Anal Alice Act 09


Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the NINTH part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex, incest and nonconsent are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: nonconsensual and reluctance themes, rape culture kink, incest, rough sex, extreme sodomy, objectification and degradation.

I unequivocally do not condone any of the immoral and illegal activities I write about. Do not misunderstand the nature of fantasy and kink and its separation from reality, particularly when it comes to the R word.

Alright, so I have good news and bad news.

The good news is obvious — here’s a new act on the heels of the previous, much sooner than I expect most of my fans (who know the very long delays between parts) expected.

The bad news is that I led people to believe this act would be daddy-daughter action, and it isn’t. I genuinely thought it would be the second part to this act. But I wrote more than I expected. And I figured my fans would prefer me to just release this already than wait much longer for a much longer act that included what they’d been hyped for. Besides, the father stuff is best left for its own act where it can take the needed focus, rather than merely seeming like an afterthought to what’s going on here.

Finally, I think this act serves as a suitable palette cleanser after the last two acts. Alice has a tiny bit nicer time, which she more than deserves by this point.

I hope you like it and forgive me for having taken my sweet time getting to the father stuff. Hopefully when it finally comes, it’ll be worth the wait.

All characters involved are 18 or older!

This is not the end of Anal Alice. Nor will the next part be. Even though months, years might pass in-between parts, it is not the end. I know this because the end has been written for a long time. I will tell you when it is the end.

Enjoy yourselves, you beautiful deviants.

P.S. The fantasy is everything.

* * * * *

‘I want to fuck your bottom,’ Mike breathed into her ear as she lay on her back, facing him as he lay on top of her.

‘It’s still sore,’ Alice whined. She looked into his face, darkly flushed with arousal, his eyes with that slightly unfocused, vague yet unyielding intensity that told her he had only one thing on his mind. She widened her sleepy eyes in response, unconsciously giving him a pleading puppy-dog look. She had only just woken up and already she was pinned on her back. ‘Please don’t put it in there again,’ she softly begged.

But it was too late. Mike had lifted up her legs and put them over his shoulders, and was already forcing his long, fat cock into her poor abused asshole.

She groaned deeply, feeling her empty insides gradually fill up with her brother’s warm morning meat. She counted herself thankful Dan had stayed at his girlfriend’s last night. She didn’t think she could handle both their penises in her bottom again right now.

‘Why’s it so sore anyway?’ Mike asked. He kept pushing as he spoke, very slowly but surely stuffing himself inside. At last he was all the way inside her bottom, his heavy swollen balls touching her cheeks, her normally tight bumhole blossomed sordidly wide around her older sibling’s thickness. He groaned as he stayed buried inside her for a few moments.

‘I was … raped yesterday,’ Alice mumbled. It seemed rather like a dream, now. Saying it out loud felt like she was just being silly, exaggerating the experience. Had it really been that awful a time? She couldn’t think (not that she much wanted to make sense of it). Her mind was still so full of sleep, and her ass so full of cock …

Mike stopped moving and stared into her eyes. ‘What?’

Alice looked away.

‘By who?’

‘Dan’s friends. Jim, um …’

‘Big Jim?’

‘Mm. Trey, Marco … Billy …’

‘Oh fuck. I wondered when you’d get to them. All of them at once, though. God, you greedy little slut.’ Mike’s eyes were alight and he resumed his movement, groaning gutturally again. ‘You mean to say they all pushed their big cocks in this little asshole?’

‘Mm. Maybe, I think so … I blacked out.’

‘That’s so hot. You are going to get such a hot reputation,’ Mike breathed, slowly pumping her ass. ‘You know they’re gonna tell even more people that you give your ass up for anyone.’

‘No!’ she moaned loudly, making her brother’s cock pulse inside her. ‘I don’t want that! I don’t want a reputation!’

‘Right now they’re all telling their other mates what an easy anal whore you are, and just how fucking good your ass feels to force their cocks into.’

‘But …’ She had no idea what to say to that. She was horrified.

‘Exactly,’ Mike said with a big grin. ‘Your gorgeous gaziantep escort reklamları fucking teenage butt.’ He said this with his fat cock buried inside her clutching brown hole. The room thick with the hot smell of anal sex. She could smell it, smell the insides of her ass mixed with sweat and cum. She breathed through her mouth but it only meant she could taste it on her tongue.

‘It’s going to be the talk of the town,’ he added, and his cock pulsed again inside her lewdly enlarged anus. ‘Just you wait, sis. You’re going to be so popular.’

Her brother moved his hands from her thighs to her knees for better grip and leverage as he thrust deeply and sensually into his little sister’s lower hole.

He withdrew all the way, then shoved all the way in again with a nasty fuck sound, making her yelp. ‘Just you remember, when everyone out there wants a piece of your fat little booty, to always come back to your loving family.’

Alice tried not to think about the reputation Mike was saying she’d get, how if it was true then more people would think she craved anal sex and would be lining up to give it to her, and assuming all of her denials were just her playing with them. Thoughts of being grabbed and bent over by any guy who saw her kept flashing in her brain, and she felt a rising warmth in the same anus her brother was deeply reaming.

Her mind swam and black spots started to dance in her vision. She squirmed under him, which only seemed to make him harder, drive his huge meat deeper. It was all so intense, her big brother on top of her, her legs pushed up to her sweat-slick breasts, her teenage asshole at his complete mercy. The feeling had spread to her pussy, and she put her hand to it to see what was going on and found it boiling wet and only getting wetter. The tropical wetness was dripping down to her brother’s dick and so driven inside her ass.

She removed her hand but then her pussy seemed to demand its return, so she did and it felt good having it there, although there was the weird feeling that it wasn’t enough. Her body sweated with what was undeniably pleasure. She opened her mouth wide and panted in breath, tasting the smell of anal sex but no longer minding, finding it rich and loving and full of earthy passion. Every breath she took seemed to boil over in her mouth and inside her. She felt like she was inhaling the summer sun, and a dripping sauna, and her brother’s plunging cock, and her dirty wet teen asshole all at the same time.

Then her brother did something she would never have expected. With his cock bottomed out in her hungry anus, he kissed her.

Surprised, but awash and steaming in the lurid moment, she instinctively kissed back. Her mouth opened for breath and his hot tongue went into her mouth.

She’d never been kissed like that before. She felt suddenly alive, flushed in every inch of her, dizzy and drowning in it, so intimately close, and happy and grateful that her first proper passionate kiss was not with some random guy who didn’t care about her but with her own brother who loved her. He had almost all his weight on her legs as they pushed back into her squished chest, and she kissed him back with heady virginial overenthusiasm, tongues clashing and lips mashing, her hands now without thinking wrapping around his neck to pull her brother’s tongue more into her mouth, which also pulled him deeper into her beautifully aching asshole.

He pulled away from her mouth. ‘I love you, sis,’ he said.

She was lost, stunned, full of dream and heat. The room seemed to swim with anal incense.

‘I — I love you too,’ she breathed quickly, deliriously, and pulled him back to kiss more. It was lovely. It was just like she’d always imagined in her dreams, being kissed so passionately by someone who wanted and desired and loved her so much. Well, apart from the steady pumping of her steamy butthole, that wasn’t really part of the Disney romance, but you couldn’t have everything exactly.

This must be what making love must be like, she thought wondrously.

‘I love your ass,’ her brother continued, grunting the words into her mouth. ‘And I love fucking your ass.’

He mashed his lips back to hers as her dream was degraded into hot chunks, kissing her fiercely as he breathed furiously through his nose. His overlarge cock was buried to the hilt as it pulsed its cum into her swallowing asshole. Her thighs ached, her pussy was sweetly soaking but she was too crushed to get her hand back there. The lewd pleasure in her ass kept at a steady pace as he filled her anus with his thick creamy cum — never reaching the crescendo that it now hinted to her that it might be capable of … but lay just out of reach.

Then the pleasure faltered, the dream died, and — after the final twitches of his softening cock insider her bum, her brother sank back on his haunches, gasping, wiping his sweaty hair gaziantep escort bayan reklamları from his face.

She lowered her legs when she realised she could. They’d been stuck up so long it hurt to move them. As soon as her legs hit the bed, though, she farted — bubbling cum out onto the bedsheet.

She put a hand up to her face, which she knew could not have gone any redder by this point. ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry!’ she wailed — or tried to, though she was so exhausted it came out pitifully.

Mike grinned at her. ‘Don’t you be trying to get me in the mood again, you little slut,’ he said. ‘No matter what your butthole has to say about it.’

He stood up unsteadily from the bed, casually touching his penis. He looked down at her, a smirk stamped on his face. ‘Looks like you need a shower.’

The door to their bedroom opened.

‘Phone for you, Alice …’ her dad started, holding it in his hand, his voice faltering as he took in the scene. ‘Really, again Alice?’ He glanced at Mike who stood there fully naked with a last drip of cum at the head of his sticky member. ‘In her ass again?’

Mike shrugged. ‘It’s the only place to fuck her,’ he joked. ‘Definitely the only place she wants it. But seriously, dad, once you’ve been in her, you don’t want anything else. You gotta try it sometime.’

‘I know, I know. All in good time,’ their dad said.

These words didn’t really filter through from Alice’s ears to her brain, she was too busy trying to cover up, redfaced at once again being caught naked by her father (she’d passed out early last night after taking her clothes off, suddenly too tired to even put her pyjamas on — then again, it had once again been too hot for them). Her other focus of attention was on the phone her father was currently waving in her face. For her? Who would ring her?

She took it from him uncertainly, using her other arm to try to cover her big sweaty boobs — not very effectively, she realised; both nipples, luridly engorged from all the anal sex, were still fully on display.

‘Who is it?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, some Tom guy,’ her dad replied, his gaze raking over her.

‘Tom?!’ she cried, putting a hand to her mouth. She had fancied Tom for so long. He was older than her and so popular and good-looking, and always had the attention of all the girls at school, she didn’t think he’d ever be interested in silly little her. She had always been so shy around him.

‘You gonna keep the man waiting?’ her dad said, raising an eyebrow. ‘I’ve got to go to work now, and think I’ll be working late, but we’ll have that talk when I’m back, right Alice?’

‘Yes, daddy,’ she replied meekly, her eyes downcast. She’d forgotten all about it. She hoped she wasn’t in too much trouble.

She made meaningful eyes at Mike, who put up his hands. ‘Hey, no worries, I’ll get out of your way. I’ll get that shower first, I reckon.’ He gave her a supportive thumbs up and left the room, his cock swinging as he walked.

She took a deep breath, wiped strands of sweaty hair from her face, and put the phone to her ear. ‘Hello?’

‘Hey, is that Alice?’ Tom’s voice.

She squealed internally as she put a hand up to her mouth. Another bubble of cum escaped from her ass. She hoped to god that Tom hadn’t heard it, and quickly spoke to cover it up. ‘Yes, it’s me, I mean, it is. Alice. Hello. How are you? Why are you — I mean how are you? Um.’

Tom took a couple of seconds to reply, and for an agonising moment she thought maybe he had heard her little cumfart. But then he spoke again, his voice deep and casual.

‘You fancy coming round mine, going for a drive?’

She was stunned. She scrambled for words. ‘Me?’ she said at last.

‘I don’t hear anyone else on the line,’ Tom joked.

‘No, no, sorry,’ she mumbled. ‘I mean, yes, that’d be … I’d like that … When?’

‘Couple of hours?’


‘Course. Nice day for it.’

Alice was in a state of awkward excitement. Fearing her bottom would demonstrate its own excitement like before, she quickly and without any thought reached behind her and plugged her hole up with one — and then, instinctively feeling it wasn’t enough — two of her fingers. ‘Yes! I’d love that, but … um, could you pick me up? My dad’s at work and he’s got the car …’

‘Nah I’m not up for coming all that way out,’ Tom replied lazily. ‘You can’t get here? Guess we’ll have to do it another time huh.’

‘No, no,’ she said quickly. My one chance! ‘I’ll find a way … um …’ She racked her brains, trying to think. ‘I could hitch-hike?’ She’d done it before a few years ago, and it had gone smoothly enough, and she knew her brothers did it occasionally when they couldn’t use the car.

‘Sure,’ Tom said. ‘Pretty girl like you I’m sure will get a ride in no time. Gimme a knock when you arrive, then.’ He hung up before Alice could say anything escort gaziantep reklamları else.

She lowered the phone, half-thinking she’d just imagined the conversation. Tom wanted to see her? Was this a date? It must be, surely. Going for a drive … Maybe he’d take her to Lookout Point where other couples drove and had their first romantic kiss.

She was in a bit of a daze, just sitting there, when Mike wandered back in, naked but clean from his shower. ‘You got a date then?’ he said.

‘Maybe …’ she murmured.

Mike grinned. ‘I left the shower running. You better get in while there’s still hot water. You don’t want to turn up smelling of cum and balls deep anal, do you?’

‘Oh!’ Alice jumped up, her fingers immediately withdrawing from her asshole, gooey with her brother’s cum. ‘I … thank you Mike …’ She beamed at him, then scurried to the shower, forgetting for a moment that she was naked. It probably didn’t matter too much; her mum would still be in bed, and Mike had seen quite a bit of her already. She quickly shut the door anyway and immediately basked in the hot water, the billowing steam. Washing away the sticky sweat, the feel of — it sounded silly, but the feel of her own ass all over her, the feel of her morning assfuck covering her whole body head to toes.

She gingerly took care to soap her asshole, though it was already feeling relaxed and relieved from the luxuriant heat. Her sleep had helped, too, and it was nice that Mike hadn’t been too rough. It definitely felt more like he had made love to her ass, in a kind of way. She really appreciated that he hadn’t gone all out. It wasn’t an awful position to make love, she thought. Though it’d be better if it were with someone she was in a romantic relationship with. And not in her ass.

At least he’s your brother, she thought dimly, and not a random stranger. Your brother loves you very much, so it makes sense he can make love — even if it is to your bottom. You can’t deny he was very loving and passionate. And …

And it sort of felt good, in an intense, weird kinda way, she admitted to herself. It was still wrong, but … But maybe your brothers just want you to feel as good from them as they do from you. And they’re trying really hard to show you. To show you how much they love you.

The thought made her feel chagrined, grateful and loved all at once, erasing the last vestiges of her annoyance at her brothers.

When she was done showering, realising that Tom would be waiting for her and so not to take too long, she got dressed. Not in her rape outfit from yesterday that her father had bought her, but a different miniskirt and top. She used to think they showed too much of her, but in comparison to yesterday they were rather conservative, she thought. It was a little difficult getting dressed, though, what with Mike there pinching and slapping her bottom and squeezing her tits and pulling them out her top. It was like old times. It was hard showing that she was annoyed at him when he kept making her giggle.

She put on a little makeup while Mike tried to distract her by mauling her chest from behind — and then, when she complained because it was so hard to apply makeup like that — resorting to pulling her asscheeks apart and prodding her rejuvenated asshole with his finger, which Alice had to admit was a little easier.

Finally she was ready, and span around. ‘How do I look?’ she asked anxiously.

Mike held her arms. ‘Tom’s almost as lucky as me and Dan,’ he said earnestly.

She beamed at him and hugged him. ‘Thanks Mike. I hope I’ll be okay getting a lift.’

‘I’m sure you will. Have a bite to eat, put your shoes on and off you go now! I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.’ Mike casually adjusted his bulge as he spoke.

Alice finally left the trailer and headed — nerves and excitement both brewing in her like a heady cocktail — to the main road. She was worried she would bump into Big Jim or the others, but thankfully nobody was about. The summer sky had turned cloudy. That was a shame. It was still warm, though. She wondered how long she would be out. Part of her would have happily stayed out until late with Tom, but she knew she had to be back for her talk with her dad.

She gulped as she remembered, but it wasn’t enough to dispel her anticipation. Even if Tom only wanted to see her for an hour, it would be worth it.

She stood absentmindedly at the side of the road, near the turning to the trailer park. A few cars and trucks passed her, two of them honking. She glimpsed faces pressed against a backseat window.

She realised that hitchhikers were supposed to stick their thumbs out. Her brothers had shown her this years ago. She did so, waving both of them about, smiling happily at the cars to encourage them. Using her other hand to readjust her top so that she could be sure her big boobs weren’t completely on show to the drivers.

A pick-up truck pulled up to the side of the road. Alice squealed in pleasure and hurried to the door as a big hairy arm protruded from the window and waved her over. She’d been worried she’d be trying to catch a lift for ages and wouldn’t get to meet Tom. But it’d hardly been any time at all before someone had been kind and thoughtful enough to pull over for her.

‘Get in, gorgeous,’ the driver said, as Alice opened the passenger door.

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