Angie: Not So Innocent…Ch. 3


Angie: Not So Innocent Afterall Ch. 3

This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading this stop now.

The Angie series written in 1996 is my first attempt at erotic writing.

* * * * *

Angie and I have been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now. Every evening we get together to enjoy each other’s bodies to the fullest. I can’t explain how much pleasure this young lady has given me. At work she is the shy, pleasant mannered, business-like lady in everything she does. Angie’s like the quiet little girl next door. But when she gets to the bedroom, a complete transformation takes place. This angel of a girl turns in a wanton, sex crazed animal. Sex with her starts out being a playful tease, but once she gets started, you would think Angie is the filthiest slut alive.

This coming weekend I have to make a business trip out of town. It will be only for two days, leaving tomorrow afternoon, and returning Saturday night. Angie wanted to go along for the 5 hour car ride and since the business portion would only take me a few hours Saturday morning, I would have quite a bit of free time to spend with her. I made all the arrangements for a motel room and planned to leave after lunch tomorrow.

The next day we left about noon, having packed the few clothes we needed the night before. Angie dressed in a beautiful, flowery, sun dress which hung about 8″ above her knees showing off her shapely, tanned legs and cut with a large V in front exposing her 36″ cleavage. It was a beautiful summer day about 80 degrees with the sun shining. We drove with the windows open, traveling mostly on the interstate highway. Angie was some sight riding next to me with her hair blowing across her face in the wind and her dress occasionally drifting up her thighs giving a quick glimpse of her upper thighs.

After two hours of driving, I happened to notice that more and more as truckers went by, they would slow down. They obviously were trying to get a peek at the cute piece of ass riding next to me. I told Angie what was going on as the trucks passed. She seemed to get excited at the attention her body was causing. The next trucker that passed did what I expected by slowing down and staying even with us for awhile. Angie looked at me and said, “Watch this.” She pulled her dress all the way up to her waist. The trucker almost ran us off the road trying to see the free show. Wanting to join in the fun, I placed my hand on her knee and slid it up her thigh right to her crotch and started playing with her pussy through her panties. I don’t know how this guy stayed on the road. There was a rest stop coming up where I figured we better stop for awhile. Angie planned Isparta Escort to give this a trucker a treat before we exited. As we approached the off ramp, Angie pulled her panties off and held them up for him to see, as we disappeared off the highway. What a tremendous tease.

I parked in a secluded spot. We both had to release the sexual tension built up inside us from the exhibition Angie put on. As soon as I parked, I buried my hand back into Angie’s pussy, probing her cunt with my fingers. Angie leaned over, unbuckled and unzipped me and lowered her mouth over my now hard cock. We were only at it a minute when I felt her legs tighten around my hand. Trying to utter sounds of her pleasure with my cock still in her mouth, I knew she was cumming. Feeling her intense orgasm started my cock throbbing, filling her mouth with my hot cum. She gulped it down, then cleaned off my cock as I pulled my fingers out of her pussy to taste her juices. Satisfied for now, we were on our way again anticipating some heavier lovemaking tonight at the motel.

First on the agenda after we checked in, was to have some dinner. We both showered after the long drive and had a nice relaxing dinner at the motel restaurant. Our entire conversation as we ate, was the events of our trip and how turned on it made both of us. In fact we were down right horny. We finished our dinner deciding to skip dessert because all the talk was making us anxious to get back to our motel room bed.

We returned to the room, took all the covers off the bed and we began to undress each other. There wasn’t much for me to do. When I unbuttoned Angie’s dress and let fall to the floor, she had nothing on underneath. I kissed her deeply while first caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples. Then I stroked my fingers over her cunt until she was breathing very heavy. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed my pants pausing for awhile to tease my bulging cock inside my underwear. Finally she slipped my shorts off, kneeled in front of me and guided my shaft into her mouth. She pumped my cock with her mouth using her hand to guide it in and out until I was rock hard.

“Lay down on the bed,” she commanded.

I laid down with Angie crawling right up next to me to continued her cocksucking. Her mouth felt incredible sliding over my cock with her tongue licking the underside as it entered. While she attended to my shaft, I had my hand working her moist cunt. Our session was really getting heated up with both of us breathing very heavy. My cock was feeling so good that I wanted even more.

“Angie,” I said. “Take me all the way in.”

“I don’t know if I can.” she replied. ” I’m afraid I’ll gag.”

“Just relax and take it slow, okay.” I answered.

She positioned herself between my legs on her knees and Isparta Escort Bayan continued working my cock in and out of her mouth. Each time I could feel the head hit the back of her throat. After a few seconds she positioned my cockhead right at the entrance of her throat and kept it there for awhile. She withdrew and pushed it back there again, holding it. I felt her trying to relax her throat muscles. The next time while pausing at her throat entrance, she gave a quick push forcing the head to slip into her throat passage. Quickly, she pulled out. With a smile on her face she said,

“I didn’t gag. I didn’t think I could.”

I told her. ” Just stay relaxed and you can get it all in.”

She was actually excited realizing she was able to swallow my cock. Again, Angie took my cock, gave a little push and I was in again. She backed off to assure her confidence, then returned my shaft to her mouth. This time my cock slid into her throat with less resistance. I could feel it sliding down her throat disappearing through her lips. She didn’t let up this time. Deeper and deeper my cock was penetrating her throat until her chin was resting on my balls. Angie pulled out, but quickly deep throated me again. She was getting the hang of it now and looked like she was enjoying having her throat stuffed. Over and over she swallowed my cock. As she became confident with her new ability, each time I hit bottom she kept it lodged there in the depths of her mouth and throat for a few seconds.

I had to push her off when I thought I might cum. I wasn’t ready to blow my load yet. Angie sure was a fast learner. Only a little while earlier she hesitated at trying to do her first deep throat. Now, she was swallowing me like a pro. After catching her breath, she went back to work this time licking my balls. Gently, she licked my nut sack while pumping my cock with her hand. Angie sucked one of balls into her mouth, tongued it for awhile, then let it slip out. She moved on to the other one sucking it in the same way. She traveled underneath my sack to give my entire crotch a thorough cleaning. Then, I nearly came in her face when I felt her tongue sliding down to find my asshole. Kneeling back up she teased me.

“Do you want me to lick your asshole?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Angie pushed my legs up, spread my cheeks apart and dove right in. I never had a rimming before. What a tremendous feeling. I could never imagine such a beautiful, young creature such as Angie, wanting to perform an anal licking. But, she sure seemed to enjoy what she was doing. She put her face between my ass cheeks and started her tongue licking over and over on my asshole. A couple times she even tried to force her hot tongue inside.

“This is really turning me on,” she said with her face still Escort Isparta buried in my ass. Angie knelt up after completing her anal tongue massage, climbed on top of me and squatted onto my cock penetrating her cunt fully. She fucked my cock like a wild bitch, driving herself to an orgasm. I felt her cunt juices flow down my cock as she pulled off. I was surprised at the control I had in not cumming during Angie’s fucking and sucking. She was about to take care of that.

“I’m gonna make your cum now,” she said. ” And I want you to talk dirty to me while I suck you off. Tell me what you think of the nasty slutty things I do with you.”

Angie sucked off her juices from my cock, then swallowed my prick with ease. She worked my cock in and out of her throat barely coming up for air at all. Now she went down on me keeping it lodged in the tightness of her throat and pumping up and down ever so slightly in a fucking motion. She was driving me nuts. I was so turned on I had no problem talking to her like my own personal whore.

“That’s it baby.” I moaned. ” Shove my cock down your throat…. Fuck me with your face you beautiful little slut…. Don’t stop…. That’s it, Don’t stop you fuckin’ whore….”

“Swallow my cock. Yess,… yess… down your throat, bitch.

“Deeper…deeper…All the way down.”

“That’s it… That’s it…Suck my cock down your throat you hot cum eatin’ cunt.”

My loving little slut of a girl was fucking my cock with her throat and she was getting more excited by my dirty talk. She backed off gasping for air trying to explain what she wanted from me next.

“I love your cock in my throat. Tell me when your ready to cum..”

“I want you to cum right into my throat.”

She immediately sucked me down again and started her throat fucking. I grabbed her head to help move her up and down my shaft. She came up for air and sunk back down on my ready to explode cock. There was no holding back this time. Her deep throating was just too much bear. I grabbed Angie by the back of her head yelling out, ” I’m cumming.” Then I pulled her toward me burying my cock as deep as I could into her throat. I could feel her teeth pressing on my crotch. I think Angie deliberately tightened her throat muscles around my cock, just to make my orgasm that much more intense. My hot cock started throbbing in her throat.

I exploded with four strong spurts right down her throat before she backed off. I continued with another few streams, the first into her open mouth and two more hitting her on either cheek splattering all over her beautiful face. My orgasm now was easing, cum only dribbling out of me, but Angie still managed to catch it on her tongue and slurp it down. She licked her lips and licked off my cock as I scraped the cum off her face with my finger and fed it to her until she had eaten every bit of my hot sperm.

Both of us were totally drained. We laid back embraced in each others arms knowing the satisfaction we had given each other. In a moment sleep would be upon us, but no dream could match what took place tonight.

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