An Unforgettable Concert

Large Cock

Seven o’clock sharp, the concert is set to start. Adrienne arrives a few minutes early. She knows lines can be terrible getting into this concert. To her surprise, without a problem she gets in, finds her seat and sits down. Sitting to her right is a couple of girls who seem to have started the party a little earlier than everyone else tonight. They were laughing and giggling to one another and carrying on.

Soon the lights go down. The crowd gets up on their feet and everyone is yelling as loud as they can! Out comes the band comes out. They begin to play. The girl next to Adrienne leans over and asks her where she from. Adrienne tells her from here, Chicago, Illinois. The two girls chit chat for a while through the first half of the concert. The crowd was so loud that Katie was having to get right up to Adrienne’s ear to talk to her. The same went for Adrienne. At one point, Katie got right up to Adrienne and was talking. She was breathing right on Adrienne’s neck. A slight chill of seduction ran up Adrienne’s spine. Was she really feeling this, she wondered? She had never thought of a woman in that context before. An urge over came her. She was totally hot for this girl! She could tell Katie had been flirting with her. The breathing was part of her plan.

Adrienne Kadıköy Escort leaned over to Katie and softly whispered, “I know what you are doing.” She softly licked Katie’s earlobe. The girls were getting hotter by the minute.

Katie leaned to Adrienne and asked, “Do you want to start this here?”

Adrienne stopped for a minute. She was a bit shy around other people so said, “Maybe not right now but I do want to continue this!” Their breathing was so heightened, the girls could barely understand the other. “Let’s go to the bathroom?” asked Adrienne.

“I’m right behind you!” replied Katie.

The two girls head towards the exit to go to the restrooms. This was the perfect time to escape. The band was still on stage and there was no line. The girls quietly slipped into the bathrooms. No one was in any stall but that wasn’t the point. They weren’t going in separate stalls. They went into the same one. No sooner had the door closed and the girls were embraced in a kiss. A hot, passionate, steamy kiss! Katie tipped Adrienne’s head back and to the side slightly while she kissed her earlobes all the way down to the bottom on her neck and down the V of her shirt. Adrienne’s breathing was heavy, almost as though Kadıköy Escort Bayan she couldn’t stand the anticipation! Katie made her way back up to Adrienne’s ear and as she did she began to grasp Adrienne’s breast in her hand. Her breasts heaving with every breath, Adrienne couldn’t stand the tension. She tore her shirt off and hung it on the door. Katie slide Adrienne’s bra down below her heaving breasts and began to lick her breast ever so gently. She was giving into the seduction, she shoved her mouth onto Adrienne’s breast. Adrienne gasped in excitement! Katie was licking and sucking and nibbling on Adrienne’s sweet breast.

The girls were so consumed with each other, they hadn’t realized a crowd was about to come through the door. The band had taken their break. Nothing could stop what was going to happen now! Katie had Adrienne sit on the back of the toilet, while she herself straddled the seat. Katie removed Adrienne’s pants to find an amazingly sexy red pair of lace panties. She started to use her hands when Adrienne grabbed them and shook her head side to side.

“Your teeth,” Adrienne demanded. Katie did as she was told. Once they were off, she made her way back up Adrienne’s leg slowly. From her black, knee Escort Kadıköy high boots, up her soft inner thigh. Adrienne’s back was arching with anticipation. She was moaning louder and louder with every minute that passed. Katie couldn’t stand it anymore. She began licking Adrienne’s hot swollen clit. Adrienne let out a loud moan that she couldn’t hold back any longer. Katie slide her fingers in and out of Adrienne’s dripping pussy. Oh, it felt so good to the girls! Adrienne told Katie she was getting close to cumming for her. Katie sucked harder and rolled her tongue around Adrienne’s throbbing clit. Adrienne screamed as she was having the best orgasm she had ever experienced! Katie licked every bit of sweet juice from Adrienne. They embraced in one last kiss before getting dressed again.

To their surprise they walked out of the bathroom to find an audience applauding them. Their vocal show was better than the concert everyone paid so much for! The girls smiled on their way out. Some of the girls in line passed numbers off to the two girls. They couldn’t grasp what had just happened. They had gone back to their seats as the intermission was just getting over. The two finished the show with smiles on their faces.

As the concert ended, Adrienne asked Katie to come home with her. Of course Katie agreed. She wasn’t passing this chance up for the world. The two girls left and went to Adrienne’s house for the night. There wasn’t a whole lot of sleeping going on. Adrienne returned the favor to Katie for giving her the most unforgettable experience of her life.

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