An Evening out


We meet up for Karaoke and dancing at a local bar. We don’t need to drink alcohol. We need to drink in each other. Your eyes meet mine from across the room and I make my way towards you. You are out with a few friends and you make introductions. I am a new friend nothing more. I try to get familiar with them but you have already picked me a song and it is my turn. I told you to put me on the list as soon as you got there. The song I told you to pick, “Who’s Got the Action?” by Dean Martin Comes on and I croon into the microphone. Casting a glance your way every now and then to see your glowing smile.

You are up next and this song I picked for you. Nina Simone’s “I’m Feeling Good” slowly pumps from the speakers and you sway to the beat as the song pours out of your lungs. I haven’t heard this song sound so good before. As the song crescendos and you bring it to a close you stare right at me, projecting your emotions. You put down the mic and bounce back over to where your friends and I are at. I stand up as you return and ask you to dance.

We are out on the dance floor in minutes and the songs just go by as we move and twist with each other. Some are slow and we get close as our hands explore one another. Mine crawl up your back and under your clothes to smoothly stroke down your spine. You flow from my rock hard shoulders to my upper back and try to hold on as I spin you around. You are laughing and smiling as your feet leave the floor. You feel like you are flying and then you are back on the ground and in my arms.

We kiss, hard, as the next song picks up the beat and we move a bit faster. We step in and out, around each other but all in time. We find a good rhythm and a smooth motion that makes the others on the floor look like amateurs. I incorporate a little Tango into my steps and you respond smoothly. As the song comes to a close I put you in a slight bend and dip you. I pull you back into my arms and kiss you softly. The sound of applause hits us and we realize we are alone on the floor and everyone is showing their appreciation for our little show.

I whisper in your ear to ask if you want to go. You nod your head and say nothing because of how bad you are blushing. I take take you by the hand and we say goodbye to your friends. I lead you outside and we walk for a bit to the hot tubs nearby where I Made a reservation. We have an appointment but plenty of time to get there. We are under the stars and the hot summer night is bringing our blood to a boil.

Along the way we talk and laugh about silly things. Make up private jokes and tease each other with touches, kisses and more. You whisper naughty things to me every time we reach a traffic light and have to stop and wait. We are holding each other while the lights change. You are in front Yozgat Escort of me and grinding hard against my body. Your hands holding mine against you and yours. The light changes and we move on down the block.

We arrive at the place drunk on one another. We pay the clerk, get two towels and a pitcher of water. We reserved the last room that has a sauna and a tub. I wanted both for a good sweat and a great soak. You agreed and now here we are. As I close the door to the room you spin me around for a deep kiss. My tongue parts your lips and dances in your mouth. I peel of your clothes piece by piece and you do the same to me. My shirt interrupts our kissing but we are quick to recover. My right hand slides between your legs and I find you slick with your honey. I take you over to the bench and sit you down. My hands spread your legs and my tongue slips into you. I revel in your juicy flow as you buck your hips and you back hits the wall. You taste so good and sound even better as the first orgasm of the evening courses through you.

I take you slowly into the tub and we sit down with you in my lap. I just hold you as you melt into my arms and the hot water around you. I tell you to breathe in time with me and we slow each others hearts down. It is no use for either of us though. You move away from me just to spin in the water and come in for a kiss. Your hands take my face into them as your lips slowly plant onto mine. Your body presses close and your breasts brush my chest and our nipples rub up and down. Like electric fire, the sensations race through my body and course from my brain down my spine and deep into my rock hard member.

You slowly lower your hips onto me and take me into you. Our bodies entwined and eyes closed we sync up our breathe again in time with our hips. When you go up we take in deep breaths and you go slow. As you come down we exhale and you seek out my root and grind yourself onto me. Our foreheads touch and our bodies exchange a bit of energy. We are both pumping bodies in time and flexing our kegel muscles. The timing is important as it builds the waves into crashing monsters that take you away a little each time.

You climax slowly and hard while riding me in the water. You arch your back and lose the rhythm for a moment. I let you enjoy it as you writhe around on top of me like a snake. You come down and start sliding onto my pole again. You renew our rhythm and bring your head up with a shuddering breath from where it was momentarily lying on my chest. You eyes lock onto mine and the smile you have for me is like a golden sunset. You are all aglow like an aurora borealis and you kiss me softly once more.

This kiss causes the fire within you to stir and you feel the heat rise from inside. As we slowly Yozgat Escort Bayan move into each other we flex our organs in time. This causes the sexual energy to flow up your spine and coalesce in your brain. We talked about it and practiced a few times but you are unprepared for the first wave as it slams into your mind with the pace of our bodies in unison. It is like a hurricane and you spin it clockwise seven times then counterclockwise the same amount. As we breathe in time you close your eyes and pull the energy down your face. I take this moment to kiss you and mix the energy with my own because we are at the same point with our own energy cycle. The kiss forces an exchange between us and it is too much for me to handle. I lose my self-control and begin rocketing inside you. You pump me for all your worth within the water and squeeze my member deep inside as you climax right after me. We sink deeper into the water and each other, floating temporarily in both body and mind.

I pull you into my arms and hold you as you we both come down from the intensity of the last wave. The water rocks us back and forth and the jets finally stop. The soft mellow music in the background soothes us as we kiss, splash and play a bit. I get out to rinse off in the shower and you join me. The cold water rushes over us both and we get to laugh as all the heat washes down the drain. All except the internal fires we have lit within ourselves.

We don’t bother to towel off but rather I lead you into the sauna. It is stunningly hot and whisks the water from our bodies. I sit down in the corner and you lie down lengthwise on me and the bench. I am able to hold you and I casually play with your body We chat some more and enjoy a few moments of silence. We just stare into each other’s eyes smiling while I stroke your hair. You grin turns wicked as you feel me poking you in the back with my stiff rod. You turn over and pop me into your mouth. Slowly you lick and tease my tip while gently playing with my balls. Your slow strokes are just what I need right now and I close my eyes to enjoy your attention. With your right hand busy stroking me while your mouth keeps my tip warm and wet, you slide up my chest to my nipple rings and start playing with them more. You had been teasing them all night. While we danced earlier you would stroke my chest in search of them and when found give them a little pinch. You begin kissing your way up my torso while continuing to work my shaft with your nimble fingers. Teasing my tip and making it swell even more.

You kiss up my chest to my nipples then slowly circle and lick them. My hips pump on their own and your hand slips off me. You quickly kiss my lips to calm me down and feel how hot we both are. You are in my lap again and your Escort Yozgat wet pussy is dripping along my shaft. You drag your wetness up and down but not in. You get me slicker than before and we kiss and pull our bodies close. You rest your chin on my shoulders and we begin to get in sync one more. Breathing at first while rocking our hips slowly together. You are breathing harder as we begin to kiss once more. You blow into my lungs and lick me with your tongue. I exhale and take a deep breath as I lift you ever so slightly. I slide into you so slowly that you shudder and shake from the contact of my cock on your wet walls. When I am all the way inside you I exhale and flex myself within. You are squeezing me as I flex and we are melting again. Sweat is dripping of our bodies and our juices are mixing together making sex in the sauna an extremely slick affair. I am sitting up and you are riding me slowly while I support your lower back with both hands. Our eyes are locked and we don’t blink but just smile and breathe while we vibrate with one another. I begin to shake and pull you close.

I whisper in your ear I am coming and I pull you as close as I can. Your skin boiling hot and slick with our sweat, I explode inside you and this makes you boil over. You shake and lose control kissing me deeply. A few tears fall from your eyes and a laugh slips from your lips. You just hold onto my shoulders and feel me. I wrap my arms around to keep you there.

It is a quiet moment and nothing is heard but our breathing. Back in control I carry you from the sauna back into the shower. I pick you up from under your ass and your arms wrap tighter around my neck while your legs coil around my waist. You nuzzle at my neck as I take you into the other room. I set you on the ground and kiss you as I turn the water on.

It cascades down me and onto you. The water is cold as it rushes down your body making both our nipples stiff. You notice and give mine a tweak. I growl and stare down at you. I spin you around and give your rump a quick slap. You yelp as I spin and scoop you up onto my shoulder. I take you back to the bench. I put you down and again spread your thighs apart with my hands. My tongue goes as deep as I can get it and scoops out our melange. I take a mouthful up to your lips and we share this high octane mixture. I keep kissing you as I slide in two fingers to tickle you inside. I nudge your button a few times, tapping it just the right way and you cum all over my wrist and hand. My fingers slide out and around your hips. I pick you up one last time and turn on the jets before taking you back into the tub. We sink and I hold you from behind as we drift in each other’s warmth. We close our eyes and start breathing in time again. We blend and melt into the waters and each other. It is bliss in a moment after ecstasy. The jets stop again and we towel one another dry after one last rinse. A cab is waiting outside to take us back to your place. Your promised me dinner and a movie after all the dancing and I really looking forward to dessert.

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