Amanda Awakens – Son’s Best Friend


Amanda Awakens – Son’s Best Friend Jarrod

(This is a continuation of the awakening of Amanda. To get full context of the storyline it is suggested that you read the previous segments of this saga Amanda Awakens –…… I hope that you enjoy reading it.)

Logan and Amanda’s oldest child Jeff was now eighteen and a senior in high school. He had grown up to be a quite handsome athlete, playing football and running track. It was not unusual for a group of Jeff’s friends to be hanging around the house playing games, watching tv or swimming in their pool.

Most of the boys that hung around had grown up with Jeff since kindergarten and were considered a part of the family. At least half of them had been students in Amanda’s Sunday School class as well.

The fact of the matter was, all of the young boys loved to hang out at Jeff’s house because they thought that Jeff’s mom was the hottest MILF in town.

It was a warm and sunny late spring Saturday morning. The sun was shining bright and the temperature had already risen to70 degrees by 10:00AM. Amanda had just completed cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Logan was playing golf with the boys as he called them, and Lisa had gone to the city with the family of one of her friends.

With Jeff gone to his cousin Mark’s house for the weekend, Amanda now had the house and the rest of the day all to herself. “What to do,” she asked herself out loud as she entered her bedroom to shower and dress for this warm spring day?

Prior to entering the shower Amanda began searching through her chest of drawers for an appropriate spring outfit to wear. As she searched, she came upon the bathing suit that Logan had insisted that she buy when they were on one of their shopping trips to the city. She had not yet worn it because it had been too cold at the time and she wasn’t sure that she was comfortable wearing it in public even though it was a one-piece suit.

The white suit was cut high on the hips with a thong back. The top featured a halter tie and a scoop neck, leaving the back completely bare. There was a gold two-inch chain mesh fashioned into a cape that fit over the top front of the suit giving it a hint of color and glam.

As Amanda ran her fingers over the unlined shiny white material it occurred to her that the pool had been filled for over two weeks now.

She thought to herself, “It’s a beautiful sunny day, the pool is ready and I’m here alone. Why not spend the rest of the morning sunning by the pool in my sexy new swimsuit?”

She quickly stripped her clothes off, placing them in the hamper and stepped into the sexy swim suit. From the front the suit appeared to be a conventional one-piece swimsuit. From the back though she was nearly nude.

As she twisted and turned in front of the floor length mirror she though, “This isn’t so bad, as a matter of fact it is gorgeous. What was I so paranoid about?”

Pulling her long red hair into a pony tail she walked into her closet and stepped into a pair of suede platform mules, increasing her five-foot two-inch height to almost five-foot seven-inches.

As she exited the closet, she grabbed a wicker hat and her blue sunglasses.

Going to the hall closet Amanda grabbed a large white beach towel then headed down the stairs. Her heels clicking with each step.

When she reached the kitchen she though, “Hmmm…. I’ll need something to drink.” Ten minutes later she was heading out to the pool deck with a glass and a pitcher of margaritas.

The image of beauty and grace she was wearing the shiny white swimsuit, a pair of six-and-a-half-inch royal blue platform mules, a red wide brim wicker hat with a blue and white ribbon, and dark blue sunglasses.

Placing the pitcher and glass on the table next to the chaise lounge she poured herself a margarita taking a big long drink. “I need that she said out loud as she began connecting her iPhone to the new Bluetooth sound system that Logan had installed in the patio and pool area. Scanning through her options she selected a collection of tunes performed by the Kings of Leon.

By the time Amanda had the tunes going and was ready to get comfortable on the chaise lounge she needed to pour herself another drink. “As she settled on the chase, she thought to herself, “Easy girl, you know that tequila makes you horny. Logan isn’t much for sex after a long day on the golf course.”

Looking down at her chest she realized that the modest scoop neck of her bathing suit, due to her impressive 36DD breasts, showed a considerable expanse of cleavage. Also, due to the tequila her large nipples were poking through the material of the suit.

From her point of view, she was unaware that in the bright sun light the areola surrounding each of her very hard nipples were in full view through the unlined material of her swimsuit.

“Good thing that I am here alone or someone would be getting an eyeful,” Amanda said aloud as she took another large gulp of her drink and then began pouring another.

Sipping on her third margarita Yeşilköy escort Amanda reclined on the chaise lounge chair listening to the tunes, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Adjusting her very dark tinted blue sunglasses to shield her eyes from the glare of the sun reflecting off of the pool, her mind wandered back to the surreal photoshoot in Eddie’s studio.

“Ohhh…,” Amanda let a little moan escape from her lips as she thought about how it felt to be fucked by those huge black cocks.

As she poured the last margarita from the pitcher the song “Sex on Fire” began playing. “How appropriate, Amanda thought to herself. Just then she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, movement at the gate to the back yard. It was Jeff’s friend Jarrod.

“Hello Missus B! How are you this fine sunny day,” inquired the 6-foot 7-inch football and basketball player wearing an Oakland Raiders cap, Oakley ultra-dark sunglasses, a form fitting Lakers tank top, and blue satin basketball trunks that went to below his knees.

Jeff and his friends and teammates had just celebrated Jerrod’s eighteenth birthday in her backyard two weeks ago. “Just stopped by to see if Jeff wanted to hang a bit.”

Jarrod plopped himself down in a chair across from her. Even though he had on very dark tinted sunglasses Amanda could feel his eyes traveling up and down her body as she lay in the chaise across from him.

“Mmmmm, Sorry Jeff old bro, but yo Mamma be one fine piece of MILF ass,” he thought to himself.

“Shit! Look at those fine tits of her’s! Damn! Her nipples look like they are going to poke through that suit,” he continued his conversation in his mind as he not so subtly stared at Amanda. Then as he scanned down her body, “Fuck! Look at that. Her snatch is wet!”

Feeling self-conscious Amanda adjusted her position so that Jarrod wasn’t looking directly between her legs. At the same time, she realized that her nipples were rock hard and prominently on display. She just hoped that there was no visible damp spot on her crotch, it felt sopping wet.

“Actually, Jeff isn’t here today. He went to his cousin Mark’s house for the weekend,” Amanda stated.

“Dang!! Everyone is gone or busy. I thought that we would shoot some hoops and play some video games.” Jarrod frowned.

They both sat silent for a few minutes, Amanda sipping her margarita. From her vantage point she could make out the outline of what appeared to be a sizable cock snaking down the leg of his thin satin shorts.

“Oh-my! Surely that isn’t what I think it is,” she thought.

Then she thought, “Amanda what are you doing? This young man is your son’s best friend.”

As her thoughts took control, she realized that the combination of the alcohol and the current situation was making her feel tingly and a bit naughty.

Then Jarrod broke the silence as he began to rise to leave, “Weellll….. guess that I had better get going. Enjoy the sun and the pool. Make sure that you use plenty of sunscreen, don’t get too much sun the first time out.”

Snapping out of her thoughts Amanda almost shouted, “Jarrod wait! You are welcome to stay and have a swim. That is if you don’t mind hanging with an old married Sunday School teacher. They both chuckled at her last comment.

Then Amanda added, “I’m going to cook some burgers around Noon. If you stay, I won’t have to eat alone”

Pondering the situation and hoping that he hadn’t answered too quickly Jarrod replied, “Well, I guess that I could. I don’t mean to intrude. And you aren’t old!”

Then he added, “But I didn’t bring my trunks to swim though.”

“No worries, I’m sure that we can find a pair of Jeff’s or Logan’s that you can wear,” Amanda said standing as she eyed the handsome, very muscled, young black man. “Let’s go into the house and see what we can find,” she said taking the last gulp of her forth margarita.

Standing Amanda stepped up into the 6-inch plus blue platform mules, placed her wide brimmed had on her head and grabbed the pitcher and the margarita glass.

As she Turned and started toward the house Jarrod was right behind her. The sight nearly stopped him right in his tracks. From the back Amanda was nearly nude.

The combination of the high cut hips, thong back and the backless style of the suite left only a sliver of swim suit in a vee from the crack of her butt around her hips and up over her shoulders with a bow tied behind her neck.

Jarrod gulped audibly, “Gulllp… Oh my god!

Now feeling the margaritas, and more than a little bit naughty, Amanda said, “What was that? Are you ok back there?”

“Yes, yes ma’am. I’m just fine. Almost tripped over your towel,” Jarrod stuttered as he picked up the bright white beach towel holding it over the tent that had now formed in his shorts, attempting to hid his hardening penis.

“Oh. Well, be careful that you don’t hurt anything important,” Amanda looked over her shoulder smiling her sexiest smile at Jarrod.

“Do you like more or less coverage…..,” Amanda inquired?

“What? Yeşilyurt escort bayan Huh…, “Jarrod asked?

“I mean would you like to wear briefs or shorts to swim in,” Amanda asked?

Stopping to turn toward the six-foot seven very large black young man, the bright white towel heightening the contrast of his skin tone, Amanda realized for the first time just how dark his skin color was.

Trying not to stare at Amanda’s breasts he was mesmerized by her protruding nipples and the very visible areolas,

“Yeah…. Ua, ua, I think that shorts would be best,” Jarrod stammered. His hands concealed by the bulky towel; he squeezed his growing cock.

Turning back toward the house Amanda stated, “OK. Jeff doesn’t ware swim shorts, only briefs, so something of Logan’s will have to do.”

Entering the house, Amanda started up the stairs to find Jarrod something to wear. “You can wait in the kitchen. Feel free to get something cold to drink from the fridge,” she commanded.

As Jarrod watched her swaying ass disappear up the stairs her heels clicked with each step that she took. He shook his head as he muttered to himself, “Look at that ass! This can’t be really happening, can it?”

Opening the fridge Jarrod found two six packs of spiked sparkling seltzer. Grabbing a can, he said to himself, “Hmmmm. I’ve been wanting to try this stuff.” Popping the top on a cherry flavored beverage he quickly slammed it down and opened another slamming it as well.

Taking a third he sat waiting for Amanda to return. Sipping on the third seltzer in less than five minutes, he thought, “Damn!! This shit is giving me a buzz.”

Jarrod heard the click-clack of Amanda’s heels as she began descending the stairs. He stood and turned to greet her as she entering the kitchen. His simi-hard cock making an impressive tent in his blue satin basketball shorts.

Amanda handed him a pair of shiny white swim shorts. As she did, she couldn’t help but to take notice of the protrusion pointing towards her.

“OMG! This kid is packing,” she thought to herself, biting her lower lip nervously. “It’s kind of flattering actually.”

Concealed by her dark sunglasses her gaze was focused on Jarrod’s huge tent. “I hope that these work, you are quite a bit larger than Logan, she said blushing red as she realized what she has just said.

“I mean, you are taller than Logan an… and, well it is the largest pair that Logan has,” she stammered, trying to recover from her previous comment. “Actually, he has never worn these.”

Quickly averting her gaze, she turned toward the refrigerator, “You can use the laundry room to change while I make me another pitcher of margaritas,” Amanda directed the young black man.

Jarrod turned and entered the laundry room. “Shit, I think that she was checking out my dick,” he exclaimed to himself! “Surely it’s just my imagination working overtime.”

As he undressed Jarrod shivered at the thought that he was totally naked with just the thin door between him and the sexy Amanda. His python of a black cock began to stir as he thought of Amanda in her sexy white shiny swimsuit and the way she had looked at his cock.

“God her ass! And, oh my fucking god those tits, and nipples! Shit what a MILF!! I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” he thought to himself.

“Oh no. No. Please, please don’t get hard. Not now,” Jarrod exclaimed to himself! Trying hard to think of anything but Amanda as he pulled the very light and shiny shorts up his legs. They were tight, but the stretchy nature of the material allowed them to fit nearly perfectly.

The swim shorts extended to about mid-thigh and had a pouch that held his huge balls and semi-erect cock in place. The only thing was that the cut of the shorts, the pouch actually, made his package stick out obscenely in front.

Placing his street shorts, underwear and t-shirt on the dryer Jarrod took a deep breath and stepped into the kitchen.

As Jarrod entered the kitchen, he saw Amanda at the Kitchen counter with her back to him, teetering on the royal blue six-inch platform mules. From his point of view, she looked nude.

The only hint of clothing was the thin vee of the thong emerging from the crack of her ass and extending to the top of her hips.

Jarrod could feel his cock twitch as he squeezed his package with his right hand, moaning quietly, “Mmmmm…. Oh fuck.” He could also see quite an expanse of side boobs as the swim suite fought to contain Amanda’s massive natural 36DD breasts.

Hearing Jarrod Amanda turned to face him peeking over the top of blue very dark sunglasses. “What was that? What do you think, will they work,” she inquired, pushing her sunglasses back up on her nose?

“Yeah, I think that they will work,” Jarrod replied, placing his hands over his groin, trying to conceal his protruding package.

“This is the first time that I have seen them on anyone. Turn around and raise your arms so I can see how they fit,” Amanda instructed.

Reluctantly Jarrod Escort Zeytinburnu removed his hands from his groin and raised his arms to shoulder height. As he turned the profile of his massive cock and balls nestled in the pouch of the swim shorts were obscenely visible to Amanda.

“OMG! What a fucking impressive package,” she thought.

Then out loud,” It looks like they fit nicely. They complement your physique.”

Then she continued, “Logan and I each bought new suits at the Bightware shop when we were shopping in the city, but we never got a chance to wear them. As a matter of fact, the suit that I have on is the one that I got there as well. This is the first time that I have worn it,” Amanda confided.

“Well, I have to say Missus B, you look pretty awesome in that suit. Very glam and sexy,” Jarrod stated very honestly.

His cock was no longer twitching, he could actually feel it beginning to uncoil from the pouch and begin to snake down the left leg of the tight swimsuit.

“Please, call me Amanda. Missus B makes me sound like your old Sunday School teacher,” Amanda said biting her lower lip. They both chuckled at the remark.

The fact that Jarrod’s cock was swelling did not go unnoticed by Amanda as she continued, “You look pretty handsome yourself.”

As she scanned Jarrod’s physique, the stark contrast between his very black skin and the shiny white trunks excited her, but what excited her the most was the massive bulge in the front of his suit and the long thick rope of a cock that was now extending down his left thigh.

“Iii, iiit…. looks like those trunks fit you like a glove,” Amanda said almost to herself as she tried not to stare at his package.

Jarrod looked down and could clearly see the semi hard shaft of his cock and the glans on either side of his plumb sized dick head. A wet spot had formed at the tip of his cock as precum started to drool from it.

Suddenly self-conscious Jarrod again grabbed the white beach towel holding it in front of his hardening cock, saying, “Yeah, right, let’s head out to the pool.”

“Hold on there big fellow,” Amanda said, “Let me get my margaritas. Why don’t you grab another couple of seltzers from the fridge and hand me the margarita mix?”

This required Jarrod to place the towel on the table in order to open the frig to retrieve the beverages.

As Amanda observed Jarrod, she could clearly see his massive cock snaking down the leg of the swimsuit, a large damp spot at the end of the plum sized head. “OMG! That fucking thing is enormous,” she thought silently.

She became acutely aware that her nipples felt tight and tingly, and her pussy felt very wet.

“I can’t believe that my son’s best friend is having this effect on me. I must be strong and resist my urges,” she scolded herself silently. At the same time, she felt a sense of pride that she could make this young man so hard.

Grabbing the pitcher of margaritas and her glass she turned toward the door. Feeling naughty, she walked her sexiest walk, her high heels clicking and the sway of her ass caused her beautiful 36DD tits to wobble noticeably.

Reaching the door, she slid it open as she watching him exit the kitchen. “Jerrod, I really like the way that swimsuit fits you. It really flatters your body.”

“Yeah, au, yeah, thanks. They maybe a little snug,” Jarrod said visibly blushing.

“Not at all! I love the way they hug your body,” Amanda cooed.

Then silently to herself, “Why on earth did I say that?”

Making their way to the pool they sat their drinks on the table near Amanda’s chaise lounge chair. Jarrod stood watching as Amanda slipped her heels off placing them under her chair, then placed her hat on the table next to her chair.

“Fuck, look at that round ass and those titties hanging down. Mmmm…mmm what a MILF,” Jarrod muttered to himself.

Standing erect and turning toward Jarrod the now barefoot Amanda stood before the huge young man. As she scanned his body through her heavily tinted sunglasses, she realized just how large he really is.

Fifteen inches taller than her five feet two inches she had to literally tilt her head back to look up into his eyes. In point of fact the top of Amanda’s head barely reached to Jarrod’s shoulder. His very well-developed lean and hard body towered over her.

Leveling her gaze, she found herself looking directly at Jarrod’s very black, very developed pectoral muscles capped by large dark nipples and the ripple of his washboard abdominal muscles.

Scanning further down his body it occurred to her the that the distended, erect nipple of her left 36DD breast would poke directly into his belly button if she took one step forward. The contrast in size was only surpassed by the contrast in their skin color.

To herself she thought, “OMG! He is huge. An…and that bulge… his cock fits the size of his body. BIG!” Her scan had stopped on his massive cock, concealed only by the thin white swim shorts stretched tightly around the obscenely bulge in front of his body.

Her head swam and her knees felt weak.

Momentarily lost in her thoughts she was thinking about the eroticism of the moment and the effect that this powerful young man was having on her, “I can’t believe that he is making me feel this way. I’m so wet! Oh-my-god look at the size of that fucking cock!”

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