Reeti’s hole. Working her tongue in deeper and deeper, flicking her tongue deep inside of her. Reeti’s body bucking on the bed soon to be to the point of no return.

Anjali slips her tongue out and replaces it with two eager fingers. Reeti’s pussy grips Anjali’s invading digits like velvet vice. Anjali slowly sliding her fingers in and out as her tongue seeks out Reeti’s swollen clit. Reeti screams out loudly as Anjali sucks her sensitive clit into her mouth. Working her fingers in a little faster she knows Reeti is so close to cumming. She lashes out with her tongue, licking Reeti’s button hard and fast as her fingers slide in and out with fast precision.

Reeti’s eyes widen. “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMMING! I AM CUMMMMMMMMIIIINNNG!” Her body bucks violently on the bed as she wraps her legs tightly around Anjali’s head. Anjali licking at her clit faster and faster, her fingers slipping from Reeti’s spasming pussy. Anjali slams her tongue deep into Reeti’s pussy licking wildly as she is met with another flood of cum as Reeti’s second orgasm rips through her body. Anjali tongue works at a frantic pace trying to lick up all the tasty juices flowing into her mouth.

Reeti’s body finally relaxes as she tries desperately to catch her breath. Anjali slowly slides up Reeti’s body kissing her. Their tongues sharing the joyous taste of Reeti’s cum. “Oh my god Anjali! That was fucking amazing!” Anjali smiles, “Well my love there is plenty more where that came from.” Winking at Reeti Anjali slips her hand between Reeti’s legs gently rubbing on her clit once more. Reeti closes her eyes moaning as Anjali takes Hatay Escort Bayan a nipple into her mouth.

“Oh FUCK!” Reeti screams as Anjali begins to work her clit even faster. Licking and sucking Anjali cannot get enough of Reeti’s tits as she begins rubbing Reeti’s clit even faster. Reeti’s screams of pleasure can easily be heard from outside. She does not care she is so close. Anjali gently bites down on Reeti’s sensitive nipple, sending her over the edge. Reeti’s body stiffens as she lays there opened mouthed unable to make a noise. All she can see is stars as her body is consumed by another huge orgasm.

Unable to move Anjali kisses her paralyzed queen on the cheek. “I love you my queen! And I have a surprise for you.”

With this Anjali placed her lips on Reeti’s lips and rolled over taking Reeti on top of her. She opened Reeti’s pussy with her fingers and gestured me to come over, pointed her finger into Reeti’s pussy.

“What’s happening Angel? Where is my present?” Reeti mumbled.

“It will be there soon, queen. Everything at the right time,” she gave me an angry look.

I began to walk towards them, slowly as I did it. My cock was leading the way and was about to explode. I reached the bed and placed my knee between the two sets of beautiful spread legs. I stroked Reeti’s pussy with tip of my cock.

“What the hell!! It’s… OH MY FUCKING GOD ANJALI!! ITS SO BIG!” Reeti cried as I thrust my entire 8 inches into her wet and worked up pussy. Anjali held her in her arms tightly and Reeti stopped moving. I was balls deep in Reeti’s pussy and my balls were knocking on the opening of Anjali’s pussy. I was on the seventh heaven. Two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen were engaged in a threesome with me. It was a dream cum true.

“I promised you a lovely cock my queens and here it is for you. You want to be fucked first or want to know the person behind that beautiful cock?” Anjali licked Reeti’s cheek with her tongue. Reeti was still recovering from the sudden inversion on her pussy. My cock was hitting her cervix and she was struggling to adjust with the current of pain in her body.

I pulled out from Reeti and they both cried in unison. Reeti because if sudden withdrawal and Anjali because Reeti bit her in her shoulder in excitement. Anjali began to move down towards Reeti’s pussy as Reeti lied there motionless. Reeti was wet from all the action she was getting. Anjali began to suck her pussy and Reeti was again lost in the paradise, oblivious to my presence there. She was sure hot as hell.

Anjali jerked her head up from between Reeti’s legs, her face glistening with her partner’s girl juice. She smiled, “Hi Viren. Come and join us. We really want you with us. You’re our missing ingredient for complete sexual satisfaction.” She lapped her lips, and I instantly hardened further thinking about the savory taste she was probably enjoying.

My brain racing a million miles an hour. I was about to participate in my first threesome with two beautiful women, both of whom I loved. I had a fleeting thought about my adequacy and whether I deserved such a wonderful treat.

I’d been with Anjali too many times to count. We had a relationship that included a healthy dose of sexual conduct whenever we were together. Even the night before, we’d made love and hit emotional peaks for each other that I didn’t know existed. Did Reeti want me? How long had Reeti been this luscious?

I thought about who seduced whom between the two women? Anjali was a forceful personality, and I thought of Reeti as inexperienced, but as of a few comments I’d heard that day, I wasn’t so sure she was as innocent as I thought. Anjali was really bisexual, as she’d implied that morning. Was Reeti? What would happen afterwards?

I had the feeling of some ultimate pleasure about to happen the rest of the afternoon, but with the promise of doom and fiery explosions immediately afterwards. I recalled a scene from some war movie where the soldiers were all lazing around in a large sandbagged foxhole enjoying the day, and then suddenly mortar rounds start dropping all around them. I wondered if I’d still have either of the women as friends by tomorrow. That said, I didn’t see how I could not participate with them. I didn’t think of my participation as having much to do with the doomsday scenarios I conjured except as collateral damage.

As I reached the side of the sofa, Anjali announced, “Viren, you and I have made love, but you and Reeti have not. I think the two of you should consummate your relationship and make love to one another.” Her tone was emphatic and inspired action. Reeti broke into a smile a Escort Hatay mile wide. She put her hand out and stroked my bare hip, perhaps afraid to touch my manhood.

Anjali spooned behind Reeti on the sofa. She kissed her intimate friend, and then motioned for me to come in front of Reeti as she moved her back and made her spread her legs in welcome to me. I guess further foreplay was not required; that had all happened while I’d been shopping.

Reeti started to have tears, not exactly the mood I expected. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I finished stripping and kicking off my sandals.

Reeti held her arms up to me. “I’ve waited long for this moment. I’m so happy. Just ignore my happy tears. Please, please, please come and make love to me. I’ve been living just for this event, this moment, and all the love I hope that follows. Anjali and Viren I love you both dearly and will until the sun turns to a black cinder. If we only have this one time together …”

I cradled Reeti into my arms and kissed her to stop her talking, tenderly at first, and then with increasing passion. I stopped her further ruminations, but whispered some of my own. I thought Reeti might devour me our kisses were so intense.

Reeti grabbed hold of my erection – a ten on my ten-point scale of hardness. I couldn’t remember ever being as hard and as ready for intercourse as I was with her. I was primed, locked, and loaded. She rubbed me up and down her slit to soak the head in her juices, and then I slowly penetrated her body to the point where our pubic bones pushed hard against each other, and there wasn’t another millimeter of my cock to get inside her.

Reeti groaned as I entered her and looked positively blissful. I made about five long strokes into her body, and she orgasmed. Her head went back; she gasped, and moaned, “Oh, God. This is the greatest pleasure I’ve ever known.” She gasped, “I love you.”

I kissed her again and again. She was like a feral animal that couldn’t get enough of me. She squirmed against me, and fucked back as I started to piston into her body again. I glanced at Anjali, and she was captivated by watching Reeti and me go at it; she started rubbing her clit in a circular motion, intent on her own orgasm as she watched the live porn on inches from her own hot body.

I didn’t last long with Reeti, maybe eight or ten minutes. She was snug, stimulating, like velvet warmth to my cock, and her insides stimulated my glans like nothing I’d ever experienced. I came and came and came, almost like I had a separate reservoir of love juice for Reeti that I’d been saving all these years, and I gave her all of it at once. Reeti came again and as I made my final thrusts. She was holding onto me for dear life, our bodies couldn’t get any closer; there had never been greater intimacy between a man and a woman in all of time. I knew without doubt that I loved Reeti from the bottom of my heart.

Gradually, the waves of pleasure subsided and I returned to this universe. Reeti had kept a continuous stream of kisses on my lips and around my face as our afterglows waned. I finally studied Reeti, and she looked at me with a bit of a smirk and still those tears of happiness.

Anjali slipped in next to us. I guess she’d moved to give us room to make love. Anjali whispered, “Viren, I love you. I have always loved you, and I always will love you until time stops.”

I stroked her cheek, wiping a tear away; “Anjali, I love you too. I’ve been stupid about you these past few years. I didn’t realize what we had … and how I felt until now. Oh, baby, I love you so much.”

Reeti reached out and stroked one of Anjali’s breasts, “Anjali, you know I love you. I told you a little while ago I did, and nothing has changed.”

I went to stand, and in doing so extracted myself from deep inside Reeti’s pussy. Before a full second had passed, Anjali had her head buried in Reeti’s pussy sucking out the semen I’d deposited. She seemed to be intentionally noisy, eliciting chuckles from Reeti and me.

Reeti pulled me to her, and sucked my wet and leaking cock into her mouth. At this stage she could fit all of me inside. I felt her tongue running circle around my head and sides, cleaning every molecule of my cum and her own juices from me.

After a couple of minutes, Anjali stood and came to me. She pulled my face to hers for a kiss, and as we did she wormed her tongue into my mouth and then injected some of the co-mingled juices she’d captured from Reeti’s pussy. My God, what sexy women I had with me.

I resisted the urge to recoil, and simply accepted the fluids from Anjali. When I examined what they tasted like, I found myself not that turned off by the sensation: some of my musky maleness, coupled with what had to be Reeti’s juices and Anjali’s saliva. I had to admit I wanted a lot more of the latter two.

I muttered, “What now?”

Anjali and Reeti both looked at each other and laughed.

More to cum…

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