Amy’s Story Ch. 12

Big Tits

Dear reader, this is the continued true story of a couple exploring interracial sex as told to me by Amy.

My efforts to be the best white bitch a black man could ever hope for paid off. Tashon kept calling me, and for a while I was seeing both he and James on a regular basis. Over time; however, I was spending more time with Tashon. He even got a little apartment so we would have our own crib to hang out in, fuck and chill.

We see each other once or twice a week. Sometimes we have dinner or go someplace fun. I really love being seen with him, and I no longer cared if people see us who know me. It’s really quite a rush realizing that people look at us and know I’m his white slut. We usually end up back at the apartment where we fuck like rabbits.

Now that I’ve turned black I realize that my pussy was always made for black cock. Black cock is like a loadstone to me. I am drawn to any macho nigger, and in the past year I had the chance to fuck quite a few. At the same time men of any other race, particularly my race, are absolutely of no interest to me.

Everything was great, but I was was still jealous of Tashon’s wife. She gets to have him so much more…and she gets to have his children.

I should have been the happiest woman alive, and while I was happy, there was still a feeling of emptiness. I had a growing desire to be pregnant again, but pregnant with a black baby. I love being pregnant; it makes me feel so sexy and I am so very horny when I’m pregnant. I was feeling an overwhelming need to have my eggs fertilized by black seed. I wanted my belly to grow with a black baby. I longed to feel my breasts swell with milk and see the nipples darken. I found myself fantasizing more and more about having a little black mouth suckling from my lily white breast.

So, my New Year’s resolution that year was to get knocked up by Tashon!

My husband Mark and I had decided not to have any more children. But I figured that was white children, and it was before I’d gone black.

I went off the pill, and stopped letting my husband fuck me. Mark wasn’t real happy about that, but the decision was mine. From that point on, my pussy was reserved for black cock, Tashon’s black cock. I desperately wanted a nigger baby by him.

I treasure the memory of the day it happened. I had let myself into Tashon’s apartment. I like to get there first and get myself ready for him. I changed into a short little robe, but I left my heels on. I put on some music I knew he would like. As I pattered around, I felt my pussy getting wet in anticipation.

It had been a little while since I had gone off the pill. I knew the time was right, I was in heat, my white body was ready accept his black seed!

I greeted Tashon at the door. Before he even had a chance to take his coat off, I was on him. I kissed his full black lips with a hunger close to desperation. I so wanted him, I so needed him, I so loved him. I always feel empty when we’re apart, which is most of the time. After all, we’re both married and spend most of our free time with our families. That was another reason I needed Tashon’s baby; I wanted to have a part of him with me all the time.

He ran his large black hand inside my robe and played with my nipple rings. I’m so glad I got my nipples pierced when I started sexing with black men. They really have fun with them, and Tashon really likes to pull on them until they bring tears to my eyes.

God! It felt so good to be in his arms and have him run his hands all over my pale skin.

“I missed you so,” I said when we finally broke our kiss.

“I missed you too babe,” he replied in that deep baritone voice I so love to hear.

I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I lit some candles and then let my robe slide off my shoulders. I saw him smile with desire as he gazed upon my naked white flesh.

“You sure are a horny bitch this afternoon,” he observed.

“I’m in heat for you,” I replied. “I can’t wait to have my white pussy wrapped around your big black cock!

My body’s ready. I want you to bred me. Give me a black baby!”

Then I started undressing him. I couldn’t wait to get at his beautiful black cock. As soon as I did, I took it in my mouth and started kissing, licking and sucking that ebony shaft that brings me such joy. I always marvel at how a man’s cock grows and swells in my hands and mouth as I worship it. It is a form of worship to me; there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to please my nigger.

I laid him back on the bed and worked my way down his black shaft to nibble and lick his huge balls. They are several times bigger than my husband’s, and I knew inside them resided the seed that I so desperately wanted to bathe my womb. I licked lower until I could run my tongue around and up his ass. I know how niggers love when I do that and how supper horny and super hard it makes them.

By that time my pussy was so wet, I was dripping. I crawled up on him, and with my hands on his muscular chest, started working my pussy lips around the sikiş porno his huge black cock head.

I could see our reflection in a mirror. Damn, that sight was so erotic, seeing Tashon’s black cock disappearing inside my white body!

He lay back watching me, not saying a thing, as I slowly lowered myself on that marvelous shaft. I felt it filling me, stretching me and finally touching my cervix. Then I started riding his cock. It felt so good to have him so far deep inside me, stretching my vagina with his girth.

I was soon moaning as orgasms shot through me, radiating from my vagina through the core of my body out to my extremities.

I lost track of time. The next thing I knew, he arched his back and flipped me over as if I were weightless.

He got behind me doggie style. He grabbed a nipple ring in each hand and started slamming his cock into me as hard as he could.

“You sure are a black cock slut!” He exclaimed. “I’m going to knock you up, give you a black niggah’ baby.

Everybody’s going to know that you’re a white ho for black cock.”

My nipples screamed out in pain, I thought he was going to rip the rings out.

I didn’t care.

I was so excited. Knowing I was unprotected, knowing that he was very likely going to impregnate me. It was so totally hot!

“Yes, fuck me you black bastard!” I yelled.

“Give me your black seed!

Make me pregnant!

I want your black baby!”

It was so erotic to say those words!

I was cuming so hard.

Letting go of my nipple rings, he slapped my ass hard several times. I could hear the sharp sound resonate in the small room. My ass burned from the force of each blow, which felt as if it went straight to my pussy causing a heightened orgasm each time.

I was so excited that my pussy unleashed a torrent of cream, my swollen pussy gripped his cock, demanding his cum.

We were both covered with sweat. My cum was running down my thighs.

Gripping a handful of hair, he twisted my head back as he continued brutalizing my pussy with his cock.

Then He pulled me hard to him as I felt his cum shooting deep into my pussy, filling my wildly contracting belly. I sensed his seed spewing into my womb searching out my egg.

It felt as if he were cuming harder than he ever did before.

It was so amazing to have him cum inside me when I was totally naked and fertile for him; it was so totally hot!

I so love him and love being his white bitch!

We lay together still joined for a few minutes before Tashon got up. “Can’t stay Baby,” he said as he withdrew his softening cock from my swollen and soaked pussy. “Gotta get back to work.”

I was content to snuggle on the sweat and cum soaked sheets, smelling his sent, feeling his cum seeping out from deep inside me. I wanted to give his seed every chance to fertilize one of my eggs.

Sometimes I would wonder why I was trying to get pregnant. I knew having a black baby would make life very complicated. But whenever I was with Tashon, all I could think about is how much I needed to get pregnant by him and carry his baby. I knew I was head over heels in love with him!

It was while we were on a family vacation that I realized that I was probably pregnant. I saw the doctor as soon as we got back to confirm it.


I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to tell Tashon.

The next time we were together at the apartment, I met him at the door and said, “Hi Daddy!”

He grinned from ear to ear as he scooped me up saying, “How’s my little white mamma?”

Then we went and fucked our brains out.

The only complication was that since I was over 35, the pregnancy was considered high risk, but I never had any problems with any of my other children.

I couldn’t wait until I started to show and for my titties to swell. I was pregnant through the summer, so I got some really revealing clothes that showed my belly. Oh, the looks we got when Tashon and I were together!

People looked at us as if we were animals or something.

And of course as soon as the baby would be born, all the world will know I’m a white slut addicted to black men. Mark’s and my families, everybody at church, the neighbors, strangers I pass in the street, everybody!

I swear that the sex is even greater when I’m pregnant. All those hormones rushing through my body, knowing I was carrying Tashon’s baby.

One day Tashon called and said Mark and I were invited to his place for a party to kick off the summer. I was a little surprised because I didn’t know how his wife would feel about having me at her house. So, I was kind of nervous about going, but excited too.

Not knowing what we would be getting into, we dropped the kids off at my parents for a sleep over.

I had a little belly, but I still wore a short mini skirt, a little top and cute heels.

Tashon had the pool heated up nicely and the spring day was nice and warm. There were about 20 people there, lots şişman porno of food and music. Everybody was having a great time. I mingled and danced some.

Tashon wasn’t hesitant to flirt with me and grab me, even in front of his wife Sue. She was very nice to everybody, me included, and looked great. She’s such a beautiful woman.

It was around eight when things started winding down. Mark and I were going to leave when Tashon asked us to stick around. The only other guest around was a guy named Gerald.

Tashon suggested we hit the pool. His wife went to put the kids to bed. I changed into a skimpy little bikini. I was feeling rather naughty showing my baby bump off in front of Tashon’s wife.

When we were in the pool, Tashon asked me to take my top off and show Gerald my pierced nipples. Of course I never miss a chance to show off my pierced titties, and I really felt like a slut doing it at Tashon’s home.

Then Tashon started playing with my nipples and kissing me, which felt great.

“Aren’t you afraid Sue might see us?” I asked.

“Naw, she’s OK with us,” he replied.

Sure enough, a little later she came out by the pool and went over to the Jacuzzi as if nothing was going on.

Shortly everybody but me was in the Jacuzzi. After all, I was pregnant, so I just put my feet in.

Then Tashon started making out with Sue as we all watched. He took his suit off and sat on the edge while she sucked his massive black cock with her little white mouth.

I was looking on in envy when he told me to get over there and join his wife. I lost no time in making it a twosome. Sue and I both had our little white hands wrapped around his mahogany shaft as we took turns kissing and sucking that beautiful black phallus while Mark and Gerald sat back and watched.

“See guys, these my white bitches,” he exclaimed.

After a while Tashon got up, spread a towel on the ground near the pool and said to me, “get on all fours bitch.”

I did as directed and soon he started to fuck me hard right there.

God! Its so hot to be fucked right in front of his white wife and my husband!

I started cuming as soon as he slid his hard black cock deep into my pussy. He made sure I was wet and ready for him, and then took possession of my vagina clear up to my cervix in one hard thrust.

Tashon knew my pussy quite well.

I was really getting into his strokes, cuming every time he thrust into me.

“Gerald get over there so this bitch can suck your niggha’ dick.” Tashon directed.

Gerald lost no time. He was already hard from watching Tashon fuck me. In less than a minute there was a nice stiff black cock being thrust at my face.

I eagerly took it into my mouth. I am very oral and love to suck cock, especially black cock!

Soon I had two hard black cocks inside me, and I loved it! It had been a while since I had done that.

Tashon was smacking my ass and fucking my pussy as hard as he could while Gerald pulled on my nipple rings and fucked my face.

Even though Gerald was well hung, I had had enough practice that I was able to deep throat him. I could tell he was impressed, and was loving what I was doing to him.

I lost awareness of everything else, I was cuming so much.

Gerald came first, pulling out and cuming all over my face. I caught as much of his seed in my mouth as I could manage.

Then Tashon came deep inside my pussy, flooding my vagina with his sperm.. What a great evening!

Shortly after the pool party Tashon’s wife called me, asking to get together for lunch. I was a little nervous, but couldn’t say no.

The bottom line of the lunch was that she wanted me to know that she understood that I was pregnant with her husband’s child and that she was OK with it. She’s resigned herself to Tashon having other white lovers.

Then she said something that I always assumed, but still really hit me. Tashon has other white women than just me and has sired other mixed race children outside of his marriage.

As she explained it, ” He’s extremely attracted to white bitches like you, and takes every opportunity to get with them.”

She admitted that when she first learned Tashon had impregnated yet another white woman she was a bit concerned that I might be trying to trap him, but was happy to know that I was already married with a family.

She did make it very clear that I should not mess with her marriage, and she didn’t want her children to see me with Tashon.

All in all, it was a good talk. It was good to get everything out in the open. I learned that Sue really is a very sweet woman.

My pregnancy progressed well. I would often feel tired, but the overall feeling was sexy. I so love being pregnant, and I get so horny with all the hormones running through my body!

As my belly grew bigger; I took every opportunity to show it off. It was so great when I was with Tashon, walking hand in hand, like the day he took me to the zoo. It was a warm day, so I could swinger porno let my swollen belly show and everybody could see the pregnant white whore with her nigger. A lot of people were checking us out! Some I could see looking with envy, others with disdain. I love both looks. It is so great to be bad. I get so turned on having people look at us.

I didn’t just show off my swollen belly when I was out of town either. I had a lot of fun when a friend invited the kids to a swim party.

I was a real bad girl. I wore a tiny bikini that, with my huge pregnant belly, really made me look like the slut I’d become. I got a lot of disproving looks from the other moms there. If only they knew that the baby I was carrying was nigger bred! Well, they’d all know soon enough.

Since I’ve turned black, I’ve become so bad. I’m also so addicted to black sex, that men of all other races, especially my own, just seem effeminate to me.

My husband Mark realizes that he can never satisfy me the way a black man can. I guess by allowing me to fuck niggers the way I do, he’s acknowledging his inferiority. One day I took that to extremes.

It had been a while since Mark last had a chance to watch a black stud make me cum so hard I’d practically lose my mind. So one evening I dressed in a cute little top and short shorts and took Mark with me when I visited Tashon.

Tashon was already at the apartment when we arrived. He gave me a real deep kiss just as I got in the door and shook Mark’s hand. He mixed drinks for he and Mark and put on some music. I sat with Tashon, pressing up tight against him. Mark sat in a chair across the room.

Tashon and I started making out. We were kissing and he was fondling my baby swollen breasts. Before long my top was on the floor and Tashon was sucking my by now dark nipples and tweaking and pulling my nipple rings. By the time he had my shorts off, my thong was soaked.

He started playing with my pussy as I freed his huge black cock from his pants. I couldn’t wait to get my lips around that beautiful black cock head. As I kissed and sucked his ebony shaft, I felt it coming to life, throbbing and stiffening in my mouth.

When he was nice and hard, I deep throated him until I needed air. I love the feel of a huge black dick sliding down and stretching my throat as my chin touches his massive testicles.

Then I licked and kissed my way down the outside of his cock until I could lick and nibble his balls. By this time he was no longer playing with my pussy, but was pushing his ass forward on the sofa and arching his back. That allowed me to work my tongue down to his ass and start to tongue fuck his ass hole.

It was, James, my first black lover who taught me how hard I could get a nigger by french kissing his ass. The first time, I was hesitant, but now I know it is one of the things I do that sets me apart from other white bitches. And, It really gets my niggers super hard and ready to hammer my white pussy.

“Brother, you wife sure is a black loving slut the way she eats out a niggah’s ass,” Tashon announced to Mark while I was working my tongue up as far into his ass as I could.

It wasn’t long before Tashon stood up towering over me as he shed the rest of his clothes. I just sat meekly on the floor looking up adoringly at his muscular frame and his extremely hard cock standing straight out.

He got down behind me on the floor and started fucking me doggie style. That’s a favorite position of his, and it works great for pregnant girls. He can slap my ass, pull my hair and pull on my nipple rings. He treated me really rough even though I was quite pregnant.

I was cuming so hard!

The hormones, Mark watching, the hard fucking I was getting, Tashon’s huge black cock filling, stretching my vagina. It was all so overwhelming.

“Yes…fuck me…like the slut I am!” I was yelling as I came.

“See how Tashon…takes care of me,” I said to Mark.

“He knows…what I deserve. He has…a real…cock. He’s…a real man.

White bitches…need nigger cock.

Niggers fuck…so much…better.”

I usually don’t humiliate Mark, but it turned me on so much to say those things.

I was lost in a kaleidoscope of orgasm.

It wasn’t until after Tashon had blown unimaginable loads of cum deep inside me that I started to regain my senses, and once again became aware of my surroundings.

There was Mark on the sofa. His small white penis in his hand, little drops of his own cum on the back of his fist.

Feeling very wicked, I sauntered over to him.

I never planned to do what I did next. I got on the couch and spread my legs so Mark could see the copious amount of Tashon’s cum seeping out of my pussy.

“Look how much a real man cums,” I teased Mark.

“I hate to waste Tashon’s good cum, but I’m already pregnant.

I think you should lick his cum out of my pussy.”

I saw the shocked look on Marks face. He didn’t know what to do.

“Since you can’t fuck me like I need, at least you can lick out the cum of a man who can.”

Mark hesitated, then overcome by the moment and all that he had witnessed, he got down and slowly, hesitantly began to lick around my pussy.

“Eat me out Mark,” I commanded. “We don’t want to waste Tashon’s good cum.”

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