Angel of Destruction;part 4


His heart seemed to stop for a second, and then raced as she rose to go to a large basket-like crib he hadn’t noticed earlier. From within the basket she withdrew a tiny bundle and walked to him with a smile on her face. “This is your second born, Lucien Davariel.” His whole body set to trembling as he allowed her to place the tiny infant into his arms. He had hair made of the finest, palest gold, and the icy blue eyes were like his mother’s. The baby boy fussed a bit and turned his head as if searching for a breast from which to nurse. “No wings?” he asked, unable to tear his gaze from his son. “No.” Davariel removed the blanket from around his son until he lay in his arms with nothing but his diaper. He held the baby with one arm while he used his hand to feel his son’s soft pink flesh. Lucien flailed his arms and Davariel marveled at the perfect little fingers. He counted ten little rosy toes with a smile and laughed when the little one tried to latch onto his finger as Davariel stroked his plump cheek. Bringing baby Lucien up to his face, Davariel breathed in his sweet essence, memorizing him. “Lucien. My little Lucien. You look just like your beautiful mother.” “He’s going to have your hair, though.” “Let’s thank the Divinity that’s all of mine he got.” He gazed at his son, feeling that he was the most perfectly beautiful child in all the universe. But, wait…he had another. “And my first born?” He noticed the look she had given at his earlier words and began feeling apprehension. Again, she turned and gathered another baby from the basket. This one was much larger with jet-black hair sticking straight out of his round head. The infant’s skin was pale and he looked older than his delicate blond twin. The baby seemed to startle when she lifted him from the cradle, and began to cry. Luciel soothed him with gentle words before placing him into his father’s other arm. Davariel’s heart sank. He was looking at himself with black hair. Though the child was still an infant, he looked irrefutably like his father and to make matters worse, his eyes glowed unnaturally bright. He had his demon blood…and his cursed face. “His name is Devon Luciel. W-why are you crying?” “He looks too much like me. He’ll be put on a pedestal and made to think he’s a god, like they did to me.” How shallow, vain, and selfish he had been back then. “It doesn’t have to be that way. We can disappear. There are places that are still unlinked. I know of plenty of worlds where we can fit in just fine and be happy…safe.” “The demons want him. They want both of them. Devon will be the new dark prince and Lucien the sacrifice.” “They won’t find us,” Luciel assured gently. “Trust me.” He felt terrified. Now he had so much more to lose. He pulled Devon up to his face and took in his essence. He began to feel Lucien growing perceptibly heavier in his other arm. He looked over at his other son and noticed something slightly different about him. It was as if the baby had grown right before his eyes. He looked at Devon to notice that the infants glowing eyes dimmed a bit. Was the babe using his power already? Davariel’s hairs stood on end. This child was too powerful. Luciel made to remove them from him but he held them tightly and shook his head. “Let me hold my sons a while longer. Please.” “You have to eat. I helped restore you, but you still lack proper nourishment.” “Restored me?” She shivered as if reliving some horror. “They’d bitten you all over and torn your flesh almost from the bone. You had bite marks even on your….” Her eyes lowered to his groin and began to tear. “They bite when they mate, Luci.” Her small frame shook with fury as she hissed. “You mean r—” “No,” he begged, interrupting her. “Not now, Luci. I don’t want to dwell on that now.” He looked from son to son, smiling, and then looked at the woman he loved; the mother of his sons. It was everything he ever wanted, and more than he thought he’d ever have. “If only we could stop time and live in this exact moment forever.” “If that were to happen, we’d never see our babies grow to be men.” She came up against him, taking care not to press against the twins, and began to kiss him. The sheer magnitude of love he felt at that moment propelled him into a fit of shakes he couldn’t control. He felt his face drain of blood. She broke away from the kiss, leaving him seeking its warmth, and almost toppling over in the process. “That’s it,” he heard her say. The babes disappeared from his hold as sweat broke out on his forehead. He clasped his arms over his chest, his eyes searching about wildly. Where did they go? “ Calm down.” Her warm hands cupping his pale cheeks made his eyes snap back to her face. “I only teleported them back into their bassinet. You need to eat and rest a bit.” She kissed his forehead and threaded her fingers through his hair. “You were more dead than alive when Remuel and Zakreel brought you in. You don’t know how extensive the work of restructuring your entire back was.” Davariel felt startled when she hugged him and ran her fingertips across the smooth expanse of his back. “There was an entire team of doctors and scientist working on you, trying to repair the damage from having your wings hacked off.” Releasing him, she walked over to a low dresser built along the entire length of the wall to the right side of the large bed he occupied. The wide bed sat in the middle of the room. Grabbing a small mirror, she went back and showed him his reflection. There was another mirror behind him on the wall at the head of the bed. Luciel pulled his hair over his shoulder revealing his now smooth flesh. No more wings. “Where are we?” He turned to scowl at the mirror, knowing how easy it was for demons to traverse them. He resolving to get rid of it as soon as possible. “Earth. We’re within the grounds of the were-tigri people. They’re protecting us. And, like I said before, we also have five were-wolf sentries, along with the reapers.” A bowl of hot stew appeared in her hands and she began to feed him. The stew reminded him of when he held her captive. “I tried to kill you.” He remembered Ankara bayan escort battling her on Earth. “That was another Davariel, not the one I have before me now.” “I don’t deserve your kindness. I’m a monster.” “No you’re not.” “I didn’t tell you the condom broke.” She began to laugh, her gaze turning to look with adoration in the direction of the bassinette. “I’m glad you didn’t.” “Would you have stopped our coupling if I had?” Her stunning blue eyes blazed into his. “Did it look like I would’ve been able to demand you pull out?” He remembered her cries if ecstasy when he’d taken her that first time, and began to ache between his thighs. “Luci,” he sighed with longing. The bowl of stew disappeared. She used her hands to nudge apart his drawn knees and crawled up against him, between his legs. He settled himself into a semi reclining position wrapping his hands around her small waist. She was clothed in enticing garb that consisted of a clingy pair of low riding shorts and a tunic held up by thin straps, her midriff exposed. Her breasts were larger now and she had faint pink marks on her hips, he guessed, from her skin accommodating his sons within her body. She was beautiful, the mother of his sons. She began kissing him, her tongue sweeping into his mouth with urgency. His hands slid into her beguiling little stretchy shorts and cupped her pretty rump. He wanted her, badly, but guessed he wouldn’t be able to have her yet because she’d just given birth to his babies. Her body probably hadn’t healed yet. “I self-healed, Davariel. I-I…” She raised her head to look into his eyes. “I need you.” Again, she kissed him making him shudder. Her fingers caressed his hair, stroked his cheeks, and squeezed his shoulders. He rocked her against him, moving his hips under her as his desire spiraled feverishly. Another small shudder went through him, making him moan against her lips. “Oh, God, Davariel.” Her teeth caught his lower lip. He felt it all the way down to his aching erection. “I know I shouldn’t be doing this to you yet, baby. You really need to rest for at least a day.” She made to pull away, but he kept her trapped against him with the sheer force of his hands wrapped around her waist. “No,” he implored her. “I need you too. This will give me strength, Luciel. Love me, please.” Her luscious mouth ravaged his as he felt her hands brushing his long hair behind his shoulders. She nipped and licked at his lips before reaching around to his left ear, tracing it with the tip of her tongue, giving him goose bumps. When she thrust her naughty tongue into the shell of his ear and tweaked his nipples hard, he sucked in a ragged breath between his teeth and writhed beneath her. He moaned, rocking against her in rising desperation. She reached down and scraped her nails along his length. He almost shouted, but managed to clench his teeth on a strangled groan. Fuck. If he didn’t control himself, he’d scare the slumbering newborn twins. She continued her downward journey, caressing him as her teeth and tongue tantalized his nipples into stiff little peaks. The woman was driving him crazy. She continued her onslaught upon his nipples, nibbling and lapping away at them as if they were the sweetest candy. He squirmed in delight, but ached for her to go lower. Her tongue traced the outlines of his muscled abs and the line that marked that area from his hipbone. Davariel let his head drop back in surrender. Finally, she reached his penis. He feared he was going to come before she ever got her mouth around his straining tip. His knuckles turned white from twisting fistfuls of the sheets in his hands while she kissed his thighs. Already panting, he bit his lip and arched his back, stifling another shout of desire when her tongue swiped up his full length. Her eyes shot up to his, drowning him in their silvery blue depths. Her pupils dilated wide, making them seem darker. Holding his gaze, she took him into her mouth and sucked. Biting back a harsh groan, he let his fingers go into the darkness of her hair and held her to him as he undulated, spreading his thighs wide with his feet flat on the mattress. She continued to suck him into her hot little mouth, her tongue working him in deeper. He growled with pleasure. And then, she grabbed his balls and rolled them in her palms. “Fuck.” His voice broke as he came. Ecstasy. His head arched back and he opened his mouth in silent agony. All he could do was gasp and pant. She swallowed him down, until he thought he’d die from rapture. He panted in the after math and blinked down at her in wonder. She kissed his thighs, smiling up at him. He grinned back. Silly girl. She thinks I’m done. He was barely getting started. “Ride me, Luci.” Her eyes widened in shock. She didn’t know young Seraph’s could go a few rounds and not lose their erections for hours…sometimes days. He might no longer have wings, but he was still Seraphian born. Tearing away her skimpy little shorts, she straddled him with eagerness. As if savoring the moment, she lowered herself slowly. She was tighter than a fist. He winced, his eyes widening, not expecting her to be so tiny after having given birth. As if reading his mind, she giggled like a naughty girl, making his heart race. “I told you, I self-healed. Everything went back to the way it was before I’d had sex with you.” He almost crossed his eyes when she finished seating herself completely onto him. “My love, I’m in heaven,” he sighed. Being inside her again made him want to weep in joy. He never thought he’d feel her heat wrapped around him again.He touched her face and caressed her hair, assuring himself that this was no dream and he was really sitting there with his beautiful Luci clasping him tight. He couldn’t help the broad smile that spread across his face. Luciel’s pupils dilated and a soft sigh escaped her parted lips. She stared at him in awe making his heart thump hard. “I’m the luckiest angel—I mean—man alive.” She caressed his cheek, her eyes darkening to a liquid blue, “You’re still an angel to me.” His heart sped up Escort bayan Ankara at her words and he felt her sweet essence grow stronger. Whatever the scent was, it was only for him. That made him happy. It’s just as good as love. He pushed away the shadows of sadness and fear, not wanting anything to mar this moment of intimacy with her. Now that he’d lost some of the harried edge to his lust, he could relax and give her pleasure at leisure. He wanted to drive her wild with need. Unfortunately, his sons had other plans. No sooner had she come the first time, bouncing wildly on his lap, one of the babes began to fuss. They stared at each other wide eyed, panting, then began to laugh. The second she eased herself off him, he bounded out of bed and rushed to the bassinette. “I could have teleported him to us, you know.” He just shrugged, scooping Lucien into his arms. Again, he sniffed the baby’s sweet scent into his lungs as he carried him to his mother. He gave the blonde infant to Luciel with reluctance and watched in fascination as his child nursed from her pretty breast. For the second time, he noticed the babe looked larger than before. He knew that Seraphs sometimes grew in spurts. It had been a necessary evolution for their kind to avoid falling prey to ancient predators, but it wasn’t something you could see right before your eyes. It was supposed to be gradual. He rose once more and picked Devon up. The infant still slumbered and stretched with a yawn when his father took him into his arms. He still looked the same at least, but resembled a baby of about a month rather than a newborn of a few days. With a smile, he felt the downy thatch of jet-black hair that stuck straight out of his little head. He looked funny. “His hair is going to be like yours.” Luciel giggled. “He’s going to have the girls going crazy for him.” Those words had his smile dying a quick death. Memories of how people used to grope at him, until he just kept himself locked away at the castle, came back to haunt him. “What’s wrong, Davariel?” “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to him.” “The universe may have put you on a pedestal, but you never knew what love was. We’ll give our sons more than enough love. They’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” He wasn’t convinced, but didn’t express his fears to her. Both infants fed and having helped her change their diapers, he placed Lucien into the bassinette, then turned to take Devon and tuck him close to his brother. They both slept peacefully. Stifling a yawn, he realized Luciel had been right in assuming that he needed to rest a bit more. She insisted he finish eating the stew she had one of the wolves prepare along with a bowl of varied fruits and cheeses. She fed him, smiling when he licked her fingers every time she fed him pieces of fruit. He felt peaceful as she chatted on about the people protecting them. Now, his belly full, and his lust slightly sated, he felt sleep beckoning to him. They lay together, with him pulling her back against his chest in a comfortable spoon position. He promptly drifted off, sighing in contentment, his sweet Luci wrapped in his arms and his nose buried in her fragrant hair.  Chapter Nine Luciel woke with a start. He was gone. She let out her power to locate his life force and sighed with relief when she realized he was close, only to tense up again sensing he was in severe pain. Snarling a vicious curse, she teleported to where he was. There was an empty aircraft hangar in the were-tigri compound that had been converted into a high-tech training hall. She’d taken to honing her fighting skills there every morning. In the very center of the training area, Davariel lay bleeding and broken once more amidst a circle of reapers. “What the hell are you all doing?” Her shriek of rage echoed throughout the large training hall as she rushed to Dava’s side. The reapers sprang away from her approach. “He said he needed to practice sparring,” one of them answered in a small, timid voice. She knelt down and flicked away the bloodied hair that covered Davariel’s face. He was a mess. Blood oozed from his nose, half of his face was black and blue, and his arms looked deformed—most likely broken. “I should just leave you this way to teach you a lesson. You’re barely ready for sex, Davariel, much less sparring.” “I need to be ready.” He closed his eyes in apparent agony. “Well then let your body heal completely, you moron.” She raked her fingers through her hair, growling in frustration as she tallied all the scans he’d need now to repair all the new damage. One of the reapers leaned over to another and asked, “What is moron?” The other just shrugged with a perplexed expression on his face. Luciel scowled at them. “Why the hell don’t you idiots use the holographic weapons in here?” Surely they’ll understand idiot. She barked out a series of numbers and codes and a bright sword appeared before each one of the reapers. Black wings ruffled and silver-grey eyes looked at her in surprise. “Go on. Take them. You’ll find they feel real enough.” She also grasped one, testing its weight.Davariel felt embarrassed that she’d discovered him beaten and defeated, but wondered why she didn’t heal him and let him participate in the sparring now. “What about me?” Luciel’s eyes flashed to him with an angry snarl. They had the same cold predatory look she had when he’d first engaged her in battle in the Edenian Science building. It came as no surprise to him when she swung her blade and sent it through his throat. Still, he couldn’t help but stare up at her with wide eyes. Had his arms not been broken in several places, he would have touched his neck to see if his head was still attached to it. Luciel grinned triumphantly at him. Heaven help him, he loved her. “You can virtually fight for real without actually killing anyone,” she said withdrawing her virtual-blade. Luciel’s lithe form turned toward the six black-winged death angels, then crouched down into a ready stance as she beckoned them to advance. The reapers smiled and approached, spreading out around Bayan escort Ankara her, their wings opening up. “No. Don’t use your wings. You’ll kill her,” Davariel snarled. “Shut up, Blondie,” Luciel spat, her eyes never leaving the targets circling her. “Alright, you bunch of feathered sissies. Let’s see what you’ve got.” He watched, terrified, as Abdiel approached her. The golden haired reaper was still a chickling, only fifteen sun orbits. Baby-down covering his wings, but he’d been the one that had slapped Davariel clear up to the ceiling of the training hall with his wing. Had it not been for Eriel, who’d intercepted his fall, he’d have been nothing more than a bloody smear on the cement floor right now. Abdiel swiped at her with his wing, making Davariel cringe, but, to his relief, Luciel spun agilely over the moving wing, her arm spinning in a complete circle. The virtual blade flashed, apparently severing the wing completely off. Abdiel cried out in surprise when his wing drooped limply behind him. Luciel took advantage of his shock and sliced the blade through his neck, beheading him. He fell to his knees, stunned, before toppling back, his eyes round. “Game over for you, kiddo. Now who the hell’s next?” Abdiel began to wail. “I can’t feel my wing. I can’t move my body.” The other reapers looked dubious. “Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Luciel chastised. “The numbness will wear off in a few minutes.” She turned up her nose at the others. “So, that’s it? You bunch of morons give?” When they looked blankly at her, she rolled her eyes. “Do you surrender?” They all tensed and scowled, finally understanding. “Reapers surrender only to death or lust,” Eriel hissed. They attacked and were wiped out with the same ease as Abdiel. Davariel watched, memorizing every move.Davariel felt livid. Luciel had healed him, but kept him in a semi-conscious stupor believing he needed rest. He learned how to communicate with her telepathically and constantly begged and argued with her to let him awaken fully. The headstrong woman wouldn’t listen to him. He wanted to scream in frustration, but his present state wouldn’t even allow for that simple release of anger. He began to refuse her attempts at feeding him, clamping his teeth tight so she couldn’t get the spoon of broth into his mouth. Release me —he demanded into her mind. “Not yet, sweetheart. When you’re a little stronger. Now, open wide.” She spoke to him in the same tone the high priestesses used when he was a child. It only incited his anger more. How dare she control him this way. He could feel her fingers trying to make him open his jaw. Davariel clenched his teeth tighter as he searched his brain for scathing Edenian phrases. “Dava, open up,” she insisted. Bite me. Her fury was palpable. He could sense her struggling not to dump the broth on his head. It made him want to laugh and goad her some more. He’d stick out his tongue at her, but knew she’d seize the opportunity to shove the damn spoon into his mouth. “Dava, you’re acting like a spoiled child.” He’d heard that plenty of times before. Summoning every ounce of strength he possessed, he lifted his hand and stuck out his middle finger. He knew it was a very offensive gesture for most Edenians. He heard Luciel snarl in indignation, could feel her fury, but it didn’t last very long. He smiled anyway, then sputtered when she slipped the spoon full of broth past his lips. The little wench. Davariel pursed his lips and blew, making the broth spurt out all over himself and her. This time she almost broke the bowl when she slammed it onto the nightstand by the bed. She was really enraged now. He turned his head away from her fearing she’d whack him. A few seconds passed and nothing happened. The bed dipped and he felt her straddle him. What was she up to now? He turned his head and tried to focus on her. The image kept fading in and out, but he was almost sure he saw her removing her t-shirt. Her fingertips stroked down his torso. There was no mistaking that. They dipped beneath the waistband of his loose drawstring pants. He blinked trying to bring into focus the two pretty breasts that bobbed over his face, when he suddenly felt her delicate fingers slip between his legs to cup him. Fuck. He groaned in response to her teasing. She knew how addicted he was to sex and teasing him when he couldn’t respond they way he wanted to was beyond cruel. Luci, what are you doing? Let me awaken fully. I’ll do whatever you want, just let me fuck you properly. He knew he had no shame begging that way, but he loved sex. Not just any sex, but sex with his love, his heart, the mistress of his soul. He’d lie on his back for a month and swallow down whatever she wanted as long as she sat on his loins. He’d turn over and pound her into the mattress, too. That would be nice. Davariel felt himself going insane with lust, but her only response was to rub an enticingly erect nipple over his lips. The dark hazy mist that pulled at his mind grew stronger. No. He didn’t want to lose consciousness now. Sweetness filled his mouth and he felt the strongest urge to suck and swallow.He lost all sense of time. Within the endless black that imprisoned him, he felt the ghostly dance of her fingers stroking him, the warmth of her breast teasing his lips, the sensation of ambrosia filling his mouth, feeding the increasing ache that built within him…to have her. The blackness ebbed and his body felt light, almost weightless. It would have been soothing except that his balls felt like they were filled with lead and his cock actually hurt. Davariel blinked his eyes open, and then doubled over as the painful sensation between his legs finally hit full force. “Fuck. What have you been doing to me?” he wailed through clenched teeth, cupping his stiff penis and petrified balls. One look at Luci revealed her nibbling her lower lip with a guilty expression on her face. They were both in the sunken tub of their bathroom. “It was the only way I could get you to feed. I didn’t know that you’d stay….” Feed? What in Hades was she talking about? “Does it hurt very much?” As she spoke, he noticed a pearly drop of milk clinging to one pert nipple. Feed. His dick still hurt, but he felt so enraged he ignored it. “You breast fed me?” She flinched. It was no wonder. He could still hear the echo of his roar in the room. “You wouldn’t eat…” “You had no right keeping me unconscious.” She glared at him.

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