An Incest Birthday Ch. 04


“You had sex with mom?”

I was still in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe I was deceived like that, but at the same time, I was a little turned on at my mom’s boldness. Rita was the splitting image of mom, except mom was 35, 5’8, 120 pounds, and had a 36C bust.

“I swear I thought it was you, why would I have any reason to think otherwise?”

“You can’t tell the difference between me and mom?”

“I didn’t see her, it was dark, and she held my hands the way you do, which is why I thought it was you! I’m the victim here!” I said finally making a case for myself. She looked at me with that “I believe you, but I’m not letting this go” look on her face. Just then our dad called us down to breakfast, where I was gonna make some effort to confront mom. We went to the bathroom, brushed our teeth, and went downstairs.

I had been thinking of what to say to mom to get her talking about last night, but when I got downstairs that all went out the window. We walked into the kitchen and saw mom and dad sitting at the table, with Aunt Lisa. I was confused before, now I don’t know what to think.

“Aunt Lisa? I thought you went home last night?” I said checking to see if she just stopped by.

“Nope, we caught a flat and had to wait for AAA for two hours, we didn’t feel like making the drive after that, so I slept on the couch. Are you two just gonna stand there and ask questions or are you gonna sit down and eat?”

Rita and I eventually sat down to eat, but I was uneasy. If Aunt Lisa came back last night then who came in my room, her or mom? I had no way of knowing as neither one was showing any signs of guilt or pleasure. I couldn’t just come out and ask “hey, which one of you fucked me last night?” without consequence. One of them fucked me and one of them doesn’t know a thing, unless they told each other. Dammit how did I get into this situation? I was losing my mind! Rita looked at me and saw I was going crazy. I decided before I blurted something out it would be best to get a conversation started.

“Hey dad, can you take me to take my drivers test after breakfast? The U2 concert is tonight and I wanna drive us there in our new car.”

“U2? Is that the band with that Bono guy?”

“Yea, Rita got us tickets to their concert and its tonight, and since I know you have connections at the DMV, I thought we could drive there when I got my license.”

“Well I can see you thought this out. I’ll make a deal with you, it just so happened me and your mother are having a little dinner party tonight, if you help us set up, I’ll take you, deal?”

“Deal!” I said eagerly. Just as our conversation finished I felt a foot on my crotch, I jumped a little but not enough to draw attention. Since Rita was sitting next to me I knew it wasn’t her, but mom and Aunt Lisa were right next to each other across from me, and both were busy eating breakfast. The mysterious foot was really grinding into my crotch, and I was getting a little aroused, so I pretended to fix my pants so I could get a glimpse to see what direction the leg would retreat to, but whosever foot it was jerked it back, but not before I seen the toenails painted with red polish. At least now I could find out once and for all who it was, so I began to calm down and finish my breakfast.

After we finished eating, I took a quick shower and headed downstairs to the living room to wait for dad. A little while later mom and Aunt Lisa came in fully dressed, and both were wearing closed high heels, so I couldn’t tell who had the red polish. My mom told me that she, Aunt Lisa and Rita were going to a few stores to pick up some things for their party, which was a perfect opportunity to get some info. I went to Rita’s room and asked her to spy on them to see if they said or did anything suspicious, she agreed, and then dad called me down just as mom called Rita, and we all left at the same time, the girls in our parents car, me and dad in ours.

The drive to the DMV was just us talking about sports, the best beer, which one of us could beat the other in an arm wrestling match, guy stuff, but when the subject shifted to girls I grew quiet, and he noticed. I shrugged it off as being shy and afraid of girls, which was kinda true, and he bought it, and actually started giving me advice on how he got mom. I was taking mental notes as he said what turns mom on. I was pretending to act disgusted but was really planning on using what he said on her later.

After a while we arrived at the DMV, when we went in dad started talking with this guy and a couple minutes later he told me if I passed the driving test I would get my license on the spot. Excitedly, I got in the test car and did the mandatory things, checking mirrors, seat belt, hands on 10 and 2, etc. after a quick briefing by the guy who was grading me, I was off. I wasn’t nervous at all, driving as I would if dad or mom was in the car. I did as he said, making all the turns, stops, reversing and park jobs he’d asked. Before I knew it, we were back at the DMV. It was no surprise gorukle escort I passed, but I still jumped up and down for joy knowing I was getting my license. I took my picture and before I knew it, I had my driver’s license in my hand. I drove us back home and decided to take every detour I could, savoring the moment.

When we finally got back to the house, the girls were getting stuff out of the trunk. I quickly ran over flashing my brand new license, and received praise from everyone, especially Rita, who gave me a few dirty grins and looks. Once everything was out of the car, dad took the keys and said he had to make a run, and drove off down the street. As we went into the house I pulled Rita aside…

“Did you find out anything?”

“Neither one of them said anything around me, but every time I left and came back they were laughing.”

“That could be anything. Did they do anything weird?”

“Nothing that I noticed, whoever slept with you is hiding it good.”

“I have to find out who it was! There’s gotta be something I can do! I know, I’ll give them a massage!”

“You’re gonna what?”

“One of them was rubbing my crotch with their foot at breakfast, I couldn’t see who’s foot it was, but it had red toenail polish, I find the foot, I find out who came in my room.”

“And when were you gonna tell me about this? (with a smirk)”

“Right after I had my way with my beautiful sister!”

I pulled her in for a kiss as we felt each other up a little, and went to set the plan into motion. I went downstairs and mom was sitting on the couch with her feet propped up, shoes still on, and Aunt Lisa was sitting next to her.

“Mom you look tired, why don’t you let me give you a foot massage.” She looked at me strangely.

“Ok what do you want?”

“Nothing, you just look tired,” I said back. Still a little skeptical, she took her feet off the couch and took her shoes off, and to my surprise, red polish. I had her! Now I would just let the chips fall where they may. As I was massaging her feet she let out a few little moans and sighs.

“Oh that feels good,” she said through her breath.

“About as good as it felt last night?”

“Mmmm yea, wait what?”

“You don’t have to lie anymore mom, I know it was you that came in my room and had sex with me, you’re wearing the red toenail polish.”

“What did you say?”

I looked at Aunt Lisa who was shaking her head sideways, then she took off her shoes, red toenail polish. Crap. I just put my foot in my mouth big time. Not only did I just realize I had sex with Aunt Lisa, but I just confessed to it right in front of mom, it was out on the table now.

Mom looked at Aunt Lisa, then at me, then back at Aunt Lisa. “You fucked your nephew, my son?” she yelled yanking her feet out of my hands. “How long has this been going on?”

Aunt Lisa was quiet for a minute unsure of how to answer. “Last night, it was just that one time, I couldn’t help it sis, I’m sorry!” She looked as though she was about to cry, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my big mouth.

“Why on earth would you want to sleep with your nephew?” Mom grilled her, but she was reluctant to answer, she promised not to tell about us, but now I had to, for her sake.

“It’s my fault mom, she caught me and Rita having sex,” I said without making eye contact.

“You and your sister are having sex too? When did all this happen? What’s going on in my house!”

It was time to clear the air. I took a deep breath and let it all out. “Rita and I first had sex on our birthday, and then again the same day, that’s when Aunt Lisa caught us, she said she wanted to be made love to the way Rita and I were doing and promised not to tell, then she tested me to see if I really care for her which I do so I passed her test, then when we thought you were taking Aunt Lisa home we had sex again, then late at night Aunt Lisa crept into my room and had sex with me in the dark, but I thought it was Rita, but then Rita told me it wasn’t her, and since I thought Aunt Lisa was gone, I thought it was you, but when I came downstairs to confront you I saw Aunt Lisa sitting at the table, so then I didn’t know who it was, then somebody was rubbing my crotch with their foot and I saw red toenail polish so I decided to give you a foot rub to see if you had on red polish and when I saw it I thought that in fact it was you that slept with me then Aunt Lisa took off her shoes after you denied it and she has red polish too and that brings us to now, whew!” I said gasping for air.

She just sat there for a while, in silence, taking in everything I just said. “Mom please don’t be mad, Rita and I really love each other, and Aunt Lisa probably just wanted to see what it felt like to be loved, which is why she did what she did.” Then after what seemed like forever something happened I thought would never happen considering what I just said, mom smiled!

“I always knew something weird was going on with you two, but I never altıparmak eskort bayan would have thought you would screw each other!”

She called Rita into the living room to confirm everything I just said. “So you two are really in love?” We both smiled at each other and said “yes” without hesitation. “Well now that I really think about it, you two have done everything together, and it seemed almost inevitable that this would happen.”

“So you’re not mad at us?” I asked a little surprised.

“I’m a little ticked off that I had to find out this way, but I can’t be mad that you committed incest, after all, your aunt and I had our little experiments,” she said giggling. I couldn’t believe it, mom and Aunt Lisa messing around with each other? Never in a million years would I have guessed our sweet mom was capable of incest.

“You’re not mad at me for using Randy, are you sis?” Aunt Lisa asked mom.

“I’m not mad, but I am curious as to why you would want to sleep with my son of all people.”

Just then Aunt Lisa whispered something in mom’s ear and giggled. Then mom got a serious face as she started to say something. “Ok everyone, now that were all on the same page I want to get a few things clear, Randy and Rita, your father can never know of this, so you have to act as if nothings changed. Lisa, if you want to do anything with anyone here you’ll have to clear it with that person, and as for me, I’ll do what I want, since I’m the oldest,” she said sounding like a teenager. We all looked around at each other, agreed, and breathed a sigh of relief.

“So does this mean we can act like a couple around you?” Rita asked.

“As long as it’s around either me or your aunt, and your father isn’t here, then yes its fine.”

With that Rita jumped on me and kissed me passionately for what seemed like an eternity. “Oh my, I see you kids don’t waste any time!”

“It feels so good to be able to let someone see you kiss and not have to hide it all the time,” Rita added. Out the corner of my eye I swear I saw mom rubbing her pussy through her dress, but I wasn’t sure, as I was concentrated on Rita.

“I do have one more question,” mom said out of nowhere. “What did you two think when you thought it was me that slept with Randy?” Rita caught on to what mom was doing quickly.

“Oh no mom, he’s mine! Aunt Lisa might have pulled a fast one but I’m not sharing him again!”

Mom looked at Aunt Lisa, then at us and grinned. “What makes you think Lisa slept with Randy? For all you know, it could have been either one of us!” Suddenly it all started to come together. We had been duped, and we knew it.

“You already knew about us, didn’t you mom?” Rita asked her.

“Of course I did! What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t know what was going on with my kids! I knew you weren’t gonna just come out and tell me about your relationship, so I had to give you an incentive to tell. I created a situation for Randy to find out who it was, knowing he couldn’t resist, and he walked right into it. Since I raised Randy to be a noble young man, I knew if I got mad at your aunt, he would step in and confess everything, feeling guilty. We just strung Rita along for the ride, dropping fake hints and laughing together. Combine that with good acting and out comes the confession! Pretty good huh?”

I felt completely worked; mom was an evil genius in high heels. “So the whole foot under the table, toenail polish ruse, you getting mad at Aunt Lisa was just to get us to come clean?”

“That’s right. I even had Lisa flirt with you in my too little bathing suit to see if you’d bite.”

“The bathing suit!” I thought, mom was on to us from the beginning, she just used Aunt Lisa to throw us off her trail, which worked perfectly. Well on the bright side at least dad still doesn’t know about us, but there was still one question I needed answered.

“Since were all confessing everything, which one of you did I sleep with?”

“That my dear, you’ll have to figure out for yourself,” Aunt Lisa said as she and mom got up and left the room.

“What just happened?” Rita asked.

“We were conned,” I said ashamed. We sat there in silence. We were found out by possibly the greatest undercover con artist ever, mom.

After a while, we decided to go to Subway so we could get out of the house, and since we were both hungry. On the way out the door mom told us she would take Aunt Lisa home (for real this time) and to help dad set up for their party if he asked. We took what she said in stride and left. It felt great to be behind the wheel, I kept poking fun at Rita that she was still a pedestrian, but that all ended when she flashed me and threatened my last time seeing them, so the rest of the drive was her poking fun at me about being abstinent. We arrived at Subway and both got the chicken and bacon ranch, our favorite sandwich, sat down to eat. A few bites in we revisited the conversation we had with mom and Aunt Lisa.

“Who nilüfer eskort bayan do you think it was I slept with, Aunt Lisa or mom?”

“I don’t know, but I’m gonna be watching both of them, they’re gonna try to get you again.”

I sensed a little tone of envy in her voice. “My my are you jealous of two older ladies?” I asked smirking.

“I don’t wanna share you, but I know I’m gonna have to, or they’ll tell dad or something.”

“They wouldn’t do that. Dad wouldn’t be as accepting was they were. Most likely they’ll just try to blackmail us, but I doubt that’ll work since they don’t have anything on us.

“Well we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” she said eating the last bite of her sandwich. As she finished her last bite some ranch sauce dripped onto her chin, making it look like she had sperm on her face, as this guy was walking by he felt the need to address the situation…

“Looks good on you,” he said as he laughed.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Rita snared.

“Why don’t you come with me, that way we’ll both have something to “do.”

“I don’t think so,” she said as we got up to leave. Just then he smacked her on the ass and blew a kiss at her, which pissed me off.

“Hey man what the hell is your problem?” I said as I pushed him. Even though he was taller than me, he was really skinny, so I felt I could take him if I needed to.

“You don’t want none of this, punk.”

“Try me, touch her again and we’ll see who’s the punk,” I said staring a hole right through him. He was quiet for a while, then decided to leave.

“This isn’t over, I’ll be seeing you.”

I looked over at Rita, who was giving me a seductive look. She pulled me into a hug and said something in my ear. “I am so turned on right now, I want you, now!”

“We have a brand new car that we haven’t broken in yet.” She didn’t say anything, she just grinned from ear to ear as she pulled me out of the store and towards the car. We practically ran to the car, got in and were gone in 20 seconds. We drove around until we found an alley so no one would see us, parked and hopped in the back seat.

We began kissing each other while stripping off our clothes; the back seat was big enough that we could lay down without being too strained. I lay down and told her to lay on top of me with her pussy facing me, in the 69 (another position from the movie) and she happily obliged. As she got in position on top of me, her pussy juice was dripping onto my face, so I lowered her down and licked up all the juice that was seeping out, at the same time she took my whole cock into her mouth. She moaned her pleasure onto my cock which sent vibrations through my shaft, which only made me eat her pussy even more. I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as it would go, which gave me a clear view of her asshole. I’ve never tasted her ass before, so I figure now’s as good a time as any since its right in my face. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy, flattened it out, and licked her ass for all it was worth. She let my cock fall out of her mouth as she let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard from her.

“Oh fuck, you’re licking my ass! You’ve never done that before! Oh god that feels good! That’s it, keep licking me! Shit, that’s good! Ooh my big brother is tongue-fucking my ass! Oh god, yes, yes, yessssss!!!”

I was switching from eating her pussy to tongue fucking her ass, and back and forth. All the while she’s bobbing up and down on my cock without mercy. The second I made contact with her clit her hips buckled and she pushed her pussy into my face, grinding into me as much as she could. I picked up my intensity licking her and she increased speed on me. Not long after I felt her start to shake and pick up even more speed on my cock. I felt myself about to burst, and from the look of it, so was she.

“Fuck Randy I’m about to come! Oh god I’m cumming! Oh god! I’m cummmmmmmmming!!!!”

I didn’t want to come until after we had sex, so while she was still shaking, I lifted her off of me as I sat down on the seat, and sat her down on my cock. I lay back since the roof wasn’t high enough for her to sit on me, grabbed her ass cheeks, and pushed my cock in and out of her rapidly. I was fucking her senseless, ramming her hard and fast, then she came back from her orgasm and began to fuck me back.

“You like the way your sister rides you huh? You got me so hot the way you put that guy in his place! Ugh, fuck! Pound that pussy! Fuck me Randy! Fuck your little sister hard! Oh god, I love it!”

She knows I love it when she talks dirty. I pulled out of her and put her on her back, put her legs on my shoulders, and eased back into her pussy. I loved the way my cock slid in and out of her in this position; she felt even tighter than before, if that was even possible. I held on to her tits as I plowed into her, and was being rewarded with her moans and screams of pleasure.

“You always know how to hit my spot no matter what position were in! Ahhhhhh, fuck me! Oh Randy I love you so much! Keep fucking me! I want all of your cock in me! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

As I looked into her eyes I began to realize just how beautiful she was. I slowed down my pace and just looked at her, admiring my gorgeous little sister, then out of nowhere she slaps me on the face, hard.

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