Anal Epic Ch. 03

Big Dicks

Chapter 03: C’est si bon

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

Sis’s shirt was now tantalizingly askew. I could easily see the tops of her ripe breasts bulging out of her bra cups. I knew Sis saw me gawking, but I didn’t care.

Sis’s ruddy pacifiers were erect, too. They made two obvious protrusions against the thin fabrics she was wearing.

When Sis turned away to look at Mom, again, I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts and began slowly stroking it. I couldn’t help myself.

Seeing Mom spit roasted as if she were a suckling pig, finally, pushed Sis over the edge, too. Sis could no longer resist. She ‘accidentally’ brushed against my arm and then feigned surprise, when she saw my throbbing, bare, hard cock.

“What are you doing?” Sis whispered as she stared at my erection.

“Oops! You caught me!”

Sis put her hand over her mouth to prevent a loud guffaw and then coolly reached over and wrapped her little hand around my swollen cock.

“Boy! You’re sooo big today!” Sis whispered as she began stroking me.

I sat back and closed my eyes, until Sis whispered, again, “Um…rub my pussy?”

“Yesss!” I quietly hissed.

Sis unzipped and then guided my hand down into her cotton panties. They were quite moist. It was obvious why, when I pushed a finger between her warm and very slippery pussy lips.

I rested my thumb on her swollen clit, inserted another finger, and began to finger-fuck her. After a minute or so, I just stiffened them when Sis began to hump them.

After a couple of minutes of foreplay, my flushed, but determined Sis said, “I want to suck it.”

Sis then took hold of the bottom of her shirt and peeled it off. A moment later, she had her bra unhooked and laying on the ground.

As I stared at Sis’s round, gorgeous tits, Sis lifted them in her hands and then pointed her rosy, erect nipples at me. They were begging to be sucked.

“God, what a pair, Sis…”

Sis let me think about what it would be like to be breastfeed by her, until she orgasmed, before she dropped them and said, “Okay. Let’s have a look at this. Hmmm. Looks like somebody is leaking…”

Without waiting for an answer, Sis bent over and began flicking her tongue across my swollen crown. She dutifully licked up all the precum that had drooled out.

Feigning disappointment when it was gone, Sis scowled and began jerking my cock, trying to squeeze out more preseminal fluid.

When only a small drop oozed out, Sis stretched her mouth open and sucked my swollen cockhead into it. She swirled her tongue lovingly around it, feeling every ridge.

I grabbed my balls and pushed them up toward my cock, as Sis’s head began energetically bobbing up and down the length of my cock. Her eyes seemed glued to my swollen nuts as if she was going to see the cum get sucked right out of them, through my cock, and into her mouth.

Sis was noisy cocksucker, today. She slurped unabashedly as her mouth alternated between increasing and decreasing friction as it slide up and down my cock. Her mouth and tongue knew exactly how to stimulate the right areas on my cock.

Like no other woman, Sis would bring me to the brink and then back away, before pushing me over the edge. However, today, there was no holding back. I was going over the edge quickly and gladly. My aching balls were more than ready to empty into her hot mouth and feed her belly.

“Mmm… You’re going to make me cum, Sissy,” I barely managed to whisper. I so badly wanted to scream.

Sis took her mouth off my cock and raised her eyes into mine. “That’s ok. You can still fuck me. I’m sure a stud like you can cum more than once. Now, give me a nice…big…fucking…hot load…fill my cock-sucking mouth!”

Sis then sucked my straining cock back into her mouth and began vigorously deep-throating, without a hint of any difficulty. She took me in and out, all eight inches, repeatedly; fucking her own throat as if it were her cunt.

After another minute, Sis stopped sucking me, again, but this time admonished me.

“Shoot it!”

Without waiting for a response, Sis suddenly reached behind me and pushed the forefinger of her free hand deep into my sweaty anus. My already delirious eyes widened as my head and body uncontrollably reared back.

I silently howled like a wolf and grabbed Sis’s firm breasts to brace myself as the continuous warm suction of Sis’s mouth caused my cock to erupt like a geyser. My orgasm was monumental. The contractions went on forever.

“Mmm… Mmm… bursa otele gelen escort Mmm…” Sis quietly moaned my cum spurted into her mouth.

After I came, I tried to pull out of Sis’s mouth, but she would not let go. Sis continued to suck me, but not as hard as before. She knew how sensitive the genitals could be – right after cumming.

Sis’s hot mouth nursed my semi-hard cock for another minute or so before letting it slip out of her hot mouth. Sis then put her hand over her mouth and gently burped.

“That was quite a load. You came a gallon buddy boy… Now it’s my turn, kind sir. I need my ass fucked. I need to somebody to fuck me in the ass. Please sir! Make me squeal like the little pig I am. Ass-fuck me like a little piggy. But first, I want you to eat me…eat my pussy.”

I quickly grabbed Sis’s arm and her tops and stealthily guided her to a fallen tree trunk, several feet away. Sis knew what to do. She stripped off her jeans and panties, and laid them on the tree trunk.

As I knelt down between Sis’s golden brown legs, she put her hands on the trunk, stuck her sexy ass out, spread her legs, turned her head, and looked down at me. I smiled appreciatively, acknowledging my beautiful, naked sister’s gift as I inhaled her sweaty, musky, sexual scent.

When I was satiated, I took a deep breath, leaned my head forward, and extended my tongue into Sis’s delicious, hairless pussy. It only took a couple of licks, before my tongue was in her so deep – that my nose was pushing into her moist, pink anus.

Every once in awhile, I would pull my face back, take another deep breath, slither my tongue all the way up to her puckered anus, and bathe it lovingly in saliva, before returning to her pussy. After just a couple of trips north, my probing tongue was easily able to enter her rectum.

The intense anal and vaginal stimulation soon overwhelmed Sis. After just a few minutes, her pussy juices were flowing freely onto my face and she was aggressively humped my mouth.

To prevent getting a fat lip, I clamped my mouth around her labia and sucked, slurped, and swallowed her juices like there was no tomorrow. I also pressed the tip my forefinger into her relaxed anus.

Sis’s reaction was immediate. She pressed her greedy butt back, forcing my finger deep up her tight ass as her pussy began fluttering, and pulsing against my mouth.

That was always a very special moment for me. Making a woman…my sister…cum like that. Giving me her orgasm.

After Sis’s mini-climaxes subsided, I worked another finger into her sensuous, curvy ass. Her tight butt wiggled and squirmed and her sphincter clenched my fingers as I loosened her.

I couldn’t wait to stick my cock up her ass; however, I was going to fuck her juicy peach, first. I stood up, rubbed my hard cockhead across her pussy a couple of times, leaned forward, and pushed with my hips. Sis sighed deeply as my cockhead opened her peach wide.

Our erotic coupling in the middle of the woodlands only ratcheted our already intense sexual gratification higher. I couldn’t believe how much bigger and thicker my cock was. It had never been this big. I had never seen Sis’s vulva so engorged.

I wanted this to last forever, but Sis was on fire. She began rubbing her swollen clit with one hand, while she lightly grasped my hard shaft with her free hand and maintained a loose grip around it as it slid in and out of her sopping, gurgling, wet pussy. I loved the sounds Sis’s pussy made as we fucked it.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me! Your big cock feels so good…fill my pussy… Oh god! Oh god…I’m cumming…Yeesss! Aaahhh!”

I fucked Sis right through her climaxes, until she loudly whispered, “Please…no more. I can’t stand it…no more!”

As I gently eased out of Sis, I stepped back. Her pussy hole was dilated completely and her twitching, pink, wet pussy lips glistened in the sunshine. It was a remarkable sight.

After Sis’s head cleared, she turned around, grabbed my cock, and quickly began rifling it as she spit into her free hand, reached behind her butt, and rubbed the spit, presumably, onto her anus. Then without letting go of my cock, Sis turned around, and bent over the tree trunk. I did not have to guess which hole she was guiding my cock into.

Sis’s ass was now adept at handling my thick cock, so I had no concerns when I popped into her anus and continued to push. Sis even pushed back to hasten the disappearance of my cock up her tight rectum.

It did not take me long to quietly mutter, “I’m gonna cum!”

The pressure of Sis’s sphincters around my fully embedded cock – were too much. I could feel another orgasm approaching – like a runaway freight train. bursa eve gelen eskort I knew I could not stop it, so I began slamming my cock into her rear end.

As I watched my swollen shaft plow deep into Sis’s ass on every thrust, I felt her eyes on me, again. Sis had turned her head somewhat and was looking into my eyes.

I returned Sis’s look. I tried to speak, but no words came out.

Sis grunted as her head dropped down. Moments later, her own rictal mouth left no doubt about the type of orgasm she was experiencing. I could see and feel it. Her ravenous anal cavity was violently squeezing my cock with vice-like strength.

My cock swelled so big that it seemed to suck up my inflated nuts. Right before they exploded, I grabbed Sis’s hips and with one last thrust, pushed my ever-expanding cock as far up into her buttery bowels, as I could.

As I spewed my seed in Sis’s sucking ass, I grunted hard with every spurt. There was no way I could suppress my grunts. I was just as euphoric as Sis as my cock convulsed in her undulating rectum.

“Oh fuck yes! Cum in my ass! Oh god. I can feel you squirting…your cum in asshole! Ooohhh! Aaahhh!”

After multiple butt-fuckings, my cock felt at home, deep in Sis’s tight ass. It was not at all unusual for us to keep fucking and cum, repeatedly, until we were exhausted. We were young and in great shape. We were sexual athletes.

“WHAT are you two doing…HERE?”

Sis and I froze and then turned toward Mom’s voice. Mom was standing about ten yards away.

Except for the two black kids, who grinned and then quickly took off, I think the three of us looked shaken. We were completely exposed in more ways than one. We had caught each other participating in hedonistic, socially unacceptable behavior.

After Mom had spoken, she appeared to realize she was completely naked, too. She reflexively wrapped one arm across her voluptuous breasts, unintentionally; making them erotically bulge out.

Mom rolled her eyes when she saw our eyes shift down to her bald, sperm-leaking vagina. She quickly cupped it with her free hand and then went back to scowling at us.

At first, I gleefully appreciated being able to watch Mom’s hands try to conceal her sexy, naked body. However, the horrific, mortifying embarrassment of being caught with my cock up my Sis’s ass quickly overcame my sense of humor.

As Sis began to straighten up and mimic Mom by covering her privates, I pulled my softening cock out of her sperm-soaked rectum. Unfortunately, as soon as I popped out, a small river of cum ran out of her gaping anus and streamed down her legs.

Sis noticeably winced and immediately reached behind her back to cover her dilated anus, leaving her pretty boobs uncovered. I wanted to sympathize, but that was all my cum. I had really unloaded an impressive amount of cum into my Sis’s ass.

Mom’s eyes darted from Sis to me and then down to my oozing cock. I could tell why without having to look. I could feel long strands of cum hanging from my cock. Self-consciously I rubbed my hand over my cockhead, as Mom rolled her eyes, again.

Mom took the initiative and approached us. I did not know what to expect. What could she say? All three of us were naked and we had each other fucking.

When Mom stopped a few feet in front of us, Sis turned her head toward me, winked, and then quietly said, “I’ll catch-up with you.”

Apparently, Sis sensed that Mom was not going to cast the first stone. I trusted Sis, so I left. Mom did not say anything as I walked away. Later that day, Sis told me what happened…

“…I felt had the opportunity to do what I have been thinking about, since you and me. I was face to face with my new reality – desire. I instantly wanted to…solely…pleasure Mom and I wanted her to be my first…my first woman. I wanted this to be a defining moment…and it was. The ‘old’ Sis would’ve never gone for that…done that.”

“Holy shit!”

“The old Sis was continuously letting herself be the submissive, being a slave to others…always pleasing her lovers…not caring if her own needs were met. No, I am not including you. You helped me realize that I did not have to be that way. You treated me with respect.”

Sis then laughed and said, “You can booty call me – anytime!”

I also laughed and with much gusto said, “HELL YEAH!”

“I just knew I would enjoy making love to another woman and I wanted to take that initiative as well as make sure she…Mom, was completely satisfied. That act would fulfill a lot of my needs and, hopefully…my needs would be met, too.”

“Mom let me take her back to the clearing. We laid our clothes down on the ground…making a little bayan escort bursa bed.”

“I sat down on it and reached for Mom. There was no need for foreplay…two hot females in heat!”

Although I laughed, my cock had just instantly lengthened a couple of inches and my balls had swollen just as rapidly. I couldn’t help but react. I began fondling my equipment. Sis observed me, but was not distracted.

“When Mom squatted over my face, I pushed my face up, pressing it firmly into Mom’s upturned ass, until my nose was almost pushing into her wet butt hole…like yours was. The smell of cum, sweat, and her ass was…simply intoxicating…very erotic!”

“I inhaled deeply, relishing a sexuality that I had never experienced before. My senses were overwhelmed. I instantly knew that I would not have any regrets…qualms about eating a woman’s pussy…even…if it was filled with strange men’s sperm.”

“I placed my mouth squarely over Mom’s pretty, but sloppy pussy and started kissing it…before I ventured my tongue into her. I wanted to take it slow and enjoy the moment.”

“Honestly, I could barely contain myself. This was my first taste of another woman’s pussy…Mom’s pussy! I really wanted to smash my face into her and pig out. I was so hot!”

This evoked another, “Holy shit!”

Sis laughed when she said, “When I did not turn into a pumpkin or start gagging, I began to lap her pussy like I was a dog drinking from a dish of cool water…in the heat of a summer’s day.”

“That’s good, Sis.”

“I licked, kissed, and sucked on Mom’s spasming pussy non-stop. I swallowed boy and girl cum.”

“Mom was moaning pretty loud by now and was pressing her pussy…hard into my face. I knew the feeling…thanks to you!”

“A little later, Mom started hollering, almost screaming. Her pussy juicy just poured out like a river….right into my mouth.”

“That obviously was another first for me – making a woman cum with my tongue and at my very first attempt!”

I am not sure I had ever seen Sis was so enthusiastic, exuberant, and overjoyed. She was so emotional right now; she easily could have had ‘happy tears’ in her eyes.

“By now I had been eating Mom’s pussy for nearly fifteen minutes and she had cum at least three times. I almost had climaxed myself…just from the sheer pleasure.”

“Sensing Mom’s pussy was starting a get a little sore, I turned my attention to her swollen, pink star. I’d noticed it spasming every time she came and I think she even slipped a finger into it once, when she came.”

“Anyway, it was closed…but it kept twitching…incessantly…as though it were still attempting to grasp onto something and pull it inside. I just had to give it some attention…”

“I know how much I love it when you rim me. So, I moved my mouth to place it directly over Mom’s other love hole.”

“When Mom felt my mouth on her butthole…she quickly adjusted herself. I was quite sure she was not going to say, ‘Oh no! Don’t kiss my ass!'”

“Regardless, I opened my mouth over Mom’s love hole…and kissed it fully and as sensually as I possibly could. Let me tell you – she absolutely squealed with delight!”

“Encouraged, I wrapped my arms around Mom’s hips and kneaded her smooth cheeks as I French-kissed her anal ring. I almost came, again. Maybe I did. Kissing a woman’s asshole, especially, after it had just been fucked…made me feel so dirty…piggy…sexy.”

“Now, I know why it takes you awhile to get your tongue in there. I had to flick my tongue over her swollen anus repeatedly, until it relaxed. Then I had to stiffen my tongue to penetrate it.”

“After several attempts…and with Mom’s help…she pushed down on my stiffened tongue. I was able to get my tongue…fully extended, inside her other love hole.”

“Let me tell ya…after all that effort…I was not about to pull my tongue out. I just pressed my face even further into Mom’s ass… Party time!” Sis said laughing.

“I swirled my…VERY talented tongue in all directions, ass-fucking Mom, as she frigged her cunt and humped my face like a bitch in heat.”

Although I snickered, I nodded. Sis’s tongue was all that!

“Mom told me afterward that she had a number of small, but consecutive ‘O’s’. She also apologized for unintentionally trying to smother me.”

We both laughed when Sis said that.

“I had cum, too. I came just from making someone else – a woman cum! I probably came twice. I just squeezed my legs together really hard – and there it was.”

“And here it is,” I said as I showed Sis my hard cock.

“You are sooo lucky. I mean, if only I could have fucked her with this big cock.”

“She owes you.”

“I already told her. Changing the know what I’m gonna want now, right?”


“You to own my ass, now!”

In time, Sis’s prowess at cunnilingus became legendary. Sis soon had a contingent of beautiful, awesome girlfriends. I got to have sex with a lot of them. See: and and

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