Alberta, My Naughty Mother-In-Law


Last weekend, while my wife was out of town, I had the wildest experience of my life. I was helping her sixty five year old mother, Alberta who lives next door, work in the yard. I have had the hots for my mother-in-law ever since I had found some old nude Polaroid’s of her a couple of years ago. She has always been very sexy and the photos proved she was kinky as well. I would jack off to the photos of her shoving dildoes in her hairy ass and pussy while giving head to a well hung man often.

Even now, she is still sexy. She was wearing a spaghetti string blouse without a bra, loose fitting shorts, which were not doing justice to her nice tight ass, and a pair of flip flops. I couldn’t help but look down her blouse every time she bent over. Her pretty 34B’s were saggy but still delicious looking. Her nipples were fully erect, due to the fabric of the blouse constantly rubbing her tender flesh. I kept fantasizing about sucking on her taut nipples. My cock began rise in my shorts. I grabbed the wheel barrow and loaded it up so that she wouldn’t see my erection.

Alberta asked me to get the ladder so that she could nail some loose siding back on the house. As I was setting up the ladder, she raised her arms to pull back her long blonde, graying hair. I couldn’t help but notice her armpits were covered with thick patches of darker hair. I have had a hairy armpit fetish for many years. Damn, I was in heaven.

Alberta began to climb up the ladder as I held it in place. I looked up to see if I could spy another view of her hairy pits, and was surprised to see that my eyes had fixed up the right leg of her shorts. The view was fantastic. She was wearing a pair of white bikini cut cotton panties. Her dark hairy pubes were fighting to escape from under the cotton fabric. I could feel my cock beginning to rise again. My erection was making my shorts feel tight. I decided to turn my head away, before I exploded in my shorts. My eyes fixed next on her flip flop covered feet, which were now eye level to me. Oh, how delicious her feet looked. I loved her feet. Alberta normally wore either flip flops or walked around barefoot. Her toes are so pretty. They are long, bony but somewhat meaty. I love the way her pinkie toenails sit along the outer sides of her toes.

Alberta wiggled her toes as she repositioned her feet upon the ladder. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to lick her toes right there on the ladder. I told her that I had to take a piss. She climbed down the ladder and waited as I ran around to the back of the shed. I pulled out my cock and began stroking it hard. I looked like Bruce Lee in “The Fist of Fury”. After a minute, my cock exploded, spraying a huge glob of cum along the back wall of the shed. I pulled my shorts back up and returned back to my mother-in -law.

Alberta, while pulling back her hair again said ,”Honey ,it’s getting too hot out here. I need to take a shower, my pits are getting sweaty.”


“My shower isn’t working. Can I use yours?”


She went next door and got some clothes and a towel and returned. I led her to the bathroom. The whole time she was in the shower, I couldn’t help but fantasize that I was in there with her. My cock began rising again as I imagined rubbing soap lather all over her sexy body. I began rubbing my hand on my growing member as I heard the bathroom door open.

“I feel much better now,” bursa eskort bayan she said.

I couldn’t help but see her dirty clothes laying on the countertop. Balled up on the top of the pile were her white panties. I had to sniff them, and fast.

“Hon, I just wanted to…”

“Hold that thought,” I interrupted, rushing to the bathroom. “I’ve got to shit.”

I quickly locked the door behind me and reached for my treasure on the countertop. As I unballed her panties I noticed a bunch of dark gray hairs stuck to the cotton crotch area. I also noticed a yellow pee stain and a faint brown streak covering the interior of the cotton crotch. My hands trembled as I lifted the crotch area to my nose. I took a whiff. Phew. The odor was strong with the mixture of sweaty pussy, piss and shit. My cock immediately sprang up again. With the smelly panties still up to my nose, I pulled down my shorts and began whacking my cock off again. I was intoxicated by the smell that was flooding my brain. Her smelly cunt had been in these panties all day. Oh, how nice they were. I wished that I could taste her pussy right then and there. I ran my tongue along the interior of the crotch. After several minutes, a knock came on the door.

“Did you fall in hon?” she questioned

Out of breath, I responded ” I’ll be out in a minute.”

I then came again. A warm sticky load of my man juice shot from my cock. I wiped my cock off with her panty crotch and reballed them and threw them back on the pile.

When I emerged from the bathroom. I said, “What was that you were saying before?”

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me out today and invite you over for dinner hon,” she said.

“Sure, that sounds nice.”

“Come over around seven and bring a bottle of wine,” she said as she was gathering her dirty clothes from the countertop.

“Alright. It’s a date,” I said jokingly.

I arrived at her place about a quarter to seven. She was finishing up the meal. We ate and drank, talked and drank and drank until we finished the bottle. I could feel a buzz coming on and her speech was definitely starting to slur. We moved over to the sofa and turned on some music. Alberta, laid her feet on my lap and crossed her hands behind her head, exposing those thick patches of dark graying hairs. Damn, she looked hot.

“Hon, my old feet are tired. Could you please be an angel and rub them for an old lady?”

“Sure.” taking her feet in my hands.

Then it happened. My cock began to rise again. There I was with no escape, staring at her hairy armpits and rubbing her feet which were about a foot from my wanting mouth.

“Damn. Do my feet turn you on, like my dirty panties did?”

“Huh?” I said dumbstruck.

“I know you beat off to my panties while you were in the bathroom. You left the crotch full of cum.If you wanted to smell my old pussy, why didn’t you just ask?”

Alberta then pulled her right hand from behind her head and slid it into her shorts and began rubbing her pussy.

I didn’t know what to say. Alberta was getting me harder by the second. “Do you wanna fuck this old woman?”

“Hell yeah.”

“First, I want you to suck on my old toes. I know that’s what you want.”

I did as she said, taking her right foot and bringing it to my mouth, I ran my tongue around her toes. I then starting sucking on each of bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her piggies.

“Mmmm” she moaned in ecstasy. “That’s right suck each one. Lick between them too.”

I was like a shark getting a slab of fresh meat, devouring her pretty toes. Alberta was still rubbing her cunt as I started on her second foot. This went on for several minutes. My cock was about to rip through my shorts when she said, “Hold on. I’ve got an idea how to lower that erection.” Alberta pulled her feet off of my lap and stood up. She then reached into her mouth and removed two denture plates. In the eight years, I have known her, I didn’t know she wore dentures. She placed them on the table and returned to me, kneeling down, she looked up into my eyes and shouted, “Drop your linens and start grinning!”

I pulled down my shorts and out sprang my cock.

“Damn, I haven’t seen one this big in years. I hope you don’t hurt me when I let you fuck me.”

Alberta then placed her toothless mouth around the shaft of my penis. Oooooh,it felt wonderful. She bobbed her head up and down my shaft with the precision of a porn star. I couldn’t believe I had my cock in my wife’s mother’s mouth. I was really enjoying the sensation of her gums rubbing alongside my cock. Normally while getting head, I would hold my hands on the woman’s head as she bobbed on my schlong , but this time I slid my fingers into each of her armpits. I could feel that her hairy pits were already becoming sweaty. I then took my left hand out and raised it to my nose. Inhaling deeply, I smelt her sweaty pit fragrance off of my fingers. It was driving me wild. I then repeated the procedure with my right hand, as I felt my cock twitch. I immediately grabbed the back of her head with both hands and held her head in place as I thrust my cock deep into her throat before spewing a hot sticky load of cum in her mouth. Alberta began to gag as my salty cum filled her old mouth.

“Swallow it. Bitch!” I howled, as I unleashed a second smaller load.

She attempted to swallow as much of my cum as possible while trying not to throw up. With a quick gulp she got the majority down. I released her head and noticed tears in her eyes. Alberta had left some cum running down her chin. I helped her up and our mouths met instantly. I licked my remaining cum from her chin and kissed her passionately.

After several minutes of making out, I ripped off her clothes. I lay her down on the sofa and shoved my face in her hairy crotch. My tongue maneuvered through the thick forest of her dark gray pubic hair, making its way to her clit. My tongue took turns working on her clit and labia. Her cunt, although freshly bathed, smelt strong of her juices and cream. I ate her pussy out for what seemed like an eternity before sliding my tongue down her labia and up her hairy ass crack. I found her rosy sphincter amidst the gray hairs and began tongue fucking her shit chute. Her asshole had a sweet taste to it. I worked the tip of my tongue inside her sphincter.

Alberta moaned. “Oh yes. That’s it. Eat this old lady’s shithole.”

I did. I could feel Alberta’s old body begin to quiver as if she was having a seizure, when she grabbed my head and yelled,” Oooooh, yes I’m gonna cuuuummm!”

I lifted my face back to her well juiced cunt to taste her love cream when it bursa eve gelen escort happened. Alberta’s hips raised off the sofa and she unloaded. At first I thought she had just pissed in my face as I was hit with a steady stream of warm liquid, but the salty taste was unmistakenly her cum. I wiped my forehead and continued to lick her salty load and cream from her wrinkled pussy. I had to have eaten a quart of her cum.

After getting our breath back. I took her to her room. I laid on my back with my cock standing at full attention again. I helped Alberta squat onto my penis. Her wrinkled cunt was about to be fucked and fucked hard. I watched as she lowered her pussy down unto the tip of my cock head. She then slowly lowered her body down around me. The sight of my cock disappearing into her well lubricated cunt turned me on even more. Taking my entire 7″ cock into her, Alberta stopped moving. She wanted to savor the feeling of being filled with my manhood. I wasn’t complaining either. Her moist warm cunt felt like home to my cock. I saw a smile form on her toothless mouth, right before she started to ride. Alberta rode me like a cowgirl at a rodeo. Her pussy made sloshing sounds as I reached up to play with her saggy 34B’s.

“Squeeze them. Pinch my nipples.” she screamed.

I was having the time of my life as I played with her titties. Alberta picked up the pace and was allowing for longer strokes. I could hear and feel her ass slapping against my ball sack. My toes began to curl. I exploded filling her old pussy with my hot cum. She continued to ride me for about another minute before she came all over the bed. Her warm juices ran down the crack of my ass when she raised herself up off of me. Alberta, then stood above me with her feet straddling my head. She spread her pussy lips and then lowered herself onto my face.

“Clean this mess up you naughty boy.”

I did as she asked. My tongue and mouth worked like a hoover cleaning the mixture of our cum from her smelly wet cunt. Thinking this day couldn’t be any better and about to leave she said ,”What? You don’t want to fuck my ass?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I quickly chubbed up and bent her over the side of the bed. I then bent over and spit onto her puckered asshole. I then stood up and placed my cock head up to her tight sphincter and began to push. Alberta grabbed a pillow and began shoving it into her toothless mouth. I pulled my cock, which was about 3 inches in her, back out before ramming it all the way home. I could hear Alberta’s muffled cries as my tool penetrated her very sensitive region. My hands grasped each of her hips as I thrust my cock deep into her rectum. Alberta was in serious pain as I could hear her cries were getting louder now. I felt as if I was raping this old woman.

I went to pull my cock out when she dropped the pillow and called over her shoulder, “Nooo. Don’t stop. Fuck me hard. Hon. I want you to fuck me like I’m a cheap whore.”

That was all the encouragement that I needed. My cock went into jackhammer mode, splitting my sixty five year old mother-in-law in two. I pounded away at her asshole for nearly five minutes at full speed before I came filling her anus with my last load of the night. Exhausted we both fell over onto the bed. Out of breath and sweaty I lay with my face buried in her smelly hairy pit until morning.

The next morning I awoke to Alberta finishing off what was left of my morning wood. After she gulped down my cum she made me breakfast. After breakfast, we fucked again before I went home to shower.

Alberta thanked me for the wonderful evening and told me that if I ever needed to get laid that I should come see her again. I have a feeling that I’ll be taking her up on that offer.

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