An Amazing Discovery Ch. 09


Thank you for your continued feedback on this story. As I write this story it has changed from my original concept, however I find the story is almost writing itself. It should be noted this story is fictional. Currently I have plans to ten chapters, however if there is the demand I would go further.

“Yes Mom, even more than Suzy. My love for Clare is deeper than that, and it certainly isn’t just about the sex either, before you ask.”

To my total surprise my Mother then said, “OK kids, I think I believe you, but please be careful, you realise that you can’t have kids don’t you?”

Clare jumped in on that one, “Yes Mom, we understand, and we are being careful, you don’t have to worry on that. I’m on the pill.”

Aunt Jane said dinner would be ready about 8 pm, so we should get some rest before then, it had been a very long day. With that, she guided our Mother out of the room and shut the door behind her.

“Well Mrs Philips, how do you feel?” I asked.

“Shocked, stunned, and very, very happy.” Clare responded, putting her arms around me and kissing me gently on the cheek.

We were tired after our long day, we both stripped and got into bed, and we were asleep within minutes.

I woke some hours later, it was still light, but I could see it must be early evening. I looked over to the clock; it was 7:30 dinner was going to be 8:00. I gently shook Clare trying to wake her up; she was having none of it, merely turning over and pulling the quilt tight around her.

I decided I would let her sleep at little while longer. I got dressed and went down stairs; my Mother and Aunt Jane were on the deck talking. When Aunt Jane saw me coming outside she gave me a wonderful warm smile and said, “How’s married life Mr Philips?”

“Just fine thank you, even though it’s only been a few hours.” I replied. My Mother did not look quite as worried as she had earlier; I figured I had Aunt Jane to thank for that. She had always had a more liberal approach to life; I should have known that she would have been ok with this.

“Aunt Jane, Thank you so much. Clare and I could not be happier; it’s such a relief to not have to hide our love for each other any more.” I said, as she hugged me close to her body.

“Dave, I think your old enough to call me Jane, calling me Aunt Jane makes me feel very old. And you’re very welcome.” Jane replied. My Mother smiled and got up to join us.

“Dave, I can’t pretend that I am completely happy with this situation; but I can see that you and Clare share a very deep love. I hope that the fact you won’t be able to have children isn’t going to spoil that.” My Mother looked immediately very sad, as if realising that she would probably never have any grandchildren.

“Mom, I have discussed this with Clare; we had a near miss the first time… well you know, we both want children.” Before I had the chance to complete my statement my Mom butted in with a shocked expression, “My god, Dave you CAN’T have children with Clare; it’s just not right, and could be dangerous.”

“Calm down Jennifer, I’m sure Dave and Clare have thought this through.” Jane said, trying to calm my Mother.

“Mom, of course we can’t have our OWN children, that doesn’t mean that we can’t adopt.” I replied.

That seamed to calm my Mother down somewhat. Jane started getting dinner ready whilst I sat with my Mom. I could tell she really was not sure about this, I did the best I could to reassure her about what was happening.

A little while late Jane asked me to get Clare as dinner was nearly ready. I went upstairs to our room, when I opened the door I was greeted by one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

Although I had seen Clare naked before, even lying like a starfish on the bed like she was the first time I saw her naked; this time was different, it was the first time after our “Wedding” and the first time with us being public knowledge.

Clare was still fast asleep, she had knocked the covers off and was lying flat on her back legs and arms splayed. Wow, what a gorgeous woman she is.

I was immediately hard; I stripped and very carefully made my way onto the bed. I crawled up the bed being careful not to disturb Clare, Once in position I moved my body very slowly, rubbing the hardness of my cock against her smooth, shaved pussy. I gently kissed her nipples, slowly sucking each one into my mouth and nibbling them just as Clare likes.

Clare started to respond even before she woke, I could feel her becoming moist; her lips started to puff and her clit became engorged.

Gradually, slowly I entered my beautiful girl. When I finally had my whole length inside her, Clare opened her eyes; she had a wonderful dreamy look on her face.

“Ooh, that’s a wonderful way to be woken up.” She purred.

“Anything for my beautiful wife.” I responded with a deep thrust.

We continued with our lazy lovemaking. I wanted this to last forever; we had both become tuned to each other’s bodies, we could cum together on most gorukle escort bayan times which just made it feel all the better.

I had not really noticed how long I had been upstairs, but downstairs Jane was wondering what was keeping us. She decided to come and check on us. Little did I know that I had not shut the bedroom door properly?

Jane thought that we may have fallen asleep again, however when she got to the bedroom door she knew we had not. The bedroom door was not shut properly and Jane pushed it open a little more; what she saw at first shocked her. Her niece and nephew were fucking each other.

Then she realised that no, they weren’t fucking, they were making love, slow sensuous, loving sex. Jane could not move she was fixed to the spot, almost as if her feet were bolted to the floor.

“Jane what…” Jane immediately signalled my Mom to be quiet. My Mom had wondered where everyone was when she came in from the deck; she had come upstairs and found her sister standing outside our room. She called to Jane but was very quickly signalled to be quiet and come see.

When Jane pushed the door open a little more, my Mother had to bite her lip to not gasp at the sight before her; her son and daughter were having sex and she was watching them.

Jane whispered to my Mom, “See Jennifer, they are making love, not fucking each other senseless. You can’t deny there love for each other anymore; you are seeing it before you in its most natural basic form.”

Just as Jane had finished her little speech to my Mother, Clare began to buck and writhe under me as her orgasm approached. This was all the signal my body needed as we both climaxed together.

This was too much for our Mother; she went back downstairs, ashamed of herself and us for watching us. Jane however stayed just a little while longer, without realising it watching us had really turned her on.

The realisation that she enjoyed watching us surprised Jane; she had never experienced anything like it before.

As we both calmed down I lay next to Clare, I could see the bedroom door had opened quite a way. “That was lucky,” I said.

“What was?” Clare asked.

“Well I must not have shut the bedroom door properly, we could have been caught.” I answered.

Little did we know that we had an audience? We got dressed and went down for dinner. My Mother was clearly flustered she could not look Clare or me in the face. Clare took this as some kind of rejection.

“Mom, please don’t do this. Dave and I are so happy; don’t you think it’s about time we had some happiness in our lives for a change.” Clare pleaded.

Clare continued, “I know this is a strange situation, but we can’t change the way we feel about each other just to suit other people. We are both adults, we know what we want and we are not hurting anyone.”

“Clare I love you both very much, but you must realise that this is a lot for me to take in. I know you feel a very special love for each other, we have just seen that.” My Mother stopped wide-eyed as she realised what she had just said.

“I’m sorry you two, it wasn’t your Mothers fault. I wondered where you were, so I came upstairs to check on you. The bedroom door wasn’t fully shut and so I pushed it a little and found you, err, making love.” Jane was blushing profusely as she continued her statement. “Then your Mother came looking for me, I signalled her to be quiet and come see, we both watched until, well until you finished.”

I looked at Clare, completely shocked I did not know what to say or do. We had been seen making love by our Mother and her sister.

This didn’t seem to faze Clare at all, “Well if you watched us, you will have seen the love.”

“Yes we did, I have never seen anything like it.” Jane replied, my Mother added, “Clare I’m sorry, we should never have done that, but in a way I’m glad we did. It will take some time, but I can see that you and your brother have a future. So if you are happy that makes me happy.” As she finished she at last managed a smile and was able to look us in the face again.

With the facts out in the open, the atmosphere improved a great deal, we were back to being a normal family arguing who was going to have the last portion of chicken curry that Jane had made.

The next few days past like a blur, we were in total holiday mode, sunbathing in our spot on the dunes and swimming in the ocean. We lived our lives as a married couple, although we didn’t meet many people.

After we had been there for a week, I got a call from Frank Keel. I was needed back home to sign the documents for the sale of the garage and land. I decided that I would fly, that way I would only need to be away overnight.

Clare decided that she did not want to come with me; she was enjoying life on the beach too much to go back to the city just yet.

I got up early the next morning to get the first flight of the day; I would then see Frank to sort the paperwork. I would be staying at home for the night nilüfer escort bayan and fly back the next morning.

Whilst sitting on the plane, I realised just how much I missed Clare, this was crazy we had only been apart for a couple of hours; it felt like days.

The flight back to the city was uneventful and not having any luggage, I was able to get to the Taxi rank before the rush. I got to the centre within about twenty minutes and realised that I was going to be way too early for Frank. I decided that breakfast was called for.

Just as I was finishing the last of my coffee my mobile rang, it was Clare.

“I miss you lover.” she purred.

“Me too, being on that plane all alone made me realise something Clare.” I said

“What?” She asked

“Oh, just that I love you more than I can say, I wish I was with you now; I could show you.” I responded.

“Well, when you’re done with Frank, why don’t you go and show Stacy; she can tell me when you’re done.” Clare’s statement surprised me.

“What? You want me to fuck Stacy?” I asked rather shocked by her request.

“Why not? I’m your lover, she’s my lover; I’ve told you before you can be OUR lover. Anyway she will be missing us; we have not even called her yet.” Clare answered as if it were the most natural thing.

“You don’t mind?” I asked Clare, remembering the first time with Stacy.

“Of course not; I wouldn’t have suggested it other wise. Just one thing, make sure you fuck her just before you leave in the morning and don’t let her suck you clean after; I want to taste her again.” With that, Clare hung up.

Wow, Clare not only wanted me to fuck her best friend and lover again, but she wanted me to return to her with Stacy’s juices still on my prick.

I made my way to Frank’s office; he greeted me in reception as always.

“Morning Dave thanks for coming so quickly” He said.

“No problem Frank is it all ready for me to sign. I’ve got a couple of other things to do before I go back.” I asked.

“Yup, Copper Reese sent over the finished paperwork last night. They also sent over the plans for what they are going to do.” Frank continued, “They are going to call it Spectrum House.”

I liked the idea that the new building was going to share the garage’s name, sort of keeping a reminder of what once was there.

I looked at the plans; they were very high spec duplex apartments, with every conceivable extra. The building also had its own gym, pool and sauna.

“Frank, I need you to do something for me, I want you to buy the penthouse apartment for me. But this must remain between me and you, nobody else must know.” I asked.

“Sure Dave, as it happens one of the reasons Copper Reese sent the plans over was they decided to give you an option to buy one.” Frank replied.

I signed the paperwork for the sale, about 3 hours later Frank called and told me the deal was done, and the money had been transferred into my account. Frank said that he would sort the purchase of the penthouse in the next few days. I knew exactly why I wanted the penthouse, although I was not sure how things would work out.

After calling to see a few of my friends I headed home, it was getting late; I thought of calling Stacy but decided to get a shower and something to eat first. As I walked in through the front door of our home, I could smell food cooking.

I followed my nose to the kitchen and found Stacy! Clare had called her, told her that I was in town and asked her to “take care of me.”

It was really good to see Stacy, it was only since Clare’s call this morning that I realised that I had missed Stacy a lot; in fact it was partly why I bought the penthouse.

“Hi Dave, just in time dinner is nearly ready.” Stacy said

“It’s great to see you Stacy, I’ve really missed you.” I said hugging her to me.

“I think I’ll grab a quick shower before dinner, see you in a minute.” I said as I walked into the lounge.

“Fine, don’t take too long, will you.” Stacy shouted from the kitchen.

I hit the shower, the feel of the hot water splashing all over my body felt like pins and needles. It was so refreshing; I was feeling a little worse for wear after such an early start.

I finished my shower and got changed into some sweats and a t-shirt, I didn’t bother putting my boxers on, as I was intending to have an early night.

Went I got back down stairs, Stacy was dishing up the meal she had cooked. It was my favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese with parmesan cheese and a bottle of red wine.

“Thanks for this Stacy, you didn’t need to go to so much trouble though, we could have ordered in.” I said.

“You’re kidding, I’m under strict instructions from Clare, she called me this morning and told me you were in town.” Stacy replied.

“Oh but first I must congratulate you.” She gushed.

“What for?” I asked a little confused.

“On your wedding, silly.” Stacy said laughing. Clare had told her the bursa otele gelen escort bayan whole story, about our Mom finding Clare’s diary and showing it to Jane and all the events there after.

Whilst we were talking and enjoying our meal, I noticed that Stacy was not wearing a bra, noting unusual there; I don’t think she ever has. The view was great Stacy was wearing a low cut skin-tight top. Even though they were not erect, I could clearly see her nipples pressing against the second skin of the top. She was also wearing a long flowing skirt; she looked amazing I thought to myself.

When dinner was finished we put the dishes in the washer and settled to watch a little television, Clare settled on the couch next to me and we channel hopped for a while.

“Dave, I want to thank you.” Stacy suddenly said, it took me by surprise, we hadn’t as much as uttered a word for over an hour.

“What for?” I asked

“My first time, I really enjoyed it, I feel different now…. I don’t know why but I do. Can we do it again?” with that, Stacy spun round and sat on my lap facing me. Her chest was inches away from my face; her nipples had started to grow.

Before I had chance, to answer Stacy was grinding her pussy into my groin, I was hard very quickly, and Stacy just continued rubbing herself pushing harder and harder. Before long her breathing changed; her nipples were fully engorged; it was clear that she was rapidly approaching orgasm just by rubbing against me.

I slid my hands up under her top, gently I fondled both of her breasts and then the nipples, tweaking them between finger and thumb; pulling gently as Stacy continued to grind against me.

Stacy pulled her top off, revealing her small but beautifully formed tits to me for only the third time, the first time just the two of us. I could feel Stacy pull my sweat pants down my thigh; she could not get them more than halfway but seamed to suit her just fine.

Now I could feel her rubbing her pussy against my cock, she had not worn any panties either. The fact that I could not see this, due to her skirt covering our groins just heightened the senses.

With one last push, she lowered herself onto my rigid cock, slowly at first and then she just dropped down on me. Immediately she lifted almost completely off and thrust back at me; each move was harder and faster.

This wasn’t making love, this was Stacy well and truly fucking me; her thigh’s were slapping so hard against mine they were stinging, but I was totally engrossed in our sex.

Stacy became wild, bucking against me like a machine; it was just as well, we were not in her horrible little flat, the whole building would have heard her shriek through multiple orgasms.

In what like seemed no time, I felt myself cumming; I told Stacy I was about to cum, I was expecting her to pull off me.

I should have known better; she just plunged down on my cock as deep as she could and grabbed hold of me and pulled me tight into her; so tight, I could hardly breathe.

Stacy came again just as I started blasting her hot pussy with my cum, jet after jet I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard before.

We just sat there in each other’s arms for over half an hour, calming down. The smell of our sex was heavy in the air. Stacy looked at me, smiling she said, “It look’s like I need a shower as well now, care to join me?”

We showered together, exploring, touching, feeling and tasting. When we had finished I realised that it was getting very late; I needed to be up early for my flight. Stacy took my hand and guided me to my Mothers bedroom; she pulled back the quilt and got in patting the space next to her.

I fell asleep with Stacy in my arms just a few short minutes later.

I awoke to a familiar sensation, pussy on my cock. Stacy had woken early and was following her instructions she had received from Clare. They were that she should fuck me the night before; she had certainly done that. And to send me on my way with my dick hard and covered in her pussy juice.

As I woke up properly, I began to thrust against Stacy as she rode me. “Oh no you don’t mister, this isn’t for you, this is for Clare.” Stacy said with a grin.

I remembered what Clare had said before she hung up yesterday; the thought of her sucking Stacy’s pussy juice from my dick just made me harder. Stacy felt that I might cum, so she pulled off and left the bedroom.

She stuck her head back in the door, “No wanking either, Clare’s request.”

Oh damn, this was going to be a long flight I thought as I sat in my seat waiting for take off.

I had left Stacy at the house; she said she would clean up before she left. I told her that she could stay if she wanted, better than her flat. She was excited and thanked me. I thought it was a good solution, she could keep an eye on the house and save money on her rent; we were not going to be back for sometime so it suited everyone.

When I got to the arrivals lounge at the airport, I was surprised to see Clare; she had come down on the bus to meet me. She ran into my arms and gave me the hottest kiss I had ever had, especially in public.

“You are brilliant. ” She said kissing me again. “Thanks, but why?”

“Telling Stacy she could stay at the house, that’s real nice; I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.” She answered.

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