An Unlikely Influence


Monday… Nine A.M.

Warren walked into the meeting room on time as always to find that nobody was there yet. He sat down and got his spreadsheets out and prepared for the meeting. He heard them coming down the hall, the rest of his sales team. They shuffled in looking tired, no doubt another weekend of debauchery was the reason. They sat in silence sipping coffee and waited for Alex to start the meeting.

Warren was Junior on the team and had been for over a year now. That was how tight and exclusive this team was. Alex was well on his way to becoming the future CEO so working for him was the best thing that had happened to Warren in his few years at the company.

Still, Warren did not understand why he had been selected. By definition Warren was a nerd. He was brilliant at his job but off work his life was tame compared to the other guys on the team. He would listen in awe as they told each other of their latest sexual conquests. Warren was not a virgin but sex with his Finance had been awkward and infrequent. It was not particularly fulfilling.

As the meeting droned on Warren found his mind wandering to his upcoming wedding in a few weeks. The last 6 months had been trying to say the least. Endless, tedious hours with his Fiancé, meeting with wedding planners, picking out tuxes, bridesmaid’s dresses, add working 12 hours or more day on this project had Warren ready to crack.

Alex’s voice droned on in the background until suddenly it came to an end.

“Alright gentleman that about wraps it up, just one more item.” Alex’s voice brought Warren back to reality.

Alex rose from his chair and walked behind Warren and placed a hand on his shoulder and spoke,

“As you all know Warren is taking the plunge in a few weeks,” Alex said shaking his head.

The room filled with a mix of moans and cheers. Warren felt his face begin to redden as he rolled his eyes, hating to be the center of attention.

“We all have tried to talk him out of it, but his mind is made up, so what kind of team would we be if we didn’t send him off in style?” Alex asked.

The men began a low chant, “Party, Party, Party!” Growing louder and louder with pounding on the table “PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!”

A bachelor party at Alex’s place on the coast! Warren’s heart raced at the thought of it. The tales from that place were legendry among the team members. There would be strippers for sure and knowing Alex, there would be a lot more than stripping going on.

That thought got him excited. The idea of having sex with a woman who actually enjoyed it was his number one fantasy of late.

Warren loved his wife to be, Dawn but she was shy in bed and seemed to endure sex rather than enjoy it. She told him over and over this would improve once they were married but he had his doubts and this troubled him deeply. His passive nature didn’t help matters and Warren knew this. Still he wished he was bold enough to “get his fuck on” as Alex was fond of calling it.


“The party had been amazing to put it lightly,” Warren thought as he drove home the next morning.

He had arrived Saturday afternoon to find it already in full swing. Later that evening after a lewd roasting of the man of honor and a series of lap dances with the good time party girls, Alex led Warren to the master bedroom, patted him on the back and ushered him through the door. He had then closed it to give him some privacy.

A woman waited the other side, smiling and in a semi state of undress! Her name was Kayla and for the rest of the evening she rocked Warren’s world.

She had taken his hand and led him to the bed. She had seductively undressed him and …

Warren turned up the car stereo and pumped his fist to the music as he drove. He had “got his fuck on” and was now on his way to “get Eskişehir Escort his fuck on” with his Fiancé, Dawn.

Warren let himself in to their condo and set his overnight bag down. It was a high-rise building downtown. The sunsets over the cityscape made it worth the rent the couple often joked.

Dawn emerged from the bedroom, wearing a bathrobe and drying her shoulder length, sandy blond hair. She had an amazing body.

“Hi Bunny, how was your party? On second thoughts I don’t want to know,” Dawn greeted him with a laugh, calling him by his Nickname.

Dawn began to fill him in on the latest wedding updates when he stopped her in mid-sentence with a deep kiss and embrace.

“Wow Bunny what brought that on?” Dawn said, taken back by Warren’s advance.

“Let’s fool around,” Warren whispered as he kissed her neck.

“Right now?” Dawn asked with apprehension.

“Sure, why not? We are consenting adults,” Warren said with a smile as he untied her bathrobe rope.

Dawn was stunned at the way Warren was acting. What surprised her even more was his behavior was actually turning her on.

Warren pulled Dawn in close and reached inside her robe, his hands finding her soft hips and waist, still damp from her shower. He began kissing her neck and shoulder, inhaling deeply, taking in her scent.

Dawn could barely breathe, startled and swooning at the same time. He pushed Dawn against the fridge and Warren kissed her again with even more passion. Dawn gasped as Warren suddenly forced his hand against her naked pussy palming her lewdly. She groaned and kissed him back, desire greasing his palm.

Warren suddenly turned Dawn around and pulled off her robe. She was nude, he was dressed. Behind her now, Warren began kissing her neck as his hand returned to Dawn’s wet pussy. Dawn had never been this sexually aroused in her life. Warren’s finger teased her opening but never entered. He moved his hand and finger in small circles and gentle pushes made Dawns pussy clench in protest trying to capture Warren’s pleasuring and probing fingers.

Warren grew even bolder as he caressed Dawns ample breasts and nipples. Dawn’s sighs and pants became moans of pleasure when Warren slipped one, then two fingers inside her. His hand was almost a blur as he boldly finger fucked his woman. Dawn pushed back against Warren, her hand found his face and she tried to caress his cheek but Warren’s busy fingers were demanding all her attention and she grabbed his hair just to hang on as her legs and body trembled with need and pleasure.

For Warren, it was almost like a dream. A hot wet dream. He was man handling Dawn in the kitchen at 11:30 in the morning and she was enjoying it as much or even more then he was!

Warren slowed the pace and said one word “Bedroom.”

Dawn nodded eagerly and almost broke into a run down the hall with Warren right behind her.

In the Bedroom, Dawn turned to face Warren and sat on the edge of the bed. Her heart was racing as she watched him rip off his clothes. She had seen him naked a thousand times but this time it was different. She was looking at him with utter lust. Her eyes devoured his fit body.

Warren was an avid cyclist and runner and it showed. Firm, toned legs and chest and a flat stomach but it was his nice erect cock that really caught her eye. Warren could see she was checking him out, and for the first time in their sexual relationship he didn’t feel nervous or timid. He felt turned on and proud. This was more than being horny, Warren felt confident and very sexual.

He motioned for Dawn to lie back on the bed. Kneeling between her open legs Warren lifted her ass up and placed a folded pillow under the small of her back. Warren paused for a moment to enjoy the view. Dawn’s beautiful wet pussy with Eskişehir Escort Bayan pouting labia; minute droplets of her arousal clung like dew to her small tuft of pubic hair. He could see and smell her arousal.

Using two fingers, Warren opened Dawn moist petals and began flicking his tongue against her swollen clitoris. He drank and sucked her wonderful snatch.

Dawn opened her legs wider and arched her back; her white knuckled fists clenched a pillow. Dawn’s body began to flush in patches, her moans growing longer and louder, changing in tone when Warren’s tongue hit a sweet spot. Eyes clenched shut, Dawn grabbed Warren’s head by the hair and held him close, grinding on his face.

Just when Dawn thought it could not get any better, Warren’s fingers returned to her tight channel and sent her to another level of excitement.

Simmering in a state of sexual arousal that she had never felt before, Dawn said something that 20 minutes before she could have not imagined herself saying. “Let me suck your cock Bunny, I want to suck your cock.”

Warren moved up to kiss Dawn, pinning her hands to the bed. She could taste and smell her excitement on his lips and tongue. It was intimate, sexy, naughty and damn if it didn’t turn her on.

Warren flopped onto his back, propping a pillow under his head and got comfortable. He grabbed his big cock and began stroking its length as Dawn on hands and knees moved between his open legs then paused and with a wicked smile, turned around and climbed on to Warrens face.

Dawn licked her lips when Warren obliged her and started to lick her wet pussy again. Dawn grabbed Warren’s cock by the base and squeezed the shaft as she stroked his nice big erection.

Warren’s legs opened and stiffened when Dawn took the head into her mouth. Her tongue – tip probed his slit and she could taste his precum as she rolled her tongue around his helmet, exploring every ridge and scooping up his excitement. Dawn began sucking the head, then lowering her head, taking in as much of Warren’s cock as she possibly could. Her lips and the wet heat of her mouth sliding down was exquisite to Warren. Then she rose and began a steady and mind blowing head fuck.

An erotic game began to play out between the lovers who made up the rules as they went along. When Warren lost control and began bucking his hips, Dawn would move her pussy away from his eager tongue and stop sucking, stroking him or dragging the engorged head against her large taunt rigid nipples instead.

When Warren calmed down she would reward him with more deep- sucking. Warren quickly learned the rules and the game of tease and please grew hotter and hotter.

It suddenly occurred to Dawn that they were expressing their wants and desires for the first time, and their inhibitions and self-doubt had flown out of their 15th floor bedroom window.

After a very hot round that had Warren fingering her again Dawn could wait no longer. She wanted to fuck him! She wanted Warren to fuck her! Warren was in the same state of mind, wanting Dawn to fuck him, then he was going to fuck her.

Dawn slowly turned around, straddling Warren. She leaned in and they kissed deeply. Warren’s hard cock hovered an inch off his flat stomach twitching, begging for attention. Dawn was just about to guide Warrens cock inside her when she had a naughty thought.

It had happened a few times before when they had made love, albeit quite by accident and she found it extremely pleasurable. But Dawn had been too shy to explore it, but not today. Dawn moved up a few inches and lowered her pussy till she was kissing his shaft with her petals. Rocking her hips she slid back and forth on his hard shaft coating his cock with her wetness. Her actions had the desired effect, she had enjoyed before Escort Eskişehir and it was better then she had remembered. Her pussy was kissing and glazing his cock and nudging her swollen clitoris.

Warren was enjoying her new naughty tease much to her delight. She could tell by his breathing and sighs that he would soon lose his control again and take her in the way he intended.

Not wanting to lose her “control” of the situation she decided to oblige her lover. Dawn lifted off the bed a bit, Warren’s wet hard cock elevated off his belly again and with just a few fingers guided the engorged head toward her wet opening. Licking her lips and closing her eyes she let him slip inside her, the lovers gasped almost in unison as they joined together.

Coupled, Dawn started a slow fuck letting Warren enjoy her slick tight grip on his shaft. When Warren reached up to caress her breasts, she pushed his hands away with a giggle. She wanted her Bunny to concentrate all his senses on her pussy.

Warren understood immediately and placed his hands by his side and let Dawn fuck him. She rode him slow and deep, then tried some quick shallow strokes. She would pause from time to time and smile as Warren growled in protest.

Then she would start all over again, soon Warren was fucking her back. His upward thrust meeting her downward movement, but in their lust charged state they would lose the rhythm and Warren would lie still as Dawn started it again. Time stood still for the lovers and few words were said as each new round of fucking grew longer and more intense. Gasps and moans filled the air as they enjoyed each other’s intimacies.

With the sound of their bed hitting the wall keeping time, the couple were reaching the end of this epic journey of pure lust and self-discovery.

Dawn leaned over and buried Warren’s face in to her breasts. Warren grabbed her waist then her ass cheeks and thrust madly into her. She felt his cock spasm as he growled and climaxed deep inside her. It was too much, a sensual overload, seeing and feeling Warren cum like that was the only nudge she needed. Dawn went rigid as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. She screamed out his name in pleasure and pride as they both rode that peak that crashed and sparked around them.

Warren awoke a few hours later, the shadows on the wall told him it was late afternoon. Dawn was still fast asleep. He freed himself from her arms and kissed her forehead. Dawn murmured something about making dinner but she just needed a few more minutes of sleep.

Warren chuckled and got to his feet and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled.

Then he remembered and felt pangs of guilt for his major indiscretion the night before. He had been unfaithful. He had fucked another woman. He had felt Kayla’s tits, her pussy, and her ass. He had sucked and fucked all her body, as she had him. And he had enjoyed every lewd minute of it.

The mirror steamed up and his image became obscured as he stood there lost in thought. He weighed the pros and cons of his behavior.

After a few minutes of reflection, he decided he could live with himself.

Kayla was fantastic but he did not love her, and it was never going to happen again. Kayla had been more of a teacher then lover. No, teacher was not the right word he thought. She was a catalyst that brought him face to face with his libido, his wants and desires and having the courage to fulfil them. And his new found confidence had rubbed off on his true love. They had just had the best sex ever! Afterwards, as they cuddled they agreed to call today their second first time. A reference only they would understand.

Warren turned his head to see Dawn in the doorway.

“Hey there Sex God, want to share that shower?” Dawn winked and leered playfully.

“Very good idea, my Dear, I knew there was another reason why I had chosen you for my wife, other than for your bedroom skills.” Warren winked back and smirked.

Warren pulled Dawn in closer and kissed her deeply. All was right in his world.


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