Anal with American’s in Oxford


I had attended a lecture on neo-classic art at one of the colleges in Oxford and afterwards I was walking back through corridors of the gothic buildings. The night had drawn in and I could smell winter in my nostrils. In the distance I saw a bright light coming from one of the windows and I saw Jenny’s boyfriend Michael walking towards me. He was American, young — say about 22 and athletic. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes and wore glasses. He was studying Physics at the university and in his second year.

He stopped close by and we started to talk. I realized that I wasn’t even listening, and I was just starting at his face and watching his sexy lips move as he talked. He wasn’t especially tall but about my height. I could see his breath and with each word he spoke I felt myself aroused and consciously wet between my legs. He said that Jenny was working late in the gallery, but he guessed I knew that as I was her boss.

In the distance the sound of music came from one of the rehearsal rooms. He said that he and some of the guys were having a few drinks in the common room and would I like to come?

I looked at my watch, bit my lip a little and thought of Sarah at home. Would she be in a bad mood again I didn’t think she loved me anymore. I don’t know why but I could sense something about Michael that night, something a little different. It could have been in his smile, or in his eyes, I just don’t know what it was, but I felt IT.

I walked with him to the common room. Inside the room was heated by an open fire. The flagstone floor had a big patterned rug in the middle and ceilings were high with beams running across. I remember there was a lot of red in the room. It smelled a little rustic and fusty. The large oak door closed firmly behind me.

Michael took my coat and scarf and hung it up on the back of the door. I noticed that he clicked the lock shut behind me. There was only one other person in the room, a young man, standing with his back to the fire. His hair was a little longer than Michael’s and it was dark, brushed forwards onto his face. He smiled to reveal very straight, even white teeth. He was wearing jeans with a thin knit jumper and noticeably there wasn’t anything underneath.

I smiled and he handed me a drink in a tumbler, I think it was brandy but it could have been scotch. As I swallowed the liquid it warmed me through to the core and I felt myself unconsciously unwind from the stress of the gallery, my pussy was wet. I sat into the worn but comfortable chair, my eyes were level with his genitals and I stared at the package longingly. I believe he noticed.

Michael introduced me to Anthony and told me that he was a friend from ‘back home’ and that he had just arrived in the UK for his first year at Oxford. He said that Michael had told him I owned the art gallery near the marketplace. I sat up and tried hard to listen, but I felt very relaxed. I pushed the questions back onto Anthony, turns out he is a champion rower and will be on the Oxford team.

I just kept thinking about his body underneath his clothing. For some reason I had imagined that he wasn’t wearing any pants. I just wanted to slip my hand into my knickers and stoke my soft wet clit. I uncrossed my legs in the chair and smiled at both of them. I kept catching their eyes running up my legs to when my knee length skirt began. I was wearing hold-ups, I guessed that they were Büyükesat Escort thinking about what might be at the top of the nylon, would my cunt be hairy or shaved, would my pussy lips be swollen, thick, thin? Would I have a big clitty, or would it be little tiny and barely noticeable. Would I be tight inside my pussy, would my arse hole be ready to take a big cock? Had I taken it up the arse before or would I only let a finger slip into me.

I sipped the brandy a little more, and I felt my cheeks flush up a little pink. My heart was thumping into my chest and my cotton knickers started to soak with excitement. I couldn’t believe I was sitting in a room with two young, handsome and intelligent Americans (especially after sitting through a lecture with loads of stuffy old English farts with patches on their elbows and comb-overs)

Michael walked around behind me as Anthony talked on about his arrival in the UK and the secret world of Oxford. I wanted to turn around and look at him but I was afraid to look, I felt excitement at what he might be doing behind me. He was very quiet. I pulled my skirt over my knees a little and realized that my hand was visibly shaking. I slugged some more brandy.

I was aware that Anthony was continually looking at Michael, but still I kept my eyes fixed onto Anthony as he spoke. Anthony said that I looked exhausted after my long day at work and then the lecture. I felt Michael’s hand rubbing my shoulders through the thin material of my top. It was most unusual but I didn’t jump because it felt right. I didn’t look up: I just looked down at his hands.

He moved one hand away, and kept rubbing with the other. I was trying to imagine what he was doing with the other hand. I discovered what he was doing as he put his hand gently over my mouth and nose from behind, he told me to smell his dirty cock from where he had been wanking himself. It was just so horny and I almost pissed myself from the excitement. His hand smelled musky and manly, he was right it did smell dirty.

Still behind me he took hold of my hands and tied them together behind my back. I felt quite frightened and it heightened my arousal even more. I was helpless, I knew they were going make me their bitch and fuck me.

He walked around the chair to the front and pushed his cock into my mouth. His trousers were open and I longed to take his balls in my hand and tug them, cup them and slip my fingers into his tight American arse hole that needed a good fucking.

Michael held my head in his hands and ensured I sucked him deeply in my throat. He told me that he knew I was onto a dead cert, Jenny had left him in the gallery alone one afternoon and he had gone onto my lap top, opening my diary and reading the details of how I was living in a now sexless relationship with a woman and longing to be fucked by two men. He told me that now I would have to have my fantasy and it was too bad if I didn’t want to do it any more.

Anthony, who had been sitting on the edge of the table opposite, put down his brandy and walked over. He pulled my legs so that my bottom rested on the edge of the chair. I was very much enjoying the taste of Michael’s cock that I didn’t care what they did to me as long as I came hard in that moment being their whore was all that mattered. It had been so long since I had been lost in the sexual pleasure Elvankent Escort of the moment and I wanted it to last so much.

Michael pulled his cock from my mouth and I gasped deeply, licking the head and lapping up his salty pre-cum as it worked out in a steady flow for me.

Anthony had started to pull my skirt up and rubbed my legs gently as he worked his hand up my thigh and pushed his head between my legs. He smelled my cunt through my knickers. I felt so dirty, I had not washed since the morning and would have liked to freshen up some more before sex but there was no choice for me. He told me that my cunt smelled good enough to eat.

On his knees he pulled my knickers to one side and just looked at my cunt, my eyes were wide open while I sucked Michael’s cock and I started at him as he looked up and down my legs and back to my pussy. He pushed his fingers slowly into my soft wet lips, then pulled them out sniffed them and licked them. I was so wet, and I felt my juices flowing onto my arse and into the chair. He knew how to make me wait.

He pushed me and my legs right back and Michael moved back too so I could still indulge in sucking him dry. I was glad he had allowed me to move my head so that I could suck, lick and taste his sack that was smoothly shaven.

The chair was comfortable and supported my body well, I couldn’t see what was going on any longer but looked up at Michael’s face, he was watching Anthony as he parted my arse and began to lick it. It felt so good and I adored being rimmed. It was the ultimate tease as I he hand not yet touched my cunt with his tongue.

This was everything I had longed for and having my arse eaten out was just the icing on the cake. Bound as I was it was what I needed for a change, I was always in control in work and at home I had been the dominant one for so long. I needed to be sorted out properly.

The arse licking went on, and on and I enjoyed him pushing his tongue deep into my hole, licking all around it and just onto my buttocks a little. I know that my arse hole grew supple wanting to take a whole cock in there.

They swapped over and Michael, on his knees licked my arse out too. Anthony put his cock into my face and pulled his foreskin down so that I could lick around the sensitive glands beneath. His cock was bigger than Michael’s and I struggled to take the whole head deeply into my mouth.

After a few minutes he stripped off his clothes and sat into the back of the chair. I couldn’t work out what he was doing at first, but as he made himself comfortable on my face, he told me that he had enjoyed licking out my arse hole and now I must return the favour. I had never licked out a man’s arse before but was so excited by the sight of his pink ring in front of me that there as was no stopping me licking him when I got going. I enjoyed rimming him and reached up a little more to suck his sack and lick his perineum a little as he wanked himself.

It was just amazing, rimming whilst being rimmed — I was ready to cum and my cunt had hardly been touched. I kept thinking that I was missing out on licking up his pre-cum but I only have one mouth, and I must keep it in perspective! I was helpless and must enjoy what ever I was given.

Michael had started to diversify and began licking my cunt, sliding his tongue inside and then gliding Beşevler Escort it over my clit to torment me. I held off of cumming. He licked my arse, my pussy and then fingered my arse as he licked my pussy. I came hard, squirting into his mouth, onto his wide warm tongue — it was amazing.

He continued to lick regardless of my climax and worked me up into a horny state once again. For someone so young he had the skills of a 40 year old and I was enjoying every moment of my emancipation from the celibacy that Sarah had enforced.

When he was sure I was worked up again, he climbed onto me as I was — totally helpless and still in the chair, he slipped his cock into my pussy easily. He pumped me so hard and my hands still bound, squashed into the seat taking the weight of both of us. It enhanced the sensations as a little pain felt good for me.

As he fucked me, I could just see a little and he leaned in, taking Anthony’s cock into his hand and pushed it into his mouth. I came quickly as this was so erotic. I saw as much as I could and his hungry tongue licked up the shaft of Anthony’s cock gobbling the beads of pre cum as he went. Anthony was groaning and saying he was close to cumming. He had said, in his American way, that he wanted to ‘do my Ass.’

They swapped over again, but Michael (obviously being fond of oral) made me suck his cock and balls over again, with his salty pre-cum in my mouth I was not complaining and I could have cum, over and over, all night long, Sarah was far away in my mind right now.

Anthony slipped his cock into my pussy a little, pulled it out and rubbed the swollen head onto my clitty. Then he eased it into my little, supple arse hole, deeper and deeper and deeper. He fucked me like a bitch while I sucked Michael’s cock. I begged Michael to fuck my pussy and he said ok, but only for a special treat.

I never got fucked in the arse and pussy at the same time before. They made me stand up with my hands still bound. Anthony sat down in the chair beneath me, I lay on his chest, legs open as he thrust his hard cock into my pussy it was huge and felt so great. Michael came up behind me and fucked my arsehole he was very gentle, fingering it first to ensure I was ready to take all of its girth and depth.

I have never enjoyed being penetrated like this ever. All of my fantasies came true at once and it’s the best feeling ever. They both enjoyed giving me so much pleasure, I only had to straddle Michael to get that great feeling and they did the rest. Michael kissed me deeply and gently. I thought I might bite his lip because I felt aroused so intensely. Anthony asked me if I wanted him to cum in my arse and I said yes. He shot his load into me hard and as he pulled out I felt his spunk pouring from my arse.

Anthony lifted me a little as Michael pulled his cock out of my pussy and spunked onto my clitty as he rubbed it in, it felt absolutely amazing. I came really hard enjoying Anthony fingering his spunk in and out of my arsehole.

Anthony untied me, I was sweating and we rested for a couple of minutes. I looked at the window and wondered when the blinds had been drawn together. I checked my watch as I knew that Jenny would be leaving the gallery soon, and she usually came to the university to meet Michael. They made it clear that Jenny must not find out what had happened and that what had gone on between us was a simple initiation for Anthony. I was only to glad to have been a part of it.

I dressed, and politely kissed them each on the cheek before stepping out of the door, my lips still wet with sweat and I was stinking of sex as I walked through the haze to reach my bicycle. I would return home to Sarah, and for tonight at least I would feel happy with my lot in life.

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