Andy and Elvira Ch. 01


Andy and Elvira is an original work of fiction. The events, places and characters are all from my imagination: they have no counterpart in the ‘real world’ and the events take place in the early 1960s in England. I apologise for the use of derisive terms about the gay community: I am trying to reflect a normal young man’s attitude in those times when homophobia was the norm (remember Alan Turing!) Later chapters will include gay sex.

All active participants are at least 18.

Please respect my copyright.

Tags: incest (siblings, mother-daughter, father-daughter,) femdom, spanking, mild BDSM, cream pie.

This first chapter in the tale of Andy and Elvira introduces the two main characters, outlines their problem and how they begin to resolve it.

My name is Anderson Browne but only my Mum calls me that when I’m in her bad books. Everyone shortens it to Andy and the guys at school, and now at college, changed it to Randy. Call me a wanker if you will: I pull my pisser at least five times a day. Breasts were my favourite fantasy in all their shapes and sizes: a bulging breast, a deep cleavage like my Mum often showed, a nipple pushing out, or even the suspicion of such things were what fuelled my imagination at every possible opportunity.

Maybe it was my sister’s generous bosom that turned me into an unashamed tit man. Hannah was almost four years older than me and seduced me on my eighteenth birthday. Took my virginity. As often as we got the chance, she would take me into her bed and have me fondle her huge soft pillows. Big breasts seem to run in my family: my mother is also not ashamed to show a lot of flesh from her scooping necklines and even my Gran, her mother, could fill a swimsuit at the age of 60. Hannah loved having hers mauled, squeezed and pulled about for an age; those big rubbery nipples always had to be sucked long and hard. My dick always seemed to be hard and she would get me to fuck her in the missionary position for a few minutes until she would kind of sigh and tell me that was enough. Looking back, how Hannah didn’t fall pregnant I’ll never know. I was always bare back and as far as I knew, she never used protection either. Later Mum told me she knew all about us but decided not to interfere as we were both adults: I don’t know if she ever said anything to Hannah but my sister never mentioned it to me back then.

A lot of my spare time at school was taken up in the gym. I was picked for the school gym team so my upper body strength was good and I had a very broad chest which tapered down to a very slim waist. I kept up my training and sports interests at college and I cycled everywhere so developed strong legs which helped my school football career: because of my agility, even though I was only 5’4″, I was the regular choice as goalkeeper. So I was super fit with a body to match but I never thought of myself as handsome about the face and was shy with girls. My carroty red hair hung in ringlets to cover my ears and I could never get it completely under control although a head band in the gym and on the football field kept it out of my eyes.

I was a bit of a loner so only ever had one friend at school but we were inseparable. The one thing that puzzled me about Ted as we grew was his lack of interest in the most wonderful half of the human race: the half with bumps on their chests. I’m talking about the days when being gay was still a secretive thing so I knew little about those poufs or queers, certainly not realising that Ted was ‘like that’. He never came on to me and I used to be so horny back then I would have gone along with any such advance from Ted. It never happened.

My tale begins a few days after my 19th birthday. It was in the middle of a summer heat wave that I was sitting at one of the tables outside the café in a park dressed, as eminently suitable for the weather, with tight white shorts outlining my ‘package’ and plain white t-shirt stretched across my chest. Maybe I should mention that my genes blessed me with nine inches of solid meat between my legs. The café prices were about as cheap as you could get anywhere in town so I had a sandwich and cup of tea for my lunch, taking my time as I had nothing else to do. Ted’s mother had dragged him off shopping somewhere out of town and Hannah was at work.

Having finished my sandwich I was I was enjoying the sun as I sipped at my tea and casually looking round to see if there were any nice tits about. There was a woman who looked attractive from the back although she was older, more mature than girls of my age. Dressed in a buttercup yellow frock which set off her tan, she was in the queue at the café, about fifteen yards away. She was talking to a man who was looking over her shoulder as casually as I had been looking round the park. His eyes were sweeping round slowly but they hesitated at me, moved on then came back for another brief glance but I thought nothing of it. I was mentally willing the woman to turn around so I could see if her boobs were bursa otele gelen eskort worth a better look. The man eventually said something to her and pointed over her shoulder towards something behind me to her right. She turned round but, instead of her eyes following his finger, she pulled her sunglasses down and looked straight at me looking straight at her. Yes, her boobs worth a second and many more looks. She winked as I turned my eyes away, embarrassed at having been caught.

She was a mature goddess, I thought maybe late thirties. Her skin shone with a deep gold tan about as far as I could see down between her breasts and on her bare arms: the tan was set off by the dress. That scoop of the front was not deep enough to show much cleavage but what was hidden looked promising; not as big as my family’s heritage but definitely promising. And did she wink as I looked away? In my dreams maybe. I continued my scan of the park, returning a couple of times at her. She was watching right back the first time and definitely winked but the second time only he was looking right back at me with a reassuring smile. I was in a state of shock when the couple walked over with their drinks and stood at the other side of my table.

“May my brother and I sit here please?” She very quickly pursed her lips then half whispered, “You’re not in any trouble. Promise.”

I looked from one to the other and saw that neither of them was looking angry: my returning smile was more nervous as I invited them to sit.

“I’m Maria,” she said with a cultured accent as she offered her hand in sincerity. She sat elegantly. Her brother said his name was Diego as he sat and extended his hand.

“Andy,” I introduced myself and waited for them to speak. Maria looked me up and down and it felt like she had x-rayed every inch of me. Her eyes lit up when she saw my prick trying to come out and see but it was painfully constrained by my shorts.

“I really don’t mind you looking at me like that. You were staring you know but let me tell you a little secret. I like people to look at me, to admire my face, my figure, my boobs. And I love looking just as much at virile young men: you seem to fit that description.” She looked pointedly at the fat sausage across my thigh.

“My sister is inviting you to cool off in our swimming pool in the back garden. She has a strict rule though: no clothes at all in the back garden so it would be skinny dipping so plenty to look at and Maria wants you to look. The garden is not overseen from any direction and our nearest neighbours are half a mile away. Will you come?”

“Please,” begged Maria, pushing her shoulders back and thrusting her tits at me. They were mighty proud nipples and that was what tipped me away from caution. My head had been saying don’t go with strangers but my hormones controlled my decision.

“Lead the way.”

Linking her arm through mine as we walked to the gate, she made sure her bosom was pressed against me, inflaming my senses even more. My constrained erection was now making just walking painful but she did not slow down. Diego opened the rear door of a lovely late model BMW saloon, pointed to the other rear door for me and took the driver’s seat. With the doors closed we were in a car with heavily darkened windows and as soon as Diego drove off Maria wasted no time before scrabbling at the waist of my shorts. She seemed desperate but I helped her and sighed with relief when the prisoner was released from its confines.

“Oooo, we’ve got a big boy here Dee.” Maria said to her brother. “This prick is a monster.”

“That’s nice for you darling.”

Maria was fondling my erection lovingly then she pulled my hand onto her breasts and encouraged me to play with them as she made free with my tool. I’ve always had a problem with premature ejaculation so I had to warn her that I was very close to coming. “Don’t you dare make a mess in my car,” she warned, “or you will get spanked.” And then she clamped the base of my tool painfully tight: my urgency diminished but I knew it was hovering in the background if she kept fondling my tool. She chose instead to pull my t-shirt over my head: I was totally naked when she bent her head down and licked one of my nipples. That felt exciting but I worried that I was turning queer, I mean it’s women who have sensitive tits and nipples, isn’t it?

She suddenly bit my nipple very hard. I screamed from the pain and was horrified to feel my tool pumping out the contents of my balls. After two spurts I felt something being wrapped over my tool and I looked down to see it was a small plastic food bag in which she was collecting the rest of my cream. I was grateful that she was protecting her car then remembered the first two spurts that escaped before she could get the bag in place. We both looked down to the car seat: a large splat started on the edge of her dress, down across her thigh and was dripping onto the seat. The bursa eve gelen escort bayan other spurt had gone up her skirt to the inside of her thigh. She lifted the hem of her dress to look between her legs. She told me to lick it all clean and pushed my head between her legs. I often used to lick my messy hand after a good wank because I like the taste of my spunk so I started with the bit on the seat then that little splash on her dress before I tasted her thigh. She spread her thighs to give me access and I heard this cryptic conversation.

“Diego, my guest has messed on my car seat.”

“Elvira do you think?”

“I think so, this one seems perfect. She’ll enjoy herself.”

Who the fuck is Elvira? I thought. And what was she going to enjoy? Then it occurred to me that Elvira might be the one to spank me. I thought back to what Maria said. ‘… or you will get spanked.’ I had assumed that she would spank me and maybe that wouldn’t be too bad. But Elvira? Some ugly old servant or something? But anyway my head was between the legs of a goddess and the aroma was intoxicating. I tried to look right up the dress to see her panties but it was too dark.

“Are you finished?” I heard Maria ask, sounding a little impatient. Reluctantly I gave that lovely thigh a final lick and sat up to see Maria holding that plastic bag. She passed it to me and ordered, “Drink.” I prefer my spunk warm.

Diego eventually drove through a heavily solid-looking gate in the high wall which opened automatically into a courtyard. He parked near the entrance to a large modern cottage, got out and came round to open his sister’s door, motioning me to get out the other side. Naked and feeling vulnerable I followed Maria while Diego brought up the rear, both fully dressed. Maria went through a door into a passage, along the passage and into a large comfortable room: one wall was all glass with open patio doors. They removed their clothes but not like a strip tease, they simply undressed. Maria was as beautiful naked as I had imagined: from front or back she was superb. No she wasn’t as big in the boobs as Hannah but there was plenty for a tit man to get to grips with.

Maria passed through the patio door and I was about to follow her when Diego held me back, telling me to wait.

“Mummy,” we heard a woman’s voice call. A girl, maybe a year younger than me and naked as the day she was born, came round a bush into her mother’s arm. Maria kissed her and, believe me, my mother never kissed me like that: it was a full-blooded open mouth kiss.

“That’s our daughter,” said Diego with all the pride of a father with a young beauty and there was no doubt that she was a young and ripe beauty. Her hips were wide and her tits were about the same size as her mothers but with a perkier shape and her small waist gave her a classic hour-glass figure. Standing next to her mother I could see the very close resemblance. That girl was even more beautiful than her mother. Maria set the girl on her feet and led her by the hand back into the room. The girl greeted her Daddy with the same raunchy kiss. Honest, she could kiss me like that any time but I got the feeling that she could be the bossy type, even a little minx. She walked over and stood right in front of me and closely examined my body.

“Ooo, he’s a gorgeous one, can I keep him Mummy?”

“Not yet Elvira, he’s mine. But Darling he made a mess in my car so he’s earned a spanking. Would you like to do the honours?”

So this was Elvira and she was going to spank me. It could have been a lot worse and she was far away from that old crone I had once imagined. “Come on Andy,” said Maria, “I promised you a cooling swim, but I don’t think even cold water would shrink that.” She indicated my erection.

I shrugged. “It’s nearly always like that.” It was true; some compensation for my early shooting off was that I stayed hard and could keep going for a second and even a third time on the one erection.

When we reached the pool she had me standing at the poolside in various poses to show off my body. She ran her hands over my body feeling my muscles and finishing with her hand around my tool. She pulled me close and encouraged me to make free with her tits then she held me in a toe-curling kiss as she ground her pelvis into my erection. Suddenly there was a Whap on my bum. I jerked away and there was Elvira right behind me with a grin on her face and a kitchen spatula in her hand. She flicked the implement at my bum again. It stung but did not really hurt then Maria gripped my buttocks as her daughter strolled away chuckling to herself.

“Elvira has her own methods of delivering her punishments. Some time this afternoon she will catch you when you’re not ready and finish your spanking to her satisfaction. She loves to keep her victims in suspense wondering when the next blow will land. Now I’ve waited long enough for this,” she grasped my erection. “So get it bayan eskort bursa up my pussy and fuck me.” She dragged me to the ground on top of her and guided my tool to her pussy. “All the way, Andy,” she said. “Give it to me hard.” That is how Hannah likes to be fucked so I was happy to ram straight into her hot pussy. She grunted and then seemed to go crazy, banging her groin into mine all the time calling, “Fuck, fuck, fuck fuckfuckfuckfuck”

Suddenly I felt a hand pressing down on my back and whap, whap, whap stinging on my backside – but it didn’t stop and the blows were getting harder. Elvira seemed to be timing her strikes to her mother’s thrusting. “Harder,” Maria called. “Harder, harder …” I banged harder into her and the little girl’s spatula pounded all over my bum. It was seriously painful now but I could almost ignore it in my growing urgency. With a loud cry I pumped my spunk right up Maria’s twat, and she screamed in her own ecstasy.

“Thank you darling,” she said breathlessly, “That was perfect timing. Now kiss me.” But she wasn’t addressing me. Elvira knelt at her mother’s side and they went into a face eating contest. As usual my tool was still hard and I was moving slowly up and down in her cunt ready for the next round. “That feels good. He’s still fucking me.”

“Let me help Mummy.”

Elvira started stroking my inflamed bum with a soothing touch. Her hand wandered down the back of my thighs which had also been tenderised by the spatula then she gripped my balls hard, squeezing them for several painful seconds. She traced a finger nail from my scrotum to my arse and circled round and round the little hole. I was surprised how nice that felt even when the finger tried to push in but again those doubts entered my mind. Only poufs do that sort of thing, I thought, and I’m not a queer. But still the lovely girl persevered and I felt the finger pushing harder until it gained entrance. Obviously I was dry down there and it was uncomfortable. Next I felt her finger pushing alongside my prick inside Maria’s cunt. She pumped the finger in and out a few times then returned to my arse and pressed all the way inside my clenched arse. My arse burned for a while but I was surprised to find myself enjoying the sensations. As I pulled back for each stroke of my prick into the warm depths of her mother’s pussy, that finger up my arse pushed back. She was fucking my arse with her finger and I was loving it. So quickly, even for me, I exploded inside Maria which tipped her over the edge again. I felt Elvira’s finger leave me and she was nowhere to be seen by the time her mother and I relaxed after the bizarre sex we had just shared.

I was still inside her with my tool softening but never really going down. I felt her pussy squeeze around my cock then she hugged me close and rolled us both over twice until we fell into the cold water. My tool slipped out but I grabbed her and thrust it back inside: the contrast between the heat of her cunt on my revitalising prick and the cold water round my bollocks had me continuing to fuck her. “Oh you’re a fucking stud Andy, a fucking animal.” She raised her legs round my waist and held me in there while kissing me with her tongue down my throat. I moved forward still locked in the intimate embrace until her back was pushed against the pool side and I pounded her cunt to another three climaxes before I shot my load up her again.

I had to carry her over my shoulder out of the pool and lay her on the warm surrounds of the pool. She was weeping and her body shuddered as she curled to a semi foetal position. She did not object when I rolled her onto her back, groped her tits and soon sank my mouth over a lovely hard nipple. “My god you’re a randy bastard. Randy Andy.”

I gave her nipple a bite and responded, “Yeah, I’ve been called that before. Ready for some more yet?” I cupped her pussy and slid a couple of fingers inside.

“More? You’ve fucking ruined me. Come on, help me up now.” I pulled her to her feet groping her tits as I did so. She pushed my hands away and led me over to near the far wall where there was a small mixed orchard. Great green cooking apples hung heavily on two of the trees and pears were ripening on another three. Under the shade of a cherry tree was Elvira on her back, legs splayed unashamedly and holding her father’s face to her cunt.

“Want to swap?” Maria asked her daughter.

“About time you greedy bitch.” Elvira pulled Diego’s head from his task, pushed him towards his sister with her foot and told me to get down on all fours. I felt her pussy squish onto my back as she mounted me like a horse. She clicked her mouth, kicked her heels into my ribs and, using my hair as her reins, she headed me to the house with her firmly ‘in the saddle’. I heard Maria telling her brother to be gentle. “Randy Andy there has done what I never thought possible: he fucked even me to a stand still. Elvira laughed then reached back with her hand and smacked my rump. “Faster my little stallion.” All the way to the house she rode me, with her heels giving me constant encouragement, aided by random slaps on my bum. Through the big room she steered me, down the passage and came to a halt at the foot of the stairs. She told me to carry her upstairs to her bedroom, guided me there and I had to lay her on the bed. She spread her legs and told me to get my mouth down there.

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