Alice Ch. 02


(A few parts of this are based on real life. It’s the slow process Charlie learning about sex and love from someone just a few years older, but much more knowledgeable. There are pleasures along the way, but it’s going to take a while—and a few chapters—just as it sometimes does in real life.)


As Charlie and Alice swam and played in their backyard pool, things seemed almost innocent. But Alice had gotten a little charge out of turning on this 18-year old friend who was now a stepbrother. And Charlie was still a bit excited after rubbing sunblock on Alice’s back and legs, and tried thinking about icebergs as they rough-housed in the pool.

Soon dinner was called, and they got out, dried off, and each dressed in their own bedrooms, which were just across from each other.

During dinner Charlie had trouble keeping his eyes off of Alice. He’d had a growing crush on her since he’d first met her, almost a year ago, but now that she’d moved in it had become something more. He couldn’t help but think of the glimpses he’d gotten of her breasts as she’d untied her bikini for him to put lotion on his back. And when he did the back of her thighs, he was turned on by the wondrous little bits of black pussy hair that were peaking out of her bikini bottom.

Beyond the lust, of which there was plenty, he also had realized that he must be in love. Looking at Alice, with her freckles, her slightly big and slightly crooked nose, and her beautiful white teeth, but slightly crooked smile, he knew she wouldn’t win any beauty contests. But to him she seemed perfect even in her imperfections, and that must be part of love, he realized.

Alice could see him looking at her sometimes with a look that seemed almost puppy-like, which was halfway between charming and annoying. She liked his attention, as well as his good massage fingers that she’d trained, but she didn’t want it to go too far. She needed to talk with him about that, especially since she wasn’t likely to change her casual approach to nudity just because she was living with him now.

After they did the dishes, and watched some TV, it was finally time for bed. Charlie had been waiting for this for a while, because he knew there was something he had to take care of. Since Alice got here, he’d been semi erect or erect half of the time. He just hoped he could say goodnight and then get out his collection old playboys that he kept hidden in his closet in a little suitcase under his journal.

After getting on his striped PJs, he brushed his teeth, and then went to say goodnight to Alice. Her door was most of the way closed, and remembering her earlier near changing into her bikini in front of him, he just quickly said through the door, “Good night, Alice! I’m so glad you’re here!” “Oh, Me too,” she answered, and her voice sounded a bit muffled, liked she was putting something on. Since that seemed to be all, he walked back to his room and quietly closed and locked his door.

Getting out his secret stash of magazines, he looked through the playboys of 1968 to see which pictures might look the most like Alice. Finding one, he quietly brought it to the bed. Getting out a little vaseline from his side table, he quietly lowered his pjs, revealing an erect six inches pointing straight up at his face.

This was something from experience that he knew he needed to do. When he was 14, he started to get wet dreams two to three times a week, which sometimes stained his underwear and Gaziantep Escort pjs, some of which he had to throw away. That was when he hadn’t yet figured out how to take care of this the way most boys did. But by the time he was 15, he knew that once in the morning in the shower, and once at night in bed, would keep him from having wet dreams, and would somewhat cut down the annoyance of daily hard ons.

Charlie hoped Alice had closed her door, but he hadn’t heard anything yet. Knowing that the door was locked though,and that he already had said goodnight, he felt pretty safe putting the vaseline on and rubbing it on. As he looked at the magazine picture of an almost hippy woman from the late 60s, showing her medium breasts and some of her hairy pussy, he realized that this wasn’t likely to take long, for she did look a little bit like Alice, down to the liquid brown eyes.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.


“Umm. Just a minute!” he said, quickly sliding the magazine under the covers and pulling up his underwear and pjs. He quickly went to the door, wiping his hand on his side as he went. He opened it, and saw Alice dressed in a long white flannel nightie with little flowers on it.

“Can I come in and talk for a while?”

“Sure,” he said, while glancing down and realizing that it was clear something was up in his pjs.

“Come on in,” he said, as he quickly climbed back under the covers.

Alice somehow didn’t notice, and looked slightly puzzled. She could tell something was up, but didn’t quite know what. She knew some of it was her, since he wasn’t used to a woman in his room at night on his bed.

She sat on his bed right next to him, and he lay there propped up on his pillows.

“What’s up?” Charlie said, trying to be casual.

“Well, what do you think of my nightie?”

It wasn’t a very revealing nightie at all, which was a disappointment.

“Fine. I guess. Why?”

“Well, don’t get used to it. It’s flannel, and I almost never wear it because it makes me too hot.”

“Oh? And so, what do you normally wear?”

Alice smiled.

“Ok. I don’t want to shock you, but most of the time I sleep in the nude.”


“But for you, I’ll try to wear a t-shirt and undies.”

“That’s fine!” he said, too cheerfully, “Whatever, Either way.”

“Really?” Alice said with her knowing smile, “It really doesn’t matter to you?”

“No. It doesn’t. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

“So, if in the middle of the night I’m going to the bathroom, and I’m naked, and you happen to be going to the bathroom too, and you see me, that won’t bother you?


“You won’t scream or anything, and wake up the house.”

“No!” He said, and then even tried to flirt a little by smiling and saying, “I’m sure it would be very nice.”

“I’ll bet!” She said, smiling back.

“In fact, Charlie, I don’t want to make you embarrassed,” she said, suddenly sounding more serious, “but I want to talk to you about that. I, um, noticed that after you massaged the lotion into me that you, uh, seemed kind of excited and….”

“I’m so sorry!” Charlie said, flushing deep red, and picking up the pillow next to him to hide his face. “That’s never happened before! I’m so sorry!” He was doing something between laughing and weeping, but mostly was just deeply embarrassed.

“It’s Ok, Charlie, it’s ok. You can take Gaziantep Escort Bayan the pillow off of your face,”she said, laughing. But he kept the pillow there. “Please. It’s ok. I forgive you, and I’m glad to hear it hasn’t happened before, because if you were at pool party, and a high school girl saw that, it wouldn’t be good. Charlie! Take the pillow off of your face!”

She leaned forward, and in a friendly but firm way moved the pillow away and back onto the bed.

“I’m sorry,” he said pathetically again, “it was just….” he wasn’t sure if he should say….

“I know, I untied my top, and you got a nice peek of side boob.”

“Yeah, that and….”

“And? What? Tell me!”

“Well, as I was massaging up to your bathing suit….”

“Yes, I noticed you didn’t quite reach there, but given the effect it had on you already, that’s understandable. But what?”



“A little bit of hair was showing, and…..”

“Oh” And now it was Alice’s turn to blush. “I probably should shave, shouldn’t I?”

“No! You don’t need to, I liked it. I mean. I don’t know what I mean, but you should just be as you are, natural. That’s one of the things I love about you.”

The word love sort of hung there in the air. Alice didn’t know what to do with that. In contrast, pussy hair seemed safer.

“So,” said Alice, definitely redirecting, “you saw a little bit of my pussy hair, and….it made you think about what was beneath my suit.”

“I guess so.”

“That’s understandable. You’re an 18-year old guy. Have you ever seen one?”


“A woman’s pussy,” she said smiling. She said it as if it were the most everyday thing to talk about, shocking him with the word, even though he’d just been thinking it.

“Uh, yes.”

“You have?!”

“Well, just in magazines.”

“Oh, right, I’m sure you look at lots of porn on the web.”

“No. Not really. My mom put these parental controls on the internet a few years ago, and so I just don’t do that.”

“Well then, you have some magazines.”

“Yes, some old playboys from the late 1960s, that I got at a garage sale.”

“That’s fine, Charlie, that’s fine. Relax. Don’t look so worried. I’m not busting you. So, it comes down to that you still have never seen a woman naked at all.”


“At age 18 that does seems a little bit pathetic, Charlie.”

“I know!” He grabbed the pillow again.

“Put that down!” She gently but firmly put it down.

“Relax. You’re never gonna make it with a girl if you keep getting so panicked over just talking about stuff. As I said, there’s a chance that you might see me naked at some point, and so then I’ll be your first. Hmmm. In fact, now that I think about it, it could scare you. Those women in the magazines are very artificial. They have big, fake, plastic boobs, and they shave entirely. You know, I don’t look like that at all, Charlie.”

“I know. I like you better.”

“Seriously. My boobs aren’t that big. I usually don’t even wear a bra.”

“I know.”

“Yeah,” Alice said laughing, “I know you know! I could pretend to be shocked, but I can see you checking me out a lot. But they’re really not that big.”

“Some in the magazines,” Charlie said, trying to be helpful, “aren’t that big either. You’re beautiful, Alice, you’re so beautiful.”

“I know you’ve got a crush on me, Charlie, but probably one look Escort Gaziantep at me in my birthday suit would give you a shock.”

“No it wouldn’t!”

“Well, as you noticed, I’m hairy, and I don’t really like to shave much. I’m really pretty hairy down there. For some guys that’s a turn off. I once had a guy in college break up with me for that. He literally almost ran out of the room! It was kind of funny, except for that it hurt my feelings. I bet the magazines don’t show that.”

“Hey,” Alice said, brightening, “let’s look at the pictures together! I could tell you what looks real and what looks fake to me. And you can tell me which ones you like the best. What do you think?!”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Charlie said, feeling very embarrassed.

“Oh well, maybe not tonight. Maybe someday,” said Alice. “Listen. We need to get some sleep. We can talk more about this stuff tomorrow. Let me give you a kiss.”

She moved forward and leaned in to give him a kiss, and he quickly gave her a little peck on the cheek.

“No, not like that. A real kiss. I’m sure you need some practice. Do it for real this time. Think of me as whatever woman you have a crush on in high school. Ok? Here goes.”

She learned forward very slowly, putting her left hand on his cheek, and balancing herself by resting her right hand in his lap. There, she felt his stiffness that had never quite gone down, but she acted as if she wasn’t aware of it, and kept up with the kiss. Their lips met tenderly, and to Charlie especially it seemed almost electric. It was a surprisingly successful kiss with just a tiny bit of tongues meeting.

Alice slowly pulled back, breathed, and said, “”Mmmm. Ok. Not bad.” She smiled. “Better than I expected, actually. But, it’s time for bed!” As she got up, she looked down at the covers and realized she could see the outline of his hard-on even through the sheet and thin blanket, which was kind of exciting. It might provide some material for her as she took care of her own needs in bed tonight. She now knew what he was going to do when she left, and could imagine what he might think about.

She stood up, looking a little dreamy from genuine exhaustion, as well as from the nice kiss and warm thoughts.

“Good night then,” she said, stretching somewhat kittenishly.

“Good night,” said Charlie, still bowled over and slightly breathless from the kiss.

“Enjoy your dreams,” she said slyly and winked, And then she slipped out of the door. He could hear her go to her bedroom and close her door.

He got up and quietly locked his door again. He was trembling all over, and his dick was throbbing. He suddenly realized that Alice was a big tease. It wasn’t just his imagination. But this somehow seemed like a good thing, and he was looking forward to more.

After getting back in bed, he quietly pulled down his pjs again. He didn’t need a magazine, but just thoughts of Alice, as he stroked this hard and twitching thing that showed how he felt about her. Her eyes, her lips, her laugh, her hand on him, the sides of her breasts he’d seen, and most of all her secret warm hairy place that must be like the ones in the magazines. If only he could see it. If only he could touch it. If he could only be inside of her, and then one with her. Charlie gave up hot liquid spurts into a tissue to his imaginings of this woman that he lusted after, and also seemingly loved. He breathed as softly as possible, hoping she hadn’t heard anything.

After carefully wrapping in several more tissues this wet tribute to Alice, he quietly threw it away in his bedside trashcan, and laid down to sleep. He thought of her, and slipped off to sleep imagining what tomorrow with her might bring.

to be continued

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