All That Matters Ch. 02

Big Dick

Dean got up off of his knees, and followed his brother towards his bed.

“Get up there, little brother, it’s your turn now.”

Kyle layed Dean on his back on the bed, and got on the bed, on his knees, and started sucking his brother off ferociously.

Dean moaned so hard, Kyle was so turned on he started sucking harder and faster, working his warm mouth up and down his brothers cock, moving his tongue back and forth to intensify the pleasure.

He worked his way up and down, until he moved to his balls, suckling and licking them one by one, taking them into his mouth, and moving them around, causing his brothers body to shutter in pure ecstasy. He moved up towards his brothers face, kissing his slender body gently, and then sucking his neck.

Dean turned his face towards Kyles and said “Kyle, I want you to fuck me. Giresun Escort I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t stand it anymore. I have wanted this for so long, I need it, and I need it now!”

Kyle, turned and reached for the lube on his brothers dresser, and turned to find his brother clutching his large feet and pulling his legs toward his chest, exposing his tight, pink hole.

” Ohh, I am going to pound you so hard, little brother.” He took his shirt off, and threw it to the floor near his clothes. He opened the bottle of lubricant, and poured some into his palm, and onto his cock. He used his dry hand to rub the lube all over his hard cock, and the one with the lube in his palm to rub the lube all over his brothers hot tight pink hole, and slowly used two and then three of his fingers to loosen his brother Giresun Escort Bayan up. Dean moaned at first from pain,and then pleasure. Once satisfied with lubing, he put the tip of his penis up to his brothers hole, and pushed it in slowly.

“Ohmmhhmmm” his brother moaned, softly.

He pushed in farther and farther to loosen his brother up even more, and once he thought he was lubed up enough, he started slowly pushing in and out, in and out, until he caught the perfect rhythm.

“Oh yes, oh GOD YES” Kyle started to moan as he thrust into Dean. Dean moaned and cried out in joy as his brother fucked him as hard as he could.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, Kyle! Oh god yes, it feels so god damned good” Oh god, yes! Mhhmmmm!”

“Fuck yeah, little brother, take my cock! Fuck yes, you are so tight, oh god Escort Giresun fuck it feels so good! Take it brother, take my dick!

They moaned and thrust and kissed and fucked so good for what felt like the longest time, until Kyle felt his spunk inch its way closer and closer, until his pelvis jerked, and he pushed his dick all the way into Dean’s ass in just enough time to bury his load deep into his brothers hole.

Meanwhile, Dean had been ferociously beating his lubed up cock, and he came simultaneously with Kyle.

Kyle lay next to Dean, both of them sweaty, and tired, and still hot from the passionate sex they had just finished. Kyle kissed Dean as he lay next to him, and said “I love you, Dean, so much…”

He grabbed the blanket, and pulled it over the both of them as Dean said, ” I love you too, Kyle, more than I can express.

It was the best, most passionate sex either of them had ever had, and they fell asleep there in each others arms. It would be hours still before their parents would come home from their excursion, so they knew that they could just hold each other, tightly.

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