An Erotic Vacation


We’ve been dating for nine months now. Forget names, for now all that matters is the place, we decided to go on vacation in the Caribbean’s. We rented a secluded villa with a pool and our own private beach, we’ve only been here a day and the fun is already beginning.

Relaxing by the pool after a long hot day on the beach, we’re in our bathing suits, but in a couple minutes we’ll be in our birthday suits. You’re tanning on the porch couch and I just got out of the pool. I come sit next to you, I’m all wet but you don’t mind.

You put rest your head on my shoulder, we’ve been sitting together a while when you start kissing my bare chest. I start playing in your hair and kissing your forehead. Your hand’s been laying on my abs since earlier but now it’s starting to make its way down.

You grope my dick through my suit, he starts hardening in response.

I bring your chin up to give you a tender kiss on the lips. I grope your ass, you sigh. I bite your lip, you gasp. I start feeling you up, one hand exploring your curves the other holding your head.

The sexual tension is building up, we’re more eager every second. Your hand can’t wait, my shorts fall to the ground, no boxers of course.

That big dick you love so much is standing up proud and high, already leaking at the thought of pleasuring you, pleasuring your temple.

Now it’s your turn to undress, your bra falls with the flick of my fingers and your underwear shortly follow.

In a swift movement you’re on top of me, we’re frantically kissing and feeling each other. I grab firm hold of your perky tits and bite your nipple, you jerk your head back, before you can catch your breath I press my palm against your clit, you let out Kayseri Escort a quiet moan. You’re out of breath so I decide to hold you there in anticipation.

This teasing is making you mad, horny mad, you get off me, eager to take your turn at my body, you grab my erect cock, your fingers barely able to meet around it, you lick the head, I gasp. You take him into your mouth and hold him there a moment, “Fuck.” I moan.

You get back on top, you got your revenge.

Play times over, I throw you down onto the couch so that I’m on top and in control. We start kissing again, my dick rubbing on your soaked pussy lips, juices are leaking out from your lips.

“You want this don’t you?” I ask. You groan an unmistakable yes. Your nails dig into my back, you try to pull me in but I resist, you’re wet but I’m still dry.

I get off, you get on and start kissing him, you suck and lick him till he’s all covered in spit, you look up to me with those pleading eyes, begging for me to fuck you. I can’t hold it any longer. I put you on top, you spread your legs and slowly make your way down on me.

You dig your nails into my shoulders bracing yourself for the wave of pleasure and pain. My dick slowly spreads your walls, making its way deeper and deeper into your pussy, I hit rock bottom and you finally release that breath you’ve been holding in. This is fun but I can tell you want more.

I grab your sides and start thrusting up into you, slowly at first but within no time I’m pounding you from under. You start moaning within minutes, suddenly you stop, we kiss, I bite your earlobe and pinch your nipples, I throw you under, push your legs up to your head, your out of breath but I won’t Kayseri Escort Bayan give you catch it, I thrust into you till I hit rock bottom, my right hand groping your beautiful tits.

I start fucking you hard and fast, I lean down while fucking you and kiss you on the lips, you lean up for more but I push you back down, my thumb reaches down and starts playing around your clit, I spit on it to lessen the friction, you’re so wet we can hear the sloppy sounds of your pussy being filled and emptied rapidly. I pull out, and put two fingers in you, I rapidly start flicking them inside your pussy, you moan. My thumb flicks your clit and you buck.

I stop and put my fingers in your mouth, I press the head of my cock up to your pussy lips but you stop me, you lean up and put your mouth to my ear, “Fuck me from behind babe.” you whisper. First I want my treat, I turn you around, you’re on all fours facing me and I’m waiting for you to take him. You take him into the back of your throat but he’s too big so you gag a little, you lick him, spit on him, and make your way down to my balls. You suck and lick them till they’re glistening in a layer of saliva, now that that is done we can continue.

You turn around, waiting for me to take you from behind, I push your head down and you raise your butt, exposing your pussy to me. I hold your hands behind your back and insert my fat cock in between your lips and push him in all the way. You like this but you want more,I spit on your ass and do something you’re not expecting. I hook my thumb into your ass and wiggle it, you moan loudly, quivering at the sensation of being filled this way. You’re on the verge of a big orgasm, you need to finish and Escort Kayseri I do too.

I start fucking you harder and faster with one goal in mind, make her cum hard. By now you’re yelling, screaming, begging for me to fuck you harder. I oblige, my hips beating your ass every thrust, my thumb replaced by two fingers I start fingering your ass, I pull on your hair and smack your ass. I can feel your walls tightening. We are both close, the sound of my balls smacking on your clit brings cum to the tip of my head, ever so close to cumming I flip you around so your legs are to the side but we’re still facing each other.

I start pummeling your pussy, my fingers are still fucking your ass while my other hand grabs your tit, it only takes a few moments before it hits. Your nails dig into my shoulders, making me bleed, I lean down and bite your lip.

I thrust all the way in one last time, we both gasp, you start bucking under me, a huge orgasm taking over your whole body. Your pussy is gushing with hot juices and your ass tightens on my fingers, you scream at the top of your lungs, releasing a crippling orgasm. My orgasm hits at the same time and I fill your sweet pussy up with hot cum, once our orgasms have subsided we collapse onto the couch. My flaccid dick still inside you. I kiss and suck your nipples, we’re both drenched in sweat.

I go down to clean up my mess, with two fingers in your ass, two in your pussy and my lips on your clitoris I rapidly fuck your holes, it takes no time before I bring you to another blissful climax. You stop me before I can continue, your eyes begging for a second to breath. By now you’ve scratched my shoulders and back to blood, I don’t mind of course.

With my semen still leaking from your pussy we jump into the pool one last time to clean up.

The sun sets and the night ends in our bed, yet again, my dick hitting rock bottom.


Thanks for reading, this is the first erotic story I actually release so tell me what you think.

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