Anal in the Pews


Two weeks had passed since Mari’s initiation into the sensual and erotic side of life. Pastor Richard was still residing with her and her husband, Pastor Syrus. Pastor Syrus was uncomfortable with the closeness that was apparent between his wife and his guest and now made it his business to make sure they were never alone together.

Mari grew frustrated that she could not continue to receive sexual lessons from Pastor Richard. She found excuses to leave the house, hoping that Pastor Richard would soon follow. One Saturday evening, Mari announced to both her husband and Pastor Richard that she was going to the ladies prayer circle that evening. She then excused herself and made her way to the chapel.

Of course there was no prayer circle meeting, it was only an excuse to get away from Pastor Syrus and hopefully engage in an erotic communion of sorts. The chapel was dark and Mari lighted several oil lamps. She made her way to the pulpit and stood there looking out over the pews. Mari giggled as she licked her lips and ran her hands over her body. “My brothers and sisters, “ Mari whispered, “I am here to bring you to a new height of awareness.” Mari’s voice grew louder, “For you are all sexual beings and therefore deserve to fulfill your sexual soul.”

Mari was unaware that Brother Cletus was in the back room working on the church budget. Brother Cletus had heard Mari’s footsteps and came to see who was there. He stood back in the dark of the doorway, unsure of what was unfolding before his eyes.

Mari continued her little charade, “Brothers, I ask you to look upon Demetevler Escort me as a….woman.” Mari began disrobing while she stood there at the pulpit. Soon she was totally nude with the glow of the oil lamps dancing upon her body. “Yes, my brothers, I am a woman and I want you……” Mari stepped down from the pulpit and stood in front of the pews. “Yes, I want you to….. touch me.” Mari’s hands slowly cupped her breasts, encircling her erect nipples. She playfully pinched each one, squealing with delight.

Brother Cletus was dumbstruck. He was a man who never strayed from the teachings of his church and he was sure that lusting after your Pastor’s wife was a great sin. Yet, he could not look away. He could feel his dick pulsating and knew that soon an erection would follow.

“Brother Simon, “ Mari called, “God has sent me to you.” Mari danced seductively in front of an imaginary man. Her hips thrust and as she danced in circles, spinning slowly, Brother Cletus felt his hunger grow. He watched Mari slip her fingers into her pussy, first one, then two, then three. Brother Cletus unknowingly began rubbing his hardening cock. A smile slowly came to his face. He looked down and could see his erection straining within his pants. “Dear Lord, the devil has me tonight,” he said as he reached into his pants to fuel his fire.

“Yes, Brother Simon, I want you to fuck me. But, I am a naughty, naughty girl and I like it nasty. I want you to fuck my little ass.” Mari turned around with her butt facing the pews and wiggled her Otele gelen escort ass. “Yes, oh yes….. ah, ah, ah,…… oooooohhhhh……. uhhhhh,” Mari nearly came to orgasm as she mimicked herself having anal sex.

Brother Cletus unbuttoned his trousers and let them and his briefs fall to his knees. He had never masturbated in his life, but the juices that flowed in his cock were screaming to be released. He cupped his balls with one hand and with the other he began stroking his hard cock. With each hip thrust that Mari displayed, Brother Cletus stroked his cock harder.

“Brother Simon, do you like to ass fuck my tight little hiney?” Mari asked. “Oh God, Yes!” Brother Cletus said, louder than he was aware. Mari spun around, looking for where the voice came from. Brother Cletus was lost in mad, frantic masturbation and unaware that he had been discovered. “Brother Simon, “ Mari again asked, “Would you like to slip your hot wet dick back into my tight little ass again?” “Oh God, Yes! I want to fuck your ass,” Brother Cletus panted as he stroked his cock fast and furious. His eyes were shut and he was fantasizing taking Mari right there, bending her over and ramming her ass with his throbbing dick.

Mari walked quickly to where she heard the voice and discovered Brother Cletus. He was on his knees and even though it was dark, Mari could see the glistening precum on the tip of his huge erection. “Brother Cletus,” Mari gasped loudly. Brother Cletus opened his eyes and found Mari standing in front of him. He felt embarrassed Balgat Escort and ashamed and tried to hide what he had been discovered doing. Mari quieted his fears, “Brother Cletus, please don’t be ashamed. Mari walked closer to him until her hot crotch was eye level to the trembling man. She reached out and pulled him closer to her. He resisted at first, but only for a moment. Brother Cletus grabbed Mari’s ass and pulled her pussy on to his face. His tongue soon made contact with her wet, dripping pussy. She thrusts her hips into his face, softly knocking him back into the wall. The sound of the pounding only increased the level of both of their passion.

Mari pulled back and lay down on the floor. She gave Brother Cletus a coy look, rolled over on her tummy and stuck her tight ass up in the air. “Brother Cletus, I’d say it’s high time you took me for a ride.” Brother Cletus leaned over and moistened the opening to her anal canal with his tongue, dipping it in and out teasingly. Mari begged him to do it and not just tease her. He was soon mounting her and thrusting his hips rapidly and roughly. Mari gasped, Brother Cletus was indeed much larger than Pastor Richard and she felt she could feel his cock reaching up to her shoulder blades. “Oh my God, Brother Cletus, your, your…. cock…. is…. so….. fucking……. big…..” Mari gasped with each thrust. “It’s God’s will that I’m fucking your ass, Mari…. It’s God’s will….” In and out, Brother Cyrus could feel the tight wet squeeze of Mari’s anal door lubricating his cock and inviting it back in for more. In and out, the velvet walls of her anal canal enveloped Brother Cyrus’s cock and gripped him tightly. Unable to hold back any longer, Brother Cletus came with a vengeance and fury like Mari had never experienced.

Mari and Brother Cletus lay there on the floor for half and hour, attempting to regain the strength needed to put the chapel back in to some order for church the next morning.

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