Always Call First


Josh came home early for spring break, he wanted to surprise his mom, Laurel, on her birthday; she was turning 45. Josh got out of his car, present in hand, excited about how surprised his mom would be, already imagining her expression of joy. He couldn’t wait to give her an old framed photo the family; he knew she would love it.

Josh opened the door quietly hoping to get the jump on her. He slowly walked in and quietly closed the door. Suddenly he heard moaning and heavy breathing. He stopped and began to wonder what was happening.

He had a pretty good idea what was happening. He began to feel queasy and contemplated about just leaving and coming back later. But then he heard something.

“You love this dick, you whore?” Josh heard someone say, not recognizing the voice. “That’s not dad.” He thought, as slapping sounds filled the house.

“Suck my dick!” Yet another voice Josh didn’t recognize. “What on earth is going on.” Josh was baffled, as gagging and slurping tingled Josh’s ears.

“Oh my god!” She Giresun Escort kept repeating the best she could with a cock in her mouth.

Josh knew the sounds were coming from the living room. Josh slowly crept towards the sounds. Slowly peeking behind the wall.

He was shocked at what he saw. His mom on the couch, her big ass sticking out as one guy repeatedly thrusting as fast and hard as he could. This was what the slapping sounds were. His balls hitting Josh’s mom’s clit and his waist making contact with her plump ass. Josh could see his huge cock going in and out of his mom’s pussy, glistening with her juices.

Looking to her head, each of his mom’s arms wrapped around another guys legs, and her hands making its way to work with his cock along with her luscious lips. His hand placed on her head forcing his cock down her throat. This was where the gagging sounds was coming. When Laurel needed to breath she took a quick long loud gasp and slobbering over his oversized cock, as her hands continue Giresun Escort Bayan stroking his thing and playing with his balls. His mom facial expression was the face of a whore in lust.

What shocked Josh the most and what he could not believe was seeing his dad, John, standing over them recording them with his phone, the other hand in his pants messaging his bulge. John was dead focused on the action occurring in front of him. “Your so sexy baby.” He complimented Laurel.

“This. Is. SO. GOoood!” Laurel said blowing a sloppy kiss straight at the camera.

“You like your present honey?” John asked her rubbing his member faster awaiting an answer.

“Please, this was a gift for yourself.” Taking the cock deep in her throat, “But I LOVE IT Too!” Laurel said moaning, and quickly got back to gobbling up a cock.

Josh didn’t realize his own actions. His focus was stuck on the events happening in front of him. Josh’s hand was in his pants yanking his cock. It happened subconsciously, Escort Giresun but he began feeling it, he was about to cum. He looked down and began arguing with himself. Trying to tell himself to stop, but it was as if his hands had a mind of his own and kept stroking.

Laurel heard something and turned towards Josh. She was shocked, at first, but then noticed him jacking off in his pants. She got even more turned on. She began to moan louder, demanding the men to fuck her harder, like a whore possessed with lust.

Josh looked up and saw his mom looking at him and quickly hid behind the wall. His heart was racing and was breathing heavily. He quietly opened the door and left. He stood there at the door thinking to himself. “What on earth is going on right now? What the heck am I doing?” This conversation to himself lasted for a while.

Finally. he went back to his car and drove off not knowing where he was going. He stopped at a gas station and just sat there. Josh’s thought went back to what happened at the house and got hard again going against his better judgment.

He looked around and saw no one was around; he gave in to his desires and pulled out his cock and released a load.

He thought to himself, “What are you doing.” And immediately felt guilty, looking at the photo of his happy family.

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