By Oediplex
With an il-lust-ration by Pandora’s Box,
Used with permission
both text and picture are copyrighted material

(F/m/M mother, father & son)
[Billy’s parents give him a very thorough sex education lesson!]

“The time is right, he’s almost fourteen.” said Billy’s father.

“I guess your right. Does he know about sex yet?” Billy’s mom asked.

Frank and Gail Turner were discussing their son’s need for sex education. A pair of former hippies they had met at Woodstock and fallen in love. They married even before they had finished college and their passion for each only grew stronger, as the years had gone by. Billy was born a couple of years after they had settled in a nice suburb of New York City where Frank worked at an advertising agency.

Several days had gone by since Gail had caught Billy looking at one of his father’s adult magazines. Frank and Gail kept their love life fresh with new ideas and experimentation. They allowed each other’s fantasies to be explored and role-played without judgment and demeaning criticism. They were turned on by the other partner’s turn-on. So their sex was some times a bit kinky, but it was with each other. They kept the things that worked and moved on when other stuff did not.

Billy had come across one of the booklets with both pictures and a variety of stories. Gail wasn’t sure if he read any of the material, but she was sure that he had looked at all the very graphic pictures. She hadn’t freaked out when she found the publication while making Billy’s bed. She informed him that when he got home from school that she considered it unsuitable material for a youth of his age and that it was confiscated.

Now Gail and Frank talked the situation over and tried to decide how they should handle the matter. “I’m not certain what he’s learned in school. His friends must have talked about it. He can’t be so innocent in this day and age. I want to make sure he doesn’t have any wrong ideas and misconceptions about sex, of doing it with love.”

“Your right.” Gail responded, “How should we approach it though?”

“Well why don’t we have a discussion with him after dinner?”

“Good idea. And let’s be totally up front with him and answer all his questions, no matter what, okay?”

“That’s smart. Then that’s what we’ll do.” Frank closed the discussion with a deep French kiss.

Later that evening.

As Gail was taking the desert dishes away, Frank leaned over toward Billy and said, “Son you mom and I want to have a talk with you about something.”

“Am I in trouble about the magazine dad?” Billy’s voice quavered a little.

“Well, it’s sort of about that, but you’re not going to be punished. Relax, go put your pajamas on and come to the living room in a half an hour.” said Frank reassuringly.

Thirty minutes later Billy went to the living room. The easy chair was pulled up close to the couch where his folks sat. Obviously that is where they meant for him to sit. His mom was in a light cotton robe and his dad only had his boxer shorts on, it was typical evening attire in their casual household. Billy went and sat in front of them, slightly nervous, even though his father had said that they were just going to talk.

“Billy, your mom and I just want make sure that you don’t have any odd ideas about sex and that you understand that the best sex is with someone you love. Do you know much about sex?”

“Some,” Billy frowned, “They had some Sex Ed in Health class, but it was just pictures of the insides of people. It was about as exciting as looking at the plumbing under the kitchen sink.” His mom chuckled at that remark. “That’s why I sneaked the dirty magazine, so I could see what real women looked like,” he continued.

“We understand about your curiosity,” comforted his mother. “But Sweetie, that kind of magazine has things you might have trouble comprehending. And sex and nudity isn’t dirty, but it is generally very private. We are going to answer all your questions about sex this evening, but it must be private in our family and not be told out of the house about what we do tonight. You can talk about sex with your friends, but you would be breaking our personal privacy to talk about what ever happens in our home. All right?”

“No problem, mom, I get it. Can I really ask anything and you’ll tell me?”

“Tonight, we are going to be completely open with you and we want you to be the same with us. Go ahead and ask us what you want.” Frank affirmed his and Gail’s willingness to be fully above-board.

“Ahh . . .” Billy took a deep breath, “I know about eggs and sperm and how a baby grows inside its mommy. They taught us all that in school. But I don’t know too much about making out and fucking.”

“Say sexual intercourse, dear.” said his mother, at her son’s vernacular.

“Gail we say fucking when we make love, and tonight is an intimate evening with Billy. Let’s use real language for our talk.”

Gail indicated her acceptance with her expression and a nod.

“Can I see you naked, Mom?”

Gail started to protest and looked at he husband. “Gail, we ought to be open for this. It will just be for tonight, only. You understand, Billy? Just this once, and I’ll pick up a girlie nudie magazine for you, son, so you don’t need to rely on your mother to study the female anatomy. Go-ahead Gail take off your robe. In fact, I’ll shuck my shorts and Billy, you take off your pajamas too. Then your mother won’t feel so embarrassed.”

Frank stood up and led the way by dropping his drawers and flipped them out of the way with his foot. Billy pulled off the top of his PJs and raised his rear to slide his bottoms off. He took his nightclothes and tossed them over by his dad’s skivvies. Gail seeing that she had no choice in the matter undid her robe and let it fall behind her back she opened the material on her lap, so that she was left sitting on her robe totally exposed to her husband and young son except for the pink panties she was wearing. She had not expected the night to take this sort of turn.

“Panties too, Babe.” prompted her spouse. She leaned back with her shoulders on the couch and raised her hips. She could see the eyes of her son go wide open as she pealed her undies, revealing her furry triangle and the rosy slit between her thighs. It seemed odd to be stripping in front of her son. But part of it was a sort of an exhibitionist kick that she had a little of in her, and that part made it erotic. She felt a tingle of sexual excitement. She could see that Billy had a nice erection as he sat in awe of her display.

She got the panties to her knees and sat back down. But then, in naughty girl fashion, she raise each leg separately to take them all the way off, thus exposing her sex to the ogling eyes of the boy. She smiled and held them on her index finger. Giving the pink apparel several twirls she let it go so that it flew right into her child’s startled face. She laugh and that broke the tension of the moment. They all giggled and Billy tossed her garment to the discard pile.

“Your beautiful, mom!” Billy exclaimed.

Yes, Honey, you are really a gorgeous, sexy creature.” said Frank.

“Thank you both.” Gail nodded to her son and turned to look at her husband, whom she saw also had a stiff one.

“Now Billy,” said his dad, “you said you wanted to learn about making out. Well, grown-ups call petting, foreplay. It helps to get the couple aroused and eager to . . . fuck. There are erogenous zone on a person’s body, places that are pleasurable to have touched. Obviously, you know a guy’s cock is one of a man’s places. Women have all kinds of spots, which turn them on. Places like the back of the neck,” Frank put his hand on Gail’s nape, “when caressed softly or kissed can be very stimulating.”

Gail responded to his touch involuntarily, but as if on cue. Her nipples harden and began to become erect. She detected a hint of dampness in her crotch. “I’m sure you know that the breasts and nipples are very sensitive,” Frank continued and that getting to second base is a big step from kissing, even French kissing.”

“I never French kissed a girl before. Could I French you, mom?” Billy piped up.

Gail thought for a short second. “Sure, sit by me and I’ll show you how.” Her son moved to her left side. Now she was flanked by both her men. Billy looked into her face with a huge smile on görükle escort his. She turned to him and took his head in her hands. She kissed his lips with a soft tender kiss of the romantic regular sort, then slid her tongue between his lips to find his and wiggled the lingual digit. Billy found the sensation a bit odd at first but then decided it was fun and played dancing tongues with his mom. He extended his into her mouth and they swapped spit for a bit longer.

Frank tapped on her shoulder. “Me too,” he said and she broke off with Billy to deep kissed with him as well. After a few minutes of watching his parents, Billy tapped on her shoulder and Gail switched again. This went on until the three were breathing hard and they gasping. Frank got his son attention by placing his right hand on Gail’s right tit, which was closest to him. He started to gently grope her. Billy followed suit. Gail was going to object but she decided that it was better that the youth learn how to handle a woman, than to grab a poor girl’s boobs without realizing how tender an organ they were.

So son and father fondled the mother’s breasts and Gail leaned back to enjoy the attention. “Let’s give your mom a treat she’s never had” said Frank, and he put his mouth on her left nipple and suckled delicately. Billy copied his dad’s actions but with a bit too much suction.

“Gently; gently, Darling.” Gail cautioned her son placing her hand on his hair and then stroked his head as he lightened to a nibbling tickle. Meanwhile, her other hand reached down and found her husband’s hard-on. She stroked Frank’s cock and her son’s scalp in rhythm. Then her left hand sought Billy’s dick and she jack off both as they did double delight to her ta-tas. She was wet now! She remembered the erotic sensation when she had nursed Billy as a baby and Frank went down on her at the same time. It was a wonder she didn’t smother the infant!

Frank reached out for his son’s right hand and brought it down to between Gail’s thighs and guided it back and forth until the kid began to massage the leg. Then he did likewise on the opposite, knowing how much it turned his wife on. Gail groaned her growing passion from the duo’s pampering. Her limbs spread, knees falling apart. Billy paused for a moment and looked down from the saliva-coated nipple. He saw his father’s fingers run up high on her thigh then tease the red gash of his mother’s pussy.

When Frank’s arm retreated Billy made the same type of move and felt the wet soft flesh part as his fingers slid along the mystery place of womanhood. Gail decided that this was a bit too far and caught his forearm. But then Frank stroked her split and clit and she lost the power to hold on the he son’s wrist. Billy’s fingers joined his father’s as they rummaged around the labia. The duel diddling was putting her close to the edge of orgasm. But before that happened, Frank moved.

“Now I want to show you one of the favorite things girls like, Billy. Here, help me move the chair back.” Frank said as he pulled his son from Gail. They lifted the big chair between them back to its usual spot. Then he spread her legs. “See this is the clit. “ Billy crouched by his dad as Frank pointed to the bright pink nubbin that stood out on her mound. “And this is the opening to the vagina.” He slid a finger in and then withdrew it. Billy again followed his dad’s example discovering the hollow haven, the weeping grotto of his mother’s hole. Billy was struck by the heat and slipperiness and the enchanting soft little cave his finger was spelunking.

Gail wondered how far Frank was going to let Billy go. This was bordering on incest, not just a field trip of sexual education. She decided to draw the line at this touch. Before she could find the words to disengage her son’s explorations and any deeper delving in her inner self, Frank spoke again. “Okay, Billy now watch, but this you don’t get to do.” With that said, which relieved her of the burden to set limits without having Billy feel rejected by her. Frank knelt between her feet and went down on her.

Billy had been having an awesome evening making out . . . petting . . . foreplaying with his mother at his father’s instructive direction. He knew what going down was but only in theory. He sat next to his mother again and observed how his father’s tongue went up, down, side to side in the cleft and round the button of love. He realized that his dad was thrusting his oral appendage into the opening of his mom’s cunt too.

Gail could hardly think in the onslaught of pleasure, but she managed to once again grasp her son’s prick. The tip was oozing pre-cum copiously and she used her thumb to smear the lubricant around the helmeted shaped head. Billy played with her nearest nipple and never took his eyes off the spectacle at the juncture of Gail’s legs. Gail could feel the orgasm rising in her again, close, closer. Abruptly, Frank stopped and raised his head and asked, “Let Billy taste what a woman’s pussy is like! Come here Billy get between you mom’s knees.”

They switched places, not noticing Gail’s feeble head shake and whispered, “no, no.” She was too weakened by the intense passion and tension of being on the brink of an orgasm, to stop the oral assault by her son at her husband’s urging. She rationalized the at least Billy would not have to force any girls to do something they were unprepared to do, in order to find out what pussy tasted like. Then she realized that was just what he was doing with her.

But not of his own accord. They had started this. She and Frank had agreed to teach him about sex. She had never thought that it would lead from teaching about having sex, to Billy’s participation. He had learned well by watching his dad do cunnilingus on her, she had to admit. She could feel the coming cum. This was incest. They had crossed the line no doubt of that. What would be the . . . “OH! Yes! Honey just like that!!” Gail cried out her thoughts interrupted by a perfect set of maneuvers repeated by her son. Almost there, almost there . . .

Billy love going down on his mom. The slidey-slippery flesh tasted slightly pungent and unique, a delicious dish of the very place of femininity. It was so much fun to play with, even better than Frenching. He kept his eyes open to see a vagina from as close as you could get. To study the little rosy pill that was a clitoris. To see how far one might see into the depths of where a penis penetrated. He discovered the delight of driving a female to ecstasy; to hear her moans of pleasure and gasps at his fluttering tongue, to be the one which drove her wild and made her totally wanton.

Frank touched himself, watching the amazing site of his son giving head to his wife. It was better that any porno movie. It was live action with the smell added to sight and sound. The fact that it was his kid and spouse reminded him of his own Oedipal feelings he had as a teen, with the hots for his own mom. His wife’s over riding passion, which had overcome her reluctance to participate, was an incredible turn on. He couldn’t believe how hard he was. Suddenly, he was overcome with cunt lust. He had to fuck this beautiful woman before him.

Billy found himself pulled back unexpectantly. “Get low and watch!” his fathered grunted as he straddled the boy. Billy knew it was going to happen right then. He would get to watch the ultimate sexual act. He scooted back so his father had access to his mother’s pussy.

Gail was diverted a third time from the pinnacle of cumming. Momentary, confusion gave way to happy eagerness as she opened her eyes and saw her husband’s meat club about to fill her needy emptiness. She nodded her agreement that it was time. No thought of the fact that they were doing in from of their son crossed her mind. Her cock lust consumed her too.

With his first thrust into her, the long awaited release began. As he sawed in and out, in a ravaging rampage of pumping meat, she screamed her climax, as the flood of her cream washed out and the shudders of intense contractions cascaded head to toe. Then after-shocks and ripples continued. She gained her wits and Gail felt such love for her man as he pounded in and withdrew, to pummel her pussy again and again. She knew what would be the special treat for him, something he had never had, but was ripe and ready for. She couldn’t easily reach there but Billy could!

Gail called to her son. She couldn’t see him, but escort bayan knew he was between their legs. At first, Billy was so engrossed by what he was watching that he didn’t hear his mother. He wanted to memorize the mesmerizing display that played out in most graphic detail, the connection of male and female. The entrance to the hole, which he had put his small finger into, now expanded as his dad’s eight inch member plowed into it. The lips, which had curtained the mystery, seemed to thin to next to nothing as they encircled the girth of cock.

His mother suddenly, after only a few moments of taking his dad’s dick oozed a white froth as if a dairy churn were too full. Still the motion continued. This was sex; this was it, the act the penetration. His father’s hairy balls bounced against his mother’s asshole and seemed to be the very essence of manly power. Then he did hear his mother calling. “Billy, do you want to make daddy really feel good? Billy do something for daddy, stick your finger in his asshole and wiggle it!”

Billy thought that was a little gross, but at this point he was willing to do anything to continue to be involved with the evenings events of ever broadening and deepening adventurous sex lessons. He took his right index finger and did as his mother had suggested. His digit penetrated the hairy crinkle hole easier than he expected and with a couple of strokes had buried in the full four inches.

He wiggled it for a moment, and then began to finger fuck his dad’s anus. In response his father let out heavy grunts and oddly high pitched moans and began to screw his mom in overdrive. With a great guttural cry the older male began a huge, trembling orgasm. He locked the finger in with his sphincter and seem to try to get even his jumping balls deep into his wife’s’ cunt as he came.

Then Billy’s mom also had a little climax. She had not been ready for the sudden blast from her hubby, but the combination of hot white semen gushing in her depths and all the other erotic factors, including her son’s participation, took her over the edge again. She has happy that they were able to give Frank something her husband had always wanted to feel; being penetrated in the rear and his prostrate gland stimulated while he fucked her. Now he had his wish come true and a with big cum too.

Frank rolled over away from his wife, almost knocking Billy over with his leg. His breath came in great racks as sweat poured from every pore, a dripping body with a drooping erection still with a string of goo dangling from it’s tip. He flopped on the end of the couch next to his wife. After a few moments, he caught his breath and hoarsely whispered his exhausted thanks to his kid. Gail reached over to the end table and took some tissues from the box and wiped Billy’s dirty finger.

Then his father said the fatal words that Billy had dared hoped might somehow be said that eve. “Now Billy”.

Gail turned and looked at her husband in a wide-eye, startled expression. “That is really incest, not education, Frank!”

“Both, but let him just put the tip in, to see how a pussy feels, as a reward for doing what you asked him to do.

‘Fair is fair’ thought Gail and she began to spread her legs again. “Okay, Billy but just the tip, no further, you understand?”

Billy nodded, too excited to speak. He scooched on his knees up between his mother’s thighs, with his rock-hard raunch-rocket erect and ready.

Gail leaned back against the sofa and spread her legs, giving Billy the most open and intimate look at a pussy to date in his young life. A wreath of curly damp hair surrounded it. The ruddy flesh was a raw maw, which encircled a seeping bright pink portal of womanhood. It presented the perfect target for the youngster’s dick, but there was a problem.

As Billy positioned himself, it was clear that while he was nearly as big as his dad in the equipment department, he was still a bit less in height, thus his pole aligned a few inches too low. His father caught on to the situation and grabbed a seat cushion off the easy chair. Billy retreated to let Frank lay the pad on the floor at his mother’s feet. When Billy advanced again this time his penis was in perfect position to enter his mother’s pussy.

Gail watch in wonder of the evening’s events, as her son’s cock came closer and closer to their tentative touch of genitals. The distance closed to millimeters, then Billy hesitated. “It’s okay, Baby, come and put the tip in mommy, just the tip though, no more.” she said to her son.

Billy leaned forward so that the stiff spar of sex just kissed the center of the Gail’s mother-hole. He could feel the warmth radiating. The underside of the head of his dick, dripping with pre-cum now, was slicked even more with the ooze from his mom’s cooze. As he pushed, the up-turned meat tube skidded past the entrance and slid up her crack, nosing the protruding pink pearl of Gail’s clit. Both mother and son moaned at the erotic sensation. Billy wanted to arouse his mother to a peak.

It wasn’t exactly a plan, but in the back of his mind he reasoned that with enough stimulation his mom might lose control and let him go all the way in, once, maybe twice or three times if she was really turned on. His manly muscle made long sweeps up and down Gail’s flesh-groove, from the low mush-pit to the crinkly tuft at the top. He pressed hard as he rubbed the slick length of his mom’s special place.

Gail could tell how ripe she was and knew the two of them were skating on thin ice. The shock of her son’s hard love-lance pressing on her hot-button was almost beyond her ability to maintain self-discipline and not succumb to her lust. She couldn’t remember a more erotic, and yet, quite frankly, a more romantic night in her whole life. Not even her honeymoon, nor even losing her virginity, was close to the hyper-aroused state she was now in. Then it occurred to Gail that her son was about to lose his virginity with her.

No, was that actually so? Was ‘just the tip’ doing it? That wasn’t fucking, not really, was it? He still would be . . . well not innocent, but not fully experience, still be her baby boy yet; even with the level of intimacy they were about to share, still her sweet child. At that moment Billy stretched up to suck her right breast, as his cock pressed into the soft entrance of her vagina it reminded her that despite his youth, her baby boy was well hung with a hunk of man-meat that would be a pussy-pleaser to any woman he put it to. She had, in her sub-conscious, a notion and curiosity to see what it would be like to have her son all the way in her. But in her motherly moral conscience, she denied her hidden desire.

As he leaned over his nude mother to nibble on her nipple, the tip of his tuber aligned perfectly with his mom’s entrance. It was well greased up by the action of sawing at Gail’s gash. She draws his head up to kiss his lips, as the tip slips in. Their tongues played together in her mouth, then his, as the head of his penis popped into the ring that marked the enclosure’s true beginning. She could feel the snug flesh of her vaginal opening encompassing the hot bulb, a spongy orb on a firm staff. Billy closed his eyes as his first inch entered, the hot – wet – slippery – tight – wonderfully intense tactile sensation almost made him cum immediately.

He steeled his concentration to make the moment last. Billy knew if he blew his wad now that would be the end of the education and he might never get another chance to put his dick in his mommy’s cunt. Even as he savored the very instant his penis penetrated a pussy for the first time, his Dad, who had begun growing a new erection at the sight of his wife being entered by their child, was observing him. He began to masturbate at the spectacle. “Go on, Billy,” Frank urged the teen, “pull out, then put it in again!”

“No!” Gail protested, but when Billy followed the paternal advice, she was ignored and she felt her son withdraw, not losing contact but keeping his angle in the correct bearing. Then he once more burrowed the blood engorged bulb into the haven of his mother’s hot hole. Gail, put her hands up to his torso and made a weak effort to push him away. “No ~ noo . . . that’s all Baby, you had your taste of paradise, take it out now, please. Please . . . enough!”

But Billy could tell there was little will power behind his mom’s words and feeble attempt to fend him off. To test that theory, he pushed bursa escort another fraction of an inch in. His mother pushed back at his chest, but she also made a small movement with her hips that allowed another smidgen of Billy’s bountiful babe-banger to slide deeper a bit more. Gail gasp, as the action grew more dangerous. Billy slowly backed out, Gail smiled until he stroked forward again. This time the head – and shoulders of his dick stretched the opening and gained a foothold.

Gail moaned in both protest to the third entry and from the passion that threatened to over take her senses. “Frank, that’s enough, no more, please, before it’s too late.” Frank looked up from his study of incestuous invasion, and shook his head. “Honey, he hasn’t cum yet, let him do it until he climaxes, fair’s fair, we’ve both had orgasms, now it’s Billy’s turn. Gail saw the logic, but the emotional conflict still held her in check (if only by a thin thread) from the abandonment to the pure joy of coupling with her son.

“Wait, Billy,” Gail made one last desperate attempt to stave off total incest with her son. “Let mommy move, you just enjoy and cum when you need to.” She hugged him to her breasts, his face along side hers, she could feel the hot panting next to her ear. Billy could feel the soft pillows of his mother’s ample breast press against his chest. The dual cushions floated him on a warm, smooth waterbed of pure femininity.

She raised her hips slightly so he was situated with the tip of his cock engulfed in the mouth of her muff. She began to tilt her hips up and down just a little, so that the super-sensitive knob of her man-child disappeared and materialize as it dipped and surfaced in that most special of baths. It was close to real fucking Billy realized, and the thought of screwing his mother began his balls boiling. An urgency for his semen to bubble out of the spout between his legs, which now sipped at the well of paradise, grew in intensity.

He couldn’t help himself, he began to move too. The effect of the complimentary motion made the penetration go a little deeper than Gail intended, but she allowed it, in the effort to bring her son off. It felt good for her too, too good. She moved a bit more with the swing of her hips. In and out, dip and withdraw, slip in / slide out, thrust and retreat, down and up; their hips made the dainty dance of sexual teasing a torment to both.

Now Billy was getting a little deeper each time. From the first touch to the first dip. The head, then the head and neck – shoulders – two inches in now and four to go. Gail continued to moved, her body began to dictate the tempo, her physical needs to rule, her animal lust to reign above any reason, her passion to block all doubts, her excitement to burn in her gut, a fire that needed a heavy hosing to quench the quim, to make her cunt cum. Frank could tell that Gail was a goner and that his son was going to get laid by his mother!

Billy sensed it was time to move to the completion of the evening. He now began to not hold back. His cock went half way on the next push. Gail knew she had lost the battle with her moral vestiges. But still she made one last attempt to stem the inevitable lovemaking with her boy. “Oh! No! Billy don’t do it, don’t fuck mommy, its not right Baby, Oh! Stop, no deeper, mommy can’t take it, it feels to good!” Billy plunged another inch in the next stroke. “Nooo . . . don’t! In a panic now, Gail Cried to her spouse. “Frank, it can’t be, it mustn’t happen, it will ruin everything!”

Frank, in response, put his hand on the kid’s hips and pushed as Billy entered his mom once again. Billy knew the ultimate moment of conquest was now, and gave a big shove of hard cock into his mom. Gail knew, when her husband provided permission for the sinful sex to happen between her and her son, by encouraging Billy to make full penetration of her ‘holy of holies’, that she was out numbered and out gunned. She knew that her whole hole of hot hairy horniness, that was the very center of Gail’s being, was to be fully filled with her son’s handsome member. She broke, the dam of morality collapsed, her reserve flowed away as she made the sacrifice of her final feminine mystique to her boy by fucking him.

Gail opened her cunt to her kid’s sweet cock. She made the swing of her hips a full arc; her thighs spread as wide as she could make them and her heals began to beat against Billy’s butt as they got into it completely. Billy felt his dad push him into his mom. He understood this was the time, this was the okay, this was the yes, this was the instant he had dreamed of for so long. He felt himself slide / slither / snake to the root of his rod all the way into his mother.

His pubic hair mashed and tangled with hers. He held that socket tight for a long minute. Then he shoved harder still, to cram every last millimeter in. He felt a funny nubby place deep in her pussy. Gail felt her son bottom out in her, the tip nudging her womb. Could he / would he / what if he should make her pregnant? Frank saw his boy’s balls bounce on his wife’s ass and started to pound his own meat stalk.

Then, the dam broke. Gail commenced to moan, like when she was about to have an earth shaking cum. Billy was banging away at his mom’s pussy like he might never get laid again. Frank could feel the jism in his testicles about to blast. Billy reveled in the ecstasy of sex at last, sex with his mother, sex with his parents participating, permitting, enjoying one another and initiating him into the ultimate intimate adult act.

He stretched to kiss with his mom. Then he turned to his father and kissed him on the lips. His eyes said all the thanks needed to his old man for wonder of sex. SEX SEX SEX – he couldn’t get enough of going into his mom. He wondered if she would let him give her a baby. Gail could tell her next orgasm was on the rise. Her cum was riding on the brink of release.

Then – then . . . then, they came. Billy suddenly found himself over the edge, he battered his mommy’s middle with a raging erection that stretched the skin so it seemed like it might split. His tip bumped her womb, his pubic bone mashed her clit, his nuts drummed her butt, his mouth kissed her cheek, his arms were around her now in a fierce hug, his chest was nipple to nipple with her breasts. Gail let out her pre-cum wail, “Ahh! Yess! O! uhh . . . now!”

Frank considered the possibility that Billy might impregnate Gail. This was the thought in his mind when his penis shot a stream of white cream onto the fucking pair. Billy felt the explosion of his cock in his mother’s vagina, like his dick was a stick of dynamite. The flow burst out, a geyser of goo right into the very mouth of the womb that bore him; the place his life and soul had formed in and which his spirit and body had longer to return to, to return to that avenue of love in this very special way, in this spectacular act of reuniting mother and son!

Gail finally released the pent-up climax with her own erotic creaming in synchronization with Billy’s spewing his potent poison into her burning center. Her body arched, and her arches contracted, as the spasms of orgasms shook her. She bucked up to pump the last hardness of her son’s erection into her hungry hollow. She felt her pussy flutter, gush, cum. Her brain flashed a lightening bolt of pleasure through her nervous system. Her cunt clenched the softening cock of her boy within her. It shrank and dropped out, allowing the draining of their mixed juices to drench the robe beneath her and even soak through to the couch.

The three gasped and looked at each other, as the sweat dripped from their happy faces. Their lust wishes, subverted for so long were now out, open, honest and undeniable. Billy leaned over and kissed a deep French one with his mother. Then he even Frenched his dad, in gratitude for allowing him to not only learn about sex, but to fuck his own mom in the process. Frank then also tongue kissed Gail and asked, “Aren’t you glad we did it?”

Gail nodded and smiled a naughty smile. “Yes Honey, I am. I am now into incest entirely. It was the best sex I ever had; being with the two men I love the most. Now, tomorrow night, don’t you think we ought to continue the lessons for Billy, after all, he needs to experience more positions, doggie, me on top, behind me from the side, me on my tummy and him on top. And maybe,” Gail once more grasp the two cocks, one in each hand, “if you’re both real good boys, we might do a double penetration!”

Frank winked at Billy, who could only smile back at both his parents with a pussy-eating grin that stayed on his face for a very long time.

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