Angry Black Woman


I come home from work after a long and gruelling day. You see, my boss is being a sexist pig, my co-workers think that the only way a pretty blonde-haired white woman like myself can succeed is if she sleeps her way to the top and to top it off I’m getting ugly naked pictures sent to my work email by some weirdo loser who thinks that because we studied in a training seminar together that we’re bonded for life lol! I’m tired, I mean really tired and drained with hearing people talking crap in my ear and having to rush around all day and play the sweet innocent Barbie broad.

I finally get home to see you waiting for me, my sweet Tamara. My gorgeous, butch Black woman. You look gorgeous as ever. You always look gorgeous, your skin glows with a beauty that a million tanning creams could never come close to. The curves of your body are like a symphony, they fill the room with emotion. Even though you are wearing a simple T-shirt and panties, your breasts and your ass redefine the horizon and demand my eyes attention. You make anything look good, I’m so jealous but I’d never openly admit it. You are the Black goddess. I am only Joelle, your loving mistress.

I’m now really tired and a little bit moody, all that I want is to have a quiet night and de-stress from the day. I sit down on my couch and kick off my shoes. I look to you for some support “Tamara, can you be a sweetheart and give my feet a rub? You know how much I enjoy it.” All of a sudden, I’m faced with a barrage of abuse…

“Why the fuck have I got to rub your feet? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m not your slave, I wasn’t put here to serve you, why don’t you go and fuck yourself you stupid stuck up white bitch!”

I’m shocked but not surprised, everything with you is always a struggle. Just because you know that you’re sex-on-legs you like to flaunt your attitude in my face and test my limits.

“Tamara, please not now. I just want to relax.”

You give me the finger and turn to walk out Bostancı Escort of the room.

I don’t know why, but that enrages me. It annoys me more than my boss, more than my co-workers, more than the pictures sent from Mr. “shrivelled dick” weirdo. I feel the anger build up inside of me ready to explode. I pull out a tub full of lube and grab a chunk of it in my hand. I then run around the house to look for you.

You’re in the bedroom, sorting out some clothes and laying them neatly on the bed. I can hear you still swearing under your breath, full of attitude and swagger:

“Who the hell does she think that she is? Dumb slut, I’m not going to do a damn thing for her…”

Within the blink of an eye: I run up behind you, push you face forward onto the bed, rip off your panties and shove my fist up your ass! It’s so lubed up that it slides in as easily as a finger would in a pumpkin pie 😉 You moan with both shock and fear combined and your knees instantly buckle, leaving you sprawled out on the bed with your backside in the air.

With no remorse, I start fisting you violently. In and out, in and out, in and out, with increasing speed and power until I shove it in as far as it will go. I can feel your ass trying to contract around my wrist, your hands are grabbing the bed sheets and your legs are trying to crawl away to create a tiny distance to allow you to get your breath back. You’re panting like a dog.

I pull out my fist and feel you recoil with the sudden emptiness. Then quick as a flash, I grab both of your arms and handcuff them behind your back. I also put ankle bracelets on you and secure them to the bedposts. It was just in time, because by now you are starting to recover with your usual annoying attitude.

“What the fuck are you doing JoJo? How dare a little white girl like you tie me up like this!! When I get free, I’m going to make you pay!”

I stare at you laying there: tied up like a christmas Bostancı Escort Bayan turkey, your T-shirt is damp with the sweat pouring down your back and there’s lube still dripping out of your wonderful ass. Even after being anally assaulted, you still look fine, but I won’t admit this to you….

“Shut the fuck up Tamara!! I’m sick of your shit. You’re always annoying me with your irritable butch ways, well I’m tired of it! Tonight, you’re going to do what I say. I’m going to make you into my slave, you’re going to assume your natural role and serve me for a change”

I crawl on top of you and rip your T-shirt off. I watch your legs wriggle with the bracelets and your hands pull against the handcuffs. As I remove your final piece of clothing, you raise your pathetic arms as high as you can and with your last ounce of strength you give me two middle fingers and whisper the words “White bitch!”

That’s the final straw for me! I run to my special wardrobe and bring out a “huge cat o’ nine tails” whip, my strap-on and a huge dildo. I put on the strap-on and lift up the whip:

“You stupid fucking slut” I say calmly, “You’re going to apologise for that! I’m going to beat you like a dog”

Crack!! The whip comes down on your exposed ass and you holler with agony “Aaaargh!”

“What was that Tamara? I can’t hear you!”

Crack!!! It causes you to arch your back to diffuse the pure pain.


Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!

By now the intensity is too much, your wrists strain against the handcuffs, your mouth is open but it makes no sound and there are tears streaming from your eyes. You’re now a blubbering wreck.

“I’m sorry Tamara but I still can’t hear you…”

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!!!!

“I-I-I-I…I’m sorry”

“What was that?”


“I said that I’m sorry”

“Say that you’re sorry for being a stuck-up black bitch!!”


Crack!! Escort Bostancı Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!!!!

“Say that you’re sorry for being a stupid stuck-up black bitch!!!”

“I-I-I-I I’m sorry for being a stupid stuck-up black bitch!!!”

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!!!!

Your eyes are clenched closed, I can hear the racing of your heart and the gasps of your lungs as you fight to remain conscious. I’m towering over you with the look of a deranged madwoman. You can’t see me as I put down the whip and begin to lube up the dildo and my strap-on.

“Now my dear sweet Tamara, I want you to tell me that you are a slave to the white goddess…”

“But I can’t say that…”you plead pitifully,

“If you don’t say it… I’ll call up all your subs and get them to come and witness how pathetic their black goddess Tamara really is. I’ll tell them how your attitude is only a pretence and that you beg to lick my ass and deep down you constantly dream about grovelling before me. Come on Tamara, I’m only getting you to admit what you already know in your heart… Just Say it!!!”

You’re too tired to fight it and besides you know that my words have a ring of truth about them. Still, the fear that your subs might find out about your own addiction to humiliation is something that you can’t risk. So you pause and slowly clear your throat…

“I’m a slave to the white goddess”

“Louder & say my name!”

“I’m a slave to the white goddess jojo!”

“Louder bitch!”


And with that, I plunge my strap-on into your pussy and the lubed dildo into your ass simultaneously. You come like a rocket. Flashbacks of all the pain and humiliation dart across your mind. You see white lights in your head and your body convulses with each wave of pure overwhelming joy!!

I untie you and you immediately give me a hug. You’re like a child who’s had a terrible nightmare. I cradle you in my arms and rock you back and forth. I place one of my breasts in your mouth and watch you suck it like a newborn baby. You look gorgeous, even after all that I’ve put you through, you still look gorgeous. I’m so jealous, but I’d never openly admit it. Then we sleep a good sleep.

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