An Erotic Tale Ch. 01


At the age of 4, I lost both my parents in a car accident and was moved from one foster home to another until I was eighteen. Now at the age of 25, I am a fairly successful junior analyst for a big finance company.

Never having had any real friends growing up, I was extremely shy and introverted. Unfortunately the one thing I did have going for me was my looks. At 6 feet, built like a soccer player with dark wavy hair and green eyes, I unfortunately gained more than my fair share of attention from both sexes.

Having come to terms early on in my teens that I was attracted to men, and being too damn scared to venture openly into the gay community, I’ve basically shied away from any form of social relationships for fear of being ridiculed or judged for my sexual orientation.

So yip, you’ve guessed it – My name is Carson Landry and I’m a 25 year old gay virgin male.

Having recently moved into a more upscale apartment block due to a promotion at work, I decided to take a step out into the world and make some friends. My opposite neighbor, Mandy was a fresh out of college journalism graduate intent on taking on the journalism world with a bang. Mandy, who was cute in a pixie kind of way, was extremely outgoing and vivacious.

Having learned early on that I was gay and out of bounds to her, she took it upon herself to help me improve my social life and get me laid.

On weekends, she would drag me along with her to clubs and on the odd occasion to a sports bar called Mike’s Grill which was, about 2 blocks from the apartment complex. Some weeknights I would go alone to Mike’s Grill for a meal or to watch a game. I would be hit on at least 3 times if it was a slow night. However, what kept me going back was the owner, Mike Grayson. Tall, at least 6’3, muscular built with medium brown hair and golden brown eyes, he reminded me of an extremely fit Christian Bale.

On the few times I went to Mike’s Grill I would sometimes catch a glimpse of him coming down the stairs which led up to the staff office on the upper level of the bar. He had the most amazing lips and hands that had me fantasizing about how they would feel on my body. Just those thoughts alone had me blushing uncontrollably.

Since Mandy was going down to the coast to visit her retired parents this weekend, I decided on Friday night to head on down to Mike’s for a meal and catch up on some games. Since the evenings were getting considerably warmer, I decided to forgo my car and take a leisurely stroll down to the bar. When I arrived, it was just after 7, but the place was already half packed. I wound my way to a table in the corner where I could see the TV screens, and waited for Jody, the friendly middle-aged waitress to bring over the menu.

To my utter shock, Demetevler Escort Mike himself brought over the menu. As I looked up and blushed, he handed me the menu, and with a sexy tilt of his lips, said “Hey there, sorry for the wait. We down on staff today, so I’ll be your waiter tonight.”

Cringing in mortification at my own stupidity at staring at him with a ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look, I quickly took the menu and thanked him. “Just holler when you ready to order”, he said as he turned away and headed back behind the bar.

God, how stupid must he think I am? I quickly gathered my scattered wits and got down to choosing something from the menu before the man came back and thought me a complete moron. A couple of minutes later, Mike sauntered over with that sexy swagger of his. “You ready to order?” he asked. “Um, yes, I’ll have the BBQ chicken with baked potato and a side salad. Oh, and, a Coke, please”, I replied.

He smiled and nodded, and said “No prob, will just be a few minutes. I’ll bring your drink in the meantime.” He left and returned with a glass of Coke. As he placed it down, he said “I’ve seen you in here a few times with a pretty girl – is she your girlfriend?”

“Oh, no no, Mandy is just a friend. My, um, neighbor actually. We just hang out sometimes”, I stammered. God, why I am so tongue-tied around him, I thought.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” he asked.

“Er, no, no girlfriend” I replied.

His lips turned up into that sexy tilt again. “Ah, ok. Boyfriend?”

Oh God, I could feel the heat spread across my face and neck. “I-I, no, I don’t “, I stuttered.

That sexy tilt of the lips spread into a full blown smile at my obvious uneasiness and stammering. “Good to know. What’s your name?”

“Carson Landry. Um, I guess you must be Mike” I said. At his raised eyebrow I quickly explained that my friend Mandy said he was the owner.

“That’s right. It’s a pleasure to meet you Carson – I’ll be back with your food shortly”. And off he went with that deadly swagger in his hips.

Oh crap! I glanced around the bar to make sure no-one was paying any attention to me, and then surreptiously reached under the table to adjust my rock hard cock into a more comfortable position. I could not remember the last time anyone had affected me quite like this and quite so fast. It was a bit disconcerting, but also extremely hot.

As Mike walked into the kitchen to check on the food, he smiled and thought about the delicious man sitting at the table. ‘Fuck’, he thought. He was the hottest and cutest guy that he has spoken to in a very long time. Carson Landry was definitely gay, and just his kind of guy. Things were definitely starting Otele gelen escort to look up for Mike.

It was close to 10pm when Carson paid his bill. The bar had slowed down considerably after the supper rush. As he walked towards the door, Mike stepped up to him.

“You’re leaving”. It was more a statement than a question. I nodded and stared at Mike wondering what he was going to do next. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I could feel my palms were moist with nervous perspiration.

Then Mike said “Do you need a lift anywhere? I’m heading home for the night, so if you don’t have a car it would be no problem to drop you at home.”

“Um, no I left my car at home, but I just live a couple of blocks from here. I was just going to walk home” I replied.

“It’s really no problem, plus it’s late. So what do you say?” Mike continued. I considered the wisdom of this especially since I didn’t know Mike that well. I read all about the horror stories of violence against gays, but on the other hand, I really liked Mike and he seemed genuine. After mentally debating, I decided to take a chance.

“Um, thanks, that would be great” I eventually replied.

We walked around the side to where the staff parking was allocated. He opened my door for me which I found strange, but oddly sweet. I gave him directions and a few minutes later we were outside my complex.

“Looks like a nice place. I always wondered what the inside looked like but never had an opportunity to check it out” Mike said. I knew he was hinting for an invite inside and not wanting to seem rude or ungrateful, I told him he could come inside to have a look around the place. It was the least I could do for the ride home.

As we went up, my palms started sweating again and I was a bit restless. Being in the closed confines of the lift with Mike was playing havoc with my body. I was reacting to the scent of his aftershave and natural manly smell, and to my embarrassment I felt a telltale tickle in my jeans.

As I showed Mike around my apartment, I was super conscious of how close behind me he followed. It was like he was purposely invading my personal space because he knew how my body was reacting to him. At last the tour was done and I turned towards the door. Immediately I bumped into Mike who was right behind me. I hastily stepped back and apologized, but Mike didn’t seem to care about that.

He stepped closer to me and whispered “Fuck, ever since the first time I saw you come into my place, I wanted to know what your lips tasted like. Would they be soft and sweet, or hard and spicy?” Mike placed his hands on my waist and drew me closer to his body. My heart was racing and the scent of his body Balgat Escort was arousing mine to extreme measures.

I closed my eyes and leant closer to Mike. “Will you let me taste you Carson? ” Mike whispered roughly. I opened my eyes and looked deep into his golden ones and softly nodded. Mike closed the distance and then his lips were on mine. I expected hard and demanding, but Mike’s lips barely grazed mine. I moaned at the lack of contact and arched into him, and Mike chuckled softly then proceeded to seduced me with his mouth. Mike lapped at my lips, and then bit down on my bottom lip until I gasped. At this he slipped his tongue in deep. I sucked on his tongue as I ground my pelvis into his. I felt his hard cock pressing into mine and savored the joy of knowing that Mike wanted me as much as I wanted him.

He moved his lips down my neck, sucking and nipping the skin. I threw my head back in wild abandonment as I threaded my hands through his silky mane of hair. I could feel my cock was leaking into my underwear as Mike squeezed and massaged my ass. He moved his right hand round to my front and cupped my crotch, gently fondling and milking my dick through my pants. I was so close – Oh God I was ready to blow. Mike moved his lips up to my ear, biting my lobe and tonguing my ear as his hand continued its assault on my swollen cock. I thrust myself against his hand and tried rotating my hips against his crotch to give us both much needed friction, but Mike wouldn’t allow the contact.

I whimpered and begged, and finally Mike applied the right amount of pressure to my cock. As I rocked against his hand I felt my balls drawing up towards my body. I thrust myself wildly against his hand, bucking and groaning, and as my cock exploded and flooded my underwear with my come, Mike thrust his tongue deep into my mouth to stifle my cries of ecstasy.

Drained and weak, I leaned heavily against Mike as he gently kissed me and brushed my hair off my face. As I opened my eyes to look at him in awe, he smiled gently and leaned in to kiss me again. “Even better than I imagined” he said.

I looked at him quizzically and he smiled and said “You taste even better than I imagined. Your passion sets my body alight – I can’t wait to taste all of you”. I blushed and looked down, only then realizing that Mike was far from satisfied himself.

“Mike – ” I started.

“Shh, this was for you. Next time we can both enjoy the satisfaction” he replied.

I smiled at that. Mike wanted to see me again. I felt like a schoolgirl being asked out to her first junior high prom. I mean how sappy could I get? He kissed me one last time then walked to the front door. “I’ll see you tomorrow Carson. Be ready by 12. I’m taking you to lunch – no excuses.” With that, Mike turned and left, and I stood standing in the middle of my lounge wondering just what happened exactly in the last hour, and was it real.

I went and locked the door, then headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Later that night I was lying in bed, reliving the most erotic night of my life.

And wondering what tomorrow has in store for me…

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