Anal Seduction Redux Ch. 04


Ch. 04 / Ass Wrecked

As I walked to my car, I could feel the jism and possible poop oozing out of my wrecked ass-hole. Hank had stretched my rectum to extreme measures. I sat in the car, leaned back and closed my eyes as the images of the last hour raced through my mind.

My legs were rubbery and my nipples were sore and my balls churned painfully from the three orgasms, one wet and two dry spasms that I suffered while Hank fucked me.

O, what sweet misery. I smiled and started the car. I could not put the image of Hank’s enormous cock and the feel of gripping, licking and sucking it. And I sucked his egg sized balls and massaged each one with my tongue.

I gripped and rubbed my achy cock in my jeans. My jaw sore from stretching so far and the back of my throat was stretched and greasy from the anal lube.

My mind was filled with the scene of my pumping my ass back onto his enormous member. The stretching was painful at first then such extreme pleasure.

The scene and feeling of Hank, who brutally assaulted my pussy-hole with his enormous member as he pull and pinched my nipples flooded my brain. The image of my pulling my ass cheeks apart as Hank positioned his cock head at my small crinkle rosebud.

The image of his cock stretching my hole and the pressure in my nut-sack created a stir in my cock.

Suddenly, I decided that I needed more practice performing fellatio on my fuck buddies. I made up my mind to practice some in the near future.

That night, I admired my swollen red pussy-hole with a mirror. I applied some analgesic and managed to push a finger inside. I recalled the day’s events as my finger squirmed inside my swollen sore anal-lips caused a stirring in my cock.

I soaked in a tub of hot water. My balls relaxed and hung down. My pussy-hole was sore for three days after meeting Hank at the truck stop.

On Tuesday, Bill called and made a date for the following Wednesday afternoon. I told him that I wanted more fellatio experience. He chuckled and said great.

It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon around four o’clock when Bill called. He wanted to meet at the book store in one hour.

“Why not here at my place,” I asked? He said that he was feeling kinky and he had a friend.

I douched sufficiently and showered. Then I squirted some anal lube in my hole.

I arrived at the book store to find Bill waiting with a friend. His friend was taller and appeared stockier. His head was partially bald. Bill introduced him as Paul.

There was a feint smell of pine sol in the air.

We made some small talk and entered the largest booth with a narrow padded table.

Once inside, there was mutual fondling. I couldn’t tell whose hands were massaging my ass, balls and cock.

My hands groped at their pants and fingers squeezed two fat cocks. Bill began rubbing my hard nipples through my t-shirt. My nipples responded and were hard and pointy. The pinching sent waves of pleasure to my cock.

In a very short time, I was stripped with only tennis shoes. Bill turned me, slightly bent over and asked Paul, look at that, isn’t that a nice ass. Paul grunted uh-huh. My ass was exposed as both men stared at my ass.

Bill pulled my ass cheeks apart and asked Paul to examine my crinkle rosebud. Paul squatted down and examined my exposed anus.

Paul’s fingers traced my ass crack and poked at my anal lips. When one finger stroked across my ass hole it was like I came.

Both men opened their flies and pulled out their cocks. I gripped and frigged two semi-hard cocks. They were both fat and promising.

My cock was rock hard and Paul was a pro at stroking my cock.

I felt Paul’s finger intrude at my anal lips and slowly push inside me. Then pulled his finger out and spit on his fingers then back to my ass hole. I reached back and pulled Büyükesat Escort one cheek apart as wide as I could while he slid one finger deep into my rectum.

I felt his long finger push inside my tight achy-hole first one then two fingers.

“Oh, Paul, yes, yes, Ooooh, harder, deeper. All the way up my ass. Oh, God, I love it there. Oh, I love it,” I moaned out loud not caring who heard me.

As he finger-fucked my ass hole, he continued to stroke my slick cock with his left hand. Meanwhile, Bill pinched and teased my hard nipples. A ripple of pleasure shot through my cock.

I was impelled on two fingers in my rectum and a big hand frigging my stiff cock and yet another fondled my nut sack.

“Your ass is so tight … so fucking tight—what a tight ass,” mumbled Paul.

“Oh, Paul, it’s good –love it. Stick your whole goddamn hand up there. Fuck the shit out of it. Oh, fuck, fuck me-e-e.”

Bill said to suck his friend first. I squatted down, kneeled on the tile floor and applied my lips over his cock head. I wondered if Bill noticed that my pussy hole was slightly bigger than before.

Holding the hard, fat base of his prick in my hand, I lightly ran the wet tip of my tongue all around the swollen, purple head, feeling it throb with every move my tongue made.

Paul’s cock smelled like cum and there was obvious pre-cum on the head. It tasted like old jism and sweat. I sucked easy at first and gradually took his cock past my tongue as his cock enlarged. Bill instructed him to pull on my ears and face my fuck hard.

His cock jutted straight out, it was at least two inches thick.

“Suck it, bitch, suck it,” he said.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I sucked the purple head of his cock inside, rolling my tongue around it. Deeper and deeper, I took it until, finally, I felt the head pressing against the back of my throat.

My mouth worked like a vacuum, trying to suck the come from his nuts. I squeezed his balls and played with his ass, running my fingers up and down the crack and then sliding one finger up his male hole.

Paul was happy to oblige and soon his cock was fucking my mouth and throat. My ears were pulled slightly as he pushed his cock down my throat. Saliva poured from my mouth I ate the length of his cock. His nuts tightened in their sack and I knew that he was close to come.

Bill stripped off his pants and I frigged his hard cock while Paul was fucking my throat. I was dizzy from lack of air. I managed to gulp air when he pulled back past my wind pipe for a brief second and re-entered.

Paul was a good size but not as long and thick as Bill’s 10 inch cock. Drool seeped out of my mouth. I pushed away from his cock before he could cumm.

I was relieved when Bill decided it was his turn to get sucked. I was positioned up, bent over the narrow table on my elbows and poised with my ass exposed.

In front of me, Bill presented his stiff monster to my face while Paul assaulted my rear. I could feel his stiff dick push between ass cheeks and after some guidance with his fingers, his cock head opened and penetrated my puckered anal lips.

“Oh, Paul, fuck me, fuck me—Please, slam your cock up me. Please,” as my ass pushed back hungrily.

“Humphfff, ughh, hmm—mm—hmmm,” I groaned as Bill held my head with his cock snug between my lips.

“Pinch his nipples,” Bill said. Paul found my nipples and pulled and pinched each nipple. The feeling was maddening. I could feel the sensation in my cock.

I began slamming my ass back and forth, in time to his own movements, trying to sink his hard tool in even deeper.

Spit rolled from the corners of my mouth as I sucked greedily on Bill’s member. Bill held my head as his the two men steadily fucked me. I was pushed back and forth receiving Elvankent Escort both hard cocks.

The excitement and desire rising in my body like a tidal wave. All I could feel, think about, be aware of was the cock slamming in and out of my stretched, wanting ass hole.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and it felt like my flesh was on fire.

Paul’s cock was quickly buried up my tight hole. He moaned and groaned in pleasure as he started a slow steady fuck.

I ground my ass back and wanted him to fuck me good. I couldn’t say anything with Bill’s cock in my mouth.

Paul began to stroke my slick pussy-hole in earnest. He pulled almost out to the head and poked back inside. I could feel my anal lips pulled out with each stroke.

My cock throbbed in unison as he pistoned faster. His pelvis slapped my ass cheeks with a noticeable plop. Paul fucked me good until Bill interrupted.

“Ok, let’s swap,” said Bill. Paul obliged and my pussy-hole shrank as it throbbed.

I filled my left hand fingers with my oozing jism. Then I licked the sweet jism from my fingers.

The two changed positions. Bill held his cock with his right hand and parted one cheek with the other.

“Wow, look at your pussy-hole wink at me,” he said sadistically as my anus throbbed in anticipation.

“Oh, Fuck me, Bill—Oh—Fuck Meee, Please,” I said.

Bill positioned his cock between my ass cheeks. The head of his cock nestled firmly at my out-stretched pussy-hole.

I could feel the lips of my asshole fall apart. As they did, his cock slid snugly into the opening and then with one push, he buried half his huge cock in my pussy-hole. The suddenness caused a huge spasm in my cock and churned my inner bowels.

“Ohh—Ummm—Ughh—Gooo—Ohh—Yess,” I groaned out.

His cock was much thicker than Paul’s and really stretched my pussy-hole. Slowly and gently he began pumping into me with short gentle strokes, increasing in their length so that more and more of him crept inside me.

The rigidity of his tool as it slid back, my anal lips were pulled-out as my hole gripped his shaft. My cock spasmed with each stroke.

The walls of my ass were clinging, almost desperately to his torrid cock. My anal lips pulled out with each outstroke.

My hips began to work, swirling in circles; back and forth, up and down, driving the hard, pounding length of his raging cock deep into the recesses of my bowels.

His hand reached under me and I felt him grasp my slick cock. He stroked it a few times, then his fingers found and gripped my nipples. My nipples expanded hotly as he tweaked them savagely. I moaned with the passion that swarmed through my lust-filled body.

The fires of lust were raging inside me. I could feel my orgasm mounting as his stiff prick continued to plunder the abused cavern of my ass. I slammed my ass against him, trying to take even more of his rigid cock inside. I could feel his balls banging hotly against scrotum and ass cheeks.

My legs were wobbly and my nuts were so tight.

“Oh, Jesus, shit, fuck me you bastard. Oh, oh, Yes, slam that fucking prick of yours into me. Fuck the shit out of me. Just fuck the shit out of my ass. Oh, harder, harder, I can’t stand it. Oh, oh, more, more. Fuck me more, harder, harder. Oh, yes, that’s so good. Oh, shit, shit. Your cock, fuck me with it. Fuck my ass hole, HARD!” I yelled out in passion.

As the lust-filled obscenities escaped my lips, he gripped my hips and I felt his meat slamming ever harder into my torn ass hole. It felt like his cock even got harder, if possible. I gasped for breath as I struggled to cumm.

Reaching between my legs, I grasped his balls and squeezed them, feeling the sperm inside. I could hardly wait to feel his hot, sticky load shooting into my grasping anus.

Paul Beşevler Escort replaced Bill at the opposite side of the table. His cock was oily from the lube and smelled like musky ass. I sucked greedily on his member as drool leaked from my lips. I massaged his hanging balls as he pumped his cock past my tongue and down my throat.

“Grumpf—Umpf—Hmm—omm—umm,” I groaned in appreciation as Bill gripped my hips and began to plow my ass. The pressure sent ripples of pleasure through my cock as my bowels were pleasantly disturbed. I could feel Bill’s huge balls bounce against my scrotum.

“Plop—plop—plop—plop,” Bill’s pelvis and cock riveted my ass. Bill moaned in enjoyment which caused my ass to meet each stroke.

Bill really began slamming it into me. I swear I felt it touch bottom, but I still wanted more. The harder he slammed forward, the harder I slammed my ass back to meet him.

I could feel my orgasm in my balls, cock and bowels. I felt my balls tightened. My cock throbbed with each stroke. Soon my cumm was boiling and the pressure was over-whelming.

I released Paul’s cock and groaned in pleasure. My cumm was boiling and my legs quivered. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Oh, Bill—Ooohh, fuck me… make me come,” I moaned out. “Oh God, I’m Cumming—Oh Hmm—Umm—Ugh—yes-o’yes-G-g-good—Fuck Me—e—e—e,” as my jism erupted like a fire hose.

It was a very long, extreme cumm. My cock dry spasmed long after all the jism shot out.

Bill fucked me harder and soon he pulled out, directed me to turn and suck his cock. I kneeled on my knees; I hefted his cock with two hands and sucked greedily while frigging his shaft. I frigged his cock with both hands and sucked his cock.

I could feel my out-stretched ass hole begin to shrink and pulse.

Bill announced he was cumming. He came in my mouth and I greedily swallowed as much as possible as some leaked out around my lips and drooled down my chin.

Soon Paul said he wanted to fuck me. I got into the position and felt him pressing the head of his cock against my tortured ass hole. I felt myself quivering at the touch and even though it hurt, I still wanted it.

I moaned with pleasure when I felt his cock head press against my ass hole. He pressed the tip of his finger into my stretched rectum and I gasped with pleasure.

“Oh, shit, hurry. Please, I can’t stand it. Fuck me. Slam that cock up my ass. Oh, God, hurry. Please…”

His cock-head was once again pressing against the entrance to my rectum and I felt him shove forward slightly. The head of his cock eased into my anus and the muscle at the entrance gave way. I moaned with desire, shoving my ass back against him, trying to feel the entire length of his cock sliding inside me.

Looking back between my legs, I could see his balls hanging low and heavy with a load of hot, sticky come. Reaching back, I scraped his hairy hanging sack. He groaned and slammed the rest of his cock into the depths of my bowels.

Now, it was my turn to groan. My body was on fire with lust while he slammed his prick in and out of my ass hole.

In just a few strokes, he came in my rectum. His body stiffened and filled my bowels deep with his jism. He gradually pulled out and my ass-hole farted some cumm out drooling down my inner thighs.

My legs were weak as I sat on a small bench. I could feel jism oozing out of my sore stretched hole between my ass cheeks.

Paul said my cock-sucking was much improved. I smiled and felt fulfilled as I studied my softening cock. My ass had cumm oozing out. My nuts felt like they were squeezed in a vice.

We all dressed and left. My ass was wrecked very well. My hole was stretched wide for several hours. At home I farted out jism in the toilet. Old Paul came a lot deep in my ass.

Days passed by and my hole gradually returned to normal. I greased my middle finger and pushed inside. The teasing was maddening.

“R-I-N-G” sounded the phone. My heart jumped anticipating a possible hot date. I answered and it was Hank from the truck-stop. He wanted to meet later that day.

My mind raced as my cock throbbed in anticipation. Hank said it was an all night lay-over. My ass was achy and horny.

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