All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 05


There was an awkward silence in Mallory’s room as the girls changed for bed.

Climbing under the covers together, they avoided eye contact, their faces pink with shame and arousal. Despite their best efforts, neither girl could dismiss their desire for each other.

“L-lizzie?” Mal asked, staring sheepishly at the ceiling.

“Um… Yeah, Mal?” Lizzie croaked, risking a glance in her sister’s direction.

“Um.. Ahh.. Nothing…. Nevermind. Good night!” Mal replied nervously. She struggled to make eye contact with Lizzie. Lizzie forced herself to meet her sister’s gaze.

“Yeah, good night, Sis.”

She hesitated, then leaned forward, placing a soft kiss at the corner of Mal’s mouth. Pulling away slowly, the two sisters stared into each other’s faces for several seconds.

Then suddenly, the silence was broken by what were now familiar sounds drifting from the other room. The girls heard one of their cousins moan, and both knew exactly why.

They looked at the wall, then back to each other, and Lizzie let out a quiet giggle. Mal giggled too, and they relaxed, smiling at one another as the passion from the other room began to drift through the wall.


The house was dark now, the rest of the girls in bed. Jill and Candace were enjoying each other once again in the guest room. Jess had passed out quickly, the alcohol too much for her tonight. Brittany snored softly as she lay next to her.

Tiffany was laying in Lizzie’s bed, watching her sister Nikki as she stripped to her panties and pulled on her tank top. She climbed in next to Tiff, said goodnight, and turned onto her side.

Tiff hesitated, then suddenly blurted: “I was awake last night.”

The words hung in the air for several seconds. Nikki didn’t move, didn’t turn to face her sister. Tiff reached out to touch her on the shoulder, and she tensed.

When Tiff started lightly stroking her arm, Nikki relaxed, and sighed. She swallowed hard, turning slowly to look at her big sis.

“So, you saw me…” she said. Tiff nodded.

“I also heard our sister and whoever she was with in the other room.” she said with a chuckle. Nikki smiled, then giggled with her sister.

“So, you’re ok with what I did?” she asked.

“Are you kidding? If you weren’t so wrapped up in yourself, maybe you would have noticed me fucking myself just as hard right next to you!”

Nikki gasped, her eyes wide. She didn’t know what to say.

The sisters were quiet for another moment, until Tiffany decided to go for it. She leaned forward, gently kissing Nikki on the lips. Nikki hesitated for a fraction of a second, then returned the kiss eagerly.

Soon, their hands were reaching for one another, pulling their bodies closer as their tongues explored each other. Nikki whimpered against her big sis’s lips as she felt her ass being groped. She pushed her ass back into Tiff’s hand, prompting the older girl to squeeze it roughly.

As Tiff fondled her sister’s cheeks, Nikki put her own hands to work, sliding one down the front of Tiff’s panties.

The older girl groaned, feeling Nikki’s fingers slide against her opening and plunge inside. She dug her own hands into Nikki’s panties, now groping at her naked ass cheeks.

As Nikki’s fingers continued to tease her juicing pussy, Tiffany stroked her fingers inward to her little sister’s crack, sliding them down to press at her asshole.

Nikki gasped, pressing her groin into her sister’s thigh and rubbing her fingers faster against Tiff’s clit. Tiffany pressed back against Nikki’s hand, and started worming a finger into the girl’s sweaty backside.

Nikki’s thick cream had already spread all over the inside of her panties, and Tiff’s finger easily slid inside her tight anal opening, slick with sweat and pussy juices. The room was filled with quiet moans and slapping skin as the girls fingered each other vigorously and made out.

Nikki shoved her fingers deep inside Tiff, curling them forward. She scraped them along her sister’s vaginal wall, hitting her g-spot, and Tiff lost it. She pulled her lips from her sister’s, pressing her face instead into the nape of the younger girl’s neck while she rode her fingers in orgasm.

She pumped her own finger faster in Nikki’s ass, and Nikki humped herself faster against Tiffany’s thigh, sending herself into her own powerful climax.

The two young women clung to each other tightly as they fucked against each other, drawing out their orgasms until their hands were sticky, their lungs breathless, and their sweat soaked hair plastered sexily against their faces.

Tiff finally pulled herself from her sister’s neck, and gasped when she realized she’d left an obvious hicky.

“Oh, shit.. I bit you!” she panted, still breathless from her orgasm.

“Really?? Fuck, is it obvious?” Nikki replied, pulling her wrinkled fingers from Tiff’s panties.

“Um… Yeah… Fuck, what are we going to do Gaziantep Escort about that?”

Nikki tried to feel worried like her sister, but she was already sniffing the slick juices on her fingers, and the need was rising in her pussy again.

Tiff smirked as she watched Nikki suck at her fingers, then groaned and bit her lip as she realized how sexy a sight it really was. Both girls quietly decided they would worry about the hickey later, melting into another passionate kiss.


The sounds coming through the wall were getting louder, and Mal and Lizzie were getting turned on as they listened to their cousins fuck. They were laying side by side, their bodies turned to one another, in the exact same position they’d been in when the sounds began.

Mal was watching Lizzie’s face closely. She could see her sister was getting aroused. Her nostrils were flared, and she kept licking her lips nervously. Her eyes smoldered as she stared back at Mal.

Mal reached out, stroking Lizzie’s hair, and the younger girl shuddered and let out a long sigh. The two girls cuddled closer, and wrapped their arms around each other. Their legs slid together, and their noses were centimeters apart.

“What was it you were going to ask me before?” Lizzie whispered. Mal could feel Lizzie’s breath on her lips.

“I was going to ask… if I could kiss you goodnight.” Mal answered.

Lizzie smiled shyly. She closed her eyes, and puckered her lips slightly in response.

Mal felt her pussy creaming at the sight of her sister’s sexy lips. She closed her eyes, and leaned forward. The two girls kissed softly, their lips pliant against each other, then slowly pulled apart.

“Um.. Can I kiss you goodnight, too?” Lizzie asked softly.

Mal giggled, and nodded gently. Again, the girls both leaned forward, this time holding their lips together longer. They pulled apart again, looking into each other’s eyes.

Without another word, they leaned in again, and pressed their lips together more firmly this time.

The noises coming from the other room were shaking the walls around them, but the sisters had forgotten all about their cousins. Their kiss deepened, and finally, Lizzie’s lips parted, allowing her sister’s tongue to push inside. Their tongues stroked against each other wetly, and they moaned against each other.

The kiss grew quickly from tender to passionate, their arms encircling one another and their bodies pressing together tightly.

The girls got hotter as they made out heavier, and Lizzie pushed her big sister onto her back, rolling on top of her. They started to grind against each other, tongues probing deeply between each other’s lips.

Their hands began to explore, groping and fondling their way under each other’s tank tops. As they squeezed their hands around each other’s bare breasts, they kicked the covers off, panting in the heat they were creating.

Mal struggled to pull her sister’s shirt over her head. When Lizzie sat up to lift it completely off, Mal sat forward, tonguing her sister’s nipples hungrily. Lizzie groaned, grinding herself down in her sister’s lap and holding her head to her breast.

Mal lapped at her sister’s hardened nipples, nipping and nibbling at them. As she continued to grind her hips, Lizzie reached behind her big sister, pulling at her shirt. She yanked it up over Mal’s head, and the sisters struggled to remove it, before crashing back into each other, kissing intensely.

Their wet panties slapped together as they writhed against each other, falling back so they were again laying on the bed.

Mal’s hands found her sister’s ass, pulling her down hard against her own thrusting hips. Lizzie clumsily intertwined her legs with Mal’s, and the two girls ground hard into each other’s thighs.

Mal’s hands slipped inside Lizzie’s panties, her fingers digging hard into her naked ass. They panted and squealed, sucking and kissing at each other’s gasping mouths and grinding faster and faster, their climaxes approaching fast.

With desperate grunts and manic thrusts, their orgasms gushed out into their panties, soaking through to each other’s slick thighs. They screamed into each other’s mouths, convulsing against each other, their tits and stomachs mashed together in a slippery death grip. Finally, their stamina gave out, and Lizzie collapsed on top of her sister, the two girls gulping for breath.


Nikki started tugging impatiently at her sister’s shirt as they made out with renewed energy. She was desperate to see and feel the older girl’s tits.

The girls rolled back and forth on the bed, finally stripping each other of their tops, and their hands flew to each other’s chests, pawing and squeezing each other’s fleshy orbs.

They ended up with Nikki on top of her sister, tweaking and pulling at Tiff’s nipples. The older girl slid her hands Gaziantep Escort Bayan down Nikki’s body, tugging at her panties.

Nikki quickly helped her slide them off, and once again felt Tiff’s fingers dig into her ass cheeks. Tiff started to pull, guiding the younger girl up her torso, until her pussy hovered over her big sister’s face.

She stared up at the open, dripping slit, before diving forward, sucking the wet flesh into her mouth and pulling Nikki’s hips down onto her face.

Nikki threw her head back, her hips twisting hard against her sister’s licking mouth, her pussy weeping fluid all over Tiff’s chin and cheeks. She held her sister’s face between her legs, grinding herself wantonly.

Tiffany pulled at Nikki’s ass, spreading her cheeks again, her fingers sliding back to her ass crack. She dragged her tongue up and down the length of Nikki’s pussy over and over, and started to push her fingers once again against her tight butt hole.

Her sister’s actions were driving Nikki wild with need, and she desperately scraped herself back and forth against her face.

Tiffany’s tongue was moving up and down in broader and broader strokes against her pussy, until she pulled at her sister’s ass hard again, sliding her forward until her tongue pushed against the younger girl’s anal opening.

Nikki squealed, feeling Tiff’s warm, wet tongue wriggling against her there was the wildest thing she’d ever experienced. She pulled harder at the back of Tiff’s head, wanting to pull her tongue deeper inside.

Tiff started to guide her sister up and down on her tongue, fucking it in and out of her backdoor, and reached around her leg to rub at her clit enthusiastically. She was desperate to give Nikki her most intense orgasm yet, and was on her way to achieving that goal.

Nikki’s hips gyrated back and forth, both holes wet and slippery as they slid across Tiff’s face. Her eyes squeezed shut tight, she let out a hoarse cry of ecstasy, falling back on her hands as her hips convulsed.

Tiffany tongue fucked and masturbated her straight through her orgasm, and Nikki had to pull away from her hands and face when the feeling got too intense. She fell back, laying on Tiff’s legs and put her hands over her twitching pussy, squeezing it as her hips continued to tremble through uncontrollable after shocks.

Tiff pushed herself up on her elbows, stroking Nikki’s legs tenderly as she watched the convulsing girl slow her movements until she was finally still, her chest heaving.


Lizzie groaned into Mal’s neck as she lay on top of her sweat covered sister, their panty covered pussies plastered to each other’s thighs. She slowly propped herself up on her elbows, and the two girls smiled at each other, their breathing returning to normal.

The smell of pussy was thick in the air of the bedroom, and they inhaled each other’s scent deeply.

Reaching up first to stroke her younger sister’s face, Mal rolled her sister off of her, getting on her knees between the younger girl’s legs.

She peeled Lizzie’s drenched panties down her glistening thighs and dropped them to the floor with a splat, enjoying her first look at the gorgeous, hairless pussy in front of her.

She leaned forward slowly, and Lizzie sucked in her breath in anticipation. She felt her big sis’s lips gently kissing her stomach, then her wet tongue probing her belly button. Lizzie shivered, leaning back on her pillow, as Mal worked her tongue over the excited flesh.

As Mal kissed at Lizzie’s thighs, she reached up to push them open, and leaned forward to plant a passionate kiss on her sister’s pussy.

Lizzie let out a long, trembling moan as Mal’s tongue pushed between her folds, probing as deep as it could reach, then slowly licking up her slit and circling her clitty. She continued to lick long, deep strokes up her sister’s pussy.

Lizzie’s honey was flowing now, wetting her sister’s face, and the sheets. Mal was absorbed in the taste of her, licking harder and faster, building up the younger girl’s excitement.

“Oh God, Mal… lick me just like that…” Lizzie whimpered, reaching for her own tits. She squeezed her mounds roughly, humping her hips shakily against Mal’s slippery face.

The two girls worked faster, Mal’s tongue buried deep and licking fast, Lizzie’s hips pumping wildly. Her breath was coming in hard bursts now, her face twisted with pleasure, her hands pulling hard at her slippery tit flesh.

“Ahh.. ah… fuck… I’m gonna cum, Baby… Make me cum all over your face…. Shiiiiiit!!!” she screamed, her thighs clamping against her sister’s face as her orgasm erupted, her juices flooding Mal’s mouth and overflowing onto the sheets.

She lay limp, her eyes closed and her mouth gasping, her heart pounding in her chest. Her breathing eventually began to slow, and she looked down at her beautiful sister, reaching for her.

Mal Escort Gaziantep rose from between her sister’s legs, juices dripping from her chin, and fell into her arms, the two holding their naked bodies tightly to one another.


As Nikki lay sprawled over Tiffany’s legs, the older girl’s gaze traveled down her body. She was glistening with sweat, her legs splayed, her pussy weeping fluid out onto Tiff’s abdomen. Her hair was tangled and plastered to her face, her eyes staring up at the ceiling.

Tiff ran a hand up her sister’s thigh, and grinned when she twitched in reaction. Nikki made eye contact with her, and smiled contently. She began to climb off her sister, turning on the bed to lay next to her.

The two girls kissed, and Nikki could taste herself on Tiffany’s lips. The older girl’s nipples were aching to be touched, her pussy tingling.

The act of bringing her sister off with her mouth had her incredibly turned on, and she squeezed her thighs together several times before sliding her hand across her stomach.

Nikki pulled her lips from Tiff’s, watching her hand reach between her slick thighs. She leaned on her elbow, watching intently as her sister touched herself.

“Since I saw you last night, I figure it’s only fair that you get a turn wa-watching me.” Tiff breathed, her voice catching as her fingers pushed under her panties. Nikki licked her lips, her eyes focused between the older girl’s legs, and Tiff got to work.

They sat in silence, the only noises from them were Tiff’s whimpers of pleasure as she strummed her clit. She reached down to pull off her panties, and spread her legs wide, putting herself on display for the younger girl.

The two of them laid down on the pillows together, and Tiff brought her free hand up to her breast.

The nipple stuck out inches away from Nikki’s face, and she couldn’t help but lean forward to suck it between her lips. A shudder traveled up Tiff’s spine as she felt the warm wetness of Nikki’s mouth, and her fingers worked faster.

As Nikki sucked at Tiffany’s nipple, she slid her hand down until it was cupped over Tiffany’s between her legs. She held the hand, guiding it up and down on the slick pussy beneath it.

Tiff stared into Nikki’s gorgeous eyes as their hands moved together to bring her off. Her sister was making the tenderest of love to her body, and it had her creaming.

Eventually, Nikki lifted her big sis’s hand away from her pussy, replacing it with her own. Her nimble fingers worked over Tiff’s wetness, driving her crazy with lust. She continued to lick and suck at Tiffany’s nipple, and her fingers pushed deeper, starting to pump in and out of her.

Tiff gasped, her hips rising against Nikki’s hand. Her fingers began to move faster, and Tiff started to tremble, her mouth hanging open in a silent scream. The trembling grew into a convulsion, and she suddenly arced her back violently, impaling herself hard on her sister’s fingers as orgasm washed over her.

Nikki held her lips tightly around Tiffany’s nipple, her fingers pumping fast as she drew out her climax. Juice squirted onto her hand as it fucked deeply, and Tiff fell back to the bed, her hips rotating lewdly.

She held Nikki’s head tightly to her breast, a slave to the exquisite pain and pleasure her mouth was causing, which only made her orgasm stronger.

Finally, she pulled Nikki’s slippery hand away, covering her pussy with her own to stop the onslaught. Nikki slowly lifted her face from Tiff’s chest, a strand of saliva stretching away from her tender nipple. She smiled down at Tiff’s lovely face, happy to have been able to give her this pleasure.

The sisters quietly wrapped each other in their arms, and soon both were fast asleep.


Lizzie held her naked, sweaty sister in her arms gratefully. The two shared tender kisses, as they stroked their fingers along each other’s bodies. Mal had one leg wrapped across her sister’s waist, her warm pussy snug against her thigh.

She was still horny, the taste of Lizzie’s pussy still lingering on her tongue. As the two kissed and touched lovingly, she slowly started to move her hips, pressing her open slit into Lizzie’s warm skin and luxuriating in the sensation.

Lizzie groaned as she felt the way Mal was moving against her. She looked up at her sister, a naughty smile growing on her lips.

“I want to taste you.” she whispered, gently pushing the older girl onto her back.

Mal squealed in delight, her butt wriggling on the sheets as Lizzie climbed over her. The younger girl lowered her body onto her sister’s, kissing her passionately, and pushed her hands beneath her to hold her ass firmly.

She kissed her way lovingly down Mal’s body, kissing every inch of her supple skin. When she got to her breasts, she tongued the nipples tenderly, coaxing them to grow into hard points, then grinding her teeth into them one at a time, making them throb.

Mal pushed her chest up into her sister’s mouth, her hands holding her head firmly against her chest.

After several minutes of lapping her tits, Lizzie pulled away from Mal’s grip, lowering her face until it hung above her open thighs.

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