Amanda, My Sweetheart


I would like to share with you the experience I have just been through in as much detail as possible. I will not disclose the names of the locations for various reasons.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Bryce. I’m 22 years old, and have just graduated from a state university. I’m originally from a suburb of a city about 200 miles from my college, both in the same state. I’m 6 ft tall and weigh about 165 pounds…pretty “normal” build. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and am slightly tan. I’ve had longer hair a bit on the shaggy side for years, but now that I’m out working in the real world my hair is clean cut. My personality can be described differently by many people, but usually I am kind of shy and open up when I feel comfortable around others, especially when drinking alcohol. Everybody considers me a “nice guy,” and that was a term I didn’t mind being called until recently.

Enough about myself, I’ll cut to the chase and get to my story, and I’m sure you’ll learn more about me as I tell my experience.

I attended a public high school for four years in the nice suburb I lived in. In my sophomore year of high school I met the girl of my dreams, Amanda. Being a year younger, she was a freshman when I first met her. Amanda was one of the first girls all of the upperclassmen noticed when the new crop of freshman girls came from middle school. I was the first to get her fortunately, by luck mostly, but I knew that when I met her I had to keep her.

Amanda had long hair when I met her, but cut it to about shoulder length her senior year of high school and has kept it ever since. She is a natural blonde with big, beautiful brown eyes. Gosh, just thinking of her cute, petite little body right now is arousing me. She is about 5’4” and weighs about 115 pounds currently. Amanda has the cutest little face with puffy, rosy cheeks, and has great complexion. Her pout lips are incredibly sexy, maybe the sexiest thing about her.

She has a curvy body with killer legs and a nice, round butt. Her breasts are perky C-cups, and her skin is tan. You should see her in the summer when she lays out in her bikini because her skin is nice and tan, which accents her blonde shoulder length hair. Amanda is absolutely sexy and beautiful, and I’m not even lying. I was so lucky to get her.

I won’t get into too much of what went on in high school, but note that we dated entirely throughout the rest of my high school years only breaking up once and getting back together. Amanda was my sweetheart.

When it came time to graduate, I had decided that I was going to a large state university in my state that has about 30,000 students. Amanda and I agreed to continue our relationship, and I really wanted too because I loved her. She was nearly everything to me.

We both lost our virginity to each other after we had been together over a year. I know it’s hard to believe I put up without having sex for that long, but she is a goody-goody girl from a good family. It took me a good four or five months of convincing till she finally agreed to it, but I do have to say that I was pretty nervous to do it for the first time too. She also never gave me head because she thought it was disgusting. Me being the nice guy I was, I never pressured her into doing it, and as long as we were having sex I didn’t mind.

Amanda’s parents were very strict, in fact she was almost put in a private school, but the parents both attended our same high school years ago, so they decided to put Amanda in their alma mater. Our high school also had a great cheerleading program, so that was another factor. Like her mom, Amanda was a cheerleader throughout high school.

Being raised by strict parents, she never felt comfortable drinking or smoking when going out to parties. She did drink, but never got caught up in any trouble. She hung out with the “in-crowd,” but never smoked weed with them or anything. As you may have heard, a lot of children raised strictly tend to have manic states when leaving home. That is kind of what happened to Amanda in college, but I’ll get to that soon.

So, back to me graduating…we agreed to keep dating my freshman year of college and her senior year of high school. I was reluctant to leave home because of not being with her, but 200 miles is not that far of a trip.

I’m kind of a possessive person when it comes to the people I love. Not excessively possessive, but I get jealous really easy. I knew that all of the guys in her senior class wanted to get into her panties, and I feared that she might let one of them while I wasn’t there with her. That made me uncomfortable, but Amanda assured me that she loved me and that I shouldn’t worry about that. She did kind of scare me though because she is an outgoing person, and has a flirtatious attitude towards her, especially when drinking. She is petite, so it doesn’t take much for her to get drunk.

A lot of times when I would meet up with her at a party in high school when we were both out with our friends, she would always be talking to guys and would ignore me. I could türkçe altyazılı porno tell when she had been drinking because she would lean on guys and touch them. That used to make me so mad, but she would get mad at me and say, “they’re just my friends, and I’m with you all the time, this is my time to socialize with others.”

I couldn’t argue with her though because she never did cheat on me in high school. I’m not too sure if she cheated on me during my freshman year of college when she was still in high school, but I doubt it. Word travels around fast and I never did hear anything, and I did talk to her on the phone every night before she went to sleep. Besides, since she had a college boyfriend it made her feel mature and she didn’t feel she needed to waste her time with “high school boys,” as she would say.

I went back to visit her a lot, and even went to her homecoming and prom. Amanda was on homecoming court, so that tells you about her popularity, beauty, and good-girl appearance.

I lived in a dorm my freshman year of college with my good friend, Joe, from back home. There were a few of my good friends that came to the same school as me, so it was fun to be able to hang out with them and still meet new people.

Joe and I would party a lot when we lived in the dorm, but he rushed a fraternity on the third week of school, which meant that he was gone a lot doing pledge stuff at his frat house. I thought about joining his fraternity because we knew some older guys from our high school in it, but I didn’t really want too at the time. I’m kind of glad too because he would always get calls in the middle of the night telling him to get down to the frat house. Plus, I had Amanda, who I loved, so I didn’t enjoy going out to look for girls every night like Joe and his frat brothers.

During our first semester while Joe was pledging, I met a lot of his friends he was pledging with. We all got along, and they seemed pretty cool, but the fact that I wasn’t in their frat made me feel outside of the circle, even with Joe. All they ever talked about was getting fucked up, what was going on at the fraternity house, and getting laid.

Joe and I had been good friends since middle school. He was more popular than me and had a lot of other friends, but always considered me a good friend. I think he liked me so much because I wasn’t a dick to him, and he could trust me. I would always be there for him as a friend back in high school.

I was always kind of jealous of Joe because everyone liked him more than me, even in college, but I had Amanda, which was something to be proud of. It’s not that we were in competition a lot, but the fact that he was “cooler” than me would make me mad. The thing that I was most concerned with about Joe was that he always had an eye for Amanda, and I was very intimidated by him.

About a month and a half into my freshman year, Amanda came to visit me. I was so excited to see her, and I was also excited to have sex of course. I asked Joe if he could split for the weekend so that Amanda and I could have the dorm room to ourselves. “How bout you split and Amanda and I can have the room to ourselves,” Joe replied chuckling.

I knew he was joking, but this did kind of bother me because I knew that Joe had always wanted to get with Amanda. Being good friends, he never tried out of the respect of me, but I had the feeling he had changed a bit since high school after pledging a frat.

Joe had always been kind of a jerk with the ladies, always trying to hook up and not giving a fuck about anyone but himself. He was an attractive guy, kind of rich looking, and more built and handsome than me. He had already slept with a few girls since coming to college. Amanda and Joe had always been friends, but I had caught Joe many times staring at and flirting with Amanda in ways that made me jealous. But, Joe was no different that everyone else.

I could tell some of my friends including Joe had crushes on her, not only because she was incredibly hot, but that she was forbidden fruit for being my girlfriend of many years. I would always warn her when I was jealous of certain guys flirting with her, especially Joe, that they were assholes and treat girls like shit, but she was still naïve and thought they only wanted to be friends with her.

When we would all go to the beach for spring break in high school, guys would always wear sunglasses so that they could stare at girls without them knowing. Joe and some other of my friends would always be around Amanda when she was in her bikini with their shades on, and I knew what they were up to. My friends would always make comments about her to me and ask me to tell them what she was like in bed, or if they could borrow her, but I never would respond. Being a “nice-guy” they didn’t really care how I took their comments about my girlfriend because they knew I wouldn’t do anything about it.

Amanda came into town one Friday night, and I took her out to dinner. At dinner, she told me that she wanted to come twitter porno here for college. I was thrilled because she was deciding between here and another college out of state, and I had been trying to persuade her to come here to be with me, so I guess that worked. She was also offered a cheerleading scholarship for our University’s prominent football team.

She would come to visit often all through my freshman year, and each time she came she felt more comfortable with the college atmosphere. Really, the only guys I hung out with were Joe and his fraternity brothers. He had gotten initiated in December, so I was able to come around their frat house with Joe after that. All of the guys seemed to like me and would try to get me to come to the spring rush, but I declined knowing Amanda was coming up here next year.

When she would come into town we would go over to Joe’s friends houses and his fraternity house. It was fun because we were able to drink not having to worry about getting caught in the dorm, but I was cautious when Amanda was around all those dudes. I knew how they talked about girls and how they treated girls, so when they talked to Amanda I would start to feel a little uncomfortable knowing that they had an eye for her. But, at any rate we would have a great time when she visited, and Joe would stay somewhere else (usually with a girl) so that Amanda and I could be alone.

Oh man the sex was good too. The dorm room beds were squeaky, so we would put the blanket on the floor and have sex there. I found a trend where on the nights she visited, if she wasn’t drunk, she didn’t really want to fuck because she would say, “I don’t want the neighbors to hear,” or “what if Joe comes home?” or “I just want to cuddle.” It seemed that she just wasn’t in the mood.

But, the nights when she was drunk would be a whole different story. She would be all over me the minute we got back to my room, and I would fuck the hell out of her. I usually had to cover her mouth because of her uncontrollable moaning. Gosh she was always such a great fuck. Of course, she never would give me a blowjob though. Amanda falls into the category of girls who really let loose when drinking, but that isn’t always a good thing.

The summer came before no time and I became a sophomore. I went back home to work and visit my parents, but also to be with Amanda. The summer was great and we spent a lot of quality time together, maybe the best times we ever had together, and she was so excited to begin college. Because of visiting a handful of times, she met a lot of girls who were in sororities, so she decided to rush the first week of school. For me, I was kind of skeptical about her joining a sorority because I knew that they hung around frat guys all the time. I became worried that alcohol and guys were a bad combination for her. I even considered rushing Joe’s fraternity, but I didn’t want to do all of the pledge crap that would come between Amanda and my time together.

I know that this story has been kind of bland so for, but I’m just giving details for you to understand the foundation of story. I will begin to get into it now.

The fall semester came and Amanda was finally about to embark on a whole new chapter of her life. She was living in a dorm on campus, but already said she would probably sleep at my place every night. Joe, Kyle, and I got a three-bedroom house off campus, so we were looking forward to a fun semester.

Kyle was one of Joe’s frat brothers who I had also become friends with through Joe last year. Kyle was a lot like Joe, but more outgoing. He was a tall blonde-haired kid, like Joe, who liked to get drunk every night and sleep with any girl possible. We never really clicked, but we always had gotten along. I just didn’t know if I could trust him. He was kind of a snake, and very cocky. Kyle was also a lot older than us, being 23 when we moved in together. Somehow he still was enrolled in college, but I have no idea why because he never went to class.

The first week of school Amanda rushed sororities and got into “the best one on campus,” according to my roommates. “Man, tell her to bring some of her sisters over here,” Kyle and Joe would say all the time.

Amanda stayed at my house every night for the first couple weeks of school. I noticed Amanda was already becoming infatuated with sororities, fraternities, and college life because she went out and shopped for new clothes nearly every day with some of her sorority sisters, laid out to tan, and carried around a bag with her sorority letters on it.

Whenever all of us were at the house together, Joe and Kyle would talk on and on with Amanda about sorority functions, what good frats were, bad frats were, all that stuff I felt left out in. It seemed she was more excited to talk to them than me, and that made me kind of jealous. I told myself not to get jealous, but Joe and Kyle were attractive guys that always made comments about how hot Amanda was, especially Kyle, who annoyed me with all his remarks about my girlfriend.

I üniversiteli porno knew they wanted to fuck her by the way they acted when she was and wasn’t around. When she was around they would swarm around her, flirt with her, and use manners. When she wasn’t around, they would never use manners when it came to girls. Amanda would tell me how “cool” and “cute” Joe and Kyle were, which made me even more jealous.

With me she never really found sex and girls an interesting topic, but she would always talk to Kyle and Joe about “guy stuff,” and she found it really interesting. One time she even talked about blowjobs with Joe. She always said, “Euuww gross, that’s disgusting,” when I mentioned it, but she talked openly about it with Joe, and even sounded curious due to the fact that she had never given one.

When this happened I saw how wide Joe’s eyes were and saw him adjust his pants a few times to accommodate his growing cock. All of this made me jealous because they seemed to get along so well, but then again they had been friends in high school. I sort of envied Joe and Kyle because they were better looking and more secure and confident than me, which made me think Amanda enjoyed being around them more than me. Plus, they were in a frat and Amanda found that so cool.

Amanda was drinking a lot more than she ever had, and it was only the third week of school. She would go over to some of the older sorority girls’ houses and apartments and drink with them. I didn’t really hang out with her a lot of the time in the evenings, but she would always come back to my house every night.

A few times she was shit-faced drunk, and I would be angry with that, but would soon forget after we had sex. She was always so horny when she was drunk, and it was great when my roommates weren’t home so she could be loud in bed.

I remember this one time when she came home on a weeknight drunk as a skunk. It was about 2:30 am when she arrived after being at a frat party. I was lying in my bed anxiously awaiting her, and I couldn’t get the picture of guys hitting on her out of my head.

“Damn Amanda, where the hell have you been? Why didn’t you call? I’ve been calling your phone for the past few hours,” I said as she stumbled into my room. I felt like a dad.

“What’s your problem? My phone was in Lisa’s car,” she said immediately kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her jeans.

“Sorry, I just got worried, that’s all. I missed you,” I said quite relieved she was home.

“Why the fuck are you yelling at me? I told you our sorority had a function tonight and that I’d be here later. Sorry I didn’t have my phone on me, but that’s no reason to bark at me when I come over her,” she said throwing her pants on the floor exposing her nice, plump ass covered by silk pink panties. She hoped into my bed seeming kind of angry.

“I know, I’m sorry, but I just get really uncomfortable when you’re out drinking with fraternity guys. They’re trouble you know…and I’m a guy, I know how they think, and what their intentions are,” I said putting my arm around her as she pushed her blonde bangs out her face and turned her back to me.

“They’re trouble? Not really. They’re nice to me and don’t yell at me like you. I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself. Goodnight,” she said hastily.

“Whatever,” I said angrily as I rolled over and turned my back towards her. If I just would have been nice to her we could have had great sex, but I was the jealous boyfriend, and that really turned her off.

The next day I apologized and everything was okay, but I just told that little story to give you an idea of the frustration I felt with her.

As Amanda continued to sleep at my house every night, she became more and more comfortable about the way she acted around the house. Kyle and I shared a bathroom that was in the hallway, so I was concerned sometimes when Amanda would use the bathroom knowing that Kyle could walk in on her, especially since she often took showers at my place. This irritated me because Kyle was the type of pervert that would try to walk in on her on purpose.

One time after having sex when Joe and Kyle were gone, Amanda left my room for the bathroom being completely naked. It drove me crazy knowing that Joe or Kyle could have come home at that moment and seen Amanda streaking through the hallway. I got mad at her for doing that when she came back into my room.

“Don’t go out there naked Amanda! Kyle or Joe could have come home and you would have never known it,” I said to her.

She replied, “They wouldn’t be impressed with my body after looking at those Playboys in the bathroom all the time.”

Kyle kept a bunch of Playboys for toilet material. Amanda was just being modest though because she has a killer body that Kyle and Joe would give away their right arms just to see her nude.

There were a few times before going to bed when Amanda would wear t-shirts with no bra and small workout shorts while sitting on the couch talking to Kyle and Joe, which didn’t bother me too much, but Kyle and Joe’s actions sometimes did get to me. A lot of times, especially when they’re drunk, Kyle and Joe would give Amanda a hug when they saw her. That’s just the way Amanda was, like I said before, a fun girl who comes off as flirtatious, but is really just being friendly. So, she would smile and say, “hey!” when they hugged her.

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