Alice Ch. 08


(It’s best to begin at the beginning. Although if you want to just skip to where it gets really racy, start on the chapter with the Truth or Dare game.)

“Close your eyes,” Alice said, and Charlie did as he was asked, as he lay there nude and erect on their “nest” in the living room. “And now kiss me,” she added.

He then felt her soft and warm lips touch his, and then she opened her mouth and he did too, and the tips of their tongues met and tasted sweet. As he slowly put his tongue into her mouth, she gently sucked on it. And then she stuck her tongue into his mouth, and started moving it back and forth, over and over, getting more firm as she went. It almost made him laugh when he realized she was tongue fucking him. When their mouths separated, they were both breathless.

“Keep your eyes closed,” she said, and he could feel her getting up and moving around, and then coming back closer to him, “and now French kiss me again, sticking your tongue into me like you did before.”

But something was different this time. As he lay there with his eyes closed, at the last half second he sensed the essence of Alice as she slowly lowered her hairy spread cunt onto his mouth and gently sat on his face.

His opened his eyes in surprise, and from his point of view her cunt was now huge and engulfing him. Then he recovered himself, and slowly stuck his tongue into her moist vagina, french kissing her pussy.

He could breathe through his nose, but it wasn’t completely easy, as he was being coated with her musky sweetness. He had loved and lusted after Alice and her cunt so much that it hurt. And now she was touching him, and he was touching her, in a way he had never even imagined.

She lifted herself up just an inch so that he could breathe better for a few seconds, and she looked down at him, seeming very happy with herself. She said, “You were so hungry for me. So now eat me,” and then she lowered herself again onto his mouth, with her arms balancing on stacks of pillows, almost smothering him again with her moist and hairy twat.

He put his tongue into her, and then licked her like his life depended on it, slowly zeroing in on her magic place.

“Mmmmmm,” she said, “yes. Keep going.” She began to very slightly rock back and forth, gently rubbing her pussy on his face, sometimes almost swallowing his nose in her hairy wet folds of flesh. His realized that face was being fucked.

And he kept thinking to himself that his face was being fucked by Alice’s cunt. She is like a goddess to me, he thought, a female messiah. In his horny, tipsy state he thought: Her messy hairy cunt is messianic to me. It was nonsense, and he knew it, but still the thought kept winding its way through his lust-addled mind as her sweet and musky pussy rubbed against his face, as his tongue went in and out of her. And then he started licking her clitoris, gently at first, and then more urgently.

In just a few minutes, she started trembling. Alice’s was indeed humping Charlie’s face as he made love to her with his mouth, and somehow it was working.

“Oh my god!” she finally said pressing against him, “keep going!”

He licked faster, and suddenly her cunt quivered against his face in a way that told him she’d come. Her legs were trembling too, and she simultaneously laughed and groaned and said, “I…..can’t…stay….here… any more!” and got off of him, and collapsed next to him breathing hard.

He’d made her come again, and he was a little bit proud of it. He watched her breathing hard as she lay next to him with her legs halfway together, her breasts heaving as she breathed.

He couldn’t help himself from looking at the wet pussy fur between her legs. He was still hungry for it, but in a different way. His cock was hard and throbbing.

She saw him looking at her, and knew he was looking at her bermuda triangle, as she’d called it. And then she looked over at his twitching cock. She could feel his hunger for her, but she didn’t want to let him know–at least not yet.

“Mmmm.” She said, still breathing hard, “Please cover me with the sheet.”

As as he slowly covered her up she turned over to lay on her stomach.

“I want a back massage,” she said, in a sexy kitten-ish voice.

“OK.” He laughed. “You’re really getting full service here,” bursa escort bayan he said.

“Yeah. Why not,” she said in her normal voice again.

And so he got some lotion from the nearby bottle, rubbed it into his hands to warm it up, saying, “I’m going to have to uncover you again, at least part way.”

“Yeah, but just my back.”

He slowly pulled down the sheet, leaving her beautiful long back exposed until just before the swell of her butt. And then he started to gently and then more firmly massage her. He massaged in slow circular patterns, starting at the top, and working his way down, getting firmer as he went.

Once in a while he glanced down at his cock, which was still standing at complete attention and waving back and forth.

“Mmmmmmm!” she said, after several minutes, reveling in the pleasure.

And then she added, “massage my butt!”

Charlie uncovered just the top of her butt, and got more lotion, which he then rubbed and pressed into her rounded butt cheeks.

“Harder!” She said. And so he rubbed harder into her butt cheeks, and as he did so he noticed she was slowly separating her legs.

“Mmmmmm!,” Alice said again, and then she added, “Remember how when you rubbed sunblock into me a while ago when we were laying out by the pool, and yout were looking at the bottom of my bathing suit, and wondering what I would look like underneath?”

“Yeah,” Charlie said, breathing hard and remembering, and his almost purple-headed cock, which had slowly fallen to about half mast started jerking up again into a full erection.

“Well,” Alice said, and she turned her head around and looked at his now rock-hard cock, “then I think you should pull the sheet down and look at me. Although it hardly seems that you need it!”

“What?” Charlie said, as she kept staring at his twitching dick.

“I want you to see something,” she said, and slowly spread her legs even wider underneath the sheet. “It’s a surprise that I think you’ll like.”

“Another surprise!?” Charlie said and laughed. “You’re giving me surprises like this is the only weekend like this we’ll ever have!”

The moment he said it he knew it was a mistake. Because he knew it was true.

Alice looked pained, and she looked away from his boner, which then started slowly wilting.

He suddenly realized that this would probably be their last weekend of love like this, as his hard-on continued to slowly lose some of its strength.

“Don’t think about that,” Alice said in a more serious tone, and laid her face again down flat, adding, “just pull the sheet down and see what was underneath my swimsuit that day.”

His cock was now just a semi. He was stricken by the thought that this was the only weekend they’d ever have like this. Was there another way? Given that they were stepsister and stepbrother, was there another way for them? He couldn’t see it.

“Stop thinking. Take off the sheet, Silly!” Alice said, and he could tell that at this moment she had to be obeyed.

And so he slowly removed the sheet from her heart-shaped butt, and lowered it down until it was off of her spread legs completely.

Between Alice’s spread legs, as she lay on her stomach, was revealed, as she knew it would be, her hairy cunt again, in all of its glory.

He stared at the her inner pinkish-brown pussy lips, which were slightly spread, surrounded by the hairy mounds of her outer pussy, just below the roundness of her butt. His cock started rising again.

“Do you like what you see?” Alice said, and turned around to see his cock jerking up yet again into a full erection.

“Oh,” Alice said, “I like it when you do that! No need to answer. I can see that you do. What *are* you going to do with that thing?” She said, in a sly way.

“Does it work,” Charlie said, in a slightly hoarse voice, “from back here?”

“Oh yes,” Alice said, “Just grab hold of it and put it in. I’m all ready and wet….I’ll be waiting for you,” she added in her kittenish voice, and turned her face forward again, and then spread her legs even farther apart and angled her cunt up to receive his cock.

She was offering herself in a way that touched not just his dick, but also his heart. He loved her so much it hurt. He held his dick and positioned himself. It was gorukle escort a little difficult, but when he was right over her, he slowly plunged himself into her waiting vagina. Like before it was so wet, and so warm, and so firm in the way it held him. He lay gently over her, and then started moving back and forth, slowly fucking her, which seemed the most natural thing in the world.

“Yes, Charlie,” Alice said, “Oh yes.”

He started slow, but felt it would be even better faster, and started pumping into her faster and faster.

“Yes Charlie!” She said.

Now he was pumping into her cunt faster and deeper than ever before. He didn’t even know he could move that way, but it was something deep and primal. His face was next to hers, and he could see her face and her whole body moving to his motions. She turned her head a little toward him as he bounced her back and forth, and he could see she was smiling at him, and then licking her beautiful lips.

He went even faster, fucking Alice’s went cunt until—

“Uuuuuuugh!” he grunted as he shot his second load into her for the day. He kept pumping and breathing heavily onto her neck and face. It was pleasant for her to feel his passion for her even as it was spent.

She waited a few seconds as he collapsed on her and kept breathing against her, and then she said,”Works like a charm, doesn’t it?” And then she added, trying to look back at him, “that didn’t take you long.”

“I’m…. sorry!” he said, still breathing heavily.

“No, that’s ok. I think you needed that. And you’ve certainly been looking after my needs. Now come and cuddle me,” she said. And Charlie slowly and reluctantly pulled his softening cock out of her, and then she turned over onto her back, exposing again her beautiful pointed breasts, and he collapsed next to her.

“Cover us up, and hold me,” she said in a soft voice, and so he managed to raise himself and get the sheet over them, and then lay curled around her, with left hand gently cupping her right breast.

“I love you, Alice,” he whispered to her.

“I can tell,” she answered, and he could hear the smile in her voice.

With startling suddenness he felt completely exhausted. He closed his eyes and soon his breathing was even and he could feel himself drifting off into a magical post-orgasmic dream world. This was a world that only seemed to come when he was with Alice. Having an organism by himself, he realized, was a good enough, but really was just a different thing.

And then Charlie slept deeply.

When he awoke he could tell it had been longer than most naps he’d had in his life.

He stretched and said, “Sorry, I feel asleep.”

“Yeah,” Alice answered. “I think you’ve been asleep for about an hour. You must have needed it. I think I wore you out.”

His left hand was still on her right breast, and in a minute or so, in his whimsical way, he decided this wasn’t fair. Each of her breasts was equally beautiful, and so, after very gently touching the little nipple of her right boob, he slowly moved over to left breast, and felt that equally wonderful bouncy globe with its equally beautiful nipple. And then he wanted to feel Alice’s beautiful belly, and he very slowly traced down there and gently touched her belly button.

“You’re tickling me!” She said, giggling and wiggling a little bit.

He froze, and she said, “But don’t stop, it feels good.” And so he gently tickled back up to her breasts again, and then her neck, and then touched her lips, and then traced back down again, slowly, to her belly. He paused there, for a second, and then started tracing lower, till her reached the start of the fur of her cunt.

His cock twitched, and started growing.

He draped his hand all the way over her still wet twat, and, when she didn’t object, he slowly put a finger into her.

His dick was now hard and throbbing, and pressing insistently on Alice’s side.

“You’re kidding me,” she said with wonder, and reached over to feel his rock cock.

“Oh my god!” She added. “You just can’t get enough of me.” She smiled, and then added, “Well come on, baby, here I am,” and she spread her legs wide gently pushing with her hands, guiding him to get on top of her.

He hesitated for a just second, bursa merkez escort bayan looking down yet again at Alice’s triangle of fur and flesh that pulled him so powerfully.

He got on top of her, and found he didn’t even need to use his hand to guide his dick, for it was angled just right, and then it slid right in.

He started fucking her again, but this time more slowly and deliberately, looking her in the eyes, and telling her once in a while, in almost a fierce way, that he loved her.

She looked at this new, slightly more aggressive Charlie with some wonder, as he fucked her steadily for many minutes, slowly but surely getting faster.

Eventually, she could feel her pleasure start to rise. It was almost always pleasant to be fucked, and sometimes it was really exciting, but she realized that this was one of the very few times she might go all the way when being fucked this way.

“Oh….Charlie!” she said, in a way she hadn’t ever quite before, squinting her eyes a little and curling up her lips a bit as he fucked her with mounting intensity. “Oh Charlie. Faster!”

He fucked her even faster, and having come just an hour before he finally had control, and could be inside her wet, warm, firm, and loving pussy without letting go. He watched as her breasts bouncing back and forth rapidly as he pumped himself inside of her. In another few minutes he could see her face changing as she closed her eyes.

“Ahhhh!” she said as she came, and then she opened her eyes in surprise. He kept looking right at her seriously as he pumped into her several more times, keeping eye contact, feeling not just lust but also almost a touching of their souls. And then he finally let himself go with an echoing “AAHHH!”

He collapsed on her, and their sweaty bodies mingled for a minute. And then he slowly separated himself and curled around next to her again, pulling up the sheet.

“I came,” she said simply, still breathing heavily. “Wow.” Then she was silent for a minute.

“That was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life,” she added. “Very intense. It was almost like you were a different person when you were fucking me that time.”

“I am. I guess,” he said quietly.

It was somehow too intense a moment to laugh, which is what they would have normally done. Instead Alice, as Charlie had done before, rapidly feel into a deep sleep.

Like him, she slept for almost an hour, and he quietly lay next to her, watching her, listening to her breath, and thinking.

Finally she stirred, and then woke up.

“Still wow,” she said, smiling and stretching.

He let her do that for a minute, and smiled at her, but then said: “Alice, I need to tell you something important.” He said it somberly.

Alice suddenly looked worried and even stunned.

“It’s something that you already know,” he added.

Alice’s voice was higher than usual as she said very quietly, “yes?” She looked and sounded like she was about to cry.

“It’s over,” he said simply.

The moment hung in the air for a second, and then her face crumpled like a piece of paper, and she started quietly weeping. “I know,” she said, beginning to sob. A few seconds later she buried her face into his chest, as a small, heartrending wail escaped from her. After a minute, with effort, she started breathing more evenly, but it was an effort, and she was almost panting.

She sat up, and through her tears and red eyes, tried to use her business-like, matter-of-fact voice, and she said, “I was just going to say, if you asked, that is, that maybe we could be very careful. Mom and Dad would never know, and…” she trailed off as she saw the expression on his face.

“If they ever did know, it would break their hearts,” he said. “It would cause everybody pain. It wouldn’t be bringing good into the world, like you’ve taught me.”

She looked at him more calmly, getting a small amount of comfort from his words as he continued.

“As you know, Alice, I’m an agnostic at best. But you have taught me to appreciate some of the mysteries of the world, and accept them. I feel right now that us getting together was one of those mysteries, and was maybe it meant to be. But just as much, I feel in my bones that we were also meant now to be Stepbrother and Stepsister.”

A look of anguish crossed her face again as she felt what he was saying was true. She said, “oh god,” which came out like a small sob.

She halfway composed herself again and said, in a soft voice, weeping quietly but now smiling, “I knew I was going to break your heart. But I didn’t know you were going to break mine too.”

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