After the Hard Times Ch. 05-06


This is an ongoing story, for background you may want to read the earlier chapters. The story is fiction and involves incestuous relationships.

All characters engaged in sex acts are aged eighteen or older.

Chapter 5

The wedding took place the first Saturday in December. Almost the whole village attended and quite a few folks from the larger town nearby.

It was a sunny, crisp day. Winter had arrived. There was a little snow, but not too much yet.

Sally was the bridesmaid. Despite the fact that the two girls had often been rivals they were good friends. The best man was one of Jack’s remembered friends from school, he lived on a farm several miles from Jack and Carol Ann. They often saw each other in the village, or the town, so their friendship had survived. The friend, of course, knew nothing about Jack’s new secret.

The two families had pooled their meager funds to buy a ring and new outfits for the happy couple. They could only afford one ring, and that a plain, thin band. There was a new white dress for Emily, and a veil. The dress was one that could be worn for church or social occasions after the wedding. Even wedding dresses had to serve more than one purpose. A new suit for Jack. His old shoes would have to do, but he polished them until they shone.

There was a reception afterward with a potluck meal. A couple of local musicians played for a few hours and the guests had a good time. The local men made the usual bawdy jokes about newlyweds and offered the same tired, and usually wrong, advice.

Jack and Emily danced. She looked lovely in the white dress and veil. She wore silk stockings and heels too. Jack danced with his mother, then with the bride’s mother. Roger danced with his daughter and the two mothers. All the secret lovers remained decorous in their behavior. It would not do, after all, to display even a hint of their hidden life.

They cut the cake, one of the church ladies had baked it. The happy couple drank a couple of toasts. The punch the church ladies had made was, of course, non-alcoholic. They had left as soon as they could do so politely.

They drove home in Jack’s pickup. As soon as they were out of sight of the church they were groping each other.

They had talked about their wedding day, and what they would like to do. On the way home they talked more.

“You look really beautiful in that dress,” Jack told his new wife.

“I feel really beautiful, Honey. Would you like me to leave it on when we make love?”

That was a thought that had just popped into Emily’s mind. She had learned that sometimes Jack liked to make love to his women while they wore dresses. She had already planned to leave her silk hosiery on, but the dress was a new idea.

Jack’s already hard cock got a little harder at the thought. At the vision of himself lifting the hem of the dress to expose her lovely, succulent pussy. Of her sitting in the bedroom chair while he buried his face in her fragrant cunt. She would let her silk clad legs embrace him and drape the pure white fabric of the dress over him.

“Yes, Emily, I think I would like that very much.”

More fondling ensued. Emily held back, just a little, she didn’t want Jack to cum before she got him in her pussy. Fortunately they arrived at the farm in time.

Jack carried his bride over the threshold. He didn’t set her down inside but carried her to the bedroom. Her arms were around his neck. She kissed him, a kiss of love. The hot kisses would come soon enough.

“I love you, Jack,” she said softly. “So much.”

“No more than I love you, Emily,” he responded.

Love had blossomed early in the union of the families. The women had realized that they loved each other and both the men in their lives. The men had come to realize, in turn, that they loved all three of the women. There had been a genuine bonding between them all. So when Emily and Jack spoke of their love it was with real feeling.

With fumbling fingers they got his pants and shirt off. He led her to the bed. She sat gracefully on the edge. He knelt in front of her. She opened her legs to him, spread them as much as she was able to in the long dress, to mid-calf, the style then. He lifted the hem, he pushed the dress up her legs, to her waist. He grasped the waist of her panties. She lifted her butt to allow him to pull them off. He pulled them off her feet and tossed them away.

She opened her legs, not graceful now, lewd; lewd and hot, needy. He buried his face in her wet cunt, he licked her hard clit. Her hands held him close. Her silk clad legs clasped him. He pushed his tongue into her tunnel while his nose rubbed her clit. She came with a loud cry.

“Fuck me, fuck me now.”

He stood, she scooted back on the bed her legs still open for him, inviting him. She pulled the dress up so it was bunched around her waist, front and back. She grabbed the towel they had left by the bed and shoved it under her butt. She was ready for him then and held her arms out to him. He pushed his hard shaft between the lips of her pussy. Her görükle escort wetness eased his way, but she was tight, so tight, so virginal.

She squealed as he ruptured her maidenhead, her cherry. A squeal of pain and pleasure. She felt a sense of accomplishment. She had given up her virginity; in marriage as she had always hoped to do.

A bit delusionary you say, an unrealistic viewpoint? You say that in reality she had lost her virginity long ago, to her parents? That her supposed virginity was only a technicality, a sham?

To them it was real. Romance had transcended the faux reality of others. They had both fought against the lust that would have led them to this point before marriage. The other man in her life, her father, had respected her wishes too. She was complete now, fulfilled.

His cock spread the walls of her tight pussy, more pain, more rejoicing. She felt for the first time the thrill of a hard cock filling her belly. She exulted when she felt him ready to cum, when she felt his body tense, when the cum surged from his balls to gush into her hungry cunt. When she felt the warm slickness fill her. When she felt the smooth, creamy cum soothe her pain. When she heard his exulted cry of carnal pleasure, of triumph.

She rejoiced despite the pain his invading cock had caused her. It was a joyful pain, one she had desired. She knew it wouldn’t last, that the hurt would turn to ecstasy.

No, she had not cum, not that first time. She would when he ate her pussy. When he licked and sucked and made her cum. Still in her wedding dress she wrapped her silk clad legs around him and pulled his face into her hot cunt. He drank her juices, he tasted her blood from the torn maidenhead. A taste he could only enjoy this one time. A taste he would remember, a delightful merging of their juices, the liquors of their lust. A merger of their bodies, of their spirits.

Later, as he watched, she pushed the dress from her shoulders and removed her bra. She pulled the dress back over her shoulders. She fed him her newly freed tits, outlined now by the white of the open dress. He sucked at them with relish as she held his head to her bosom. He ate her pussy again and she came with shouts of ecstasy.

He got a basin of warm water from the kitchen. He knelt in front of her as she straddled the bowl and held the hem of her dress out of the way. Somehow they had managed to avoid staining it. He cleaned the blood and cum from her thighs and the lips of her pussy. They put a clean towel on the bed, just in case, and put the bloody one in a basin of cold water to soak.

They slept then, satisfied, happy and in love.

She cooked him breakfast in the morning. She had removed her dress and was wearing a slip, nothing under it. Her gingerly walk showed that her pussy was still painful, but she seemed to relish it. Jack wore a robe over his nakedness. They didn’t have to do the chores. Their mothers came over to take care of them. Emily stuck her head out the door and called to them that it was okay to come in.

She would be going home to her mother and father for a night. It would be her parent’s turn to caress her and love her. To bring her orgasmic joy and for her father to, at last, fill her pussy.

Their mothers were anxious to find out how the night had gone, but hadn’t wanted to disturb them. Emily was happy to see them. She shared her happiness with them. They were both glad that the first night had gone well for them.

“It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would,” Emily confided. “It hurt more when he was inside me, he’s so big. But I’ll adjust, I know I will. I’ll be perfect for him, and Daddy.”

She paused, to look toward Jack. He was seated at the table with his after breakfast coffee.

“Jack tasted my blood,” she told them in a half whispered, confidential tone. “He licked it out of me.”

There was no shyness about talking like that. They were, all of them, lovers after all. They had learned to be frank with one another.

Jack, smiled at them. “It was nice, I think Emily enjoyed it too.”

“I might still have some in me,” said Emily. “Would you like to taste it?”

The mothers looked toward Jack, he smiled again. “By all means, go ahead,” he told them. He wanted to watch as the women ate his new wife’s cunt.

They went to the bedroom. Emily laid on the bed, her pussy was already flowing. She was hot for more, but too sore just yet to want Jack’s cock in her.

Her mother laid between her splayed legs and licked at the juices flowing from her. Her tongue thrust between the lips of Emily’s luscious pussy to taste the sweet inner lips. She coaxed her daughter’s clit from behind its shield and sucked it between her lips. She pushed her tongue into her tunnel to taste traces of blood from the ruptured hymen. The taste was overlaid by the delightful tang of Jack’s cum and her daughter’s savory essences.

Jack sat with Carol Ann on his lap. She watched with him. Her arm was over his shoulder, she could feel his hard cock against her thigh. The sight of eskort bayan Trudy eating her daughter’s pussy was sending waves of desire through her; through them both.

Carol Ann stood. She lifted her dress and slid her panties off. She turned to Jack, he had opened his robe for her. His cock stood hard and erect, an invitation to her. An invitation that made her forget her intention to eat Emily’s pussy.

She pulled at his thighs; he slid his butt to the front edge of the chair in response. She turned her back to him. Her legs straddled his lap. Her hand guided his hard cock into herself, into her greedy pussy. She sighed as he filled her, she rode him backwards. His hand went around her waist to settle on her pussy, to caress her clit. Her own hand was there before him. When she felt him she lifted her hand and took his. She guided him, directed his fingers to the hard pearly nubbin that gave her such thrills.

Emily with her legs slayed for her mother looked over at them. It was an erotic sight for her, Carol Ann’s bare pussy, surrounded by the halo of her pubic hair, with the hard shaft of Jack’s cock embedded in her.

I could lick them both, she thought. I could make them both cum, together.

She lost that thought and squealed with pleasure as her mother’s probing tongue and fingers sent another orgasm tearing through her body.

Even as Emily came for her mother Carol Ann was cumming for her son. She had enjoyed the way she and Jack had fucked. She thought that she would like to do it that way again, or maybe variations of that method.

Emily could take no more pleasure. “No more, Mom,” she gasped.

Trudy lifted her face from Emily’s sweet pussy. She gazed at her daughter with love. There would be more loving later, later when Roger was with them. When they would make love to their daughter together.

They all ate lunch together. There was much laughter and touching. Some bawdy talk too, although in this supposedly enlightened age it would probably be considered tame. The new bride and her mother got ready to leave. Carol Ann and Trudy helped Emily clean up and douche, getting her ready for her father. The new bride donned her wedding dress again. She and her mother both left their panties off. Jack, as usual enjoyed the show.

On the way home Trudy drove slowly so she and her daughter could talk. They were both looking forward to what was to come.

“Have you ever done it like Jack and his mother were?” Emily asked.

“No, Dear, but it looked interesting.”

“I was thinking I could lick both of them at the same time,” Emily told her mother. She was giggling.

“That does sound interesting,” said Trudy with a giggle of her own. “But how about you, Honey? Are you very sore?”

“Not too sore for Daddy, Mom.”

“I’m glad. I know he would have liked to take your virginity for himself. But he thought that the man you married should have you first. He’s really looking forward to his turn.”

“Oh, Mom, I know it’s going to be good.”

They arrived home as Emily spoke. She and her mother went inside to Roger. Emily’s face shone with the happiness of a new bride. Shone with the anticipation of love with her father. And mother too, but Daddy was first in her thoughts.

Roger was waiting in the parlor. He hugged his daughter with love, then his wife. He held one with each arm.

“I love you both,” he told them. They sat in the parlor together. Roger served the women some of the homemade wine, he poured a small whiskey for himself. They sat and talked for a while. Emily on the couch with her father, Trudy in a chair facing them.

Emily’s happiness was evident, soon she would be making love with the other man in her life. And her mother too, don’t forget her mother. She snuggled up to her father and drew his head to her for a kiss. A soft loving kiss. The second kiss was hotter and the third more so. Her hands were soon rubbing his cock through his pants. His belt was next, she groped at it. He opened it for her and the two of them got his pants open. His cock sprang free already hard and ready.

She opened the bodice of her wedding dress to give him her tits. He caressed their plump softness and nibbled at her hardened nipples. His hand slid beneath her dress to her bare pussy. Bare and hot, wet, ready; waiting for his touch.

Across the room Trudy watched. Her pussy hot like her daughter’s. Her finger’s massaged her clit; they thrust into her hot wetness. Her breath came in gasps. An orgasm ripped through her body as she watched her daughter and husband make love.

The erotic scent of hot women cumming filled the room, the scents of lust and desire. Emily stood, she pulled Roger’s pants off. They led each other to the bedroom, Trudy followed. Emily fell onto the bed and drew her father down with her. Her legs were splayed for him, to give him access to that he had desired for so long. She guided his cock into her welcoming pussy. With a sigh she felt him spread the walls of her hot, wet cunt.

It hurt her again, but altıparmak escort she made no outward sign of it. Her daddy was fucking her at long last. She wanted him too much to let a little pain bother her. He was gentle with her. Her arms pulled him close, her hips lifted to him; she told him of her love.

“I love you, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy.”

Trudy watched, excited by the hot scene. She came again on her fingers. She would have her turn. She would get Roger’s beautiful cock as she ate his cum from her daughter’s sweet pussy.

Emily felt an orgasm approaching. It raced through her, through her whole body. It lifted her to a heavenly plane, to the ultimate rapture. To a place of joy and triumph, her father was finally fucking her, and with love. More than that, she had cum! cum from fucking, from a hard cock filling her belly. She cried out in joy, she knew now, for sure, that much more lay ahead; with two men and two women to love.

Roger filled her pussy with his cum. Emily felt another orgasm thrilling her body as she felt his warm, slick cum in her cunt. Roger softened, he lifted himself off her to lie next to her. Emily lay on the bed, her legs still spread lewdly. She awaited her mother. Her mother whose tongue would sooth the pain in her pussy and lick her father’s seed from her.


Jack and Carol Ann talked after Trudy and Emily had left. They discussed their future as part of a new, united family.

“How do you feel about everything now that you’re married and have bedded your new wife, Jack?” Carol Ann asked.

“Good, Mom, it was an exciting night. I think it’s going to be a great life for us.”

“I’m glad you think so, Jack. I thought you would like it. I think the best part is yet to come. Emily will be sore for a day or two, you should just use your mouths on each other. After that I think she’ll be fine.”

“I think so too, Mom. I think we will both have great times with her and her family.”

The talked turned to more material things. “We need to think about combining the farms,” Carol Ann said. “I think we should work towards doing that as soon as possible. Trudy thinks so too. We talked about it.”

“I don’t see a problem with that, Mom. Will Roger agree?”

“Oh yes, Trudy said he would. Jack, if we’re going to be one united family we have to combine the incomes.”

“And build a new house where we can all live together,” Jack added. “We can’t have one income until we truly live as one family.”

“I think that’s what we have to work towards, Jack. I think as soon as the excitement about the wedding dies down we should all sit down and make more detailed plans.”

“Mom, the excitement over the wedding should never die down.”

Carol Ann laughed. “You’re so right, Jack. That’s true for all of us.”


Emily returned to Jack the following evening. She was feeling like a new woman, a real woman after she had cum from fucking her father. Bathed and dressed in her second best dress. Without bra or panties, but with silk stockings. With a sore pussy she came to them, to Jack and Carol Ann.

Carol Ann and Jack had bathed also in preparation for Emily’s return to her new home. She would be bringing a few things with her. The bulk of the move would be made later.

Carol Ann, like her new daughter-in-law, wore a dress without undergarments. She too wore silk stockings. Both the women were well aware of how much Jack liked the hosiery, especially when he was eating their pussies. Truth be told, all the women, too, liked the feel of them rasping against their flesh while their face was buried in another woman’s hot cunt.

It was to be a night of licking and sucking. Of Jack’s hard cock filling the mouths of his wife or mother. Of pussies licked and clits sucked.

Emily laid on her belly and ate Carol Ann’s fragrant pussy. As her tongue and lips brought the older woman to gasping orgasms she pushed Carol Ann’s broomstick dildo into her mother-in-law’s pussy. Jack straddled his mother, he fucked her face as she came wildly from Emily’s licking and sucking.

Later it would be Jack eating Emily’s hot and flowing pussy as his mother sat on his wife’s face. And yet again it was Carol Ann who was between Emily’s lewdly splayed thighs to bury her face in the younger woman’s sweet pussy. Carol Ann’s butt was lifted to her son, his cock thrust into her from behind.

The scents and sounds of lovemaking filled the room. Gasps, moans, musk, man cum, lady cum, sweat. It was a wonderful mélange, a bouquet for the senses.

They slept well, naked limbs in a tangle. They woke rested and had finished their chores when Trudy arrived. She would be staying for the day and night. Carol Ann would go to be with Roger. Emily would join her mother-in-law and father the following night. That would give Jack and Trudy a night alone together.

It was a wonderful week for all. Sunday came and they went to church as a group. Of course they had to take both pickups since the trucks could only seat three. Back home, at Jack and Carol Ann’s place, they got together for a celebratory dinner. Roger had brought his bottle of whiskey and their jug of homemade wine. Carol Ann got out their jug of wine too. She made note of the fact it was getting low. She would have to see the neighbors that had made it, maybe they’d be in church the next week.

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