Afternoon in the Woods with Master


Pixie parked her car at the end of the dirt path as Master had instructed. She quickly hopped out, grabbed her backpack, locked the car and handed the keys to Master as he had also instructed. “Now, if you are a good girl and can keep up without complaining, maybe Master will reward you with a surprise” he said as he took her hand and lead her to the path to the woods. After about an hour of hiking she stopped and asked Master if she could have some water and a snack. “I suppose,” said Master. Pixie winced and felt uneasy, she didn’t like when Master said “I suppose”. Despite him frequently telling her otherwise she always associated a sense of reluctance with “I suppose”. She stopped and grabbed a snack from her bag and took a sip of water.

As she was finishing up her snack she turned around to see Master removing some rope from his bag. “I told you to keep up without complaint and you couldn’t even go an hour without needing to stop. Turn around and lean against that tree with your hands behind you” he demanded. Pixie’s eyes grew wide with fear but knew better than to say a word as she quickly complied with his demand. She felt the coarse rope wrap around her wrists as Master began to tie her up. She felt his breath on her neck as he asked “do you know what this is for my little whore?” She closed her eyes, dropped her head and drew a breath, “for not doing as you said” she sighed. Her mind began to race as she wondered what punishment Master had in store for her. She regretted having to face the tree as Master bound her wrists, she was fascinated with Master’s rope skills and loved to watch him preform his magic. She felt her mind being pulled from her daydreaming as she felt Master tugging firmly on the rope, testing his work. “Pull your hands apart, can you free yourself?” he asked. Pixie struggled and wriggled her hands but to no avail. When he was satisfied with his handiwork he took the end of the rope and looped it over the tree branch above and pulled until her arms were stretched above her head. He secured the loose end and went to retrieve something from his bag, leaving her there to contemplate her predicament.

Pixie tugged lightly on the rope and found that she couldn’t move her arms. Her shoulders felt tight and she knew this would be uncomfortable after some time. She heard his footsteps walking back to her but was still facing the tree so she had no idea what Master was about to do to her. Seconds seemed to tick by silently in agony as she waited. He had stopped moving and she could hear him breathing behind her. Suddenly she felt cold metal grazing her skin, running Kartal Grup Escort along the hem of her shirt and then heard the sound of fabric ripping as Master glided the knife swiftly upward slicing her shirt open. She felt the cool breeze hit her skin as he sliced down the sleeves letting the fabric fall to the forest floor. She heard the sound of elastic snapping as he also sliced into her bra and let it drop to the ground as well. She felt the weight of her breasts as they were freed and instantly felt her nipples tighten with excitement. Master made quick work cutting and removing her cotton shorts as well, leaving her in just her panties. He picked up her discarded t-shirt and fashioned it into a blindfold and tied it over her eyes and spun her around to face him.

Feeling completely vulnerable and at Master’s mercy she felt a chill go up her spine and her pulse quickened. She felt the tip of the knife make contact with her skin at her clavicle and trace it’s way down to her breast and stop at her left nipple. It slowly circled her nipple before tracing it’s way back up her breast and then down to her right nipple. The blade then continued it’s path down her body, slowly circling her navel and coming to stop at the hem of her panties. She held her breath in anticipation as she felt the cold metal glide down her panties and gently tracing her lips and back up again. “Hmmm someone is enjoying herself,” said Master, “is this making you wet whore?” Suddenly with two quick slices to the hips her panties also fell away to the ground. She felt Master grab her left nipple with his fingers and pinch roughly, pulling her breast up and then twisting the nipple painfully before releasing and letting her breast fall back, slapping against her chest. Then she felt his warm moist tongue tracing it’s way around her other nipple before he sank his teeth in and pulled her other breast up and letting it slap back down.

Then the knife was back tracing along her skin, lightly running across her chest and down to her right nipple. Until this point Master had used the utmost care to not cut or hurt her but suddenly without warning she felt the white hot sensation of the blade lightly cutting into her nipple and felt a trickle of blood running down her breast. Master quickly latched his mouth onto her breast and suckled at it making her delirious with the combination of pleasure and pain at the same time. “Mmm,” he moaned, “my little Pixie tastes so good.” She let her head fall back as she arched her back and pulled on the rope, letting herself relax and enjoy the sensations Kartal Manken Escort flooding her body. As he continued to suckle at her breast she felt the blade of the knife run down her belly and the tip very gently traced down her pussy lips and back up to her chest. He released her nipple and slapped her breasts making them swing heavily and slap into each other. She let a moan escape her lips and was quickly rewarded with a sharp slap across her face, “shut up whore! Nobody wants to hear you. This is for your punishment. I don’t want to hear another sound out of you. Do you understand me?”

She snapped her mouth shut and fiercely nodded in agreement. “Good,” said Master as he continued his torture on her naked body. She felt her pussy lips being parted and her clit pinched hard, she swallowed down the urge to cry out in pain. “Good girl,” he cooed as he continued to pinch and pull painfully on her clit before slapping it and spinning her back around. She felt him run his hands down her body and rest on her hips. “Spread your legs and stick your ass out whore!” he demanded. She quickly moved to accommodate his demand, finding it difficult to move with the rope pulling tightly on her wrists and restricting her movement. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! She felt three quick slaps to her exposed ass with his hand. She whimpered lightly and quickly realized her mistake as three more slaps quickly ascended on her ass, harder than before, lighting her on fire and quickly bringing her senses alive. “I told you I didn’t want to hear a sound out of you!” barked Master. “One more slip and you will really get it”. Master continued to spank her hard. Before long she felt her cheeks burning and wanted so badly to cry out in pain but didn’t dare make a sound. After about 20 strikes Master seemed satisfied and began to gently rub her warm sore ass. “Good girl, you took that well. Master is pleased with his little Pixie.”

He knelt down and began to shower her backside with kisses before spinning her back around and kissed and nipped his way down her belly to her now soaking wet pussy. “Tsk tsk tsk,” said Master. “Why are you so wet whore?” he asked as he dipped his tongue between her wet lips sending another chill through her body. He slowly ran his tongue up and down her lips and stopping here and there to tease her now swollen clit before sucking it between his teeth and biting down hard. Again she bit down the urge to cry out in pain. He trailed kissed back up her body stopping to suckle and bite each of her nipples, continuing his way up savagely biting and sucking on her neck. He Kartal Masöz Escort glided his tongue along her neck and jaw before kissing her roughly. “Do you taste that you whore?” he asked. “Do you like the way your pussy tastes you dirty little whore? Now turn back around.”

He grabbed her hips and spun her back around and she heard the sound of his belt unclasping and the zipper of his jeans. She felt his hard cock pressing against her ass and felt the wetness of his precum dribble down her crack. She felt his cock rub up and down between her cheeks and glide between her wet pussy lips. Suddenly she felt his cock slide back up to her ass and he rammed the head of his cock into her ass. She couldn’t help but to cry out as Master had never fucked her in the ass before and felt like she was being torn in two. “I told you to shut the fuck up whore!” he exclaimed as she felt him wrap his hands around her throat. He tightened his grip and began to cut off her air supply as he pounded her ass without mercy. She felt her face grow warm and the blood vessels beneath her skin began to burn. She let her mouth fall open as she gasped for air and let her eyes roll up. She loved when Master choked her and she let her body relax and go limp, pushing her ass towards him and giving into the pain.

He released his grip on her throat and grabbed her hips. His fingers dug into her flesh as he continued to pound her ass savagely and she delighted in the sensation of his balls slapping against her pussy making wet sticky noises with every stroke. He leaned into her and bit her neck and breathed into her ear “I’m gunna cum in your ass whore. You don’t deserve for me to cum in your pussy you fucking slut.” He tightened his grip on her hips and pumped his cock in and out of her sore asshole grunting and breathing heavily into her ear. “Uggggh” he growled as he emptied his load into her ass. He pulled his dripping cock out of her, spun her around, removed the blindfold and cut the rope that suspended her. “Now get on your knees and clean me up bitch.” he demanded.

She quickly collected herself and felt her legs wobble as she tried to step towards him and kneel. She grasped his cock in her hand and brought the head to her lips and licked and kissed it tenderly, looking up at Master seeking his approval. She sucked it into her mouth and ran her lips and tongue up and down the shaft cleaning it thoroughly. “Good bitch, now get up and get dressed,” he said as he grabbed his backpack and tossed a change of clothes at her. “Hurry up now. We still have another hour’s hike til we reach the campsite,” he said to her with a wicked smile. When she was dressed he grabbed her roughly and pushed her against the tree and kissed her passionately. “You’re such a good little bitch,” he said. “Now lets get going,” he said as he smacked her playfully on her sore ass and nudged her back to the trail.

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