All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 10


The next day, the girls awoke refreshed and ready for more loving. Completely uninhibited now, they made love for hours, changing partners and giving each other endless pleasure.

The basement had become a den of incestuous lust, the girls never tiring of each other’s bodies. They sucked tits, lapped pussies, and ground against each other over and over, until their muscles were stiff and their cunts were sore, and still they continued.

Whenever one would get tired, the sounds of others fucking next to her would reawaken her lust, and she’d roll back in to whichever partner was willing.

For the rest of the day, the girls remained where they were, taking breaks to eat, rest or use the bathroom, but quickly returning to the sapphic delights of their cousins and sisters.

The basement was thick with the smell of pussy. The sheets were drenched in bodily fluids. The girls were all sticky with sweat, their faces and thighs coated in cum. They kissed and humped and fingered and fucked, all the while shouting their undying love for one another.


Debra pulled her car into the driveway. She was tired, and it was late, but she was glad to be able to spend the night at home.

“Thank God, we’re here. I can’t wait to reacquaint myself with my pillow.” she said.

“I here ya.” Laura replied. She sat in the passenger seat, and was also looking forward to a well deserved rest.

In the back seat, Leslie stretched and yawned before climbing out of the car with her sisters. Debra turned and watched as the fourth car door opened, and her oldest niece, Trish climbed out of the car.

She smiled. They were looking forward to surprising Brittany, and so they hadn’t called ahead to say they would be coming home.

“I hope they’re not already asleep.” she said, taking her keys from her purse.

When they entered the door, the house was completely silent.

“Girls?” Debra whispered. “Anyone up?” She stepped into the house, and saw a light coming from the basement stairwell.

“They must be downstairs.” she said, looking back at the others. “Let’s give them a nice surprise!” She held Trish next to her, and the two descended the stairs, followed closely by Laura and Leslie.

When they reached the bottom, they froze in bewilderment. Spread out across the floor, their daughters were splayed out, naked, in the throws of incestuous passion with each other!

Debra felt lightheaded, falling against the banister for support. Laura’s mouth was agape, her eyes wide, and Leslie gasped and held her hand to her mouth.

The girls on the floor finally heard the newcomers, and looked up in shock at their mothers’ faces. Mal and Lizzie were scissored together, their juicy boxes melding between them. Jill was laying on top of Nikki, the two frozen in a 69 with their heads between each other’s thighs. Brittany was sitting on Candace’s face, but quickly slipped off, letting her surprised cousin lift her head in a panic. Jess was on top of Tiffany, grinding their boxes together, and froze with her tits still hanging in her sister’s face.

The girls quickly disentangled themselves from each other, all reaching, ashamed, for a covering of some kind. The room was silent for a long, awkward moment, with no one knowing what to say or do.

Eventually, Brittany broke down and started to sob. She looked pleadingly at her sister. Her beautiful sister who she missed so terribly.

“T-t-trish!!” she blubbered, her eyes clouded with tears. Trish was staring, shocked, her eyes glued to her disheveled baby sister. As Brittany started to cry, though, her eyes softened. She didn’t want their reunion to be like this.

“Oh.. Brittany, sweetie, don’t cry!” she said, stepping tentatively into the room. Brittany just continued to bawl, looking down to the floor with indescribable shame.

Trish slowly approached her, kneeling before her sister, and wrapped her up in a loving hug. She stroked her sister’s naked back, hushing her and rocking her back and forth. Brittany buried her face into her sister’s neck, still sniffling, but quieter now. They held each other for a long time, until Brittany’s blanket fell away from her chest.

Trish pulled back, looking slowly over her sister’s naked body. She couldn’t believe how much Brittany had grown. She couldn’t believe the situation she now found herself in!

Brittany was looking up at her with sorrowful eyes, and Trish desperately wanted to make her feel like everything was ok.

She felt so guilty, leaving Brittany with their father. She felt responsible for her sister’s misery, and would do anything to rectify it.

Trish leaned forward, placing her lips softly against Brittany’s. She kissed her gently, her hands cupping the younger girl’s face. She could taste pussy on her lips, but she didn’t care. She wanted her sister to feel loved.

The two girls held the kiss for a long time, as the rest of the family looked on. Brittany slowly bursa eskort bayan raised her arms, wrapping them around Trish’s neck, and tentatively deepened their embrace.

Trish felt overwhelmed, but the feel of Brittany’s naked body pressing against hers was beginning to affect her. She returned the kiss, their lips finally opening, and their tongues pushing forward to explore.

Debra watched in amazement as her nieces started to make out with each other. She turned away in discomfort, but her eyes fell to look at her naked daughters.

They were so beautiful, and she couldn’t get the image of their bodies entwined out of her head. They both looked up at her, their eyes apologetic, covering their bodies in shame.

“What… I don’t know… How..?” she started.

Mal looked at her sister, her eyes softening.

“She’s beautiful, Mom. She’s just… so beautiful.” Lizzie sniffled a little, and smiled, reaching out to hold her sister’s hand.

Debra felt her pussy moisten as she saw the love between her daughters. She stepped forward, kneeling with them, and wrapped them up in her arms.

Laura was fighting to keep her cool, but the truth was this whole situation had her on fire! She looked around the room, her eyes settling on each of her daughters.

She knew it was wrong, but she desperately wanted to throw caution to the wind, and explore their young bodies. She locked eyes with Jess, and licked her lips unconsciously.

Jess saw this, and stood, slowly approaching her mother. She took her by the hand, and led her back to join her other sisters on the floor.

Leslie was pale, feeling absolutely sick to her stomach. She looked around the room. Had the world gone mad?!? Unable to handle the situation, she ran back up the stairs.

“Mom!” Jill cried. She leaped from the floor and chased after her mother, followed closely by Candace. They found her sitting in the living room on the couch, staring off into space.

“Mom…” Jill said softly. She sat next to Leslie, with Candace on the opposite side. “Mom, we’re so sorry!” She quivered. Leslie looked at her eldest daughter, and saw the guilt in her eyes.

“How did this happen?” she exclaimed.

“Well, our house is too damn cold.” Candace replied from over her shoulder. Despite herself, Leslie laughed at that, and her daughters joined in, laughing too.

She looked back and forth between her daughters, realizing for the first time how beautiful they were. Candace wrapped her arms around Leslie’s waist, hugging her tightly from behind. Jill joined in the hug, the three women pressed tightly together.

Trish was gasping as she made out with Brittany. All of her inhibitions were quickly vanishing as the younger girl’s naked body writhed against her. She reached up, cupping the girl’s young breasts in her hands, and moaned as she stroked her erect nipples.

Brittany whimpered as Trish touched her. She couldn’t believe her greatest fantasy was coming true. She reached up, pulling at Trish’s t-shirt. The older girl quickly peeled the top over her head, crushing back into Brittany’s tender lips.

Brittany reached around, unclasping her sister’s bra, and suddenly, their bare tits were pressing together deliciously between their ravenous bodies.

Eager to make love to her big sis, Brittany excitedly shoved Trish onto her back. Trish gasped delightedly, and moaned as Brittany started to tug at her tight jeans.

She yanked them down the older girl’s legs, followed immediately by her panties, and dove into her sister’s juicy box.

Trish couldn’t believe her baby sister was eating her out, but it felt better then anything she’d ever experienced before. Her hips pumped against Brittany’s eager tongue, her juices soaking her legs as she panted with pleasure.

Brittany was enraptured with Trish’s sexy slit, tonguing it excitedly and pushing her fingers inside. She quickly started fucking her sis’s cunt, her fingers thrusting energetically.

After just a few moments of Brittany’s frantic finger fucking, Trish found herself trembling, her body bathed in sweat, and an orgasm rolling through her body. She cried out in bliss, her hips pumping against her sister’s face.

As soon as her climax began to calm itself, she reached out for her sister, pushing the smaller girl on her back, and kissing her passionately. She could taste her own pussy on her sister’s lips, and the flavor drove her wild.

She moved her lips eagerly over Brittany’s body, traveling quickly down until she was laying between the girl’s open thighs. After a brief moment of hesitation, she dove in, devouring the younger girl’s cunt feverishly.

Brittany wailed as she felt her sister’s tongue worm it’s way through her folds. She was unbelievably wet now, her pussy pouring juices onto the sheets beneath her.

She writhed with bliss, her sister’s mouth and hands building her pleasure at an astonishing speed. She threw her head back, her face contorting bursa merkez escort painfully as her climax exploded, her honey spewing all over Trish’s hungry face.

As soon as Laura knelt to the floor, her naked daughters surrounded her. Her youngest, Jess, was kneeling in front of her, a shy, but devilish smile across her lips.

“Oh, Mommy… We’ve just been having so much fun while you were away… Please don’t make us stop!” she said.

Laura groaned, her body trembling. She felt Tiffany and Nikki on either side of her, pressing their naked bodies against her.

Jess moved forward, and captured her mother’s lips in a hungry kiss. Laura immediately returned the kiss, her body on fire. As she made out lewdly with one daughter, the other two got to work stripping off her clothing.

Once she was naked, her daughters laid her out on the blankets. Nikki lay next to her, and looked deeply into her eyes. They both hesitated, but then Nikki lowered her head and kissed her mom tenderly. As their arousal grew, their kiss deepened, and soon they were panting into each other’s lips.

Then Nikki pulled away, and Tiff was there. The two shared a brief look of desire before devouring each other’s mouths hungrily. As Tiff and Laura made out, Nikki started tonguing her mother’s neck. The three were beyond aroused, and ready to fuck.

Jess knelt between her mom’s legs, watching her family’s passion. Her nostrils flared and she bit her lip as she lowered her gaze to her mother’s glistening box. Without a word, she lowered her head, and started lapping at the gooey folds.

Laura grunted into Tiff’s mouth as she felt Jess’s tongue snake along her cleft. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, and started pumping her hips against her daughter’s face. She pulled Tiff tightly to her body, the two making out hungrily now.

Her mother’s eagerness had Tiff on fire, and she needed to be fucked. She pulled away from Laura’s lips, and quickly straddled the older woman’s face, lowering her steaming pussy until she felt her mom’s tongue thrust into her.

“Oh fuuuuuck… Mommy! Lick your daughter’s pussy!” she cried, her pelvis bucking against the woman below.

Laura groaned as she tasted her daughter, the flavor intensifying her own pleasure. She ate Tiff’s pussy passionately, her hips rolling faster against Jess’s mouth. It didn’t take long for her to cry out, cumming all over her youngest daughter’s face.

Jess sucked her mom’s juices with obvious relish, her slick fingers slowly pumping inside her to coax more of the creamy liquid out. She drank it all as she held her mother’s trembling thighs. When she was finished, she sat back, cum dribbling from her chin.

Nikki moved over, kissing Jess hungrily and tasting their mother’s honey. The taste drove her wild, and she knew she would have to try it from the source.

Watching Nikki and Jess share her mother’s juices, Tiff groaned and sped up her gyrating hips. Her own orgasm soon exploded, drenching her mother’s reddened face.

As her thrusting pelvis slowed, she unsteadily climbed away from her mom, and was immediately replaced by Jess.

Jess giggled excitedly as she nestled her pussy down over Laura’s tongue. The idea of her mom sucking her off was just too good for her to even envision. As soon as Laura’s lips wrapped around her clit, her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to pump her hips.

Nikki was now between Laura’s legs, lapping thirstily at her mother’s cunt. Her juices were the nastiest thing she’d ever tasted, and she couldn’t get enough.

She pumped her fingers into her mom’s greedy cunt, fucking her hard. Laura wailed into Jess’s grinding pussy as she felt Nikki’s tongue sliding against her own.

Nikki’s fingers were fucking her hard and fast, quickly causing her to go over the edge yet again. Laura came hard all over her middle daughter’s face, but still continued to pleasure her youngest with enthusiasm.

Jess was panting heavily, her face scrunched up with concentration as she worked her cunt against her mother’s face. She watched her mom cum on her sister’s tongue, and groaned in pleasure. The sight sent her over the edge, and she came massively, adding her own juices to Tiffany’s on Laura’s face.

Nikki was so turned on at this point, she couldn’t wait any longer. She grabbed Jess’s tired body, pushing her away from their mom’s face, and immediately replaced her.

Laura gasped for air quickly before she was smothered in Nikki’s glistening folds, and soon she was licking and slurping desperately at her third daughter’s flaring snatch.

It was Tiffany’s turn to taste her mother, and she was more than eager to get a mouthful of the older woman’s cunt. She lunged forward, devouring the already well used pussy, and groped Laura’s slippery ass with greedy fingers.

Laura was tireless as she licked Nikki’s gash. She knew she would never get enough of devouring her daughters. bursa sınırsız escort bayan She tongue fucked the excited clit, her hands sliding over the excited girl’s sweaty torso.

Suddenly, Nikki was squealing, her body convulsing as she finally climaxed. The trembling girl struggled to hold herself up on her mom’s face, her body throbbing in ecstasy.

As Nikki came, Tiff’s eager tongue set their mother off for a third time, and Laura unleashed a muffled scream into her daughter’s cunt.

The older woman bucked wildly, her juices splashing all over both herself and her daughter, before finally collapsing back onto the floor.

Nikki tiredly pulled herself from Laura’s face, and flopped next to her on the sheets. Tiff crawled up to lay beside them, and Jess cuddled into her mother’s arms. The four women lay there, their breathing heavy, their pussies spent.

Leslie was growing increasingly self-conscious as her naked daughters embraced her.

She could feel Candace’s nipples hardening against her back, and Jill’s nipples poking into her breasts. She closed her eyes, willing herself to stop reacting to the feel of her daughters’ naked skin the way she was.

When she looked over at her daughters, she was shocked to see them gently kissing one another over her shoulder. She could have freaked out again, but the sight was making her warm between her legs.

She watched them kiss, then turn slowly to look into her eyes. They smiled nervously, then nestled their faces against her, kissing lightly at her neck and cheeks.

Leslie let out a soft moan, feeling Jill’s hot lips on her throat. She knew this was wrong, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop them. Now her hands were stroking Jill’s back, and she wasn’t even aware. She ran them down the girl’s torso, until they gently cupped her naked ass. Jill shivered against her mother, and it made Leslie’s pussy moisten instantly.

When Jill pulled back from her mother’s neck, she looked deeply into the older woman’s eyes. Without a word, she moved her face forward, and before Leslie could do anything, she felt her daughter’s lips on her own.

She froze for a few seconds, too bewildered to do anything. Then the softness of her daughter’s kiss caused her to melt, her own lips parting, and the two kissed deeply.

Leslie groaned as she made out with her daughter. Her hands were now gently kneading the girl’s ass, and their breasts were pressing deliciously together through her blouse.

Eventually, Jill pulled away, but her lips were replaced immediately by Candace’s. Leslie welcomed the kiss eagerly, all apprehension evaporating quickly as her body got hotter.

Jill was working on unbuttoning her shirt, and Candace was unclasping the older woman’s bra. In seconds, her upper body was naked, and she leaned back, each of her daughters taking a breast in their mouth and sucking passionately.

“Oh God….” Leslie moaned, watching her daughters suck at her tits.

They were unbuttoning her pants, then sliding them off, but all she could do was stare at their beautiful faces. She gasped as she suddenly felt their fingers exploring her pussy, and trembled as she realized how badly she wanted them.

Candace started to push her fingers inside her mother’s cunt, and Jill started rubbing the older woman’s clit. They continued to lick Leslie’s throbbing nipples while their hands slowly ignited her pussy.

The girls started working their mother’s pussy faster, until she was heatedly gyrating her hips against their hands. They were lapping hungrily at their mother’s tits now, and she was positively on fire.

Then they pulled their mouths away from Leslie’s saliva coated tits, and turned to each other. As soon as her daughters started to kiss, Leslie exploded, her pussy gushing juices out onto the girls’ darting fingers.

They pulled apart, watching their mom cum, and continued to finger her gently until her orgasm subsided.

Leslie expected to feel immediate guilt once she’d climaxed, but instead, she found herself hungry for more. She pulled her daughters up onto the couch, and knelt before them, her hands sliding over their wet mounds. Looking up into her daughters’ faces, she eased a finger into each of them, pumping them slowly.

Candace and Jill both groaned as their mother pleasured them. They held hands, their hips slowly pumping as their pleasure built.

Leslie stared down at their gorgeous pussies, and couldn’t help but lick her lips. She tried to resist the urge, but finally leaned forward, snaking her tongue along Candace’s dripping snatch.

Candace wailed, her mother’s tongue setting her body ablaze. She stared wide eyed as her mother pleasured her, then groaned as Leslie eagerly moved to taste her other daughter.

Jill’s eyes rolled back into her head as she felt Leslie suck her clit for the first time.

“Ooooh… Mommy…” she moaned. The feeling of her own mother bringing her off was indescribable.

Leslie continued to pleasure both of her daughters, switching her mouth back and forth, and building their arousal more and more with each passing minute.

It wasn’t long before Jill and Candace were both covered in sweat, their bodies humping against their mom’s fingers, their hands clasped tightly together. Finally, Candace cried out:

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