An Afternoon of Teasing Well Spent


It was just going to be one of those relaxing Saturdays. You were busily typing away at a new story and I was off working in the house someplace. I had noticed that the typing had stopped and that you were very quiet. Puzzled, I decided to investigate. Sometimes you would have lie down for a nap because all the creative juices would get your adrenaline flowing thus leaving you with a massive headache. So I tip-toed into the den to see your whereabouts thinking I might prepare some tea if the headache was the case.

I peeked around the corner to find you reclined in the chair, your legs spread wide and your hands up inside your skirt. You were reading a story written by some guy, and it really turned you on I later found out. Although the thought of you being turned on by someone else ignited a spark of jealousy, I also knew that at some point you would find me to satisfy your needs. You knew the pleasure I gave you was unlike anyone ever.

I watched as you panted, and although I couldn’t see underneath your skirt your hands were furiously working to satisfy your primal needs. Suddenly you jerked back in your seat and let out a throaty moan, and I watched you cum as I stood there with my hand on my rock hard cock feeling it throb through my jeans. Your body collapsed back in the chair as a satisfied grin came over your face. I entered the room and startled you, Pendik Anal Escort you had no idea I was watching. I was amazed as I stood there, looked at your face, and looked at the computer screen. Caught! A slight blush came to your face followed by a wicked smile. I reached down and picked you up in my arms without saying a word, and carried you off to our bedroom.

Once there, I said, “you’ll pay dearly now little one”. This surprised you. I set you down onto the bed and without missing a beat undressed you in record time. I looked down at your pussy which had been made dripping wet by your session. It turned me on so much to see you wet, juices flowing down over your ass cheeks. In my closet I went searching for socks, ties, anything to bind you and prevent you from sensations of caressing and groping me. Once finding my gear I grabbed your hands after a little struggle, and tied them taught above your head. Your feet tied to the bedposts, your legs spread as wide as you could stand it. I seductively undressed before you, revealing my hard cock which bounced up and down as I walked the room. Finding a candle, I lit the flame and positioned myself on top of you, sitting on your hips. You could feel my balls touch your clit and my cock lay against your tummy as I leaned over to address you. I said, “little girl, are you going to continue reading these Pendik Yaşlı Escort stories and attacking me out of no where like you do?” You looked at me with an evil wicked grin, shook your head yes, and said “uh huh”, in that very sexy tonal inflection you often gave me when you wanted me to sex you up.

I summoned the candle and held it over you, letting it drip hot wax over your chest, encircling your breasts, being careful not to inflict too much pain. I traced a trail of wax down your tummy, slowly and seductively. Each drip of hot wax made you moan and squirm, little shrieks exited your mouth as instantaneous pain and pleasure overcame you. Upon approaching your pussy, I let a pool build up and slowly allowed it to flow onto the crease at the apex of your pussy, it flowed down and over your clit enveloping it in wax. I could see ecstasy written over your face, your eyes closed, mouth slightly open with soft panting breaths escaping. Your hips lunged upwards pushing your mound forward prominently, the unmistakable sign that you wanted me inside you. Then there was that last drop of wax striking your soft skin and running down over your clit, hardening, teasing and tormenting you.

I started peeling the wax off drop by drop, and then followed by a kiss on each spot. I licked and kissed from spot to spot until finding your clit. Upon reaching Pendik Zenci Escort my destination I peeled slowly, followed by a wet kiss with my tongue, ending with sucking that again caused you to lunge upwards. You wanted to feel my tongue drive inside you, but I refused your demand.

I moved down between your legs, my hands softly caressing your thighs and kissing them from your knees up to your pelvis. Most of my time once reaching your errogenous zone was spent sending your body into gyrations and pre-orgasmic pleasure. I was sucking on your clit while fingering your pussy, licking your pussy while frantically rubbing your clit, playing with your holes and driving you crazy. I’d climb on top of you, my hard cock waving in front of your face while I continued to lick you and eat you. I’d lower my cock just to gently sweep over your lips, your tongue flicking to taste it, you’d raise your head to take my cock in and I’d retreat my hips back to harbor and build your lust. Teasing and tormenting you, I’d continue licking until you came again.

Then I’d reposition myself to tease your pussy lips with the head of my cock. Brushing it over your clit, over your pussy lips, the tip of my penis only slightly penetrating your pussy, teasing and tormenting you. I would continue doing this until you begged me to shove my cock into your mouth, into your pussy, into your ass. You were now begging, with desperation you were begging me to let your hands touch my pulsating cock so you could feel it throb relentlessly in your hand. It was tempting you to stroke it and milk it so you could watch my cum squirt and drain in you, on you, and all over you.

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