After the Island


After we got back from our vacation, life as I knew it returned to normal. I started football practice for school & was gone during the days for the rest of the summer. I had no idea how I was going to keep this up…between practice kicking my ass all day everyday, fucking my insatiable sister & now, fucking my Mom…I was exhausted! Every time I thought I couldn’t go on doing all of this, I just thought about my Mom or sister & it kept me going. One day, about a month or two later, I was so jacked up about fucking my sister, that I raced home without even changing from practice. I ran in the house, up the stairs & into her room. There she was, lying on her bed, as beautiful as ever. She looked over at me & had a look like she was about to throw up. I asked her what was wrong, but she just smiled & said “Nothing!”

“My cock has been hard for you since I got to practice this morning!” I told her…”Please suck me…I need it so bad!” I begged.

“I feel like shit today so I don’t think blowing you is such a good idea…unless you want me to throw up on your cock. Why don’t you just fuck me instead.”

Who was I to argue! I walked over, got on my knees, pulled her pajama bottoms off her & bent her over the bed. I spread her beautiful ass cheeks & began to lick her sweet, bald pussy. After hearing her moan & feeling her getting juiced up, I stood up, spit onto my cock & slowly slid it in her. She let out a gasp & bit her bottom lip. I slowly worked my cock in her faster & faster with each stroke. As I picked up speed, I reached around & started rubbing her clit. This threw her into a sexual frenzy, until I suddenly felt her spasming. I thought “Wow…she came fast”, but much to my surprise, she hadn’t cum….she threw up!

As I realized this, I held her hair back & rubbed her back as her convulsing continued. She took me out of her & headed for the bathroom to clean up. I helped her remove her sheets & make her bed with new ones.

She told me that she hadn’t been feeling well lately, but she totally wanted to continue what we were doing. She said “I’ve been feeling sick during the day, but feel better at night. Be in your room at 11:00 & I’ll come in & we’ll finish what we started!…Sound ok to you?” “Sounds great!…I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Eskişehir Escort Wish I could help!” “Just be there at 11…you can help me then!” I kissed her forehead & walked out of the room. Ten minutes later, she came downstairs & headed out the door.

That night….same time as she said, I watched my beautiful sister walk into my room. She was wearing a flimsy robe which seemed to loose itself with every step she took! My cock got hard as she got closer to me….I watched as she climbed up on the bed, pulled my sheets off, and leaned down, taking my cock in her hand. She looked me in the eyes and proceeded to take my cock down her throat. As I laid there, all I could think about was how amazing it felt…having my sister suck me off. How did she get so good at sucking cock?….Does she do these things with all the boys?… Do her friends know she can do this?…My thoughts were briefly extinguished as I felt her tongue licking my balls….while my cock was all the way down her throat. She proceeded to deep throat me for another few minutes when I felt those old familiar feelings. I warned her that I was going to cum & she immediately pulled her mouth off…sat up….and sank her pussy all the way down in one movement.

My God, I thought…her pussy feels Great! So soft…so smooth…so very HOT!!! WET!! She sat there for a minute or two, adjusting to the feelings of her stiff intruder. She was so damn tight….I was amazed! She started riding me faster & faster…harder & harder. My cock pounded into her tight cunt, making those wet, squishing noises we all love to hear. I couldn’t believe the amount of cream that was leaking from her cunt…it was running down over my balls there was so much. I was pounding her like crazy and I knew that I was going to cum hard & fast. I told her that I was close and the previously quiet little sister of mine opened her mouth in a burst of obscenities! “Fuck me!…Fuck me harder…Fill me up with your cum!…I want you to fill me up with your hot cum!…Yeah…shoot your cum into your baby sisters womb!…Make me pregnant!…Wouldn’t that be hot?…if you were to impregnate your baby sister?…Do it!…let me carry your baby!” I couldn’t take anymore of her verbal ranting & raving and I thrust deeper Eskişehir Escort Bayan than I thought I ever could! It felt as if my cock exploded….I launched stream after stream of hot cum into my baby sisters womb…it felt like gallons! I looked up at her and her eyes were squeezed shut. Her body went stiff, she grunted, and bathed my cock with her cum! When we were done, she leaned over & kissed me…then she got up, headed for the door and whispered “I Love You” as she left my room.

We continued out nights of incestuous love for weeks. Then it happened. I was laying in bed, waiting for her to join me when she appeared at my door. She had the biggest smile on her face and she looked more radient than ever! “What are you so happy about” I asked.

“Oh…I have a little surprise for you!” she replied.

She climbed on the bed, pulled the sheets aside grabbed my already hard cock & sank herself down onto it. As we fucked, I noticed she still had that smile on her face. That smile turned to lust eventually as she rode my cock for all it’s worth! As we both were nearing our orgasms, she decided to fill me in on her little secret.

“Fuck me!….Fuck your baby sister!….Fuck your Very Pregnant Baby Sister!!!…..”

“Are you serious?…You’re pregnant?” was all I could reply.

Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. “Yes!…Yes…I…Am…Pregnant!” she screamed as she came all over my cock.

I finally started to cum and while I did, I gave her the answer she was looking for…”I Love You so much, Jen!” We both came so hard and then we collapsed….enjoying the feeling of our juices dripping down our legs. Tonight, she would not leave. Tonight, she would sleep right next to me…right where she belongs!

For the months following, I relished the sight of my sister. She had gotten bigger than I expected….her beautiful round belly holding our child excited me more than anything else in this world. Her breasts grew bigger, filling with milk. We continued to have sex for months afterwards until one night, Mom pulled us both aside & questioned us. “Alright kids…what’s going on. You both are happier than usual & smiling all the time. Jen…you look like you’ve put on some weight. What the Hell is going Escort Eskişehir on?”

Jen & I looked at each other & then at Mom.

“Are you sure you won’t get angry with us?” I asked…

“No, Honey…you know I won’t. After what we’ve done, how could I?”

“Mom…” said Jen….”I’m Pregnant!”

Mom’s eyes lit up & she began to cry. She must have had such mixed emotions. She was perfectly ok with it & she was excited to have a grandchild. Her husband, our father, probably would not see it the same way. We sat & talked about it & we agreed that we were ALL going to have to tell Dad about our little rendevous. We had no idea how Dad would react to the knowledge that his wife, his daughter & his son were having sex together. That plus the fact that his daughter is now PREGNANT with his son’s baby!

Mom leaned over & gave us a hug. She looked at Jen & kissed her hard on the lips. Then she leaned towards me & kissed me as hard. “Can I see it…your belly?” Mom asked.

Jen lifted up her shirt & took it off. Her full, milky tits drooped down as Mom stared at her swollen belly.

“It’s beautiful!” she cried as she bent down to kiss it.

Jen & I smiled at each other until I noticed that Jen’s eyes began to close in that oh-so-sexy way. I looked down & saw Mom sucking on one of Jen’s full tits. My cock twitched in my sweatpants as I watched Mom suck her nipple into her mouth. Jen laid back on the bed and Mom reached down & took her pants off. She pulled Jen’s legs up & spread them apart. I looked at Jen who was looking at Mom as she touched her tongue to Jen’s bald cunt. Jen sighed & reached for my cock. I took it out & let her feast on it. As Mom ate her daughter’s cunt, she watched her daughter deep throat her brother’s cock. Mom started fingering herself as she watched the show.

“Mom…eat your baby’s pussy” Jen cried…

“Mmmuck mmour mmmrother’s mmock” Mom tried to say with her mouth full!

I climbed off of Jen & got behind Mom. I fed her my cock deep into her pussy & she moaned while she ate Jen. I fucked Mom hard until she came all over my cock. Her cum set off MY cum, shooting my hot salty cum deep into her womb. Hearing me grunt & having Mom sucking on her clit, Jen’s pussy exploded all over Mom’s mouth, soaking her face & dripping down onto the bed & her shirt.

As we tried to straighten ourselves up, we all agreed to not say anything to Dad just yet, until we could figure out how to tell him. Besides…if he freaked out & put an end to our games, we better stockpile some fucking to carry us through!

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