An Ethnic Sharing Adventure Ch. 02


It was Friday morning and we were tearing down from our RV campsite for a short move just a few miles up the road from our current site in Sky Ute Casino Resort and RV Park in Ignacio, Colorado. The RV Park was crowded and reservations for weekend travelers meant that we had to leave before the weekend. That was not a major problem as we moved only a few miles North to Bayfield. It was less convenient, however, to our new friends who all were staying at the Casino Resort.

Our visit to the Durango area of Colorado was exciting and continued to get more so as we made new friends and enjoyed a special closeness and sharing of different cultures. Elizabeth is a beautiful Shoshone Indian married to Robert, an older Ute Tribal Leader and a managing executive at Sky Ute Casino Resort and RV Park in Ignacio, Colorado.

We met Elizabeth and Robert at the Southern Ute Fair and Powwow along with a couple more our age — Marcia and Donald. Marcia was Apache and Donald was from the local Southern Ute Tribe. I think he too may have been a Tribal Leader.

My wife Mary and Marcia took to each other right away. Beth, a beautiful young Shoshone woman, had all my attention. We had “consummated” our friendship the day after the powwow when she came to our motor home to see what she thought of RV travel. Mary and I had shared her on the king-sized bed in our motor home.

We were meeting our new friends for dinner in the Resort Hotel Dining Room. It was a busy day with all the tearing down, moving and reestablishing our campsite in Bayfield. Mary was gorgeous in her tight-fitting yellow sundress and her turquoise jewelry from previous shopping trips in New Mexico. One of our excursions had been to Taos Pueblo and markets in Santa Fe where she fell in love with turquoise and silver. She was a knockout with her red hair and pale, lightly freckled complexion.

Our friends were waiting in the main lobby when we arrived; all except Robert. He had to respond to some emergency in the casino. Marcia and Don were dressed casually but appropriately. Don did display his ethnicity with a large turquoise and silver bolo tie. Marcia chose a look of great dignity with her silver hair and silver beads on a bone and bead necklace.

Beth was stunning in her nearly white, full-length doeskin Native American dress with wide sleeves, long fringe and a beautiful blue and green beadwork pattern and expensive turquoise and silver jewelry. Onwin The cleavage of her large breast was exposed and her nipples were evident.

We hugged and kissed with Marcia and Don. Mary and Beth exchanged compliments on their outfits. They did the kiss, kiss thing then Beth put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth — a little longer than “just friends.”

We continued to hug, Beth putting her lips close to my ear and whispering, “You like?”

I whispered back, “Are you wearing any underwear?”

Beth giggled and led us to a private dining room where the staff went out of their way to please the boss’s wife — and us. There were three waitresses, scantily dressed, and a very handsome waiter all standing quietly to the side and nearly out of sight.

Mary grabbed my hand and quietly said, “Behave yourself.”

Robert arrived at the table looking a little frustrated. A waitress was there immediately setting a drink on the table in front of him.

“Have you all ordered drinks?” he questioned. The waitress looked a little perplexed. It was obvious that she did not want Robert upset. But it wasn’t necessary. After all, we had just been seated. Robert ordered several bottles of wine, both reds and whites. He told the waitress to take the menus away. We would have a few drinks before dinner. We did.

We drank for about an hour and were getting a bit loud. It was obvious that sexual tension was building. Even the sweet and dignified Marcia was sharing sexual innuendo. Robert was paying as much attention to Mary as I was to Beth. And Don seemed to be getting drunk.

I was sitting between Marcia and Beth. That was good in a way but it made it more difficult for me to see down Beth’s top. I was surprised when Marcia put her hand on my thigh.

Beth leaned into me, “You are popular.” She giggled.

Hmmm, I wondered about the giggle. Was Beth getting a bit inebriated? Maybe we all were relaxing — and getting horny. Both Robert and Don were getting touchy-feely with Mary. She was not a drinker and had had several glasses of wine. She was even more receptive to the touches than usual.

Mary was first to suggest a trip to the ladies room. I noticed a slight stagger as she stood. Beth reached into my lap, touching my dick as she pushed herself up. Marcia was more discreet, holding my shoulder. I looked around the table.

“We need to Onwin Giriş eat before we get really drunk,” I thought.

The ladies returned and Robert signaled the waitress and we ordered dinner. I slowed down on the wine. Mary did too.

After dinner, Robert suggested that we might have had too much booze to be on the road back to Bayfield. He suggested that we all stop in their penthouse apartment for a brandy and more time to visit. That sounded smart. I was fairly inebriated. Mary was totally wasted. Marcia and Don had rooms in the hotel but would stop for brandy and more bonding.

We bonded. By the time Robert served the brandy, we were “getting comfortable.”

Beth stood in front of me and said, “Do you think I look fat in this dress?”

“Yes,” I grinned. “You need to get out of it.”

Everyone laughed and Beth dropped the dress. I was right. She was not wearing underwear.

Robert returned with a tray of drinks, “Mary, do you wear underwear for dinner.”

Mary dropped her dress — no bra but she was wearing panties. Beth pulled them down and kissed Mary’s pussy.

I think Don and Marcia were wondering just how far they should go. Marcia surprised me. She was wearing underwear but she removed her bra and panties as soon as the dress was off. She was not the sexiest woman in the room but she certainly was more attractive than most over-sixty women.

The party was on. “Show her your cock, Mal,” Beth prompted.

“Have you seen it,” Marcia questioned.

“Oh yes, I’ve had it in my pussy and in my mouth,” she blurted. “And Robert knows it,” she finished.

Don turned loose a big, fat monster. Marcia grinned at Beth, “You should try that one.”

Beth got down on her knees in front of Don and fondled the boner. Robert had pushed Mary back on the couch and spread her legs. She moaned and pushed his face into her pussy.

I accepted that Marcia was my choice. I stood behind her and fondled her large, slightly droopy breasts. Marcia wanted to be kissed. She turned her to face me and wrapped her hand around my erection. We kissed passionately and she rubbed the head of my hard cock on her juicy clit. We dropped to the floor and she straddled me, my cock slipping effortlessly up that deep, dark, juicy pussy.

Don had Beth’s legs on his shoulders and was pounding her wide-open pussy. I looked again at that thick cock spreading those Onwin Güncel Giriş sweet dark brown lips. Beth was in ecstasy. Don unloaded in her, cum flowing from her gaping opening and dripping on the expensive carpet as he pulled the softening cock out of her.

Mary and Robert had gone to the bedroom but I could here her moaning.

It turned into an all night affair. We fucked, exchanged partners and fucked some more until we couldn’t fuck anymore.

The next morning, Robert ordered a large breakfast brought to his apartment. After breakfast, Don and Marcia said they needed to check on their granddaughter. They left and we continued to fuck and fuck. Robert had somehow not to been paged for another emergency. He was able to cause my wife to beg off. Her pussy was getting tender from all the action.

I too had had enough. I just sat, admiring and fondling Beth’s “too fat body.” We kissed a lot and I started wondering if I was taking her attention a bit too seriously.

As we relaxed, the conversation turned to travel and the motor home. I asked Robert if he was interested in buying an RV. He was. They were planning a trip to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Three large powwows are there during the summer months.

Beth has family there and Robert and their son wanted to dance there.

Mary mentioned that the Wind River area was close to our next scheduled stop. Maybe we could convoy?

Beth got excited.

“Robert, why don’t I ride along with Mal and Mary. I could spend some time with my sister and wait there for you and Bobby (their son). You will probably be there in less than a month, won’t you?”

Robert seemed confused. He looked at me and asked, “When are you guys leaving?”

“Tomorrow, I guess. We haven’t made a plan or estimated how long it might take?”

I looked at Mary, wondering how she felt. I saw no jealousy. It was pretty obvious she was leaving it to me.

“Robert! Mal! Okay?” Beth was anxious for an answer.

“It would give you extra time to visit your family. I hope this isn’t just a chance for a long fling with Mal.”

“We could fling,” Beth laughed, “But honest, Robert, it just makes me that much hotter to fuck you too. And, really, I would love to spend some time with my sister and brothers.”

That did it. I saw Mary glance up when Beth said, “Brothers.”

“Meet us tomorrow morning at the RV Park in Bayfield. Is that okay?” Mary asked.

“Is it okay if I just spend the night with you?” Beth responded. “We could all ride there today. It would save Robert an extra trip. He does have a casino to run,” Beth smiled.

“Wind River, here we cum,” I laughed.

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