And For Breakfast? Paybacks, Over Easy.

Amy Brooke

Sharon is about 5′ 6″ tall with a tight little body, very long legs topped by muscular buns. She has shoulder length auburn hair I have seen a landing strip, diamond, triangle, heart, bushy patch & an arrow pointing to her clit. And Sharon has a fantastic butt with a keyhole profile crotch & has always kept her lips bald.

Sharon and I met as freshmen & were BBF & almost sisters. She discovered her longtime BF Brian had cheated on her, spending a long weekend with this girl. Brian never went wanting for sex since Sharon was a nymphomaniac so she didn’t understand why he would disgrace her. Hurt & angry, her answer was not to mope & feel sorry but to go out & have sex, lots of sex with random guys as revenge. Her friend Pam offered to set it up for her to do just that. This is where I tried to step in to stop it before it got out of control. Pam proved to be a bad influence & I was worried this would get out of control. Sharon could be very headstrong & was not listening to me. Regardless, she was my best friend & I had to do what I could. Try as I might I was losing my battle to keep her from having revenge sex over her boyfriend.

Sharon told me she was going to a party & planned to have sex with the help of her nasty friend Pam. She wouldn’t return my calls but left a message & told me that if I met her @ the party she might talk to me. Brian had called me & I told him we were going away for the weekend & told him not to call her.

I followed her directions and arrived at this house at the time she asked me to. It was a very hot and sticky humid evening. A couple of black guys with white chicks were on the front porch, when I walked up the steps they said hello to me and said to just go in. Once inside I went over to the kitchen area where a black girl asked if I wanted beer, champagne or liquor. I mixed a strong drink and started looking around for Sharon. There were lots of black guys and lots of white chicks, but only a handful of either white guys or black chicks.

I found Sharon sitting on a couch surrounded by black guys; she was hard to miss. One guy had his hand resting on her knee, her legs uncrossed. She was wearing a little slinky baby blue number & drinking champagne laughing it up and talking with several black guys on the sofa and chairs facing her as the center of attention. She noticed me standing there but didn’t get up to come over for several minutes. From where I was standing I could easily tell Sharon wasn’t wearing panties, and so could everybody there. Pam was over in the corner getting real friendly with some black guy with long braids. I didn’t recognize any of these other people.

Finally, Sharon got up and did a sluttish walk as she came over to me. Her halter dress was cut below her belly button & barely covered her obviously hard nipples exposing her breasts on the sides with every step. The plunging front fell low enough to expose the dangling silver belly button ring and sheer enough to expose the shadow of her little trimmed patch & dark brown nipples clearly through the slinky thin fabric. She looked slutty as hell in that little blue micro mini dress with her auburn hair, dangling silver earrings and wearing a lot of metallic blue eye shadow. Right away I could tell she’s really high on something. Even though Sharon has really dark hazel eyes I could tell her pupils were very dilated and she was drunk. This was not going to be easy.

She kissed me & said ” I should’ve called & told you not to come.”

“Sharon what are you doing dressed like such a slut?” I asked as I tugged her top over to cover her tits. “My God girl you might as well be naked.”

“Carmi I know what I am doing. Nobody has complained about my outfit but you! I think I look damned sexy! Listen girlfriend, just stick around for awhile, after a few more drinks maybe we can talk some, okay?”

Then she turned around and did a slutty walk back over to the couch with all the eyes following her. Her dress was cut low in back, nearly down to her butt crack showing yetişkin porno her tramp stamp. I got another drink hoping she’d change her mind.

Then she & three of the black guys got up, her tits bounced freely as she walked across the room & went down the stairs. She made little effort to cover them. She motioned with her finger for me to follow. The guys got her some more champagne. I sat down in a chair in the corner. The basement was kind of warm and muggy.

Two of the black guys Sharon had been talking with sat on a couch. Sharon sat on one guy’s lap with her legs up on the other guy’s lap, a third black guy sat in a chair right in front of her. I was thinking that Sharon had me come here just to put on a display for me to tell Brian about. I just sat there quietly drinking hoping that she’d finish this little charade and come talk with me. I was really quite concerned that she didn’t wear any panties, or bra for that matter. If it wasn’t for the fabric clinging to her hard nipples, every time she moved her tits would have popped out & they did anyway. Those black guys stared hungrily at her pussy every time she flashed merely moving her legs. Obviously she wanted them to.

After several minutes of sitting in his lap flirting and laughing, she spread her legs wide as she was getting to her feet. As she turned & bent over to whisper in one guy’s ear, I could see her long pussy lips hanging from behind for everyone to see. I loved licking those lips when we had sex.

Sharon walked over to me & put her hand gently on my cheek as she put her lips to my ear and said, “You gotta stay for the fun! Pam promised me that none of these three have had sex all week. Be sure to tell Brian that paybacks are a BITCH!”

Then she walked over to the guys, she took one by the hand, all three of them got up and walked down to the end of this little hallway to a bedroom door where she stopped, looked back with a devious smirk, reached behind her neck and unhooked her dress letting it fall to the floor. The three black guys let out some “oh yeas” or something as she stood there wearing only her platform shoes & wide smile as the door closed behind them…

Sharon had just walked into that room to fuck three black guys. I had to stay for her support. Upstairs I went for another strong drink. I glanced around the room & saw that the party looked to be getting sexually charged as everyone was coupled up making out. I saw Pam sitting on a sofa making out with that black guy with the long braids, her legs were spread out as his hand was between them finger fucking her in front of anyone who wanted to watch. Still being fingered, she watched me as I walked back downstairs.

I quickly walked over to the door and tried the knob but it was locked. I think I banged it hard once or twice then it opened. When I walked in I could see the guys had all stripped and sporting erections.

Sharon was laid back on the bed her legs spread, knees up high, while one black guy was eating her pussy. “Y’all look at these lips! She is so hot to fuck!” He was pulling on her lips with his fingers and mouth. I could not see her face because another black guy was crouched on his knees his back to me on the bed, obviously Sharon had his dick in her mouth sucking him while she was being eaten out. I could hear her muffled moans. His hand covered her tit rubbing & pulling her nipple.

The black guy that was licking Sharon now moved up to put his cock in her. The other guy getting head from her moved off the bed and sat in a chair, as did the third guy to watch. When that guy started fucking her, he started slowly, because she is always wet he buried his cock right away. Sharon was going nuts yelling, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me!” moaning loudly, and “oh god! Oh god!” The other black guys would voice their comments like, “uh huh! Give it to that hot little white chick!” “Hey man, give her that black dick!” ” Uh huh, that’s what I say!” Sharon straightened her legs youjizz porno out wide and backward almost touching the bed, a gymnastic type maneuver I’d seen her do many times with Brian. The guy fucking her said to the other guys, “Come over and hold this bitches legs back while I give it to her deep!”

Both guys got up and went to each side of the bed and grabbed her ankles holding her legs in place bent way back, pushing her torso up. The guy fucking her then starting pounding her hard, his balls slapping her ass was loud (bap-bap-bap!) and he started fucking her fast and furious.

Sharon was screaming out in ecstasy her voice shaking with every thrust into her, “Oh god! My cervix! Shit that hurts so good! Oh god, you’re so fucking deep!”

Then after several minutes he thrust into her and stopped then again and stopped doing this a couple of times and said out loud, “damn I’m Cumming!”

She reached for her clit as he ever so slowly pulled out & you could see her pussy lips gaping wide just as another black guy jumped on the bed and turned Sharon over on her knees, he thrust his dick into her wet pussy from behind & started fucking her doggy style. I could hear her mouth making a little oo and aah.

She was shouting, “oh oh oh fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes!” and dropping her head to look underneath her at his cock going into her pussy, the other guys cheering him on with their usual comments. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back. The heat & humidity was making everyone really sweaty. Sharon’s naked body was glistening with sweat, her nipples jerking every time she received a thrust. Her hair was being pulled while getting fucked and her really loud screams of pleasure filled the room.

I was overwhelmed by the visual stimulation and arousal of watching this girlfriend of mine being roughly fucked and utterly loving every second of it. The guy fucking her with one hand holding onto her waist the other grabbed her hair then he used his hand to really mess her hair up wild making it look all ratty and pushing it down over her face, the other guys laugh. She did too. The third guy had his shorts off and got up on the bed on his knees in front of her. She took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it. He held her face as she sucked him saying, “Suck that black cock, white girl.” He reaches under and pinches and pulls her nipples, bringing loud moans from Sharon as she sucked his balls.

The guy fucking her goes in deep & stops with a grunt, as he pulls his dick out, a string of cum streams like a droopy string from the end of his dick to Sharon’s pussy. She didn’t get them to wear condoms, which was even worse to tell Brian. The guy in front of her told her to roll over so he could fuck her missionary. As she did, I could see her big brown pussy lips swollen & spread wide open and her clit glistening. This guy mounts her & starts fucking her hard, fast and furious. He holds her legs up in the air to go as deep as he could. Sharon is just shouting out in pleasure, holding her hand to her clit rubbing furiously while he pinches her nipples.

As he’s fucking her there’s a knock on the door, one guy opens it & two skinny black guys walk in the room asking, “Hey man, we can hear y’all loud as hell, can we get in on some of this action?”

Without missing a stroke the guy fucking Sharon asks her, “Hey babe, can you take two more cocks?” Sharon, out of breath looks up & says, “FUCK YES! This is great! I mean this is so fucking great! FUCK ME!” Finally the third guy stops deep inside & cums hard. Next I see him pulling his dick out slapping the head against Sharon’s pussy lips to shake off his excess cum onto her tiny mound of fur.

One of the new guys, about 18 years old and kind of short, had his baggy pants off & the other guys are saying, “this is gonna be good!” and laughing. He walked over to the bed and Sharon leaned over into him to lick his cock to get it hard. She says, “WOW!” and started sucking him as she youporn porno still lay on the bed with him rubbing her cum wet pussy. When he moved away to crawl on the bed I could see that his dick was maybe 9 inches long or more. He told Sharon to get on top of him and ride him cowgirl. She mounted him, her ass pointing right at me. She held his dick while she sat on him and slowly slid her swollen pussy lips down onto his dick. The guys were saying, “All the way baby!” She finally took him all the way as she slid down his huge cock, her labia spreading out over his balls. Then Sharon slowly started moving up and down on him. I could see her taking him in and out of her sloppy wet pussy, leaving his dick wet and creamy as she went up & down. Soon she was going full force, yelling her head off. She was so wet that she made his balls wet and cum was squishing out. Her entire body was covered in sweat. Her tits and nipples were being pinched and pulled by this young guy. The fifth guy got in front of her to have his cock sucked before his turn. Finally the guy fucking her grabs her hips cums in her too. She slowly slid all 9″ of him out of her pussy and collapsed on the bed. He made her lick his dick clean.

And the guys all said, “one more babe!” Sharon yelled out, “Allright! Give that black cock to me and make me cum again!”

That guy, the fifth guy, wanted to fuck her doggy style so Sharon got on all fours facing away from me. I saw white sticky cum drops hanging from her lips as he got on the bed her little dangling belly button ring was swinging along with her nipples with each really fast thrust. Then a couple of the guys who had already fucked her, got on the bed on their knees in front of her for her to suck them both while she was getting fucked. While fingering her asshole this fifth guy said he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out rubbed it up & down her butt cheeks slowly.

“Hold on girl!”

He grabbed onto one of her lips with each hand and pulls them apart while sliding into her. She bucks and screams and pushes back on him. He doesn’t last long and grunts & cums while rubbing his cock from her ass to her pussy.

About then one of the guys she was sucking started cumming in her mouth. She is out of breath and can’t swallow so it just runs from her mouth. Still on her knees, the other guy got behind her and started fucking her all over again. Just before he came he turned her over & told her to suck him. She let his cum run down onto her tits leaving a white gob on her stiff brown nipple.

Sharon laid back propped up on her elbows. Her body wet with sweat, hair was in a ‘sex tussle’, legs spread wide open & her clit clearly aroused. With cum all over her hair, her tits, dripping from her chin, oozing out of her swollen cum-drenched labia, and a wad of cum on her pubes.

I was glad Brian could not see this. She was smiling really big at them and told them that she lost track of how many orgasms she’d had. Guy # 3 recovered and swung his cock toward her face.

“OMG!!! My pussy is soo sore right now. Oh what the hell. Sure fuck me with your big black cock! Shoot your cum in my pussy.”

He takes her cowgirl sliding her slippery lips down his thick hard cock. The other two blacks want their seconds too so they get on either side of her.

Already hard, she strokes them & tries to suck them while fucking the guy below. This session takes awhile & finally one by one the two guys standing each give her more cum to swallow & drool onto her tits. The guy she is fucking makes her cum & as she bears down he cums inside her again. Sharon falls forward onto him & I watched the white cum oozing out. Her labia were red & contrasted the white cum all over his black balls. This time when she collapses she is done.

After regaining some composure Sharon looks at me and says, “I guess that was kind of a whole 2 weeks worth of fucking Brian will never get!”

I was still in shock at what I had just witnessed when Pam walked in, “What did I miss?” Then she saw Sharon & gasped.

After everyone quit laughing, Sharon said, “Nothing much.”

I wanted her to come home with me so I could comfort her & clean her up… cause my God was she a mess. She would have nothing of it.

“They are going to make me breakfast.” She laughed.

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